B&B Friday Update 4/10/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/10/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Brooke thinks that the ego really is a fascinating monster. Ridge thinks that she is back. Brooke wonders if he really thinks that she has been pining away for him. Ridge doesn’t know what she is doing but he imagines that she doesn’t want to be alone. Ridge asks if they can stop. He knows that she is mad at the world. She is mad at him and Caroline. She is mad that he is not fighting for her. He can’t. His heart is not in it. He wants to let this go. Brooke explains that sometimes a person wakes up in the morning and they don’t know what they are going to be facing that day. Brooke could have Ridge back if she wanted him back. Like that. She starts snapping her fingers again. Ridge has to get back to work. Brooke wants Ridge to be serious. He isn’t with Caroline because he likes her. He is with her because he wants to hurt Rick because he wants his position as CEO.

Maya and Rick kiss passionately in his office. Maya can leave. She knows that he has those sketches that he needs to look at. Rick knows that Ridge fixed those sketches or at least he attempted to fix them. Rick wishes that they were home. Maya can stay if he wants. Rick wants to know why she waited so long before turning up in his life. Maya guesses it wasn’t the right time. Rick guesses not.

In the photo studio Oliver takes pictures of Nicole. She is wearing a white dress with a black top. Aly is sitting behind Oliver and watches as he takes pictures. Nicole is dancing instead of posing. Oliver is done taking the pictures. Nicole asks what is wrong now. She was just getting into it. Aly agrees that she was. Oliver explains that there is a difference between dancing and modeling. Nicole wants to know what that difference is. Oliver tells her that the pictures are not going to turn out very well if she keeps moving around. Nicole thought that they were doing video. Nicole could dance slower. Carter walks in and could hear the music from his office. He notices Nicole. Oliver explains that Rick and Maya asked… Aly corrects him and tells him that they told. Carter doesn’t need it explained. It is all clear to him. Nicole frowns. Oliver starts to photograph her again. She is being a little slower. Aly looks perplexed and Carter looks annoyed. The pictures are coming out better now. Nicole wonders if these are going to be in posters or magazines. Oliver informs her that these are just for practice. Normally that she would start as a fit model here in the building. Nicole thinks that sounds boring. Oliver says that she could maybe do some online work. Nicole looks sad. She trips. Aly asks if she is ok. Nicole explains that something might have ripped. Oliver suggests that they change outfits now. Aly tells Oliver that she has a nice… She has some work to do. Carter thinks that it must pay to have Maya behind her these days.

Rick thinks that Maya must be hungry. Maya explains that they have snacks downstairs for the models. Rick didn’t wake her up this morning because she looked so peaceful. Maya didn’t think that she would be needed around here today. Maya feels that it is just as well that she woke up. She can always do her morning routines. Rick is going to call down and see if Nicole needs a cheering section. Maya looks annoyed. Rick asks Oliver how it is going. Rick asks if she has seen him. Maya takes out a bottle of pill (most likely hormones) and looks back to make sure that Rick isn’t looking. Rick knows that not everyone can be as beautiful as Maya.

Rick feels that they have had this conversation already. It was a long time ago with another Caroline Spencer. She wasn’t right for him either. Brooke says no. That Caroline was a lovely woman. She doesn’t think that he ever heard her say otherwise. This Caroline though. She might be beautiful but she acts differently. Ridge knows that it was him that started this relationship so maybe he screwed up his own continence. Brooke thinks that he should have told her that twenty five years ago. Ridge asks if her life would have been better without him in it. Brooke says no. She doesn’t regret any of the time that they spent together. She thinks that they had some great times but she wishes that they made better decisions as a couple, because maybe now their family would be stronger. She wouldn’t feel so alone. Ridge looks guilty.

Oliver is at his computer and tells Aly here they go. Nicole looks at the pictures. She is shocked that she looks like that. Aly knows that it is sort of a shock to see a proof for the first time. Nicole thinks that she did great. They all look puzzled by Nicole’s response. Nicole is so awesome and dope. Nicole thanks Aly for being so supportive. Her boyfriend is really sweet too. Aly knows that is what people keep telling her. Oliver sends them off. Oliver asks if Aly wants to grab a coffee. Aly says yes. They leave. Carter hopes that she plans to get out of those clothes. Nicole isn’t going to while he is watching. He reminds her that they don’t belong to her. Carter knows that she is squeezing Maya though.

Rick looks at Ridge’s sketch. He can’t believe that he didn’t change the hemline Maya explains that he did on the neckline in another one. Rick knows but he asked him to change the hem. Maya knows how he is. Rick asks if he is really supposed to put up with this. Maya knows that he likes to treat him badly. She suggests that they tell him to do a mock up to see what it looks like. Rick picks up his phone. He tells the person on the other end that it is a press release. He shouldn’t have to give instructions. Rick is sorry for the interruptions. Maya says no. She doesn’t want to overstep. He should run things the way that he sees fit. Rick never wants Maya to apologize to him. Maya is sorry. Rick laughs. She did it again. She doesn’t have to apologize. Rick wants to hear her hopes and dreams and fears. He doesn’t want her holding anything back. Maya won’t.

