B&B Thursday Update 4/23/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/23/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole sits on the couch at the Forrester Mansion and smiles. Maya walks in and asks if she had a good time last night. She knows that Nicole got home later than usual. Nicole says that it was a lot of fun. Maya wonders if a new club opened. Nicole explains that there was good music and dancing and one extremely hot guy. She says that she was with Wyatt Spencer. Maya asks her if it was a date. Nicole tells her that it turned into one. Maya wants to know what she means by that. Nicole thinks that Wyatt likes her. Maya hopes that they didn’t do anything. Nicole confirms that they didn’t. She thinks that she has her a Rick though. Nicole starts dancing at the thought of this and Maya looks a little displeased.

Liam asks if Wyatt made the smartest move last night. Wyatt wonders if Liam has seen Nicole. She is gorgeous. He got caught up. He wonders if he really can be blamed. Hope and he have been over for a while. Liam can understand that he needs some female attention. Wyatt also kind of digs Nicole. Liam tells him that he better not let his feelings for her get in the way of anything. They have to get Rick out as CEO. Wyatt knows.

Brooke knows that Rick is doing a wonderful job as CEO. Rick feels that it is good to have her back. Brooke thinks that it is good to be back. Brooke is so happy for him. Rick has a thriving business and an amazing woman by his side. Things could not be better. Brooke thinks that it is great hear that. Eric walks in and says that he is glad to see his two favorite people. Brooke turns around and is happy to see that he is home. Eric wanted to surprise them. He tells Rick to come here. Rick walks over and gives him a hug. He thinks that it is good to see him and he missed him. Eric missed him too. Brooke smiles. Rick thinks that the mustache look works on him. Eric thanks him. He just got back from the airport. Rick wonders how Uncle John is doing. Eric confirms that he is as vivacious as ever. Brooke wants to hear about all of his adventures. Rick wonders if he saw a picture of him on a horse in Mongolia. Eric says yes. Brooke also knows that Bridget got a postcard from him from Machu Picchu. Eric tells them that John tried to buy the place but apparently it is not for sale. Eric asks what he has missed her. Brooke says that apparently his son has been running the company smashingly. Eric asks if he is in a good place then. Rick feels that he is in a very good place. Eric is glad.

Nicole thinks that the beach house was amazing. They were right on the sand and water. It was to die for. Maya seems to think that she enjoyed herself. Nicole also can’t believe that she met Wyatt and that he is a Spencer. Maya thinks that is the magic word. Nicole thinks that it was magic. Maya wonders how this all happened. She asks if he made the first move. Nicole says that they both got caught up in the moment and she wouldn’t mind getting caught up again.

Wyatt knows that they both heard Maya and Nicole talking about a secret and he is sure that he will hear them talk about it again. Liam has been searching Rick online trying to find something. Wyatt asks if he was able to find anything. Liam hasn’t and they both know he has shot a gun before so he is capable of anything. Wyatt feels that he is a full on megalomaniac. Liam tells him that Rick is probably cooking the books. Wyatt thinks that is interesting. Liam tells him that he has to see Nicole again and it has to be alone. It needs to be to talk. Wyatt knows that. Liam has an idea how he can do that. Liam suggests that Wyatt take Nicole on the Spencer jet.

Eric feels that what Rick has done so far with this company as CEO is very impressive. Rick thanks him. Brooke is sure that Eric is well adverse in the numbers. Eric is indeed and he sees that the profits are up in all areas. Rick thinks that it is a team effort that they are where they are. Brooke feels that it all starts at the top. He has managed to bring more respect to the company. Eric adds in that he has done so to both the Forrester and Logan families. Brooke says that they are both more than satisfied with him. Rick knows that they have had a few bumps along the road. Brooke explains that everyone has challenges and everyone makes mistakes. Eric knows that he will always land on his feet. He is very proud of him. Rick just wants to be the son that he always hoped that he would be. Rick knows that he could be better. He wants to learn from Eric. There is no better teacher to a man than his father.

Wyatt asks if he is serious about the jet. Liam is president. He could authorize it. Wyatt reminds him that he could go through dad as he doesn’t have to go through Liam. Liam understands if it makes him feel less inferior. Wyatt is going to punch Liam so hard right now. Wyatt can’t believe that Liam doesn’t think that he can do this on his own. That he needs a jet to impress Nicole. Liam believes that he can be charming when he wants to be. He can’t forget though that one of the reasons that Nicole is hanging out with him is because of his last name Wyatt feels that is not the case. Liam knows that he told him that Nicole likes to party and have a good time. Liam tells him to take her to San Francisco on the jet for dinner. If he opens a bottle of champagne at forty thousand feet that will get her talking. Wyatt will do it. He wants Liam to gas up the jet because he is taking Nicole on an adventure.

