B&B Tuesday Update 4/21/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/21/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Ridge’s office Liam is shocked that Quinn and Deacon were married. He asks Wyatt if there was no drama. Wyatt reminds him that it is his mother and Deacon, of course, there was drama. Ivy asks what happened. Wyatt explains that Brooke showed up and brought Hope with her. Liam seems shocked by this. Wyatt further explains that Hope was on the tablet as she is still in Italy. Ivy and Liam take a sigh of relief. Wyatt says that Hope tried to stop him from marrying Quinn but it didn’t happen and now he has a step dad. He would like to change the subject. Liam thinks that is fair. He tells Wyatt that he has good news. It turns out that Wyatt was right that Rick, Maya, and Nicole all have a secret that they are hiding. Liam over heard them talking. Wyatt told them he was right. Liam thinks that it sounds serious. Like something that could bring down the company. Wyatt feels that this is Rick’s ticket out of Forrester. Ivy is planning to take Liam home with her. Liam says that they plan to get something out of Rick. Liam wants Wyatt to keep talking to Nicole. He gets the feeling that she is kind of hot for him.

Maya tells Nicole that she is heading home. Nicole asks if she is going to meet Rick. Maya says always. Nicole is glad that at least Rick loves her. Maya feels that is enough. Rick loves her for her. Nicole wants her to tell him then. Maya thinks that this is personal. It is not that she is ashamed but the timing has to be right. She will tell Rick that she is a transgender woman if and when he proposes. Nicole goes over to the door and opens it. Wyatt is standing at it. He asks if she is busy. Maya was just leaving. She will see Nicole at home. Nicole asks if there is something that she can do for him. Wyatt says that there is. He has a proposal for her.

Quinn and Deacon kiss passionately on her couch. Quinn asks when he had time to decorate. Deacon knows that it is not Hawaii. Quinn feels that it is so much better than Hawaii. Quinn doesn’t need anything right now but Deacon. Deacon and Quinn kiss passionately again and then they look at each other and smile. Deacon thinks that it was a great day. Quinn says that it was like no other in her lifetime. Deacon thought that she looked beautiful. Quinn thinks that it was nice of Wyatt to lend them his house. Deacon has to say that he really came through for them. Quinn feels like it is almost like he supports them.

Nicole wants to know what this proposal is about. Wyatt has been thinking a lot about her. He was wondering if Nicole would like to be a jewelry model.

Rick is in the living room of the Forrester Mansion and he is admiring the portrait of Maya. Maya walks in through the front door. Rick turns around and says that he was caught in the act. Maya loves the way that he looks at that picture. Rick loves the woman in that picture. Maya thinks that he really does. Rick loves everything that she is. They start to kiss as Ivy and Liam walk in. Ivy says hi. Rick says hi and asks what this is. Ivy explains that this is her guest for the evening. She claims that he has one of those so why can’t she.

Deacon hands Quinn some sparkling water. He doesn’t think that he will ever forget today. The minute that he saw her walk out of the bedroom in that beautiful bedroom even Wyatt couldn’t take his eyes off her. Quinn thinks that is because he couldn’t believe he was seeing his mother so happy. Deacon agrees that he couldn’t either. Quinn reminds him of the significant hiccup of the day. Deacon says that at least he took care of it. Quinn knows that he did. Deacon really wishes that Brooke had not done that. Quinn doesn’t think that it helped her cause. Deacon wonders if she really thought that it would. Quinn can’t believe that she had her daughter begging her father not to marry the Wicked Witch. Quinn knows that it must have been really hard for him. Deacon thinks that Hope will come around in time. It really meant a lot to Quinn that he stood up for her. Deacon was not going to let anything stop that wedding. Quinn thinks that it is now time for her to reward her husband. She realizes that she said the word husband and they both laugh. Quinn can’t believe she has a real life husband. She starts to kiss Deacon.

Nicole wants to make sure that she heard him right. She asks him to lay down what he just said again. Wyatt means that he wants her to model the jewelry. Nicole assumes that means for him and Ivy to make sure that it looks good. Wyatt says no. He wants her to do it for the media both print and the internet. He understands if she is not comfortable though. Nicole is very comfortable but she thinks that this is unreal. Wyatt asks if she would consider it then. Nicole has already decided. Wyatt thinks that it might work out after all. He smiles and starts texting. Nicole asks if he has to ok this with Rick or Maya. Wyatt is the head of the jewelry line. Ivy and Quinn are a part of his team and he wants her to be a part of it too. Nicole does but Maya is a little unsure of her ability. Wyatt thinks that much be a bit annoying. Nicole doesn’t think he has any idea. Maya acts like it is nuclear physics. Wyatt doesn’t want to get in the middle of her and Maya. Nicole confirms that they are good. They have been talking a lot lately. Wyatt assumes that means they have not been arguing. Nicole says that they have a lot of things to work out. Nicole asks when they can get started. Wyatt has some stuff at his house if she would like to come over after work. Nicole asks if they can now. Unless he is busy in which case it is fine. Wyatt says that they can do it now. Nicole says ok and starts walking out of the office.

Liam looks at the Maya portrait and says there it is. Ivy confirms it. In all her glory. Rick wonders if they think she is beautiful. Liam thinks that he is on a role. He has the girl, the estate, and the numbers. Rick asks if he has seen those recent numbers. Ivy says that no one was fighting him on the bottom line. Rick assumes she thinks it is his bedside manner then. Ivy feels that, that could use some tweaking. Maya enjoys his bedside manner. Rick feels that they are living the dream up here. Liam can see that. Maya thinks that he has earned it. Rick adds that his father thinks so too. It is one of the best quarters that he has ever seen. He feels that it is safe to say that he has made the right choice. He asks Liam what he thinks. Liam wants to know what is in the future. Rick expects more great quarters. Liam is not talking about that. He is talking about wedding bells. Rick says that Maya is the key to everything. With Maya by his side he plans to stay CEO for a very long time.

