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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/3/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt knew that something was going on between Brooke and Deacon. Brooke tries to say no. Wyatt heard it. Deacon feels that Wyatt has completely misunderstood what he said to Brooke. Wyatt doubts that. He thinks that he heard perfectly clear that Deacon could have another shot at Brooke if he wasn’t with Quinn. Wyatt wants to know what would happen if Quinn had heard this conversation instead of him. She would not be reacting the same way. She trusts Deacon but she shouldn’t. This isn’t going to be pretty.

Quinn continues to work on her project in her workshop. She smiles as she works on it. Quinn takes off her goggles.

Oliver is with a group of models and Nicole walks in. Oliver explains that Rick will be picking one or two of them from the group of photos that they take today. He tells them all to stay calm. They need to show what will make them unique in representing Forrester. Nicole walks over to Oliver. She asks if she can join them. Oliver says that he would love some help taking notes. Nicole means join them. She wants to audition. Oliver asks if she has modeled before. Nicole says no. Oliver explains that they are pretty packed around here already. He has to listen to what Rick or Maya tells him. If he starts to change anything then he could get fired. If one of them tells him to add her then he will. Nicole smiles.

Rick is lifting weights. Katie walks out and says that she has found her nephew. Rick asks if Katie is looking for Brooke. Katie is actually looking for him. She received an odd call from Karen today explaining that Caroline received the divorce papers and they wanted to make sure that he was ok. Rick looks confused.

Carter wants to know what is going on. Maya says that it is nothing. Carter explains that if something is bothering her then he won’t judge. Maya looks scared at him.

Deacon has no intention of hurting Quinn ever. Brooke explains that Deacon did want another chance with her but then she went to Italy and Deacon fell for Quinn. The timing was wrong. Deacon agrees with what Brooke says. Wyatt tells them both that they can say what they want but he doesn’t buy it.

Quinn starts to polish another sword, this one larger than the others. She rubs her finger along it. She pricks the top and bleeds from her finger, then licks the blood off.

Rick is shocked to find out that Karen doesn’t hate him. Katie assumes that Karen and Danielle just want what is best for Caroline. If that is not him then they are happy that it ended early enough. Rick wants to know what their take on Caroline was. Katie got the impression that Caroline was happy to be home. Rick seems amused. Katie is shocked that Rick is not drinking or getting fat as he is a newly divorced man, Rick laughs. Katie supposes that what they say is true. Living well is the best revenge.

Maya tells Carter that it is fine. Carter knows that a lot went down between them but he still cares about her. He still wants her to be happy. Carter knows her. She is not acting like herself. He asks if it is her sister or something. Nicole walks in and needs to talk to Maya. Carter informs her that they are in the middle of something. Nicole is comfortable with talking in front of Carter if she is. Maya doesn’t want to talk about that. Carter is going to go take a few calls. He will talk with her later. Maya thanks him. Carter is here for her if she ever needs someone to talk to. She can open up to him about anything.

Wyatt tells Deacon he can deny it all he wants. He heard what he said though. How he has been going nuts and if he wasn’t engaged to Quinn that he would be with Brooke. Deacon would have never proposed to Quinn if part of him wanted to be with someone else. Wyatt knows that he wanted to be with Brooke. The fact that they are even talking about it means that he shouldn’t be marrying his mother. Wyatt knows that Deacon has been going after Brooke all these years. Wyatt leaves.

Oliver takes photos of a model. Carter walks in. Oliver tells all of the girls to take five. The models all walk out and Carter says hello to them. Carter asks if they are changing into swim suits because he can stick around. Oliver is afraid not. Oliver explains that Rick and Maya are going to have a hard time picking one of them. He thinks that speaking of Maya, Nicole had the weirdest interaction with him earlier.

Maya would appreciate if Nicole didn’t do that. Nicole asks what she means. Maya means acting like she could tell people at any minute. This is her business. Maya thinks that has to stop. Nicole can do that. She just has to do something for her. Nicole was just down stairs checking out models. She wants to be one of them. Nicole knows that Maya is the lead model and in charge. Nicole wants to be a part of that photo shoot.

Katie looks at some of the new photos from Forrester. Rick walks back over to the table that Katie was sitting at with two water bottles. He explains to her that those are classified Forrester information and that he isn’t sure if the vice president of Spencer should be getting a sneak peak. Katie promises him that she is just looking. Katie has to admit that Caroline does have talent. Rick agrees that she does and is happy that Forrester is benefiting from that. Katie asks if that means that he is ok working with Caroline. Rick admits that it is a little awkward. It doesn’t have to be that way forever. They don’t have to be enemies. They were friends before they ever got together. In many ways he and Caroline can still make a great team. Katie smiles.