Nicole feels that she knows everything she needs to know about Wyatt. He is sweet, sexy, Bill Spencer’s son, and he owns a beach house. Nicole doesn’t think that sound so bad. Nicole wants Maya to just let her enjoy this. Maya wants her to play her cards right. She shouldn’t be so available. Nicole guesses she could be cool and a little hard to get. Maya tells her to just put the brakes on. Nicole thinks that it will only be a while before Wyatt wants to see her again. Maya wouldn’t get her hopes up if she were her. Nicole gets a phone call and she answers it. Wyatt asks if she is free tonight. Maya shakes her head no. Nicole can cancel her plans. Maya looks disappointed. Nicole asks where he wants her and when. Wyatt will send a car for her. Wyatt wonders if she is at the Forrester house. Nicole is and asks him what the plan is. Wyatt feels that it is a little bit of a mystery. Nicole says that she will see him in a little bit and hangs up. Nicole can’t believe that she is going on a date with Wyatt Spencer. Maya tells her to be careful. She shouldn’t do or say anything that she will regret.

Wyatt has a date tonight. Liam reminds him that what he has is a job to do. Wyatt knows and he is ready to do that too. Wyatt feels that Rick’s secret is going to come out tonight.

Nicole walks downstairs in a black dress. She wonders if it will work. Maya asks if she is bringing a sweater. Nicole wonders if Maya is worried she will get cold. Maya is worried a little more than that. Nicole is about to get wined and dined so she needs to chill. She wonders if Maya has anything from that Brooke’s bedroom line around here. Nicole might need it later. She will never know. Maya can’t believe her. Nicole is just playing with her. Nicole is a grown girl she can handle it. She gets a text that her car is outside so she has to go. She will call Maya later. Maya tells her to have fun. Nicole will. Maya rolls her eyes.

Liam confirms that the jet is all ready for him. Wyatt wonders if he needs to shave. Liam doesn’t think that he has time. Liam reminds him that he needs to stay focused. Wyatt will keep his eye on the prize. Liam is in no way advocating that Wyatt and Nicole do anything. Whatever happens it is their business and their business alone. Wyatt can’t help it if he likes her. There is something about her. He feels that there is a little bit of himself in her. Liam thinks that is kind of sick. He just wants him to stay focused and find out what Rick and Maya are hiding.

Eric explains that business is booming. The projections for the next quarter are up as well. Brooke thinks that is incredible. Eric feels that his stewardship at Forrester has been stunning. Eric tells him though that brand, image, and integrity are very vital right now. They are even more than they ever have been in this business. He wants Rick to make that a new priority. Eric says that for all the appreciation that he has for him and the company he wants Rick to have this. He takes his watch off and hands it to Rick. Rick takes it and looks at the engraving of E.F on the back. Eric explains that it was given to him in Italy after he received the lifetime achievement award. Rick remembers. Rick really doesn’t know what to say. Eric feels that he has done an incredible job with this company and he is proud of him. They hug and Brooke smiles watching them.

Wyatt looks around the jet. He notes that he has everything that he needs. The pilot takes not that this probably isn’t a business trip. Wyatt explains that it is sort of. Wyatt thinks that it is best if he stays in the cockpit though. There is a lot riding on this evening. Michael the pilot says that will not be a problem. Nicole walks in and says oh my gosh. She wonders if this is for real. Wyatt welcomes her aboard Air Spencer. Nicole asks if they are really flying somewhere. Wyatt says only if she is cool with it. Nicole is of course cool with it. Nicole thinks that this is the best surprise that she has ever had. Wyatt tells her that if tonight goes well that tonight will be full of surprises.

Liam gets a phone call. He asks how she is doing. Caroline is on the other line and she is still in New York City. She explains to him that if she gets one more extra notes messages she is going to go crazy. She slams her laptop. Liam assumes she is talking about Rick and wonders what he is saying. Caroline tells him that he is getting his messages out in any way shape and form possible. She is doing more revisions here than she has ever done in LA. Liam thought that things were better between the two of them since the divorce papers went through. Caroline thought that they were but Rick is pushing her to do her best but it feels like she is just being pushed. Liam actually has a new lead that might end Rick’s terror. Caroline is glad because she can’t take it anymore. Liam tells her that she is sure missed around here. Caroline misses him too but she is spending time with her moms. Liam thought that things were heavy between her and Ridge. Caroline says that they are. Rick asks why she is away then. Caroline tells him that he will know soon enough.

Rick puts the watch on. Brooke thinks that it looks really good on him. Rick doesn’t think that they know how much this means to him. Rick will cherish it. Eric tells him that he can give it to his son someday. Rick hopes that is someday soon. Eric asks if they are talking babies yet. Rick doesn’t think that is too far away. Brooke asks if he plans to spend his life with her. Rick is thinking of proposing. Not now but in the near future. Brooke reminds him that he is still married to Caroline. Rick knows but there are no laws against proposals. Eric agrees with that. Brooke doesn’t think that he has to rush. Rick explains that Maya has always been there for him and never let him down. Rick doesn’t want to risk losing her.

Maya thinks about the time that Rick told her that she has nothing to be ashamed of. She has been honest and up front. She has been a woman of integrity. She then thinks about when Nicole outed her to herself as being Myron her brother. Maya gets out her pills and takes them.

Nicole cannot believe that his family owns a private jet. She has never even flown first class before. Nicole wants to know what the secret it. Wyatt knows that this is new but he wants Nicole to know that she can share anything with him. Starting tonight they need to be upfront and honest. No secrets. Nicole says starting tonight. They both click glasses and take drinks.

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