B&B Monday Update 4/20/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/20/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn informs Brooke that she really is the most selfish woman in the world. Brooke feels that Deacon will listen to his daughter. Quinn points out that Hope has had a lot of time to object to their engagement but she decides to discuss it now at their wedding. Brooke feels that the wedding is over. Deacon is talking to Hope on the other side of the room. He tries to reason with her. Hope tries to tell him that it is not too late to change his mind. She asks why he would want to marry a woman who has put her through all she has. Deacon explains that she is trying to make all that better. Hope doesn’t think that she can and even if she does she will never be a part of her life. If he goes through with this wedding then neither will he. Deacon looks unsure of himself.

Bill and Katie walk into his office. Katie explains that Quinn says that she has changed. Bill feels that Quinn is just as delusional as ever. Bill doesn’t know why he would even be invited to the wedding. Katie reminds him that he is Wyatt’s father. Bill knows that but he points out that Wyatt is a big boy and doesn’t need daddy holding his hand at the ceremony. Bill knows that if Quinn found some sucker dumb enough to marry her that she isn’t going to let him go. Katie doesn’t think that she will have a choice. Brooke claims to be determined to stop that wedding.

Liam is listening outside of Rick’s door at Forrester. Maya tells Nicole that they have to be responsible about this. Nicole knows that but they can’t keep it a secret forever. Maya explains that if it comes out the wrong way that it could hurt not just Rick but everyone who works here. They shouldn’t even be talking about this here. She wonders if Nicole can imagine if someone overheard. Maya stands up and notices that the door is open. She walks over to the door and opens it. She says Liam in shock. Liam says hi. Maya looks freaked out. Maya is sorry as she didn’t hear him knock. Liam is sorry about that and wonders if he is interrupting. Maya says no. Maya asks if he needs something. Liam says no. He just came by to see if the rumors were true. Liam explains that apparently Maya might not be the only Avant on the Forrester runway this season. He introduces himself to Nicole. Nicole wonders if he is Wyatt’s brother. Liam explains that he is and that he is also the editor of Eye on Fashion. Maya also points out that he is the President of Spencer Publications and Ivy’s boyfriend. Liam says yes and that they have been seeing a lot of each other.

Bill knows that Deacon was sniffing around Brooke a while but he didn’t think that Brooke had any interest in Deacon. Katie doesn’t think that she does. Katie explains that she thinks that it is a horrible mistake. Bill thinks that if Brooke wanted to talk him out of it she had a lot of time to do so. Katie knows. Bill asks why Brooke thinks that Deacon will listen now. Katie doesn’t know but she is going to try until he does. Bill thinks that Quinn the crazy will have something to say about that.

Quinn thinks that this is ridicules and tells Wyatt. Quinn doesn’t think that this is ok. She feels that they are going to ruin her wedding. Quinn wants to talk to Hope. Deacon says no. Quinn tries to talk to her but Deacon tells her to stop. Deacon says to Hope that he knows that this upsets her and that he doesn’t want to hurt her relationship with him. He loves Quinn though. He knows that she was not here to see it but Quinn is not the same person that she was when she left. People can change. He knows that because he has changed because of Quinn for the better. He is going to marry her. He is sorry that she is not ready to accept that but he hopes that one day she will be. Hope explains that she won’t. Deacon obviously knows that they need to discuss this further but it will not be today. He loves her but he just wishes that Hope would share this with him. Hope hangs up on him. Brooke asks what happened. Deacon tells her that she hung on him. He hangs her the tablet. Quinn asks if Brooke is happy now. She is so desperate that she doesn’t even care about what it does to Deacon and his daughter. Brooke asks if Deacon is going to really pick Quinn over his own child. Deacon isn’t doing that. Brooke thought that he told Hope that he wouldn’t hurt her like this. Quinn feels that if she hurting right now it is because of Brooke. Wyatt tells everyone to take a breath. Carter asks if they need to take some time. Deacon says no. Brooke says no. Deacon understands that she cares but his mind is made up. Brooke is very sad. Deacon guesses that she won’t be staying. Brooke cannot watch him do this. Brooke walks out. Quinn thanks him. Deacon tells Carter to do this.

Bill asks if Katie has heard anything from Brooke. Katie says no and asks if Wyatt has called him. Bill says hell no. Unless the Wicked Witch is coming after him or his family he doesn’t want to know what is going on in crazy land. Katie wants to assume that Deacon can understand that she just wants to protect her child. Bill thinks that Brooke may end up regretting that. Katie takes a minute to figure out what he means then realizes that he is talking about the secret. Bill knows that there is something going on at Forrester and it involves Rick. Katie points out that it could be nothing because Wyatt only over heard one conversation. Bill says no. Maya’s little sister indicated that it was something big. It can bring down Maya and Rick and everything they have worked for. His boys are going to make that happen. Katie assumes that he must be so proud. Bill is. Especially of Liam. He is starting to show some flashes of his old man.

Liam explains to Nicole that Wyatt told him that she was already doing some modeling. Liam thinks that she must be doing something right because Wyatt told him to keep an eye on her. Maya asks why it wasn’t Ivy. Liam says that Ivy said it to but Wyatt is sort of a big wig around here so he assumed it would have more weight coming from him. Nicole asks if Wyatt thought she was ok. Liam says more than ok. He believes his exact words were lots of potential. Maya guesses that Wyatt is a smart guy. Nicole thinks that he seemed nice. Liam agrees that he is nice. Liam feels that Spencer’s get a bad rep but Wyatt is a good person.

