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Written By Anthony
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Brooke tells Quinn to stay away from her. Quinn wants Brooke to stay away from Deacon. Brooke thinks that is impossible they are parents together. Quinn decides that they are going to settle this once and for all. Brooke has pushed Quinn to her limits.

Carter is working out and Wyatt walks out. He asks him how it is going. Carter says that it is going. Wyatt wonders if he has a minute. Wyatt wonders if there is any progress on Quinn’s contract. Carter is having HR handle it. Wyatt asks if he didn’t want to deal with it. Carter didn’t. He thinks that it is a mistake. Wyatt feels that those are dangerous words in times like this. Carter thinks that Wyatt knows it is true. Wyatt does, but not with Quinn. He thinks that Rick was spot on with that choice.

Maya demands to know who Nicole is to say that she hasn’t been open and honest. Nicole was just bringing in a little perspective. Rick doesn’t want Maya to over react. He was just gushing over how perfect she is. Nicole explained that she isn’t perfect. Rick wants to know what is not perfect about her. Maya looks angered at Nicole. Nicole thinks about it. She has to have something. Rick doesn’t think that they keep secrets from each other. Nicole asks if that means that he has told her everything about him. Rick laughs and explains not every little detail. Nicole is sure that Maya hasn’t told him all hers either. Rick asks if she knows her secrets. Nicole knows a few.

Carter guesses that Wyatt is of course glad that his mother is back. Wyatt feels that it gives her something to do. Carter understands that part. Wyatt knows that she is grateful to be back. It is a heck of a lot better than holding herself up in the loft all day with Deacon. That disturbs him. Carter can understand why. He doesn’t know him very well but he has heard the stories. Wyatt doesn’t trust the guy but Quinn does. She believes in him. If Deacon Drifts out of Quinn’s orbit it scares him what it might do to Quinn. Deacon walks out and is standing behind him. Deacon asks if Wyatt has seen Quinn anywhere and if she is still in the building.

Brooke cannot believe that Quinn is threatening her after Rick gave her a job. Quinn is not threatening her. Brooke asks what happens now. A slap in the face? She remembers that was last week’s threat. Quinn is not going to do anything. Quinn knows where she is coming from. The first time she is alone and she is hitting the bottle. Quinn assumes that is not public information and would rather keep it that way. Quinn knows she needs support but not from Deacon.

Wyatt tells Deacon to just go home. Wyatt doesn’t think that he will find what she is looking for. Deacon wants to take her out to celebrate. Carter suggests he waits until she gets her first paycheck. Wyatt thinks that is a good point. Deacon is sensing a lot of negativity. Wyatt reminds him that no one around here is going to throw Quinn a welcome back party. Wyatt knows that now that Quinn is working he will have all this alone time with Brooke. He wonders if Deacon remembers Brooke the love of his life. Deacon tells him to stop there. His mother and he are engaged and they love each other. Wyatt thinks that sounds ridicules coming out of his mouth. Wyatt wants to believe him because Quinn believes him and she has made a lot of progress in her life since meeting him. He isn’t going to put any stock in that because he knows her. One little mistake could send her into oblivion. He needs to be sure that Deacon and Brooke were continents away from each other. He can’t believe that now though. Deacon assures him that he is committed to her. Wyatt thinks that he better be. She is wearing his ring. Wyatt isn’t sure what that means to him but he knows what it means to her. He tells him not to rip her off or he will rip her a new one.

Maya doesn’t think that this is fun for her. Rick thinks that they are just teasing. She shouldn’t take it so seriously. Nicole has thought of something. Rick wonders if it is something good on her sister. Nicole says yes. She found out something about her sister that disturbed her. Nicole is going to say this so she can’t try and stop her. Maya says to go ahead because she doesn’t think that Nicole is thinking. Rick guesses that this is serious. Nicole agrees it is. Nicole explains that it is true that Maya has not always been completely honest. She made a promise to her that she didn’t keep. When Maya left home she was so young. When she visited she promised that she would share everything with her. Nicole waited so long for that to happen. It never did. She was gone and she was alone. That is ok though. At least they are together now. Nicole thinks they can share it now. Nicole wonders if she is ready to share it.

Brooke explains that she and Deacon have been friends for a very long time. Brooke asks how long they have been together. Less than a year. Quinn cannot believe she is calling them friends. Brooke made his life miserable. Brooke gave him a daughter. Quinn knows that Hope is a lovely girl but she cannot pretend… Brooke cuts her off. Quinn knows that Brooke has always treated Deacon like a reject and like garbage. Deacon might not be good enough for Brooke but he is good enough for Quinn. She wants him to be her husband. Brooke won’t let that happen. Quinn asks why she cares. Brooke doesn’t want him and she knows that Deacon doesn’t want her. Deacon walks in and asks what is going on. Quinn explains that they were just having a little chat. Deacon wonders about what. Quinn gets a text. Her paper work is ready. She is going to go sign it so she can start her future here. Quinn will meet him back at home. Quinn tells Brooke that she is happy that she is fighting her drinking problems but she suggests that she call someone else from now on while she is fighting her demons. Quinn leaves.

