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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/6/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Carter is listening in on Maya and Nicole’s conversation. Maya explains to Nicole that she is proud of who she is. Nicole knows that she is not proud of who she was. Myron. Her brother. Nicole feels that she needs to tell Rick and everyone. Maya feels like this is her private business. Nicole says whatever. Carter runs off to hide. Nicole runs out. Carter walks back over and into Rick’s office. He closes the door and Maya asks how long he has been here. She asks if he heard. Carter seems to be out of breath. He is able to get out the question of her being born a boy. Maya looks scared.

Rick walks out of a changing room and is dressed up now compared to his workout clothes. Katie gets off her phone and looks at him. She notes that clothes make the man. Rick doesn’t think that he can run a company in workout gear. Katie notes that he seems happy. Rick is. Katie guesses that it is because of Maya. Rick says definitely. Maya gets him and knows what Rick wants.

Quinn pulls out the letter opener from Brooke stomach. She is revealed to be bleeding a lot. Brooke is in a lot of pane. Quinn says no. She didn’t want this to happen. Quinn warned her more than once. She can’t believe what Brooke made her do… Wyatt starts to talk to her and it is revealed that it was all a fantasy in Quinn’s mind. Wyatt thinks that she is in some dark place in her mind. He wants to know what is up.

Deacon feels that this is exactly why people shouldn’t spy. They only get half the story. He is going to go tell Quinn. Brooke doesn’t know if she thinks that is the best idea. Deacon feels that he has no choice. Deacon does not want to lose her. Brooke would wish him luck but Quinn is toxic. Deacon explains that he is too. Deacon leaves the office.

Wyatt gets nervous when Quinn is all quite. It usually is the calm before a storm. Quinn doesn’t know what to say. Wyatt just gave her some pretty shocking news. Quinn asks what is so shocking about it. Deacon has been gaga over Brooke for years. Quinn asks if he is sure that Wyatt heard them correctly. Wyatt says yes. Deacon told Brooke that he could finally have another chance with her if it wasn’t for Quinn. Wyatt asks if it was a mistake telling her. Quinn tells him no. She appreciates him looking out for her. Wyatt never trusted him. Quinn knows. She guesses that his instincts were right. Wyatt asks what he is going to do. Quinn is going to wait here for her fiancé and find out what exactly they need to do.

Katie tells Rick that the new collection looks good. Rick agrees. Brooke walks outside and Katie says hi. Rick tells her that it is great to see her and to take a seat. Brooke thinks that this is a nice surprise. Katie had a meeting in the area and decided to check up on Rick. Rick told Katie that he is going to try to work things out with Caroline. They have had some progress since she has been in New York. Brooke thinks that is interesting.

Carter heard Nicole say that Maya’s name is Myron. Maya tells him that her name is Maya. Carter wonders if she was joking then and that all of this is just some big joke. Maya says no. Carter thinks this is crazy. They were involved. He would have known. Maya looks sad. Carter continues to look shocked.

Katie is going to go. She tells Rick not to burn the place down. He laughs. Rick is surprised that they haven’t seen more of Brooke around here. Brooke doesn’t think that he needed his mother around. He has been running the company with a lot of focus and drive. Rick wants her to know that Brooke’s opinion means a lot to him. Brooke explains that since he brought it up a certain choice he made lately she would like to talk about. Brooke cannot believe he rehired Quinn. She is absolutely insane.

Quinn tells Wyatt that it is ok and he can go. Wyatt is not comfortable with that. Quinn wonders what he thinks she will do. If she is going to throw herself off the roof. Quinn promises that she won’t. She is going to sit here and wait for Deacon so they can talk this out. Wyatt asks if he should be worried about him. Quinn doesn’t plan to do anything to herself or anyone else. Wyatt wonders if she means Brooke. Quinn tells him to stop. Deacon walks in. He guesses that he doesn’t need to be a genius. He knows that he told her. Wyatt says yes. Deacon can’t believe that he couldn’t just let him tell her. Wyatt didn’t trust that he would. That is the thing. Wyatt does not trust him. He is going to let him break Quinn’s heart. Deacon does have to respect that. Deacon doesn’t know what Wyatt said to her. Quinn doesn’t think that it requires a long winded explanation. She wants to know yes or no if Deacon has feelings for Brooke.

Nicole asks Oliver what her chances are. Oliver would love to work with her but it is not his call. The model he was shooting leaves. Nicole wonders if that is the type of girl he is looking for. Oliver explains that it is an open search. Nicole wonders if that means that he can just add her to the list. Oliver tells her that they have been over this. If she gets Rick or Maya to say ok then he will be happy too. Nicole spoke with her sister and Maya will support her all the way.

