B&B Wednesday Update 4/8/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/8/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick tells Carter if he thinks that he knows something about Maya then he should get it off his chest and then got on out. He doesn’t think that Carter knows a damn thing. Carter tells him that he is wrong. He doesn’t know Maya as well as he thinks he does.

In the photo studio Ridge asks Oliver why they are doing this. Oliver explains that they need a new picture for the new power structure of the company. Oliver tells Ivy that they will be taking pictures of her next. Ivy says no rush. Ridge wonders if she has somewhere else to be. Ivy asks if he means upstairs where she is in high risk of running into Rick and Maya. Ivy would rather stay down here. It is a lot safer. Oliver agrees. Nicole walks in. She is glad that Oliver is all set up. Nicole wants him to do her next. Ivy and Ridge look at each other confused.

Deacon informs Wyatt that the way he told Quinn was not the best. Wyatt was just looking out for his mother. Deacon asks how. Did he plan to have Quinn hate Brooke even more? Wyatt does not think that this is about Brooke at all. It is about Deacon. Deacon doesn’t think that Wyatt is helping her. He can’t just get her all worked up and set her lose. Wyatt wonders if Quinn will really go after Brooke. Deacon doesn’t know but he did not stop her.

Quinn told Brooke to stay away from Deacon and she didn’t listen. Brooke does not respond well to threats. Quinn laughs. She is not threatening her and she doesn’t want her to. Brooke asks why she is here. Brooke wonders if Deacon explained the situation to her satisfaction. Brooke does not need a man in her life right now. She just wants to focus on her family and sobriety. That doesn’t mean that she agrees with Quinn’s relationship or engagement. Brooke knows that Deacon does not belong with her and there is nothing that she can do or say that will make her think otherwise.

Deacon feels that Quinn was in a really good place. She was looking forward, had a new job and was planning a wedding. Things were going well. Wyatt asks how. She was being kept in the dark. Wyatt knows that she had no idea that he was being Brooke’s white night. Deacon feels that is his idea. Wyatt is just saying what he heard. He had his chance to explain himself. If Quinn went over to confront Brooke then he must not have done a very good job at it.

Nicole stands in front of the back drop. Ivy whispers to Ridge and asks if Nicole is going to be modeling. Oliver gets off his phone. He tells the two that they have the photos and they are being retouched right now. Ridge asks what is going on with Nicole. Oliver has not heard back from Maya or Rick if he has the ok to shoot her. Nicole thinks that it will be ok. Ridge wonders if she wants to be a model. Ivy asks if she had any experience. Nicole doesn’t but feels that Maya is going to pull some strings for her. Ridge asks why she should wait. He thinks that she should jump right in.

Maya asks why Carter is doing this to them. She wonders why he can’t just let them be happy. Rick thinks that he is just jealous. Carter is not jealous. Rick tells him that he and Maya have been together. They have known each other better than most couples. Carter doesn’t think that he knows everything. Rick knows that they might not know every detail. That doesn’t mean that they haven’t taken time to get to know each other. Carter stops himself from saying it. He tells him that he better get the full story. He is still learning things about Maya. In time so will he. Maya starts to cry. Carter thinks that he should go. Rick tells him no. He came in here looking for him. He really thinks that he should know what is going on. Maya tells him nothing. Rick walked in on them going at it twice today. Maya feels that it is all better. Rick hopes that it is. He explains to Carter that going off on Maya might score some points for his pal Ridge but it does not help his job security. Rick may not know everything about Maya but he knows that she has loyalty and that is what matters. Rick demands that she get the respect she deserves. If he has a problem with her then he has a problem with him. Carter understands. Rick has to go make a phone call. Maya will see him at home tonight. Carter looks annoyed at Maya.

Deacon assures Wyatt that he will marry Quinn. There is something that he has to understand though. Brooke has been an important part of his life for a very long time. That isn’t going to change just because Quinn is his wife. Wyatt cannot believe that he is that naïve.

Quinn doesn’t need to convince Brooke about anything. She doesn’t care about what Brooke things. Her opinion on her relationship is irrelevant. Quinn tells her to stay the hell out of it. Brooke leaves.

Nicole takes pictures and smiles. Ridge smiles. Ivy looks annoyed beyond belief. Nicole wants them to be honest. She wants to know if she is doing a good job. Ridge wonders if the shoot is about her or the design. Nicole thinks that it is her audition. Ridge explains that it is always about the design. Nicole says right. Oliver tells her to look to the right as that is her good side. Nicole is shocked to find out she has a good side. Ridge informs her that all models have a good side. Oliver asks her to soften her eyes. Ivy walks over with Ridge and asks what he is doing. Ridge is helping her. Ivy asks why he is helping Maya’s sister. Ridge is a team player. Ivy asks why she has a hard time believing that. Ridge knows that Nicole is not a model. If Maya wants to use her then let her so that they can show how bad she is for the company. Ridge needs to get rid of Maya and Rick. Ivy asks how. Ridge looks at Nicole.

