B&B Wednesday Update 4/22/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/22/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt thinks that he is right. He thinks that something major is going on with Rick and Maya and Nicole knows what it is. Nicole asks if he wants another margarita. She goes over to the blender. Wyatt asks if it makes her uncomfortable. Nicole asks what. Wyatt means her sister and Rick. Wyatt claims that he is really enjoying this. Getting to know each other and everything. Wyatt wants them to both be totally open and honest with each other.

At the mansion Rick takes it that Nicole is going to be out late. Maya thinks that it was a little inconsiderate of her not to call. Rick asks if people her age actually make phone calls. Maya looks at her phone and Nicole has sent her a text. It says “Guess who is going to be a jewelry model. Be home later. Heart, heart, heart.” Rick thinks that they are getting along better. Maya agrees and explains that Nicole was with Wyatt when she left. Rick thinks that is good for him but it might just be a way for him to suck up to him at the same time. Rick wonders about earlier with Liam. Maya agrees that it was a very strange visit. Rick gets it. Ivy was trying to annoy him but why would Liam keep going on and on about Forrester’s revenues. Maya asks if he has some sort of big expose in the works. Rick tells her that Liam can give it a try but he has nothing to hide.

Ivy and Liam walk into Rick’s office with the lights off. Liam cannot find the light switch. Ivy doesn’t think that they need the light shining from outside. Liam would assume that people know that Rick works all hours of the night. Ivy thinks that people would know if Rick was inside the building or not. The two of them start to go through his desk. Ivy doesn’t know where Rick keeps anything. Liam is sure that they have something important in here. Liam doesn’t know how to pick a lock. Ivy thinks that is an unfortunate part of the American education system. She needs a paperclip. Liam looks at her and smiles like Ivy is some sort of hero.

Aly walks into the living room with a tray. She explains that she has the crab that he wanted. Maya seems grateful for her making it. Rick asks if she cracked the shells herself. Aly wanted to make it easier for him. Rick feels that crab should be a conquest to overcome. Aly is about to take the tray back but Rick tells her to leave it. Maya might still want some. He would like a turkey burger prepared very specifically. Rick also tells her that he would like to see her proposed images from her shoe line. Aly says ok and starts to smile and runs off to the kitchen to work on the turkey burger. Maya frowns at him. Rick couldn’t help himself. Maya thinks that he is so bad. Rick laughs.

Ivy picks the lock. Liam guesses that Ivy didn’t even need the key to his house. Ivy thought he knew. The Brits sent all the prisoners to Australia so it is basically in her blood. Her father can’t hold on to a set of keys to save his life. Liam looks through the drawer and he finds medication that wouldn’t make sense for him to have. Then Liam finds a picture. He tells Ivy that she is too young to look at it. She takes the picture and it is a photo of Donna. Ivy knows that she is Rick’s aunt. Liam realizes that this isn’t Rick’s stuff this is Eric’s stuff which is why it must be locked up. Whatever Rick is hiding is not going to be this obvious. Ivy guesses that if there is no paper trail that Wyatt might still be able to get something out of Nicole.

Nicole is holding her drink and dancing. Wyatt tells her that her margarita is not bad tasting. Nicole thought that he would like this batch. Hers are better. Wyatt asks if she would like to just talk. Wyatt is serious about the no secrets rule. He understands that she might not be comfortable seeing that she lives with Rick and might think that she needs to deny everything but he is serious. She can trust him. Nicole looks uncomfortable.

Ivy feels that this would be a lot easier if they knew what they were looking for. Liam wants them to review for a second. What are they looking for? They know that it is something that could hurt Forrester, something that could get him kicked out as CEO, and something that the Avant sisters know about. Liam thinks that it has to have something to do with Rick. Ivy wonders if it is criminal. Liam doesn’t think so. He felt that the secret was more disgraceful to him than anything. Ivy points out that riding the Forrester treasury would be criminal. Liam doubts that it is money. He is not interested in that. What he is interested in is his image. How the world sees him. Ivy knows how much of a smashing success he is at that. Liam wonders if the numbers are not as good as he is letting everyone believe. Ivy asks if they are looking for a double set of books. Liam wonders if it could be some PNL things that he doesn’t want anyone seeing. Ivy finds a safe behind the horse picture.

Aly walks back in with a turkey burger. Rick thanks her very much. Maya also thanks her for the crab. Someone knocks on the door. Rick says it better not be Liam again. Aly asks if Liam was here. Maya explains that he was here with Ivy. Aly goes to open it and it is Carter. He tells her that these are for Rick and starts to leave. Rick walks over and tells him not to run off. He was wondering when he was going to see him. Rick needs to make sure that his conference call goes over well. He asks if Carter has ate. He states that Alexandria has made them a wonderful spread. Carter hasn’t since he mentioned it. Rick has to look at these papers with Carter but he promises to look at her designs tomorrow. Aly will be in her room. Carter asks if Aly cooks for him. Rick says no. They have a cook. Aly just likes to do nice things for him. Carter looks a little puzzled.

