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Carter tells Rick that he won’t believe it when he tells him. Rick asks what he is going to tell him. Maya tries to get him to stop. Carter tells Maya that he needs to know. If Maya won’t tell him then he will. Rick asks what he wants to say.

Bill asks what Caroline means by nice. Liam explains to him that according to her Rick has been nice to her. Bill wonders if the divorce is final. Katie says not yet. Bill believes that is why he is being nice then. Liam isn’t going to be shocked when things change. Katie isn’t either.

At Brooke’s house Brooke pours Wyatt a glass of water. Brooke tells him that telling Quinn was a mistake. She can only imagine how she is going to react. Wyatt couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t tell her. Brooke feels that he overreacted. She and Deacon were just talking. Wyatt knows that they said that if it wasn’t for Quinn then they would have a chance. Wyatt wants to know if that was not said. Brooke knows that Deacon also said that Quinn is good for him, how much Quinn has changed, and how much he loves her.

Quinn thinks that Deacon is panicking. Deacon doesn’t want to be with Quinn he wants to be with Brooke. Quinn wants to know then why he would say that if it wasn’t for her that they would be together. Deacon feels that it was a stupid throwaway line that didn’t mean anything. Quinn feels that if Deacon actually likes Brooke like he does then it is time to be a big boy and say it to her face.

Brooke reminds Wyatt that he also knows how dangerous Quinn can be. Wyatt doesn’t think that Quinn is going to go after her. Brooke remembers last time when she ended up on the ground. Brooke knows that he can’t control her. No one is able to. Not even Deacon that is all she is saying. Wyatt feels that Quinn has a right to know what her fiancé is doing. That is all he is saying. Brooke tells him again that nothing is going on between her and Deacon. Wyatt knows that is what he says but deep down he knows that Deacon is still in love with her.

Quinn asks if being with Brooke is some sort of what if fantasy. Deacon isn’t waiting for her to come around. Quinn wants to know then why it is even in her head. Deacon promises Quinn that her future is with him. Quinn really wants to believe that. Quinn knows that he talks a big game. There is no way though that that she is going to marry him if there is even the slightest chance that he is in love with Brooke. Deacon nods his head.

Bill explains that Caroline has a thousand good qualities but taste in men is not one of them. Bill wants to know what will happen if Rick does want Caroline back. He knows that it is possible. He is with what’s his name though. Katie reminds him that his name is Ridge. Bill wonders if Rick is having second thoughts about Maya. Maybe he is realizing just who she really is. Katie frowns.

Carter tells Rick that Maya is not who he thinks she is. Rick has heard this all before and doesn’t want to hear it. Carter tries to get him to listen. Maya is hiding something big. Rick tells him to stop he isn’t going to listen to this. Carter tells him that she is not his girlfriend. Maya screams at him to stop it. Carter tells them both that Rick has a right to know. Maya tells him to stop this right now. Ridge walks in and wants to know what is going on in here. Carter looks furious.

Bill has to wonder if Rick wising up to Maya. Katie doesn’t think that at all. He should have heard what he was saying about how honesty is the most important thing to him. He seems to have forgotten about her gold digging days. He is seriously committed. Liam feels that is just what he wants everyone to think. Katie thinks that it would take something major to break them up. Bill doesn’t buy it. Rick would jump at it if Caroline snapped his fingers. Katie knows that she is still waiting for the divorce to go through. Liam says that if you asked Caroline then she would tell you that Ridge is the man in her life right now. He assumes that Maya is the woman in Ridge’s life.

Maya says that Carter and she were just leaving. Carter tells Rick that he needs to hear him out on this. Rick says no. If he likes his job then he will stop this. Carter says no. The person he loves… Rick screams that he is not to say another word. Rick reminds him that he and Maya broke up. He needs to get over it. Rick asks if he is still pining away for Maya. Carter doesn’t think that is at all what this is about. Rick knows that it is. He hasn’t found another woman like Maya. It bothers him and there are plenty of other woman like Maya. He is free to look for one. He tells him to get out. Maya cries. He is sorry she had to put up with that. Maya tells him to have his meeting. She walks out and is crying in the lobby.

Wyatt is not trying to instigate anything here. Brooke knows that he is protecting his mother and is protecting her daughter’s father. Brooke does not think that Deacon should be with her. She is sorry to have to say it but his mother is highly unstable.

Deacon wants to know what he can do to prove it to her. He will do anything that it takes. Quinn asks if he means anything. Deacon says yes. He wants her. Quinn asks how that can be true when he was day dreaming about a life with Brooke. Deacon reminds her that they share a daughter together. On some level he is always going to wonder about a life with Brooke. Quinn is not going to spend her life second guessing. Deacon is committed to this relationship. Quinn tells him to tell that to Brooke. Deacon has and will. Deacon begs her to pick a date and let them get married. Quinn needs to clear her head and get out of here.

