B&B Wednesday Update 4/1/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/1/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn knows that Brooke is wearing the same perfume that she smelt on Deacon. Quinn wants to know if she is right. She wants to know if Brooke is her friend from AA.

Bill plays with Will in Liam’s office. Katie walks in and shows Bill a piece of paper. Bill tells her that she is vice president and doesn’t have to run anything by him. Katie actually wasn’t running anything by him. Bill guesses that she was just showing it to him as a courtesy. Bill thinks that she is trying to suck up and tells Will that. Bill says that he tells it like it is. Bill tells Katie that she should teach his son the president to suck up a little if he wants to keep his job. Katie asks where the president is. Bill explains that he is driving Ivy back to Forrester. They had a little drama there today. Katie asks what Rick did now. Bill says that it is only the worst thing imaginable. He rehired Quinn.

Maya looks at a picture of Rick in his office. She smiles. She thinks about her conversation with Nicole where it was revealed that Maya was born Myron, a man and all the questions that were asked. Rick walks back into the room and tells her to talk about explosive. Maya turns around and asks what he means. Rick thought she had heard that he hired Quinn back. Maya has had a lot on her mind. Rick assumes that it is Nicole. He thought that they were working on their relationship. Nicole walks in. She thought they were too. That is why she is here. Nicole knows that they missed out on braiding each other’s hair. Rick feels that they have other things they can share. Nicole knows that they both love fashion. She would love a tour. She can only imagine what it is like to be a model. Maya reminds her that she saw the photo shoot the other day. Nicole thought that Maya seemed a little off. Like she was in a rush. Rick knows that she isn’t in a rush now. Rick tells her to go show Nicole around.

Katie thought that Rick fired her. She wants to know why he would hire her back. Bill explains that according to Rick, the buyers were demanding Quinn’s designs. Bill knows that it is just another way to stick it to Ivy. Katie can’t believe that he is letting his feeling influence his business decisions. Bill knows that is why the company needs to be taken away from Rick. The company needs to be in better hands. Katie better get Will back to the nursery. Bill decides that he will do it.

Quinn again asks if Brooke is his friend from AA. Deacon says that she is but Deacon couldn’t just leave her in her time of need. They have a history together. He doesn’t want her to get upset. She has no reason at all.

Rick wants Maya to introduce Nicole to everyone. He is sure that they will be seeing a lot more of her around here. Maya gets a text. Maya forgot that she has a fitting downstairs. Nicole could wait here with Rick until she got back. Unless she would be in the way. Maya thinks that she would. Rick is really busy. Rick can reschedule things. Maya thinks that on second thought she should come with her. The fitting won’t take long and they can start the tour from there. Nicole asks if that is ok with him. Maya thinks that of course it is.

Katie leaves Brooke a message. She tells Bill that she stopped by Brooke’s on her way here. She has been worried about her. Katie knows that she is going through something. More than she realized. Bill asks if Brooke swore her to secrecy. Katie says no but she wishes that Brooke would have leaned towards her instead of this different person. Bill asks if it is Ridge. He thinks that it is bad enough that he is with his niece but now he is two timing her. Katie assures him that it is now Ridge. Bill asks who. Katie says that it is Deacon. Brooke claims that he is a life line but she doesn’t know. Especially considering the reason they are leaning on one another. Bill asks if Brooke is in some kind of trouble.

Deacon went to an AA meeting by himself. He had no idea that she was going to be there. When he got their Brooke was already there and she was telling her story. He knew it was way worse than he thought. They made a pact to help each other. It was worse than they thought but Brooke has not had a drink since the first meeting. Deacon knows that it is early on but they have learned things about each other. He didn’t think that Brooke needed Quinn going crazy on her. Deacon wonders if they can just move passed this. Quinn cannot believe him.

