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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/17/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya wants to know what is going on with Nicole. She wonders what the sudden interest in Wyatt Spencer. Nicole asks who said she had an interest. She just wanted to know if Maya had seen him today. Maya explains that his mother is getting married today so that is probably where he is. Nicole thought that she and Rick were invited. Maya says that they declined. Nicole asks what is wrong with Wyatt’s mother. Maya explains that it depends on who you ask. If you ask Deacon then you will hear that she is wonderful. If you ask Liam however then you will hear something very differently.

Quinn sits at her vanity and starts to get ready for her wedding. She picks up her flower and smells it.

In Wyatt’s living room Deacon remembers that Brooke told him that she was not going to let him go through with this. Wyatt walks over to him and reminds him that it is a big day. Deacon agrees that it is. Deacon asks if Wyatt is ready. He knows that he has reservations. Wyatt explains that Quinn is under the impression that he will make her happy. Deacon wants to know how he can be convinced in ten seconds or less. Wyatt tells him to start convincing.

Brooke shows up at Bill’s office and Katie is sitting at his desk. Brooke wonders if she can spare a few minutes for her big sister. Brooke asks if she is wondering why she is here. Katie says that Brooke does not need a reason. Brooke knows that Katie worries about her and her sobriety. Katie asks if she is going to meetings. Brooke says yes. Katie wonders if they are actually helping. Brooke feels as if she has turned a coroner but she does have her family and her children. Katie is happy for her. Brooke doesn’t think that Katie is going to be so happy for her when she hears what else she is thinking about. Deacon.

Liam and Ivy kiss passionately in Ridge’s office. Ivy says hello to him. Liam is telling her that if she would just move into his house they could do it every morning. Ivy would love to but that would mean leaving Aly to fend for herself. She just doesn’t want Rick and Maya taking advantage of her. Liam has news involving Rick. He thinks that they have hit on something. Something that could end Rick’s time at Forrester. Wyatt overheard Maya and Nicole talking and apparently they know something that nobody else knows. Ivy asks what. Liam assumes that it is Rick. It is a secret so big it could send shockwaves through Forrester. Ivy feels that it sounds promising. Liam knows. Ivy wants to know what exactly Wyatt heard.

Nicole doesn’t care about Liam. She wants to hear the scoop on his brother. Maya doesn’t think that there is a scoop. Wyatt is a Spencer and his father is rich and powerful. Nicole wonders if they are on the outs. Maya asks why. Nicole explains that it is odd that Wyatt works for Forrester Creations and not Spencer Publishing. Maya says that Wyatt’s mother is a jewelry designer and to make a long story short Wyatt no over sees the entire jewelry line at Forrester along with Ivy and his mom.

Deacon wants to know if there is a rule that the bride’s son can’t give the groom a rough time on his wedding day. Wyatt just wants to make sure that Deacon’s intentions are honorable. Deacon feels that depends on if they are talking about the marriage. Deacon understands that a lot of people have issues with the idea of this wedding. It isn’t like they have more than a handful of people here to say their I do’s. He really loves Quinn. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is not. Carter walks in. Deacon thanks him for coming. Carter asks if they can get started as he is pushed for him.

Quinn is still getting dressed and she thinks about a time when Deacon and Quinn had sex together. She then thinks about her proposal. Wyatt comes in and is shocked that she is not running for the door. Quinn asks if he can believe it. After all these years she is finally getting married.

Katie asks why Brooke would be thinking about Deacon. She thought that this was the day he was marrying Quinn. Brooke confirms it was and assumed that Bill and Katie would have been invited. Katie says that they were invited but they are obviously not going. She asks if Brooke is. Brooke isn’t She thinks that Katie can only imagine Brooke’s reaction when she got the invitation. Katie knows that Deacon is Hope’s father and she might be concerned about what it could do to their relationship. Brooke is concerned. Hope is in Italy right now away from her family. Quinn is the reason that Hope lost her baby and why Hope is divorced from Wyatt. Quinn has brought so much misery into people’s lives and she will do it to Deacon if the marriage happens. Katie asks what she means by if.

Ivy tries to get things straight. This secret involves Rick and Forrester Creations. Liam confirms that it does or at least that is how Wyatt heard it. Ivy thinks that if Maya knew that she would be in panic mode. Liam knows. He thinks that this could be the thing that they need to get Rick booted from Forrester. Ivy still thinks that they need to know what exactly Rick is hiding. Liam knows but they are getting the information. Wyatt is going to squeeze information out of Nicole.

Nicole asks if it is just Wyatt and Liam and if there are no other Spencer children. Maya informs her of Bill and Katie’s little boy but he might be a little young for her. Nicole can’t help it if she thinks… Maya blurts out hot. Nicole was going to say handsome by hot works.

Wyatt says that Carter is here. He asks if her robe is what she is wearing. Quinn bought two dresses. One traditional and one not so much. Wyatt assumes that the traditional one is leather. Quinn wants him to give her some credit. She is saving the leather for the honeymoon. She asks if Wyatt is ok with this. Wyatt feels that today is her day. Regardless of what he might think he still wants this to be something wonderful for her. Deacon is not his first choice but he is not sure who would be. Wyatt thinks that Quinn should face it. She is a handful and that is on a good day, but they say that there is someone for everyone. So he is happy for her… for both of them. He loves her. They hug.