Ridge never thought of their years together as any sort of failure. He asks how Brooke sees it. Brooke asks what is important to him right now. For her it is children and Rick. She knows that he thinks she is being over protective. She needs to be there for him though. She needs to protect him. Ridge doesn’t think about Rick unless he makes him. Brooke wonders if he thinks about RJ. Ridge asks what that means. Brooke doesn’t encourage RJ to come home and visit the family because she doesn’t want him to lose respect for him. Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge takes Caroline seriously. She looks at the future and he will have moved on from Caroline and move on with his life. Ridge thinks that they were almost children when they fell in love. They shared some of the most magical and fantastical moments. They had the best of times and worst of times over and over again. In the end they always found a way to move on. Brooke suspects that Ridge is going to need her pretty soon. Brooke asks what he talks to Caroline about. Music? Do they talk about his high school years? Life plans? Maybe they discuss how many kids they want together. Brooke knows that is probably not true. He already has two families. She wonders if he has approached her about not really having his children. Maybe he is already seeing things about her that she does not really like. Brooke wonders if she is too needy. Brooke knows that their will come a time when Caroline is going to be too much for him and he is going to have to let her go. Brooke knows that it will be a huge sacrifice for him. In the long run it will be much better for her.

Nicole is getting changed. She tells Carter that she is trying to get Maya to treat her like family. Carter knows that in her mind that means a mansion to live in and priority over models that actually know how what they are doing. Nicole hasn’t actually done anything to Maya. They have been walking arm and arm claiming to share no secrets yet all Maya wants to do is get away from her. Nicole asks what she did to deserve that. Carter knows that she is scared. Nicole knows that Maya says in time Rick will understand but doesn’t act like she believes it. She asks if Carter believes it.

Maya asks if Rick knows when Brooke’s birthday is. She doesn’t think it matters. She asks if he knows what sizes she wears. Rick laughs. Rick doesn’t think that Brooke needs anymore clothes. She must have one of every Forrester original ever made. Rick asks her why. Maya just wanted to do something nice for her. She was so beautiful with her today. So accepting. Rick knows that she always wants what is best for him. Rick knows she can tell that is Maya. Maya never thought she would be this happy. Rick walks over and kisses her. Maya’s purse falls on the ground and her bottle of pills fall out.

Carter doesn’t know how Rick will handle it. He knows how he felt. Nicole asks how he felt. Carter did not feel good at all. She lied to him. Rick deserves to know. He was about to tell him but he didn’t. There was information that he deserved to know but he didn’t get to hear it when they were together. He wonders if there is a reason. Carter wonders if he didn’t make things easy for her. He knew she was on the rebound and he pushed. Nicole asks if Carter forgives her. Nicole thinks that she was more wrong with him. Nicole was just little and thought it had to do with her. Carter thinks that sometimes people forget how to love others. Nicole looks shocked.

Ridge is sure that Brooke has other things that she should be doing. Brooke is working full time. Rick insisted. Brooke asks when Caroline is back. Ridge has been in touch with her and she sends her designs via email. Brooke knows that gowns can be made out of chain mail. Ridge asks she means. Brooke wants to know what is keeping her. Ridge explains that Caroline is gathering information from the fashion gurus. She is with her moms. Daniel just published a book or is publishing one. Brooke wants him to say hi when he talks to her. Brooke really thinks that she would be good at running interference when it comes to him and Rick. Ridge doesn’t think that lately it is has been the case. Ridge thinks that she is right about Caroline. He doesn’t know her favorite band. He is pretty sure that she doesn’t know his. He also thinks she is right that they won’t have kids together. She knows who he is though. Not twenty five years ago. It did mean a lot to him though. He thinks that they do their best work when people leave them alone. For old time sakes. Brooke smiles and leaves. She looks back as she does. Ridge looks conflicted.

Maya and Rick continue to kiss. Maya smiles. Rick asks what she would want most in the world right now. Maya has it. Rick doesn’t think that is fair. He wonders what would happen if he gave her something. Maya thinks that he has given her way too much. Rick could say the same thing about her. Maya says that the one thing that does make her happy, and she never thought she would be saying this. The fact that things seem to be getting better between him and Caroline. Rick says somewhat. Maya knows how much it hurt him when she cheated. Rick explains that there were times when he couldn’t sleep or eat. He wonders if there is some sort of magic formula to take when your wife cheats on you with a man you despise. Maya wants to help him. Rick doesn’t want her to feel sorry for him. He assumes that is how Caroline tried to make things look. So that she couldn’t tell him anything. Maya knows that when she has a husband whoever it is she will want them to know all of her through and through. Rick thinks that he will know what a lucky man he is. Rick loves her. Maya loves him too. Maya wants to get out of here so he can get some work done. She doesn’t want him coming home so late. Rick doesn’t want her to go. Maya looks for her bag. Rick asks if she is looking for this and walks over to the floor where he bag is. Maya quickly takes the bag. Rick looks at the prescription. He wonders why she has estrogen pills and why she needs to take them.

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