Bill appreciates that Katie doesn’t want to betray Brooke confidence. Katie knows that he is going to keep asking until she says everything. Bill wants to know what is going on. Katie thinks that it is more than one thing. This bozo can’t be concerned about her like her family is. Katie explains that he is kind of family. Bill asks her what she means. Katie says that it is Deacon. Bill asks why she would turn to Deacon of all people. He is a convict and a loser. Nothing shows that better than him being engaged to Quinn of all people. Bill knows this is going to send Quinn way over the edge again.

Deacon put it all out on the table and all Quinn can say is that she can’t believe him. Quinn asks what she has been saying to everyone here at Forrester. That she has changed. She is not that woman that Rick fired all those months ago. Quinn has been replaced with a more likable Quinn. That is all that matters. The truth is that she couldn’t be more proud of him. He is trying to be a good man and improve himself. In doing so he has reached out to a friend in need. Even if that friend is Brooke. Quinn does wish that he would have told her that it was Brooke from the beginning. She would have never stopped him from saving Brooke from herself though. Brooke rolls her eyes. It is the same way that Deacon helped save her. They are engaged and she doesn’t want there to ever be secrets from them. They kiss. Quinn gets a text. She has to go to HR. They want to get her back in the system. Quinn knows that she will be seeing more of Brooke now that they are working together. She will not disappoint.

Rick was hoping to get a little alone time with Nicole. The odds are that she knows a few things about her that he doesn’t. Maya reminds him that they didn’t grow up together. Rick knows that but he knows that sisters share all sorts of things. Maya thinks that he will be disappointed. Nicole thinks that he could be then again… Maya decides to cancel the fitting. She can do it tomorrow. Rick doesn’t think that she has any reason the reschedule. Nicole promises not to tell Rick anything that she doesn’t want her too. Rick thinks that is great. Rick wants to get to know Nicole better. Remind her of what an amazing big sister she has. Maya leaves. Nicole smiles. Rick tells Nicole about Bridget. She is a doctor who lives in New York. She has a little boy who isn’t so little anymore. Nicole wants to know more about him and his sister. Rick thinks that the world already knows about him and Maya. Nicole knows that they are running Forrester side by side but she assumes that there is more to the story. Rick wonders if she is discussing Maya loyalty and honesty. Nicole wonders if honesty is a big thing for him. Rick feels that no relationship can survive without it. That is why none of them ever did. Amber and Caroline. They couldn’t be less a like other than the fact that they kept things from him. Nicole and Maya are just getting to know each other. Once they do Nicole will realize that with Maya she has no secrets or holding back. Nicole knows. Nicole explains that Maya has not always been open and honest. Maya storms in and tells her that is enough. She has said enough.

Bill thinks that if anyone should be there for Brooke it should be them. Katie agrees and she is not crazy about Deacon. He might be best for her right now though. Bill can’t believe she is being serious. Katie loves that he is looking out for her right now but maybe they should trust Deacon. Bill says whatever she wants. Katie wants it. They kiss. Bill asks if she knows what he wants. Katie does.

Deacon guesses that Quinn is right. They have to believe that she is going to act differently than she has in the past. Brooke cannot believe that Deacon thinks that she has actually changed. Deacon thinks that she is finally getting the life she wants. Brooke knows that is because of her being with Deacon. She has no idea what inspired Rick to rehire her. Deacon assumes it because she is so talented. Brooke reminds him that the last time she was here she almost cost Ridge his life. Deacon reminds Brooke that Bill is the one who through Ridge into the ocean not Quinn. Besides they heard what she said. Brooke is shocked that he is actually going to marry her. Deacon thinks that they are good together. As far as them. She will always be his untamable woman. It made him realize right now that if she ever feels the urge to drink again that he will be there. Deacon gets a text from Quinn. He has to head out. Quinn listens in from outside. Deacon explains that she made huge difference in his life. Brooke is grateful for him. Brooke will always care for him. The two hug. Deacon leaves. He closes the door. Quinn walks out from behind a plant. She walks into the office. Quinn calls her a pathetic lush. This is a new low even for her. She wants to know who the hell she thinks she is.

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