Quinn says husband again. Deacon wonders how it feels. Quinn says that it is almost like they are being introduced. She says hello I am Quinn and asks if he is married. Deacon says that he is. Quinn says that she is too. Deacon assumes that he must be a lucky guy. Quinn confirms that he is. Quinn asks if he feels the difference. She figures that he doesn’t. He has felt this way a long time. Deacon tells her that he has at this point.

Liam guesses that thing have fallen into place. Ivy adds for that they have for both of them. Rick doesn’t think that things just fall into place. Planning is involved. Liam wonders what he means by planning. Rick didn’t just get lucky with the profits. Liam feels that Ridge and Caroline’s collection helped. Rick explains that no one was certain with that collection. Maya knows that people thought it was a huge mistake. Liam asks if it was really just all from that one collection. Maya tells him no. She thinks that Ivy helped. Rick confirms this and explains that is how he gets the best out of his employees and suggests that Liam try it. Ivy is curious about Rick giving a lot of the success to Maya. Rick tells them that she is the face of Forrester and to just look at her. He wonders if God could have created a better woman than Maya. Ivy thinks that he is embarrassing her. Rick asks if he is embarrassing her. Maya says of course not. Rick explains that the reason that Maya gets so much credit is because she is willing to do what so many others don’t. A man in his position needs someone like Maya. She is like no one else. He kisses her and Ivy and Liam look disgusted.

Nicole walks into Wyatt’s living room. She asks if people actually live like this. Wyatt tells her that this guy does. Nicole knows that she is definitely not in Illinois anymore. Wyatt remembers that she is from the Mid-West. Just like her sister. Nicole explains that she left way before she did. Wyatt knows that she mentioned that. Nicole figures that he wakes up every morning thanking God that he is a Spencer. Wyatt doesn’t really think like that. If Nicole was here she would be out there every day riding those waves. Wyatt thinks that one day she might buy a place like this. Nicole thinks that will be the day that she hits the lottery. Wyatt thinks that is somewhat like what happened to him. He just woke up one morning and found out he was a Spencer. Nicole thinks that it is so unreal. Wyatt guesses that it must be the same for Maya. She is working at some Coffee house and suddenly she is woman of the year. Nicole wants to party. She wants to get some margaritas and looks to see what kind of music he has on his phone. Nicole thinks that his phones playlist is embarrassing. She will supply the music and he will make the drinks. Wyatt thinks that he has good music on his phone. Nicole puts her music on and she thinks that they can finally breathe. Wyatt thought they were going to work. Nicole thinks that they can do that too. They have to get those creative juices flowing. Wyatt is going to go make the drinks. Nicole smiles as he goes off.

Quinn and Deacon are laying naked under a blanket on the couch. Quinn guesses that it is official. Deacon tells her that there is no backing out now. Quinn asks if he is trying to scare her. Deacon is just trying to warn her. A guy like him could be high maintenance. Quinn just had to stalk her fridge with his disgusting beer in the past. Deacon explains that those days are gone. Quinn wonders how she is supposed to entertain him now. Deacon thinks that this is a pretty good start. Quinn corrects him that this is him maintaining her. Deacon doesn’t feel that this is a chore. Quinn wonders if there is anything about her that is a chore. Deacon will tell her in a year or two. Quinn guesses that he is in it for the long run. Deacon explains that it is till death do them part. Quinn thinks that with her around that could be sooner rather than later. Deacon wonders how she plans to put up with him. Quinn tells him to ask her in a few years, or ten or twenty. Deacon guesses that they will be seeing old age together. Quinn is not going to be in her 80’s. Deacon wants her to outlive him. Quinn doesn’t know if the world needs to see that. Deacon guesses that they will go out together then. Quinn sees that he does have a morbid side then. Deacon plans to do everything with Quinn. Quinn never imagined that it would feel this way. It was always like admitting to people that she needed someone in the past at least in her mind. She knows now that it is not about need but about want. Quinn wants to be with him forever.

Ivy thinks that Maya seems preoccupied. Maya explains that she is alright. Rick agrees that she is being a little quite. Maya is just wondering where Nicole is. She thought that she would be home by now.

Nicole is dancing while Wyatt makes the drinks. Nicole wonders if he knows the one good thing about this music. Wyatt asks he what that is. Nicole explains that it never ends. Nicole pours her own drink and thinks that it tastes good. Wyatt explains that he is a scotch man. Rick is a martini man. Nicole agrees that he is. Rick and Maya drink them every night. Wyatt asks what they do after. Nicole explains that they stare at her picture above the mantel. Wyatt thinks that sounds exciting. Nicole says that to them it seems to be. Wyatt guesses that they are the perfect couple. Wyatt thinks that means they are in love. Nicole asks about him. Wyatt is an open book with nothing to hide. Nicole wonders if he really is. Wyatt has a few secrets. Nicole wants to hear them. Wyatt will tell her one of his if she tells him one his hers. Wyatt explains that when he was growing up it was just him and his mom. One day growing up he asked about his father and she said that he was dead and that was the last they ever talked about it. He didn’t know that he was Bill Spencer’s son until a few years ago. He knows that his mother had her reasons for keeping it a secret his entire life but that is it. Nicole explains that she and Maya have not always been close. Wyatt thought that they were getting along better now. Nicole says that Maya was not always like this. Wyatt wonders if she means like how Maya is with Rick. Nicole says never mind. Wyatt assumes that a guy like Rick must have a few secrets. She can tell him one or three secrets. Wyatt guesses that there has to be something going on there. Wyatt tells her that she can tell him.

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