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Brooke tells Deacon that he is not marrying Quinn. She will not let him do this to himself. This is for the rest of his life and he is not in the right state of mind. Deacon gets that she cannot stand her fiancé. Brooke is not letting him marry Quinn.

Quinn is not worried. She always finds a way to get things done. Rick feels that is easier said than done. Ivy is not exactly a team player these days. Quinn will make it happen. She will get him what he wants. Maya really likes what she has done so far. Rick thinks that they have nothing further then. Quinn was going to ask if he got her email. Rick explains that he gets hundreds of emails and asks what it is. Quinn says that she is marrying Deacon tomorrow and would like them at the wedding. Maya smiles at Rick.

Bill is in his office looking at papers. He walks over to where Katie is sitting and sits down next to her. Bill wants to know what could possibly send shock to Forrester. Katie could think of a few things. Bill is being serious. Wyatt said it was huge. Katie thinks that maybe Wyatt should not have been listening in on Maya’s conversation. Bill feels that Wyatt gets a gold star on that one. He just has to figure out what they were talking about. Katie wonders what exactly Bill is hoping to dig up. Bill wants anything that will bring Rick down as CEO. Katie sighs.

Nicole explains to Wyatt that Maya is the one with the big story. She has a big crazy life. Wyatt thinks that applies to Nicole as well now. Wyatt knows that it can be hard to be on the outs. He is the only Spencer in the building. Nicole reminds him of his mother. Wyatt explains to her that Quinn is a Fuller soon to be Sharpe and he is not exactly thrilled about that. Nicole has heard. Wyatt explains that Rick isn’t exactly either. Nicole feels that Rick and Maya seem to be rather solid. Wyatt asks what her take on those two is. Nicole smiles uncomfortably.

Deacon wants to get this straight. He is being forbidden from marrying Quinn. Brooke says that is right. Deacon would love if he could get her blessing. Brooke is not giving it. Deacon thinks that is clear. Brooke is worried about him. He is an addict who is in recovery. The best thing to do is to just worry about himself. Not some psycho. Deacon feels that she has been good for him. Brooke asks if he has thought about how this would affect Hope. Deacon has. Brooke wonders then if he is really willing to give up a relationship with his daughter just for Quinn. Deacon looks unsure.

Quinn says that it is a big day for her and Deacon. She can resend the email if he would like. Rick doesn’t think that will be necessary. Quinn didn’t mean to put him on the spot. He is her boss and she would love to have him at her wedding. Rick explains that it is a busy week for them. Rick doesn’t think that they are going to be able to make it. Quinn smiles uncomfortably and nods her head.

Bill is on the phone with Justin. He wonders if Justin is trying to give him a headache. There is no negotiation. If they don’t like it they can eat… He looks at Katie. He says that they can go fly a kite. Katie asks if Wyatt went after Nicole. Bill says that is what his text said. Katie assumes that means she is going to be manipulated. Bill doesn’t think it is manipulating. He wonders why she has to make it ugly. Wyatt is going to make himself her friend so she can spill every secret she has. Katie understands that he doesn’t want Rick to be CEO. She understands that. She just feels like their might be another way to go about it. Bill thinks that if Nicole knows something that will help them take over Forrester they need to find out what it is.

Nicole tells Wyatt that Rick and Maya are letting her live at the house and hang around here. She asks what could possibly be worse. Wyatt doesn’t think that it is any secret that they are very private people. She gets to see a whole other side to them that no one else gets to see. Nicole guesses so. Wyatt knows that Maya is beautiful and Rick seems to have it all. He knows they can’t be perfect. Wyatt bets that she gets to see what it is really like to live with Rick and Maya.

Rick hopes that Quinn understands. Quinn says of course. It would have been nice to have them at the wedding but he has a big company to run. Maya wishes them well and hopes that they have a lovely day. Quinn thanks her for that. She thanks Rick once again for giving her another chance. Rick feels that she is very talented. There is no one like her. Quinn can’t tell him how much it means for her to be back at Forrester. It is an honor as Rick is a great CEO. Rick is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Bill has to find a way to get rid of Rick. He is messing around with his investment. Katie agrees that bringing in Quinn was totally irresponsible. She is not sure though. Bill thinks that she will be. Wyatt is their best shot. Hopefully he is making head with Nicole right now.

Nicole explains that it has been a process getting to know Maya. Wyatt has her beat. Nicole wonders how so. Wyatt didn’t even know he had a brother until a few years ago. Nicole heard about that. Wyatt was total strangers with the guy which is why he can relate to what she is going through. Nicole asks if they get along now. Wyatt says for the most part. It is still sort of a learning process. Nicole is trying to make up for lost time. Wyatt thinks things seem to be going ok. Nicole explains that Maya wasn’t really around a whole lot when she was little. Nicole is just trying to figure out what she is. Wyatt is glad that they are getting to know each other. Wyatt asks about Rick. He asks how she feels about him.

