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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/24/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole pours herself more to drink. She claims that she could get used to this. A private jet, champagne that goes down like silk, and Wyatt. Wyatt was serious before. He likes her. He meant what he said before also. Secrets destroy relationships. She needs to trust him. He would like them to be straight with each other from the jump. Nicole has no problem with that.

Liam wants Katie to book this before he changes his mind. Katie asks how Liam got him to say yes as he never gives interviews. Liam explains that the guy’s new wife wants to be a director. Katie thinks that makes sense. Bill walks in and is surprised to see him. He thought that he was on the jet. Liam tells him that Wyatt is on the jet.

Rick looks at his new watch. Brooke asks if Maya is pressuring him into marriage. Rick would really like her to get to know Maya better. Then Brooke would not have to ask that question. Maya does not operate that way. Yes she wants to get married but she has never pressured him before. Eric would assume that two people that are in love with each other would naturally start to talk about marriage. Brooke reminds them both that he is still married to Caroline. Rick points out that the divorce is almost over. It isn’t too early to start discussing marriage. He wants to be with her always.

Maya walks into Ridge’s office and asks if Carter is busy. Carter tells her that he is doing nothing that can’t wait. Carter says that she doesn’t have to say anything. He knows that she thinks that it is wrong and she is having a hard time keeping her past from Rick.

Brooke tells Rick that Maya has earned her respect the way that she has helped Rick. She just doesn’t want Rick to jump to one marriage to another. He needs time to breathe. Brooke wishes that she took time and just was her own person. Eric feels that Rick should consider marriage. Brooke wonders if he thinks that it looks good on a resume. Eric says that as a matter of fact it does. It makes him look like a family man and that is a good thing for a CEO. Rick and Maya love each other. Brooke just doesn’t think that is enough sometimes. Rick tells her that it wasn’t enough for Caroline and him. With Maya things are different. She is honest with him and would be lucky to call her his wife.

Maya doesn’t want to keep this secret. It just is that she feels that it is so personal and irrelevant. Rick knows her as a woman and that is what she is. Carter points out that she wasn’t born a woman. Maya explains that she was born knowing that she was a woman. It just took her body a while to match that reality. Carter is not an expert but he assumes that the process she took to becoming a woman was not just a physical change but a mental one as well. That has as much to do with who she is today as anything else. Rick has never met that woman. Maya will introduce him when she knows that they have a future. Carter asks if she trusts him. Maya does more than anything. Carter wonders then why she doesn’t just tell him.

Bill asks if Wyatt took his jet for Forrester business. Liam corrects him. It is their business. He is doing this for the takeover as he is with Nicole. Katie just wants to be made clear. Wyatt plans to exploit Nicole’s feelings just to gain information. Liam confirms this. Liam says that he apparently likes her now too. Bill could care less. They need to use any information that they can get. Bill asks if Wyatt has checked in. Liam tells him that he hasn’t since he got on the jet. Liam feels that Wyatt is giving it his all.

Nicole asks if this is normal for him. Wyatt explains that it is an option that he rarely takes advantage of. Nicole asks why not. Wyatt tells her that this is his father’s jet. Wyatt feels that one day he will have a jet all to himself and he will not be discriminate. Nicole knows that they are not supposed to be keeping secrets but Nicole knows that he is keeping one from her. Wyatt wonders how she feels about San Francisco. Nicole asks if he is being serious. Wyatt thinks that it is beautiful and romantic. Nicole and Wyatt kiss each other. Nicole smiles.

Brooke is glad that Maya makes him happy. For that reason alone she is glad that Maya is around. Rick knows that with woman he usually gets a taste but it never sticks. It was supposed to be different with Caroline but they all know how that turned out. Eric had high hopes for the two of them. Rick says that he should tell that to Ridge. Brooke knows that he cared about Caroline deeply and he is still dealing with wounds. Brooke wants him to enjoy being with Maya. He has no reason to just jump back into another marriage. Rick has stability at home and work. Forrester is at an all-time high. The style meters are high as well. If you talk to Ridge he will claim it is all about design. Eric is not going to be persuaded to say that he doesn’t agree with Ridge about that. Eric knows that Rick is the leader and it is not easy. He is taking this company into the future though and he thanks him for that. Rick feels that all he has accomplished is because of Maya. This woman is everything.

Maya knows that he doesn’t understand. She needs to tell Rick her story in her time and her way though. Carter doesn’t think that she will have much of a choice. Maya asks what he means. Carter explains that the more people who know a secret the harder it will be to keep it under wraps. Carter is not going to say anything but he wonders about Nicole. He asks if Maya trusts her. Maya informs him that she is seeing Wyatt not. Carter asks what that is about.

Bill is glad that Wyatt is taking his assignment literally. Katie thinks that Bill is so proud. Liam mentions that they have only kissed but Wyatt does have feelings. Katie tells them that if Wyatt has feelings for her that this whole thing could backfire. Bill agrees that he is going to have to walk a line. Liam has confidence in Wyatt. Once they have what they need they can finally take over Forrester.

