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Brooke asks what Deacon means. Deacon feels that he is right. Brooke does want to be with him. Brooke only said that this could be their chance. If things were different. Deacon knows that it means if he wasn’t with Quinn. Brooke says yes and that he is with Quinn so there is no use talking about it. Deacon wonders though if it is possible. Brooke is just telling him how he feels. She feels very special. So she has been thinking about them but there are other things to think about too. Deacon guesses that he should probably go. Brooke agrees. She walks him to the door. Katie is outside and she sees Brooke and Deacon hugging. She looks shocked. Katie does not look ok. Katie runs up to the door before Brooke is able to close it. She asks what is going on.

Quinn wants Wyatt to tell her that this is real. Wyatt confirms that this is real. Quinn is glad that she is back. Wyatt reminds her that Rick is giving her another chance but she has to earn it. Quinn knows that she isn’t going to be getting a free ride. She is going to prove herself. Wyatt explains that she is going to have to prove herself to others as well. Quinn thinks that it is fine. She doesn’t have to prove herself to Ivy or anyone else. Just Rick. Wyatt does not look comfortable.

Liam is shocked to find out that Quinn is working at Forrester. Ivy says yes. She is back by unpopular demand. Liam thinks this is unbelievable. Ivy can’t believe how much Rick is doing. Liam thinks that her jewelry is beyond amazing and Rick is just trying to get back at her for being friends with Caroline. Liam thinks that Rick has made a lot of questionable choices when he took over the company. Ivy thinks that this one makes no sense. Liam is furious. Liam thinks that Rick knows that Quinn is dangerous. Ivy thought that he did too. Liam can’t believe that Quinn doesn’t have a huge picture at the security desk with a giant X over her face. Ivy explains that Quinn has transformed all thanks to her being with Deacon. Ivy doesn’t believe this.

Katie wants to know why Brooke was hugging Deacon. Brooke says that she was just saying goodbye. Brooke starts to get her purse together. She asks if Katie will hand her, her phone. Katie asks if she is going someplace. Brooke is going to go into the office. She thinks that Katie was right and that she should go out. Katie wants to know why Deacon was here again. Brooke told her already. He stops by every so often. He has been there for her. Katie wants to know in what way he has been there for her. Brooke looks baffled.

Wyatt asks if this is going to be a problem. Quinn explains that if anyone has any issues they can take it up with Rick. Wyatt is glad that she is saying that. If anyone has any issues someone else can handle it. Wyatt has to get to a meeting. Quinn will be right here when he gets back. She starts to design. Deacon is standing outside the door of Ridge’s office where Quinn is. He starts to think to himself about his conversation with Brooke. He frowns. He opens the door. Quinn is happy to see him and explains that she has some news for him.

Liam is on his laptop and he finishes up. Ivy asks if he just saved the company from a crisis. Liam tells her that Spencer hasn’t had one in a while Forrester on the other hand has them left and right. Ivy explains that it isn’t Forrester but Rick. Liam knows that. He assumes that Rick knows how stupid of an idea it is to hire back Quinn right. Ivy says that people have had requests for her designs. They both have different styles and she can understand that. Liam doesn’t care. It isn’t worth the risk. Ivy says that Rick doesn’t think that anything will happen. Quinn feels that she has transformed. Liam doesn’t believe her. Ivy doesn’t either. Liam guesses that Rick buys it. Ivy feels that Quinn just told Rick anything that he wanted to hear. She thought that at the end of the meeting that Quinn would call them into a big group hug. Liam laughs. Liam has trouble picturing that. Ivy was there and had trouble picturing that. The strange thing was that Quinn actually seemed rather happy. Ivy wonders if Deacon really has made a change in her. She doesn’t think that it guarantees it will last though.

Katie tells Brooke to sit down for a minute so they can discuss this. Brooke has been spending time with Deacon. Katie is confused. Brooke says yes. Katie asks how Quinn feels about that. Brooke doesn’t think that it is any of Quinn’s concern. Katie thinks that it is very much her concern. She is Deacon’s fiancé. Brooke doesn’t think that they are doing anything. Deacon has just been helping her. Katie asks with what. Brooke is reluctant to say what. Katie asks again. Brooke says with her drinking. She is not happy to answer it. Katie walks over to her. She knew something was wrong. Brooke explains that it started with one glass of wine and escalated from there. Katie asked her at the wedding if she was ok. Brooke thought she was fine and enjoying herself. Then she would get home and would be alone. She tells Katie to not think that she is jealous because she is really happy for her and Bill. She is. It just is that Brooke is not happy. She wants to be happy and she is trying. Katie asks if Deacon is helping. Brooke says yes. He understands. Katie thinks that she could have been honest with her. Brooke didn’t want to her after she finally got on track with Bill and was helping out with the business. Katie has been lonely and felt out of control. She could have come to her. She should have come to anyone but Deacon.

