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Written By Anthony
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Rick asks if the pills are Maya’s. He realizes that they have to be as they have her name on them. Rick wants to know why she is taking estrogen. Maya looks scared.

Nicole looks at her photos on Oliver’s computer. Nicole never realized how much fun it would be modeling. Carter tells her to give it time. He thinks that it takes practice and it was only her first time. Nicole is lucky to have a sister who is willingly going to help her learn the trade. Carter knows she does. Nicole wonders if Carter knows how many times she would go to sleep at night hoping that Maya would come and rescue her. She went off to LA but Nicole was the one who was left at home with two bitter parents trying to not make the same mistake that they thought they made with Maya. She knew that she had a sister out there. Maya was someone who knew more than anyone else what it was like to grow up in the house that they did. Maya didn’t come. So in her mind Maya owes her. All the things she used to dream about in a sister she is finally getting. They are getting the chance. Carter knows that only happens if Nicole keeps Maya’s secret.

Ivy asks Liam if he is sure. Liam says he is. He thinks that the neckless she designed is beautiful. Ivy says ok. Liam feels that she is the jewelry designer and she is looking right at it. It looks good. Ivy can’t stop thinking what Quinn would do. Liam tells her not to think like that. Ivy knows that he is right she has to stop thinking about it otherwise she will never win this competition. Liam also points out that it isn’t a competition. Ivy knows that he is right but it kind of is. Liam explains to her that she cannot let Rick’s choice to rehire Ivy get to her. Liam knows that it is cruel and unfair but it will be alright. He will be there for her. Wyatt is listening in at the door and looks scared. Wyatt walks in and says hi to Liam. He wonders what brings him by. Liam is just checking in on the world’s greatest jewelry designer and making sure that she is not slacking. Ivy tells him please. Wyatt knows that Ivy is not a slacker. Ivy agrees and she can’t become one with Quinn being back. Wyatt wonders if Ivy is threatened by his mother being back. Wyatt tells her that there is room for both of them. Liam thinks that is another reason why they need to get rid of Rick. Quinn walks in and says hello to Liam. She says that it is a nice surprise. Quinn wonders if he is here to see her. Liam is not. Quinn thought for a moment that Eye on Fashion was going to do a piece on her return. Quinn tells him that if he changes his mind she is always here for a quote.

Nicole does not want to tell Maya’s secret. Things were tense at first. She thinks that Maya freaked out and Nicole didn’t like the way that she was being treated. Carter asks how that makes any sense. Nicole guesses that it makes sense. They just want to be sisters. Carter doesn’t want her to ruin it. Nicole knows that if Rick and Maya get engaged Maya will have to tell him. Carter wonders if she knows about him and Maya. Nicole asks if they dated. Carter says that they were engaged and she didn’t say one word.

Rick didn’t realize that she was taking medication. He thought that estragon was for older woman with bone issues. Maya says that it can be. Rick asks why she is taking it then. Maya explains that it is complicated. Rick wants to know if something is going on. He wonders if she is sick. He begs her to tell him. Maya frowns with guilt in her eyes.

Nicole finds that to be an interesting story. Nicole can’t believe that Maya would do that. Carter knew that she was trying to get over Rick and he was there and an attractive enough guy. Maya tells him to give her a break. He can’t lie and say that he doesn’t notice every woman staring at him as he enters a room. Nicole must assume that Maya was really caught up on Rick to not enjoy her rebound with Carter. Carter agrees. Carter knows that Maya wasn’t in love with Carter. Carter thought she was the one but it wasn’t meant to be. It is a good thing too. He is not going to lie. He has huge issues with what happens. He wasn’t pining after Maya. She was showing her sides that he didn’t like. He has to be honest that a very small part of him is proud of her for going after what she wanted. He doesn’t want her to get hurt. Nicole asks if he thinks that if Rick finds out that he will leave her.

Rick asks her to tell him what is wrong. Maya says that nothing is wrong. Rick knows she has a prescription so he doesn’t understand. Maya explains that it isn’t for a problem so she is fine. Maya does need estrogen. It helps regulate her. Rick feels awkward. He is going to mind his own business now. He is sorry. Maya knows and appreciates it. She appreciates him. She hugs him and is mortified looking.