Carter tells Maya not to thank him. Maya says not to worry. Carter didn’t tell her secret. Maya knows that he is not going to. Carter is not intimidated. Threatening his job. Maya asks why he changed his mind. Carter says Rick. Maya knows that he loves her. Carter feels that Maya should be the one to tell him. Maya will when he proposes. Carter doesn’t think that a ring will change that. Maya reminds Carter that Rick is going through a lot right now. He is going through his divorce, people threatening his job. With all that he might never propose. Maya thinks that this is another level of commitment. Carter knows that she thinks that this is her life but it doesn’t only affect her. Carter tells her that if she doesn’t want Rick reacting the same way then she should tell him. Maya feels that this is who she is. The person that Rick sees. This is the real her. Carter ignores her and leaves. Maya looks sad.

Deacon looks at some of the tools in Quinn’s workshop. Quinn walks back in. He heard her car pull up. Quinn asks what he is doing down here. Deacon was talking to Wyatt. Quinn wonders if he left. Deacon says yes. He figured they needed to be alone. Quinn went to see Brooke. Deacon guessed that. Quinn is shocked that she hasn’t called him yet. She knows that Brooke won’t. Quinn tells him that he is done being her AA partner. Deacon asks if that is what she needs to hear from him. He would rather talk about them. Deacon doesn’t think that Brooke is interfering. Quinn knows that she won’t. Quinn asks if he wants to know what she did to her. Deacon knows better than that. Quinn told her to back off. Deacon asks if that means that she is not finished with him yet. Quinn has not decided. Deacon told her before that he is committed to this relationship. Brooke is not going to interfere.

Brooke is on the phone at her house with Rick who in his room. Rick is glad because Forrester needs her. Brooke thanks him for saying that and will see him in the morning. Brooke hangs up her phone. She looks at an article about Forrester and sees Ridge and Caroline. She looks distressed.

Ivy’s phone pings and she tells Ridge that it must mean the article has gone through. Ivy asks if he wants to see it. Ridge does not. Ivy feels that it is really positive. Ridge knows that it is to help Rick out. Ivy thinks he looks adorable. Ivy is happy that at least it isn’t about Queen Maya and her little sister. Ridge is sure that it is in the works. Ivy knows they have some great photos to go with it.

Nicole walks into Rick’s office. She tells Maya that she won’t believe that she just had her first… She notices that Maya is not in the room but that Carter is. Carter knows that she got her big break. Nicole explains that it was just a test shoot. Carter wonders if that is enough for her. Nicole explains that Ridge is the one who told her that she did well but Maya says she should for it. Carter was under the impression that Maya was against it. She needs to focus on computer programming. Nicole asks if she talked with Carter about that. Carter didn’t. He heard her talking to Nicole. Nicole asks when. Carter says when she was in here earlier. Nicole says oh. Carter asks why that is all she has to say. She was dying to tell Maya’s secret. She said that she would tell everybody.

Maya walks into her bedroom. Rick asks if she is all caught up at the office. Maya just had to take care of some last minute things. Rick doesn’t know what is going on with Carter. Maya thinks it was just an off day. They all have them. Rick knows she doesn’t though. Maya hugs Rick. Maya doesn’t feel that it was a great day for her. Rick has a solution for that. Pizza and a Kings game. Maya smiles about the pizza but isn’t so sure about the hockey. Rick thought she liked hockey. Maya says not really. Rick guesses that Carter was right then. He doesn’t know everything about her. Maya says nothing is wrong.

Deacon explains that Quinn is right and that he is concerned about Brooke. Quinn asks how his concerns are valid but hers are not. Deacon tells her that if she wants to pick a fight that she knows how much it turns him on. Quinn tells him not to use his charm on her. Deacon will if she stops acting like an idiot. Quinn is not an idiot. Deacon could be with her but he is not. He is with her. Quinn wants Brooke to find someone else to lean on. Deacon agrees that she has a lot of other people she can lean on now. Quinn asks if she is now agreeing with him. Deacon explains that he will do whatever it takes including argue all night long if that is what it takes. He gets what he wants and he wants a life with her. He is tired of chasing himself. Deacon wants any word but no. He is guessing that her silence is a yes. Quinn says it is not a no.

Ridge thinks about Caroline and painting her picture and making love with her. He gets a phone call. Ridge tells her that he was just thinking about her. He says he was just going to think in. Caroline is on the other end in New York. Caroline has been thinking about him all day. Ridge is just finishing a sketch. Caroline tells him that he better not be painting without her. Ridge would never. He wants her to get back and be his muse. Caroline can’t wait. Ridge asks if she is getting ready for bed. Ridge wonders if she is going dancing then. Caroline explains that she is not really in the mood for dancing lately. Ridge hopes that she is having fun. Caroline is staying busy. Ridge misses her. Caroline misses him too. Ridge loves her. Caroline loves him too. Caroline says goodnight. Ridge does as well and they hang up.

Nicole asks if Maya is still here. Carter tells her that it is just them. He closes the door. The only two people in this building that know that Maya used to be Myron.

Maya tells Rick that after everything he has done for her she thinks that she can watch hockey. Rick explains that they don’t have to like all the same things. Maya feels that he has always let her do things for herself and never made assumptions like she did when they first met. Rick doesn’t think that she was wrong about him. Maya thought he was a waiter. Rick knows that she thought he needed some help. Maya knows now that he didn’t. Rick just didn’t know it until he met her. Maya loves that he is such a kind, open, understanding. Person. Rick spent his whole life looking for the right woman. He was let down time and time again until she met her. She has been so great for him they living together. No one knows the things that she has been through. Rick doesn’t want her to be ashamed of anything. She has been a woman of integrity and that means everything to him. They hug. Maya cries.

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