Deacon asks if Quinn should be doing this. Quinn asks what. Deacon means making himself at home like this. Quinn says that it is her office. Deacon grabs her and tries to get her out. Quinn explains that Rick invited her and asked her to stay. Deacon is shocked. Quinn says that she was rehired. She is working at Forrester again. Deacon thinks that this is amazing. He asks when she is starting. Quinn says that moment that Wyatt gets back from a meeting. Deacon thinks that they need to celebrate. Quinn feels that they will have to do it later. Deacon is sorry. He didn’t mean to doubt her. He just never thought that Rick would give her a second chance. Quinn says that he did and she has him to thank him for it. Quinn asks what that smell is. She wants to know why he smells like perfume.

Ivy explains that even Wyatt had no idea. Liam is shocked that Rick didn’t run this by anyone. Ivy says that Rick doesn’t have to. Rick wants everyone to know that he is boss. Ivy explains that if you believe Quinn she wants a fresh start. She is sane and wants to be productive. Liam thinks that she should join a support group then. Liam thinks that this is crazy. He doesn’t care what anyone says. She is dangerous. Ivy thinks especially if she doesn’t get what she wants.

Deacon asks if he does. Quinn says yes. She wonders if he was at his AA meeting earlier. Deacon was. Quinn asks how they were all able to breathe if he was able to get that much perfume on him. Unless it wasn’t from AA. If the person that he has been helping is a woman. Deacon says yes. Quinn guesses that this is a woman who has very good taste in perfume. Deacon will tell her more. Quinn knows that he would but she doesn’t have to. She isn’t the jealous type. She is just giving him a hard time. She hopes that this woman is grateful.

Brooke tells Katie that Deacon thought he could reach out and he was helpful. Katie can reach out too. She is her sister. Brooke says that Deacon has been sensitive and generous. Brooke feels that Deacon has helped her. She just has to pick up the phone and he is there. Katie asks if she calls him. Brooke says that he asked her to if she needed anything. Katie guesses that means he is here then. Brooke says that he comes over and helps her not drink. It is part of the program. Katie wonders if she means AA. Brooke says that she is but she isn’t supposed to say anything about it. Katie hopes this means that she has other people to turn too. Brooke does. The first time she went to a meeting it was because she didn’t know where to turn too. Brooke didn’t know that she would run into someone she actually knew. So Katie should understand that Deacon knows what she is going through. Katie wonders if Deacon is really the best person to support her. Brooke wonders why not. They both agreed that if the other person felt like they needed a drink they would call each other and support one another. Katie asks if she wanted a drink today. Brooke says no. She did the other night though and he came over and got rid of every single bottle of alcohol in the house. Deacon has been a life line to her. He is so kind and amazing. Deacon has been incredible. Katie asks if Brooke is developing feels for him. Katie wants to know how much Brooke cares about him. Brooke feels that they are supporting each other. Katie asks if she has an attracting. Brooke thinks that it is an intense situation. Katie can’t believe she is falling for him. She knows that she has been lonely. Brooke has been lonely but it is more than that. Deacon is very kind and supportive. Katie reminds her that he is also engaged to Quinn. Brooke knows that already. She was very clear. As long as he is with Quinn nothing can happen with them. Brooke is going back to work. Brooke feels that she needs to keep positivity in her life. Katie looks worried.

Liam says that Ivy needs to mark his words. Quinn will be a huge problem. Ivy doesn’t actually have to work with her. Ivy is not denying that Quinn doesn’t have talent. She has these quirks that make her both a scary person and an incredible artist. She has control and an explosive temper. She is not trying to excuse what she has done. Not everything that she has done has ended in disaster. One thing ended well. She kisses Liam.

Quinn asks if Deacon thought she would be upset. Deacon just thought that she wanted to know. Quinn knows that it is a secret and she understands that. Quinn assumed that his friend was a guy and that was her bad. Quinn knows that people go to these meetings because they want to tell the truth and gets things out. They want to know they are not going to be judged. Quinn doesn’t know this personally but his friend has. She wants to be helped by him and she thinks that he should help others. Quinn was on the ledge and she could only see the bad things she has caused. Look at her right now though. She is at Forrester with Wyatt making incredible jewelry. When she goes home tonight she is going to be with a man who loves and supports her. She may not know what his friend is going through but she knows the good he can do. She just wants him to never come home smelling like perfume again. She tells him to come over to her. Deacon and Quinn hug again. Brooke walks into the office. Brooke wants to know what is going on. Quinn works here. Rick rehired her. Brooke doesn’t think that he would. Quinn says that he did. He gave her a second chance and everyone else will too. Brooke needs to go talk to her son. Quinn doesn’t think that she does. Brooke thinks that this is a mistake. Quinn asks if anything that is good for her is unacceptable to her. She told her not to interfere. She asks where she gets off. Quinn starts to notice her perfume. Deacon looks nervous. Quinn looks at Deacon. Quinn knows that Deacon’s friend from AA is Brooke. Quinn looks angry.

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