Wyatt is on the phone and tells someone that he will get the specs and show them to Quinn. He hangs up. Carter notes that he was pretty rough on him. Wyatt asks who. Wyatt doesn’t think that it is funny. Carter thinks that he should be rough on him. Deacon doesn’t need to be hanging around Forrester. Wyatt thinks that is a scary thought. Wyatt can’t imagine what will happen when all hell breaks loose. Carter tells him that he can’t let it happen. Wyatt knows. This whole thing lies in Deacon Sharpe’s hands. Carter can only imagine what will happen if he strays. Wyatt is going to get under a table. That is where he will be.

Brooke guesses that Quinn is not as happy as she claims. Deacon assumes that they got into it. Deacon assumes that it was a little much to assume she would be ok with them going to AA meetings together. Brooke is not going to let her interfere with her progress. Deacon agrees but still. Brooke asks what he means by still. Deacon doesn’t want to set her off. Brooke doesn’t care if he wants to live like that but she is not. Brooke is not going to enable her insanity. If Quinn wants to explode then let her explode. Her question is how he can even think about marrying someone like that.

Quinn is in her workshop working with a sharp object.

Rick gets a call. He has to go handle something. He wonders if the two of them are ok. Maya says that they are good. Maya asks what she is trying to pull. Nicole wonders if she has not heard her. She told Rick that that she wanted to be closer. Maya heard her tell Rick that she hasn’t been completely honest. Maya thought that she would never say anything. Nicole never said that. She doesn’t think that Maya has anything to be ashamed of. Maya is not ashamed. She is a transgender woman and she finally gets to be who she is. Having not disclosed something doesn’t mean she is lying. Not to Rick and not to anyone else. Nicole asks if he has the right to know. Maya explains that if he proposes then she will tell him. If he wants a child she obviously cannot give him one biologically. Maya wants to know the real question, why is she doing to her. Nicole meant what she said. Maya asks what she meant. Nicole meant that she was hurt when she left. Maya was going through a horribly challenging time. Nicole was too. Maya was all she had. Nicole knows that Maya knew that she couldn’t relate to mom and dad. Maya is sorry and asks how she can help her. Nicole wants her to be a big sister. She wants guidance and support. Maya asks what kind of support. Nicole feels that if she has to ask then she is not a very good sister. Maya is the matriarch and owns the place. When she wants something she makes it happen. Nicole knows that Maya can make things happen for her if she wants too. Maya assumes that she is black mailing her. Nicole doesn’t think of it as blackmail because they are sisters. Nicole supports her that is what she is saying. Nicole leaves. Maya walks around and starts to get stressed. She starts to think about the conversation with Nicole again about her being a man. Carter walks in. Maya explains that she has a lot on her mind. Carter asks if she is ok. Maya is fine and wonders how she can help him. Carter saw Nicole a minute ago and he noticed that she seemed intense. Maya explains that they had a bit of a disagreement. Carter wonders how school is. Maya is confused. Carter reminds her that he found out she wasn’t enrolled at UCLA. Maya remembers and thanks him for looking into that. Maya doesn’t want to talk or think about Nicole. Carter wonders if it is more than school then. Maya explains that Rick wants them to be close. Carter wonders if that is not in the cards. Maya does not trust her. Carter wonders if Nicole was just trying to impress her. Maya knows that it is so much more than that. Carter thinks that she should try to see it her way. Maya screams that she said that it is more than that. She is sorry. Carter tells her that she can talk to her. He wants to know what is going on. Maya looks worried.

Deacon explains that Quinn had a setback. They should know about those more than most. Brooke doesn’t feel that it is was a setback. Deacon is going to talk to her. Brooke asks about what. She is the problem. Deacon tells her not to go saying that. Brooke is not going to drink but Quinn is the reason she won’t. Brooke is just worried about Deacon being alone with her. Deacon doesn’t think that Quinn is going to do anything. Brooke wonders what Quinn will do next. Brooke wants to know why he felt the need to turn to Quinn. She understands that he had a roof over his head. He doesn’t owe his life to her though. Deacon feels that she has been good to him. He was drifting. Brooke asks why he would not drift to a prettier woman. Brooke thinks that he is living in harms way. Deacon has been going nuts thinking about what Brooke said. He knows she knows that he has always thought about it. To hear those words. He thinks they could start over. Wyatt walks in and knew it. He has been right all along.

Quinn is working on something and is banging a hammer.

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