Wyatt walks into Quinn’s workshop. Quinn says hi and tells him to check out what she made. Wyatt asks if it is a letter opener. Quinn says yes. It is a thank you gift for Rick. She saw a cheap plastic one on his desk and thought that the CEO should have something a little classier. Wyatt agrees. Wyatt thinks that it looks nice and sharp. Quinn agrees that it is. It will open the toughest of envelopes. Quinn asks if something is wrong. Wyatt over heard something. Wyatt was walking by Rick’s old office and heard Brooke with Deacon. He thought that she should hear it first from him. Quinn asks what he heard. Wyatt explains that Brooke said the only thing that is stopping Brooke and Deacon from being together is Quinn and that Deacon said he was going nuts thinking about it. Quinn looks shocked. She makes a fist around the letter opener. Wyatt explains that they denied anything is happening. Wyatt notices Quinn’s hand and asks if she is ok. Quinn notices it and says she is. It is bleeding all over. Quinn explains it is just a cut. Quinn knows that they have been spending a lot of time together. Quinn knows that Brooke is a delicate little flower. She is going to have to explain things to her. Wyatt didn’t tell her this for that reason. She cannot do anything to Brooke. The person that Quinn needs to talk to is Deacon. He needs to be told to pick and make up what he wants. Quinn appreciates him for telling her.

Deacon wonders if Wyatt went to Quinn. Brooke thinks that is exactly where he went. Deacon is always going to care about Brooke. She is the untamable Brooke Logan but he loves Quinn. Something just works. Brooke feels that he is making a big mistake. Brooke knows that he will realize that one day. She just hopes that the day isn’t the day she comes at him with a sword.

Katie is shocked to hear that Rick thinks that he and Caroline can work as a team. She wonders if he really thinks that is possible. Rick knows that their marriage failed. Marriages fail all the time at this office. Maybe they will work together better a part. He can try to ignore the fact that he is with Ridge. Rick doubts they are ever going to last. Rick knows that Caroline is a smart woman. He knows that eventually every smart women leaves Ridge.

Carter is stunned that Nicole wants to be a model. Oliver knows that Rick does not like surprises. Carter guesses that is why Nicole went to see Maya. She is talking with her right now. Oliver knows that she is a full time student so why would she want to add modeling to her list of things to do. Carter asks if he can keep a secret. Oliver says yes. Carter explains that Nicole lied and is not taking classes. Oliver guesses that is why she is around here all the time and around the mansion. He asks if Carter knows that Nicole stole Aly’s room. Carter finds that odd if Maya doesn’t like Nicole. Oliver thinks that something is going on between those sisters.

Maya cannot just make Nicole a model. Nicole is not asking to be put in a show sight unseen. Nicole just wants an audition. She knows that Maya can give her that. If it doesn’t work out then she will be the first one to admit that it is a mistake. Maya asks what happens if she does become a model. She wonders what will happen to her becoming a computer programmer. Nicole asks if she is saying no to her. Nicole doesn’t think that Maya wants to do that.

Quinn is hiding and breathing heavily. She looks in on Brooke working in her office. She walks in. Brooke is freaked out. Quinn told her to stay away from Deacon. She should have listened to her. Brooke makes a noise like she is in pain.

Katie thinks that it is getting easier for Rick then. Rick thinks that it is funny. In the beginning he didn’t think that he would ever be happy again but now it is just so hard to believe. Caroline lied to him and kept secrets. Even though she knew that was the one thing he couldn’t tolerate.

Maya wants to help her but people are not going to think twice as to why a girl is walking into modeling walking away from computer programming. Something that is very hard to get into. Nicole just wants Rick to put out a memo and make it happen. Maya can’t believe she thinks that it is that easy. Nicole feels that if she can do it than so can she. Nicole doesn’t think that it can be that hard. Maya doesn’t understand why it has to be modeling. Why can’t she help Nicole in other ways? Nicole is not asking. She wants to be part of this world. She wants a shot at this too. Nicole wants a chance. Carter accidentally listens in. Maya explains that threatening her is not how this works. Maya knows that it will never be enough. Maya demands respect from her. She is her sister. Nicole reminds her that Maya is not her sister though. Maya says to stop it. Nicole will tell Rick. Maya will tell him eventually. Maya is proud of who she is. Carter looks confused. Nicole knows that she was Myron and she should tell everyone. Maya feels that this is her private business. Carter hides before Nicole storms out. Maya screams after her. Carter walks in. He looks angry. Maya looks scared.

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