Nicole says that Wyatt thinks that she can trust him. Nicole wants him to be honest with her then. What does he think about her hands? Wyatt thinks that they are very beautiful just like her. Nicole asks if they would look better with rings on them. Wyatt is a little shocked by the question. He explains that he is technically still married for a little while. Nicole starts to laugh. Wyatt realizes that she meant the jewelry line. Nicole wants to hear about his wife. Wyatt would rather not get into it. Nicole thought he was supposed to be an open book. Wyatt has been. He told her his deep dark family secret. Nicole wants to know why he is so curious about Maya and Rick. Wyatt doesn’t know. Rick is his boss and in order to get ahead or get anywhere in the company he needs to know everything about him. Wyatt gets the feeling that Nicole can help him with that. Nicole smiles.

Liam tries to get the safe open. They have tried Maya’s, Hope’s, and Caroline’s birthday. Liam asks if her father taught her how to crack a safe. Ivy explains that her dad thought the world was safe enough. Liam doubts that Rick would have anything shocking on a few pieces of paper. He would have to go into the company’s network and change a bunch of things. Ivy asks if they have to on the computer now. Liam thinks whatever it takes to get Rick’s secret.

Rick will look over the papers. Maya asks very nervously if she can get him some water, tea, or a glass of wine. Carter says no thank you. He cannot stay. Rick wishes that he could send this out tonight. Carter put it all on a thumb drive just in case he wanted to make changes. Rick thinks that Carter is very detail oriented. Rick will be right back. He leaves Maya and Carter alone with each other. They both look at each other awkwardly. Carter asks if the site of him is a threat to her now. Maya knows that he is not happy with her. Carter reminds her that she did something to him. Maya lost herself when she met him. She is not proud of the way she treated him. He really loved her. Carter didn’t know her. Maya is sorry that she hurt him. He didn’t deserve that. He helped her find her way again. Carter asks how she can say that. What she is doing is crazy. Maya asks why. She wonders if she is supposed to wear a sign around her neck that states her medical condition. This is between her and Rick and nobody else. When the question of marriage and children comes up then she will have the talk that they need to have.

Nicole explains that Wyatt is asking all these questions and she is still curious about her. Wyatt guesses that she means Hope. Nicole wonders if they were married long. Wyatt says not really. He thought that he would be living here with her starting a family. Wyatt tells her that it didn’t work out that way. Instead he is standing here having a margarita with her. Wyatt tells her that she is the first woman that he has brought here since his marriage fell apart. He really hasn’t been laughing all that much lately. He really isn’t think the type of guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve. He feels comfortable though confiding his inner most secrets with her though. He hopes that she feels the same way about him. Nicole does.

Rick hands Carter the thumb drive. Carter feels that it is all in a day’s work. Rick was wondering if they could clear the air. Rick really doesn’t know much about his relationship with Maya while they were apart. He knows that Maya respects him and so does he. Wherever those feelings are now he doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable around him. Carter won’t lie. It has been awkward but probably not for the reasons that he thinks. Carter still wants what is best for Maya even if he can’t say that he ever really understood her. Maya thanks him. Carter says goodnight. Rick wonders if he just made it worse. Maya says no. He shouldn’t blame Carter. She is not proud of who she was when she was with him. Rick assumes that she just didn’t trust him. Maya can trust Rick though. Rick has a good feeling about Nicole as well. He feels like she is someone she can trust. Maya hopes so.

Wyatt knows that Nicole has a front row seat to what is going on between Rick and Maya. In his perspective he can be a bit of a tyrant. Nicole thinks that might be a bit extreme. Wyatt doesn’t agree. When he got back from Europe to beg his sister to come back with him. He forced him to get on his knees and beg for his job back. Rick thought it was funny. He could tell her another secret but maybe he shouldn’t because she still lives with him. Wyatt would like to see someone else running Forrester. The way that he treats people is not right. Anyone who is an authoritarian must have deep dark secrets. So if she knows anything at all he asks her to please tell him. Nicole leaves. Wyatt gets a call. Liam says that it is him. Wyatt knows but can’t talk right now. Nicole is still here. Liam asks what he knows. Wyatt thinks that she is sweet and she makes a good margarita. Liam asks why they are having margaritas. Wyatt likes her. Liam wants to know about Rick’s secret. Wyatt explains that every time he mentions Rick and Maya he can tell that something big is going on in her head. Wyatt is not sure what but something is there. Liam tells him that they are striking out here at Forrester. He needs to find out what Rick is hiding. Wyatt feels that Liam is upsetting him and will call him back when he finds something out. Nicole walks back out. She didn’t realize that it was so late. She is honored to be modeling his jewelry at Forrester. Nicole thinks that this is the most fun that he has had in LA. She called a cab though so it should be here shortly. Wyatt thought they were having a good time and would like to finish their conversation. Nicole thinks that they can talk at the office. Wyatt doesn’t want her to go. He kisses her. Nicole looks at him a little shocked. Wyatt asks her to stay.

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