Brooke asks if Deacon wants Hope in his life. Brooke asks how he can even think about this then when Quinn has taken so much from her. Deacon invited her to the wedding. Brooke doesn’t think she will come. Deacon doubts that she will but Hope didn’t read him the riot act either. Brooke asks if Deacon is ok with then. Brooke knows that Hope will never be ok with this but she wants him to wake up. He was there for her and now he needs help and he won’t take it. Brooke guesses they won’t have a future together but she doesn’t want to see him ruin his life. He cannot marry Quinn. Quinn walks in and tells Brooke this is enough. She needs to stop bad mouthing her right now.

Katie is not sure if she really wants to know all the details. Bill is not keeping any secrets from her. Katie asks what happens when Brooke finds out that she knew from the beginning. Bill feels it will do everyone good to have Rick knocked off his pedestal including Brooke. Katie doesn’t think she will agree with him on that. She defends him. Bill knows that she is his mother. Katie is his aunt. Bill doesn’t want her to start feeling guilty. What he is doing with Wyatt and Liam is right. Katie cannot help it. She is conflicted. She understands that Rick has been a total jerk. Bill thinks that he has been abusive. Katie assumes he feels inferior. Katie feels that Maya’s behavior has been pretty bad as well. It is possible that she has too much influence on him. Bill wonders if Nicole does too.

Wyatt guesses that Rick can be a bit of a mystery. Nicole has not really thought about it. Wyatt was married to his sister and still he could never really figure him out. Nicole explains that he is really talkative with her. They have had some nice conversations. Wyatt asks what Rick likes to talk about. Nicole doesn’t know just about work, Maya, and family. They get a long rather well. Wyatt assumes that she must know the secret. Maya just realized that she promised to have coffee with Maya. She has to go. Wyatt smiles feeling that he has gained something.

Rick thinks that it is one thing to make a mistake but it takes a lot of nerve for Quinn to invite them to her wedding. Maya wonders who else she invited. Rick doesn’t think anyone else will attend. Maya feels a little bad for her. Rick thinks that Quinn dug her own grave. You can only forgive someone so much. He needs her as a designer but he cannot have her as a friend. He doesn’t want to support her wedding with Deacon.

Quinn invited everyone to her wedding to show that she has changed. She has tried to put everything behind them for their family sake but clearly Brooke cannot. No one is forcing her to come to the wedding. Brooke is not going to let Deacon make the biggest mistake of his life. Quinn doesn’t think that Brooke gets a say in this. He is not a toy for her to play with. He is all hers. Deacon wants to put this to rest. Brooke was just trying to protect him and his relationship with his daughter. Quinn thinks that she is trying to guilt him to not marry her. They are getting married. It is going to be a beautiful wedding without her there. Brooke leaves. She stands in the hallway thinking.

Maya takes another hormone pill and Nicole walks into the office. Nicole asks if she is busy. Maya says not for her. Nicole just ran into that guy Wyatt. He seems nice. Maya explains that he comes from an extremely powerful family. Nicole knows about Bill Spencer he owns all those magazines. Maya explains that he owns lots of things billions of things. Wyatt works for Forrester and is an important part of the team. He was married to Hope but it didn’t work out so things are not easy amongst him and Rick. She wonders if he was nice to Nicole. Nicole says that Wyatt was very nice to her.

Wyatt walks into Bill’s office. He talked to Nicole. Bill asks what she said. Wyatt explains that it wasn’t what she said but the vibe he got. Bill thinks that is fine but they can’t go anywhere with a vibe. Katie has to agree with his father. They are going to need more than a vibe. Wyatt asks if he can talk. Bill doesn’t think that it can be any worse. Wyatt talked to her and she started to open up about Rick letting her move in and she getting to know Maya. Wyatt used the word secret to how she would respond and she left. She made up some excuse to go get coffee. He knows they have a secret and they are going to find out what it is.

Deacon is really proud of how she handled that. Quinn thinks that she has finally mastered the art of dealing with Brooke. Deacon thinks that Brooke is finally getting it. Quinn hopes that he is right. Deacon doesn’t care what anyone says about her. Tomorrow they will be married. Deacon explains it will be the last chance to back out. Quinn wouldn’t dare. Deacon cannot believe they are going to do this. He will be the luckiest man in the world.

Brooke is somewhere at Forrester. She calls someone and tells them that they need to help her stop Deacon from marrying Quinn tomorrow.

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