Carter remembers back when Maya and Carter first started a romance together. All the steamy times they spent. When he asked her to marry he and she said yes. Carter wipes his head. Maya walks into Ridge’s office and tells him how dare he. Carter doesn’t think that there is anything that she can say to him. Carter thinks that he has a right to know. Maya doesn’t want to be disrespected. She has had to deal with that enough in her life. Carter thinks that is her choice. Maya doesn’t think that it was her choice at all. She has never been a man no matter what her body looked like. Carter cannot let this stay a secret any longer. Maya doesn’t think that it is his business. Maya thinks that if he had any kindness or compassion that he wouldn’t do this. Carter knows that she used to be a man. Maya is a woman and she will not stand for this. He will not say one word to Rick. She will not let that happen.

Bill assures them both that Caroline is going to be fine. It is Brooke that they need to worry about. Liam asks what the latest is on that. Katie explains that Brooke has admitted that she has a problem. Bill then adds in that of all the people she is turning to it is Deacon. Liam seems confused.

Wyatt is on the phone at Quinn’s workshop with an order. He gets off the phone. Deacon walks down stairs and can’t believe that he opened his mouth. Wyatt tells him that his loyalty is with his mother not him. Deacon thinks that Wyatt just gave Quinn another reason to hate Brooke. They all need to hope that Quinn doesn’t end up doing something that they are all going to end up regretting.

Quinn shows up at Brooke’s front door. She remembers her fantasy about stabbing Brooke. She seems scared. Brooke opens the door. Quinn looks frightened but walks in. She assumes that Brooke knows why she is here. Brooke informs her that if she lays one hand on her that she will call the police. Quinn cannot believe she would go after Deacon. Quinn knows that she is manipulating Deacon’s feelings so he will break up with her. Brooke just laughs. Quinn asks if she has learned by now not to mess with her. Brooke asks if she looks scared to her. Quinn tells her to keep going with this and she will be.

Ridge tells Rick that Caroline designed this before she left. Rick likes the concept. Ridge is happy because it is their show stopper. Ridge asks if Rick has looked at the billboards. Rick doesn’t think so. Ridge shows him them on the computer. Silver and black beads. It is like they used to be. Ridge knows that he isn’t listening to a word that he is saying right now. He wants to know if Carter upset him. Rick is upset. He can’t believe that Carter told him that he knows Maya better than he does.

Maya wants to tell him in her own time. Carter asks when he plans to tell him. Maya knows that they are devoted to each other. He will love her no matter what. Carter thinks that she should tell him then. He knows though that she is waiting for a proposal. Carter still thinks that she should be honest. Maya knows that he will accept her for who she is. Carter asks why she is waiting this long. He knows that she is too scared. Maya will not be bullied by Carter. Carter is not going to let her keep this from Rick.

Bill feels that the last thing that Brooke needs is to be tangled up with Deacon. Liam agrees that Brooke could do a little better. Katie reminds them about Quinn. Liam wants to know if she knows that Brooke is hanging out with her fiancé. Katie hopes that for Brooke’s sake she doesn’t. Bill knows that she is a crackpot who doesn’t react well when someone takes her toy away.

Deacon believes that this is all a mistake. Deacon knows that she has already hit Brooke once. He wonders what she could do now.

Quinn informs Brooke that there is no way that she will let Brooke break her engagement. There isn’t anything that she can say or do to stop it. Brooke thinks that they will see about that. Brooke walks over to the door and opens it. Quinn has been interested in only two men her entire life. Bill and Deacon. She takes her relationships very seriously. Unlike Brooke who has had so many marriages, affairs, and children she can’t even count. Quinn slams the door shut. Deacon is taken. She will no longer reach out to him. Is she understand? Brooke asks what will happen.

Rick is seriously losing patients with that guy. Ridge thinks it isn’t shocking that Rick is losing it with Carter. Rick cannot listen to him or anyone tell him that Rick shouldn’t be with Maya. Why do they all care? They just keep dissing Maya. Rick is going to spend the rest of his life with her. Ridge feels that they are all painfully aware of that. Rick asks why Carter thinks otherwise. Ridge doubts that Carter still likes Maya. Rick thinks that Carter is jealous. Rick is going to go set the guy straight right now. He storms out.

Carter doesn’t think that it is a secret that he and Rick have not always seen eye to eye. After what he knows now though. They have a lot more in common then they realize. Maya doesn’t think that anyone was tricked. He will understand. Carter asks if she really thinks that he will forgive her after all this time. This is the Forrester family they are talking about. Maya thinks that they are a lot more open minded than he is. Carter was never given the chance to be open minded. Carter asks how it will affect the business and Rick. Maya knows that there is a very powerful LGBT community that will applaud the Forrester’s. Carter knows that is her attitude but he wants to know what happens when he finds out. Maya tells him that that if he says one word to Rick she will make sure he is fired. Carter knows that when Rick finds out she will have no power. Maya tells him to try it and he will be out of here. Rick walks in. He tells them enough. Rick tells them both that whatever the hell this is it is time that they get it out in the open. If Carter knows something that they have in common obviously it is about Maya. Rick would really like to know.

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