Wyatt wonders if they are ready to do this. Quinn looks around and says that they have no more distractions. Deacon points out that if they just eloped that they could have run off and not dealt with this. Quinn wanted a real wedding. Deacon says that what she wants she will get. Quinn tells Carter to please take his time with this. She is only doing this once and would like it to last. Carter asks where they were. Wyatt informs him they were at no or forever hold your peace. Carter says yes and asks if anyone else has anything to ad. Wyatt explains that Brooke’s interruption got him to thinking and he has to say something.

Maya knows that Wyatt is a salesman so he is great at flattery. Nicole asks if Maya doesn’t think what he said was true. Maya does. She just means that Nicole doesn’t become a model overnight. She has a lot to learn. Liam thinks that lucky for her she has her big sister around to show her the ropes. Maya points out that fashion is a tough business and who you know only gets you so far. Maya thinks that she should ask Liam’s girlfriend. Even being a Forrester doesn’t assure someone success. Liam knows that but neither does being a Spencer. They should just ask Caroline. Maya wonders if he is referring to the way that Rick has been treating Ivy and Caroline. Liam would add Ivy to that list. Nicole asks if he is. Maya feels that Rick holds people to the highest standards and he follows the same standards. Maya reminds them all that Forrester is the best that it ever has been and he isn’t going to change that just because it rubs some people the wrong way. Liam knows that Rick has full control and no one can complain and according to Eric Rick has been doing a bang up job. Maya thinks that he is going great. Liam says sure so long as no one asks any of his employees what it is like to work for him. No one wants to tick off the boss. It must be great to be king. No one can knock you off your thrown.

Brooke walks into Bill’s office. Katie says hi and asks if she stopped the wedding. Brooke says no. Bill asks if she got there in time. Brooke explains that he wouldn’t even listen and if Hope can’t get through time him then no one can.

Wyatt wasn’t going to say anything because it is her day but seeing Brooke and hearing Hope’s voice he had to say something. Wyatt explains that marriage is a leap of faith. It is exciting and he wants them to hold on to that feeling. He just wants them to stick it out and stand by each other. Deacon tells him that he doesn’t have to worry. Wyatt knows that he will. He has stuck by Quinn through all of this including when everyone turned away and that includes himself. He just did it again. He just wished that more people could have seen it. He thinks that it is fitting. Quinn always told him growing up that it was not about the size of the family but the love of it. Quinn still believes that. Wyatt knows that she raised him all alone. Sometimes she devoted herself a little too much. He is very grateful for that. He wants her to experience all the happiness and as much as she gave her. Quinn hugs Wyatt.

Brooke tried. Katie asks if she called Hope. Brooke was positive that Deacon would listen to her. Katie asks what Hope said. Brooke explains that she told him that there was no way that he would accept Quinn as his wife. Brooke is not sure about what is going on. Katie doubts that Quinn is more important to him than his daughter. Brooke would hope not. Brooke just feels bad for Hope. Brooke explains that Deacon doesn’t think that this will destroy their relationship but she isn’t so sure. Brooke has tried to do everything but nothing has made a difference. Bill feels that it proves what he has said all along. Those two losers deserve each other.

Carter has Deacon and Quinn hold hands and make their statements of intent. Carter asks if Deacon takes Quinn to be his wife. Deacon says I do. Carter then asks if Quinn will take Deacon to be her husband. Quinn does. Carter says they may now say their vows and exchange rings. Quinn says the other thing too. Deacon asks what other thing. Quinn explains that he knows that she has never liked not having options. She felt it was limiting to her and it never felt right to her. Then she met him. She always thought that being in a serious relationship would make her feel tied down. Instead he helped her up and supported her. She never thought that she would ever find a mind that truly appreciated her. Who loves her for exactly the way that she is. A man that she could put up with and who could put up with her. Quinn will do this for the rest of her life even if it seems impossible. Since the day she met him nothing has been impossible to her. Deacon knows that pretty much everyone thinks this is a bad idea.

Hope and Brooke both think that they are doomed. That she is going to ruin his life but the thing is he promises her that they are going to prove them all wrong. They have been fighting against the odds and they have been winning. They are going to keep fighting against them but they will do it together. Deacon explains that they are going to prove to everyone that they are happier than ever. Carter asks if Wyatt has the rings. Wyatt hands him the rings. Carter explains that these rings are to remind each other of their devotion to one another. Carter tells Deacon to the ring and put it on Quinn’s finger and repeat after him. I gave you this ring as a token to my faith in us. My love for you. Deacon repeats it. Carter is about to repeat himself but Quinn just grabs the ring and does it herself. Carter takes something out if his jacket. He tells Deacon to take Quinn’s hand. Wyatt asks what that is. Quinn explains it is her surprise. Carter raps around a ribbon around both of their arms and explains that this has tied them together. They have sealed their vows with the exchanging of rings and the tying of hands. Quinn tells Deacon that he can’t get away from her now. Deacon doesn’t want to. Carter wishes them husband and wife. They kiss and Wyatt and Carter clap their hands. Quinn starts to kiss him passionately. They both smile at each other.

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