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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/15/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya is serious. If this secret gets out Nicole needs to think about how it can effect Forrester Creations. Nicole doesn’t want to be responsible for Rick losing his job or Forrester Creations getting bad press. Maya thinks that they are in agreement. No one else can know. Wyatt is standing at the door listening. He closes the door and stands in the hallway excited over the information he has just learned.

Katie is on the phone in Bill’s office and is talking with a client. Bill walks in with Liam. Bill thinks it is a shame. Liam thinks it is frightening. Katie hangs up the phone and asks what is wrong. Bill says it is nothing but that she is like a ball of fire. He would love to cool her down. Liam wants to change the subject. Bill asks if he gets like this when Liam is panting around Ivy like a little lap dog. Liam thinks that it is different, as Bill is his dad. Katie is flattered with all the attention but Liam is right this is inappropriate for the office. She might have to file a report with HR. Bill thinks that right now they need to talk about Forrester. Liam thinks that they need to all agree on a plan especially now that Rick has agreed to rehire Quinn. Bill thinks that she is crazy as a loon. Yet Rick roles out the red carpet. Katie thinks that is a choice he might learn to regret. Liam feels that if it helps with the takeover then Quinn can do her worst.

Quinn explains that she sent out emails to everyone they know or would want to know that they would like to be at the party. Deacon thought that they didn’t care who showed up at the party. Quinn knows that they probably won’t get a single response but who knows it would be funny if they got a bunch of RSVP’s of people who want to give her a few hours of their day. She has changed and maybe people will notice. They have each other that is all that matters. Brooke walks in and didn’t realize that she was here. Quinn was just waiting for her meeting with Rick. Deacon notes that she is back at it. Brooke says yes and also that she got the email. Quinn asks if she is coming to the wedding. Brooke looks at her. She asks why she would attend a wedding that she does not support. Quinn thinks that maybe she did some soul searching. Maybe it is because she cares so much about Deacon that she is willing to put her animosity towards her aside. Brooke says sorry she will not be coming. Quinn thinks that this is disrespectful and if she is bringing negativity then she shouldn’t come. She just thought it was right to have the mother of her groom’s daughter at the wedding. Quinn tells her that if she adjusts her attitude she can change her mind. Quinn wonders if Rick will come out of professional courtesy.

Nicole doesn’t want to blow her secret and she never did. Maya knows that she would have. Nicole thinks that luckily all she wanted was to be treated like family and Maya has been doing that. She feels like sisters now. Thanks to Maya she has a modeling career and she doesn’t want to jeopardize that. She will not tell anyone that she is a transgender woman. Carter walks in. Nicole explains that they have to keep Maya’s secret a secret. Maya tells him that it isn’t just for her sake but for Forrester’s as well. Carter thinks that it could be a public relations fire storm. Carter thinks that Rick has a right to know. Maya will when it is time. It is her life and her story. Rick walks in and asks what is going on.

Liam doesn’t care what it takes to get Rick out. He just wants him gone. Re-hiring Quinn is an insult to Ivy. Bill thinks that it is like sticking a knife in Ivy’s back. Katie looks unsure of the current plan at hand. Wyatt storms in. Bill asks who shot him out of a cannon. Wyatt has something on Rick. Katie looks worried as Bill and Liam look excited. Liam needs to know what it is. Wyatt isn’t exactly sure as to what it is. He had to get out of there before he got caught but Maya and her sister Nicole were obviously talking about some epic secret. Bill asks if it was about Forrester or Rick. Wyatt says that it could send shock waves against the entire company and it could be mean Rick out as CEO. Liam looks thrilled.

Rick feels like the energy feels off in here. Maya explains that things were fine. Carter says that he was having a disagreement with Maya. Carter asks what else is new. Pam comes in and tells Rick that he has a meeting with Quinn. Pam then tells Carter that she would like to meet with him as well. Carter asks why. Pam tells him that she didn’t say and she didn’t ask. Carter has to make a call first. Pam assures him that Quinn is not going anywhere. She is still shocked that Rick let that viper back in the door. Rick thinks that the door swings both ways if anyone is unhappy around here. Pam is allowed to have an opinion. He is going to be sorry that he let her back in. Carter thinks that they will finish talking later and he leaves. Rick asks if Maya is sure that everything is ok. Maya just thinks that it can be awkward amongst them sometimes. She is sure that they will work it out. Nicole thinks that it is so interesting around here. People hook up with other people. It must be awkward to see each other every day. Rick thinks that in that case he should probably be cutting Carter some slack. He did come close to marrying the most beautiful woman in the world. Rick thinks that he is handling things a lot better than he would. Maya feels that if he would let her have her way then he would never have to feel like that. Rick always gives her, her way. The two hug. Maya hopes so. Nicole smiles.