Liam will take a quote from Quinn. He wants to know how surprised she was when Rick hired her back because everyone in the sane community was a little shocked. Wyatt tells Liam to come on. Quinn says that it is alright. He has earned himself to be a little mean if that is what he needs to make himself feel better. The answer is that she is shocked too. It makes sense that a successful Fashion house doesn’t put all of its eggs into one jewelry basket though. She has done some things and she has changed. She isn’t the same woman she used to be. The things she did she doesn’t even recognize anymore. Wyatt admits that she really is trying to put the past behind her. He thinks that Liam could do that and Ivy too. It could go a whole lot smoother. Ivy thinks they know that she all ready for a better working environment but this is awkward. Quinn promises. Liam thinks this is nice in theory. He wonders how long it will last. Quinn thinks that Deacon has had a tremendous help with her. Quinn knows that Wyatt knows her better than anyone. He wouldn’t be standing in this office today if he didn’t think she deserved a second chance. Quinn asks if they can consider giving her one too. Ivy knows they are working together and doesn’t want there to be tension. Quinn thanks her and asks if Liam will give her a second chance as well. Liam explains that she is asking a lot. Liam can’t speak for Ivy but he has given her second and third and fourth chances. He doesn’t get the impression that she has changed but for the sake of Wyatt and for Ivy who has to work with her every day he really hopes that she isn’t but thinks that she is. She is just trying to real people in so that she can get them to trust her but she doesn’t have it in her to actually change.

Carter doesn’t know if Rick has it in him but he knows that he will be surprised. Nicole asks if he would be ok with it. Carter doesn’t know. Maybe. Nicole knows that Rick will be shocked but doesn’t have to change things. Carter explains that it is a lot to process. Nicole asks what she is supposed to do, tell people on the first date. Obviously there is something to talk about. She already had her surgery taken care of before she met Rick. Carter asks her to think about how far Maya allowed it to go with Rick and himself. Rick doesn’t like being lied to and he has a history of lashing out and that is what worries him. Nicole tells him that to Maya it isn’t a lie.

Maya puts her pulls back in her purse. Rick is sorry for snooping he was just concerned. Maya thinks that it is fine. She just didn’t know how to answer. She didn’t think that a man would ever want to know. Rick agrees with her on that. He just sort of jumped to the worst possible scenario and all these thoughts came jumping into his mind. Maya is sorry and thinks that is terrible. She should have answered him right away. They are a part of her daily life at this point and she doesn’t even think about them. Rick thinks that he should feel terrible. Maya says he can ask her anything day and night. When she looks into his big sexy eyes she just melts when her strong CEO gives him the third degree. They kiss passionately. Rick is glad her smile is back and that is why he over reacted because he thought something was wrong. Maya says nothing is wrong. Rick asks what it is then. Maya explains that he talks about finding the woman of his dreams and wonders where he wants this to be. Rick asks what she means. Maya doesn’t want to push or make assumptions but she would like to know where she stands. She isn’t asking for a proposal or anything like that but she needs to know what he sees when he thinks about their future. Maya looks terrified and guilty.

Quinn is not surprised that he feels that way but wishes that he would change his mind. Liam has to wonder if just because she means it today will she mean it tomorrow. Liam does not know. Quinn guesses that she will just have to prove herself. She is at least happy that Liam and Ivy are still together and is happy that she at least did one thing right. Liam asks if she is taking credit for him and Ivy. Quinn feels that anyway you think about it, it is the truth. Wyatt asks why Liam can’t just forgive her. Liam is sorry but he can’t do that. Wyatt has lost a lot of faith in her but she is really trying to make amends. She is in a new relationship with someone that he doesn’t really like but it has had a positive effect on her. Liam understands that he has to forgive her because it is his mother but he and Ivy are going to keep a distance. Wyatt explains that they are all adults and they should all want what is best for Forrester. People have to work together. How exactly are they supposed to do that if Liam always is in her ear reminding her of all the bad she has done? They all know. They lived it. They have to do what is right and move passed this. Everyone.

Nicole wonders if Maya is waiting to see if she has to tell him. Carter thinks that she needs to tell him. Nicole feels that she could be looking to see how her future plays out. She is waiting for a proposal. Carter thinks that proposal or not this has to be weighing on her. It be easier if she just told the truth.

Rick is honestly just trying to take things moment to moment and see how things play out. Maya knows and was trying to as well. Maya has everything she needs right now. If they are going to move forward then they have things that they need to talk about. Rick thinks that he understands. Maya doesn’t think he does. Rick knows that she is a woman. Maya says yes. Rick knows that she doesn’t think the way that men do and maybe it is because he failed at all his marriages or because he is a guy. He isn’t worried though about where they are going to end up. He knows that he loves her. Maya knows that but she needs to know where this is going because she needs to tell him things but she can’t until she knows this is going to last. Maya wants to be in the moment like he says… Rick asks what is it. Rick wants to know if there is something that she is keeping from him.

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