Deacon tries to put a pin in his shirt but pricks himself on it. Carter offers to help him. Carter asks if he is having pre-wedding jitters. Deacon assumes that every guy goes through them. Carter thinks that he is asking the wrong guy. Deacon knows that he was with Maya. Carter explains that she ditched him for another guy but he is sort of glad that she did. Deacon asks if he is being serious. Carter says that she wasn’t who he thought she was. Carter asks if Deacon has had any second thoughts. If he wants someone more stable than Quinn. Deacon doesn’t think that Carter knows her the way he does.

Katie knows that she has a connection to Deacon. He is Hope’s father and he has helped her with the whole AA thing. Brooke thinks that Quinn is going to make his life a living hell. She claims to have changed but women like Quinn do not change. They convert to type. Deacon is going to have to suffer. Katie asks if Hope knows about the wedding. Brooke explains that he told her about it but she isn’t coming. Katie doesn’t think that is any surprise. Brooke doesn’t know why Deacon would think why Hope would ever be ok with this. Katie feels that love is blind. Brooke doesn’t think that it is the kind of love he deserves. Deacon has changed for the better but if he goes into a marriage with Quinn there is no escaping that craziness. Brooke has to act on her feeling now, before it is too late.

Maya gets a text from Rick. His meeting ran long so he might not be back for a while. Nicole wanted to speak to Rick but it doesn’t matter. She tells Maya not to tense up every time she wants to speak to Rick like she is going to say something. She is her sister. She wants them to be sisters. Maya does too. It is just everything else. Nicole doesn’t think that there is an everything else. Nicole wishes that she would just open up to Rick. Maya explains that until she does she and Carter are the only ones who know. It has to stay that way for now.

Ivy asks if Wyatt is going to work on Nicole. She does not seem amused by the idea. Liam knows that they are obviously not going to say anything but he doesn’t know. He isn’t sure how Wyatt will do it but if he can get Nicole to open up that isn’t a bad thing. He has to give him props. Ivy just doesn’t think that Rick could have done anything that could have jeopardized Forrester. He isn’t exactly a boy scout and he tricked Eric into giving him control. Liam doesn’t know but maybe Rick assumed that if he could get that to work that he could do something else. Ivy asks if Wyatt doesn’t get anywhere with Nicole. Then what happens?

Wyatt walks back out to the living room and tells Deacon and Carter that the bride is almost ready. He asks how they are doing. Carter asks if they should wait for the guests. Wyatt thinks that they are probably it. Deacon doesn’t need guests. They just need a happy couple. Carter tells them to take their places. Wyatt suggests they put music on. Deacon tells him it is on the desk. Wyatt turns it on. Quinn walks out in a white dress that shows a little bit of leg. She is smiling.

Katie knows that Brooke wants to do something. Brooke needs to reach Deacon before he makes his mistake. Katie reminds her that it is his wedding day so she may already be too late. Brooke thinks she just needs a little time. Katie asks what she is thinking. Brooke has to go. She runs out before Katie can grab her bag.

Liam hopes that Wyatt comes through and they can get rid of Rick. Ivy asks what happens if they come up empty. Liam thinks that they will turn towards plan C. Ivy asks what plan C is. Liam says that she will know when he does. He kisses Ivy. Liam has to go.

Nicole wants this to work for her and Rick. Maya is determined that it does. Nicole doesn’t think that Maya is going to be able to control how Rick will react when she tells him. Maya keeps telling her that this is not some up type industry. Nicole knows that but Forrester Creations seems to be a little more traditional. Nicole wonders what kind of publicity will happen. Maya doesn’t think that Rick would let it go that far. Nicole points out that he might not be able to stop it.

Liam walks into the hallway. He looks around and tries to listen in on Nicole and Maya. Maya tells Nicole from inside the office that it is not going to happen that way. Rick’s position as CEO is not going to be jeopardized. It must be protected at all costs. Maya thinks that this can be managed. Nicole is not trying to upset her. She knows that Maya is scared. Maya is scared. Rick’ whole world could change. Everything could come crashing down around him. Maya tells her that no one can find out.

Deacon wonders who knew. They met at that bar on his first night back in LA. Carter tells him that the groom usually waits until he tells him to kiss the bride but they are not a typical couple. Carter wants to get started. Carter starts the ceremony. He asks if anyone has any just cause as to why anyone has any reason why they should not be married. Quinn says that they have no other guests so no reason to inject. Brooke storms in saying stop. Brooke says that he cannot go through with this. Quinn doesn’t think that there is anything that she can say to stop this wedding now. Brooke can’t but she has someone else here who might be able to get through to him. She holds up her tablet and Hope is on the screen. Wyatt looks shocked. Deacon asks what she is doing. Hope explains that when he called her and told her that he was getting married and hoped that she could be there. She said that she couldn’t and she didn’t make a big deal because she thought that she was stunned. Hope already didn’t like him moving in with Quinn for all the reasons he already knows. Hope didn’t think that he would marry someone who has done all the things that Quinn has. Especially to the daughter who he says he loves. Deacon does love her and it doesn’t change anything. Hope thinks that it will change him. She is scared that being around Quinn and her craziness will mean that he is going to be drawn to her paranoia. She does not want that for him. Hope thinks that they have overcome a lot to become the father and daughter that they never had the chance to be. Hope asks for Deacon not to marry Quinn. Deacon looks at Quinn who looks scared. Brooke looks like she thinks that she has won.

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