Nicole watches Wyatt eat caviar. Wyatt asks if she doesn’t like it. Nicole has never had it. Wyatt is glad that he gets to be her first then. Nicole doesn’t know if she wants to eat it. Rick and Maya eat it all the time but fish eggs… Wyatt doesn’t want her to knock it until she has tried it. Nicole is not trying it. Wyatt just wants her to take one bite. Nicole asks about the other food. Nicole finally eats it and she thinks that it tastes good. Nicole explains that San Francisco sounds amazing but she doesn’t need some fancy dinner to be happy with him. Nicole asks if they can just stay up here and have a magic carpet ride in the sky. She kisses him.

Maya says that since Nicole moved in she has been easy to find. She has either been at home or running around here trying to get her picture taken. Carter still wonders about Wyatt though. Maya knows and now she is all into him. Carter thinks that is fast. Maya says it is too fast.

Bill asks if Liam also heard Maya and Nicole discussing Rick’s secret. Liam wonders what it could do to Rick. Katie couldn’t even imagine what it could be. Liam doesn’t know and maybe it isn’t even personable. He tries to point out that maybe Rick helped push the numbers up. Bill asks if means double books. Liam and Ivy tried looking through his files to find something incriminating. Katie asks what they found. Liam says nothing but it wasn’t exactly a full scale investigation. Bill feels it would have been a waste of time anyways. He is probably smart enough not to leave anything incriminating in an obvious place. Katie knows that he is desperate to prove that he can lead Forrester for the long haul though. He wants everyone to believe that he is the right CEO at the right time and the right place. He is all about winning. Liam doesn’t care what the secret is even if it is personal. When they find out it is going to be made public. Liam will get Rick out of the CEO chair and the mansion. Then finally Ivy and Caroline will be able to work in peace.

Eric and Brooke look at something on his computer. Rick is looking at a design when Maya walks in. Eric tells her that they were just talking about her. Maya hopes that it was all good. Brooke says that Rick did most of the talking if that says anything. Maya notices the new watch. Rick tells her that Eric just gave it to him. Maya thinks that it is beautiful. Rick explains that Maya knows what he wants and needs sometimes before he does. She also knows how much stability and loyalty means to him. Every family has issues but they don’t have to work them out in the spot light. Everyone but Ridge who loves being high profile and bounced back between Brooke and Taylor. He would like his family to fly under the radar and not be followed by the press. The point is that he wants to be scandal free and he can have that life with Maya.

Wyatt can tell that Nicole is enjoying all of this. Wyatt is just observant. He is just observing things. Nicole explains that she is keeping secrets. Wyatt is glad that she is getting that out there. He wants her to be honest. Nicole feels that it meant a lot that he shared his history with her the other night. Wyatt thinks that it was the only way for them to get to know each other. Otherwise it is a guessing game and he is not really into that. Nicole thinks that since he has been so real with her he feels like he needs to return it. There is something that she has been keeping to herself and she thinks that she is ready to share it.

Rick thinks that this is one of those moments that you never hope that you miss. Being in the same place as the three people you love most in this world. He has unconditional support in this amazing time in his life. Rick cannot tell Eric the sense of pride when he walks through that door. Feeling the joy and the legacy that has been passed down to him. He will not let him down. Eric knows. Rick tells Brooke that she has been through so much with Ridge. People disrespecting her and calling her names. No more. He has power now and he will use that power to protect her against anyone. Brooke smiles and walks over to him and gives him a hug. Rick then tells Maya that she has been there every step of the way. This is their reward. A life that is filled with honesty. That is what Maya brings to his life. Maya hugs Rick. Brooke and Eric smile. Maya looks scared.

Liam says that Wyatt apparently likes her and he said that she is fun and that is what he needs right now. Bill can’t have Wyatt feel anything for Nicole. He needs to be razor sharp not care about her precious little feelings. Liam told him the same thing but he doesn’t think that Wyatt is going to be distracted. Nicole on the other hand. She is forty thousand feet up in the air. She is probably giving up the secret right now.

Nicole knows that she has said this before but just so he is hearing her she does not move this fast with guys. Wyatt says lucky him. Nicole tells him damn straight lucky him. That was exactly her point. Wyatt thinks this honesty is already working. He knows her so well that he can read her. Wyatt wants to know about the secret. Nicole knows something big about Maya that will be blown. Forrester could be in trouble and Rick might never recover. Wyatt tells her that she is supposed to trust him. Nicole isn’t sure that she can tell him. Wyatt wants to try to guess. It involves Rick. So does it involve Maya to? Nicole can’t talk about this with him. Especially with him. Nicole knows that he is too connected. He works at Forrester and if he tells his brother then there it will be all over his media empire. Nicole would rather they just enjoy this moment that they are loving so much. Wyatt thinks this is only the beginning. He can show her a world that she has never seen. Wyatt needs to know that she trusts her. Wyatt wants to know. Nicole is trusting him with this. Maya is… Wyatt interrupts her. He seems confused that she is saying Maya. He wants to know what Maya is.

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