Quinn is not giving up on Hope. She could still surprise them. Brooke tells her that Hope is not going to their wedding. Quinn thinks it would be really nice to have both their kids at the wedding. Brooke suggests that they wait until Hope comes back in order to get married. Quinn thinks that is a nice try. Quinn is sorry that she is so blind over her animosity towards her that she can’t let things go. Brooke reminds her that she came into her house uninvited and slapped her. Quinn thinks that she deserved it. She was disrespecting her relationship. She hasn’t done that since then though. Quinn knows that Brooke hates her. She can’t change that but she can disapprove all she wants but she will not do anything to stop the wedding. Quinn doesn’t think that she knows what it is like. She wouldn’t she has had so many to keep track of. Quinn has had two. Bill and Deacon. She has waited for this for so long. A man who loves and supports her. Carter walks in asking if she wanted to see him. Quinn asks if he got the email. Carter did. Quinn wonders if he could perform the ceremony. Deacon explains that it would mean a lot to Quinn. Quinn really hopes that he will do it. Carter really only has done it for friends. Quinn thinks that he could consider them friends. It will be a really small ceremony. Brooke says tiny. Quinn will pay for the gas, or give him a big tip. Carter doesn’t think that is about that. Quinn won’t take much of her time. Carter will do it. Quinn hugs him. Brooke is annoyed.

Nicole asks Maya if she likes old movies. Maya especially likes the ones from the 40’s. Maya loves fast talking movies. Nicole wonders if they could watch one together some time. Maya would love that. They have tons of DVD’s at the house. Stephanie must have been a fan too. Rick is glad that they are connecting as sisters. He is giving himself a little credit.

Wyatt thinks that if this secret is as explosive as he is saying it is he is going to need the information. Katie wants them to take a step back for a minute. There might be another way to get what they want from Rick. Bill asks how reasoning with him. Wyatt doesn’t think that he is much of a reasonable guy. Liam thinks that he will just take it out on Ivy and Caroline. He feels that Wyatt is the only one with an inside track. Bill wants him to use it. Wyatt will and knows just where to start. Liam asks where he is going. Katie looks concerned. Bill thinks that Katie is quite about the takeover. Katie is conflicted. Bill assumes it is because Rick is his nephew. Katie says that it also involves Brooke. Whatever they do to Forrester will involve Brooke. Katie thinks that it is ironic that he is going after someone for being a tyrant. Bill feels it is different. He is not the president of a dress factory. He does not demand anymore of his employees then he wouldn’t from himself. Katie thinks that he is downright swishy. They kiss.

Maya tells Nicole to pick what they watch first and she will be home soon. Nicole leaves. Rick thinks that Nicole moving in was good for her. Maya thinks she is a challenge but she sees a lot of her in Nicole. Rick asks how. Nicole thinks that she found the person she was meant to be. Maya has the best man she knows and he is all hers.

Nicole is in the sky lounge. Wyatt walks up to her. He introduces himself. He asks if she is looking for someone. Nicole is looking for Oliver. She wants to go over the proofs from her photo session. Wyatt didn’t know that she was a model too. Nicole explains that Maya is helping her. Nicole is blown away about how much Maya has helped her around here and how much Maya has overcome. Nicole thinks Maya is something special. Wyatt sees her as a woman who went after what she wanted. Nicole thinks it is crazy. Wyatt thinks for some reason he finds her very interesting. He would like to get to know her better.

Quinn is glad that they have Carter. Deacon reminds her that they have someone performing the service. Quinn knows it is one more person then they had a half an hour ago. Quinn knows that she is being a gluten for punishment but she is going to give it one more try. Brooke is the mother of Deacon’s daughter. She means something to Deacon. She asks if Brooke would please reconsider. Quinn gets a call. She has to go to her meeting. Quinn tells Deacon to keep working on the guest list. Deacon knows it is asking a lot. Brooke can’t. She is right about one thing. They share a daughter and are now connected through AA. He helped her when she was lost and now he is lost. Deacon thinks that it is a done deal. Brooke will never accept that. Brooke is there for him. She wants him to find someone who appreciates him. That is not Quinn. She will not accept this. She will not let him marry Quinn.

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