Carter doesn’t understand. Maya asks if Carter can hear her with an open mind. Carter says nothing. Maya explains that she never identified as a boy. Her first clues were that she liked pretty dresses and her mother’s heals. Her mother claimed it was a faze that she was going through that she would outgrow and her father pretended that it wasn’t happening. They wanted a boy and they got one. Maya could never be that though. She was different but didn’t know what made her different. One day she was visiting a little girl named Valerie down the street. She brought out her dolls and asked if she wanted to play. Maya didn’t know if it was her innocence or what but she saw her. She accepted her and for the first time Maya could be herself without being ashamed. Eventually she realized that in her heart and the core of her being she was a woman. She needed her outside to reflect that. Carter wonders about Jesse. Maya explains that he knew and saw her through it. Carter remembers Maya saying she had a daughter. Maya explains that it was Jesse’s biological daughter but she was the mother in every sense of the word. Carter asks if she kept this from him the whole time. Carter starts to scream and pushes the table and chairs. He tells her that they slept together and Maya knew the whole time. He looks enraged. Maya is scared.

Brooke tells Rick that he can’t rehire Quinn. Rick feels that it is a good business decision. Brooke asks how. She doesn’t want Forrester to be associated with some lunatic. Rick reminds her that they didn’t let Quinn go because her pieces were not selling. Yes she is a little whacky but she sells jewelry. Brooke thought that Ivy’s designs were working well. Rick feels that they are good but she doesn’t have Quinn’s flair. She has the ability to anticipate trends. Brooke asks if that means they are just supposed to work with someone who is out of her mind. Rick feels that she has settled down a bit since being with Deacon. Brooke feels that she is just as difficult as usual. Brooke feels that Rick will regret this.

Deacon would like to be alone with Quinn. Wyatt would like to stick around to hear his answer. Deacon asks why. So he can analyze it. Quinn tells Wyatt that she can handle this. Wyatt tells her to call him if she needs him. He leaves. Quinn trusted him. She committed herself more than she has with any other man. She thought that is what he wanted. Deacon tells her that it is what he wants. Quinn asks if Brooke has become a problem then. Deacon is not going to lie her. He has always had feelings for her. Quinn asks if he knows what. She is not interested in being second choice. Not his or anyone else’s. She leaves.

Oliver thinks that Nicole seems pretty sure that Maya is going to give her that ok to shoot Nicole. Nicole thinks without a doubt. They are sisters. Oliver knows that modeling is Maya’s territory. Nicole knows that he might now know but Maya is a big believer in being her authentic self. She helped Maya realize that and everyone is happy.

Maya knows that Carter is absolutely right. She should have told him. Carter asks why she didn’t. Maya doesn’t go around thinking about explaining that she is a woman. She feels that it is who she is. Carter feels that is bull. They were getting married and this whole time she was another person. Their relationship was a lie. Carter wonders if he would have stayed with her if he had known. He doesn’t know. He never got the choice to decide. He asks how that is fair. Carter asks if Rick knows. Maya says no. Maya will, but until she does she needs him to promise that he will not say anything to anyone.

Quinn puts down the letter opener. Deacon tells Quinn that he has been trying to do this relationship differently. He doesn’t think that it is easy. Quinn didn’t ask him a difficult question. She wants to know if he has feelings for Brooke or not. Deacon tells her that he loves her. Quinn doesn’t feel that is an answer. She guesses that signals get mixed. Deacon is over there all the time helping Brooke out. Brooke hates Quinn though. She is trying to break them up. Deacon explains that Brooke the mother of his daughter and will always have a place in his life. Not Quinn’s place tough. Deacon asks why they haven’t been married yet. He wants to get married. He tells her to go get her calendar so they can pick a date and get married.

Rick understands Brooke’s concern about Quinn but he is going to keep an eye on her. Rick knows that the real take away here is that Brooke is not thrilled about Caroline. Brooke is not exactly happy with the way that she treated him. Rick thinks that they can still work together. Brooke feels that he is very forgiving. Rick isn’t. He holds on to his pain like it is some sort of prize that he won. It was the lies that he couldn’t deal with. Brooke knows that he is with Maya now and she always tells him the truth. Rick knows and it is whether he wants to hear it or not. Rick has to get back to his office. He tells her that he loves her.

Maya asks if he wants to know one of the reasons why she never told him. This right here. It is so hard to tell someone who has never questioned their identity. The changes that she has had to go through to become her true self. Carter asks if she wants to talk truth. Carter wants to know why she hides it. Maya knows that it was a mistake. She didn’t know how he would act though and she didn’t know if he would love her. Maya will tell Rick when and if he proposes. Carter reminds her that he proposed to her. Carter doesn’t think that is good enough. He had a hard time buying her and Rick as a couple and he is not his favorite person but he deserves to know who she is. Maya says that he will but this is her life. Carter knows that he has a right to know who he is with. Maya knows that it is her Maya. The same woman that he has always known. Carter tells her to keep telling herself that. Maya asks him to please understand. Carter says no. She played him like a fool. Carter is going to tell Rick. Carter is not going to be stopped. Rick walks in and asks what is going on. Carter is single and has no kids. His first responsibility is acting on what is best for this company and the CEO. Carter is allowing the truth to come out. He isn’t going to be in some sort of mess. Rick asks what truth. Carter explains that they have a lot in common and Rick won’t believe what it is. Maya looks frightened.

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