B&B Monday Update 3/30/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/30/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Deacon has this feeling. He has to know. Does Brooke have this feeling too? Brooke explains that she will always care about him. Deacon isn’t talking about that. He wants to know if what she said at the meeting earlier was true. Brooke meant every word of it. He is the one person that she has been able to count on. Deacon isn’t crazy then. There is something here then. They could have a future together. Deacon has always been honest with her. He needs her to be honest with him right now. He wants to know if they have a chance.

Rick walks back into his office. Quinn thanks him for giving her a second chance. Rick doesn’t want to have to regret it. Quinn won’t. This job means everything to her. It will be wonderful to work with her son. Rick asks Wyatt if he thinks that Quinn is up for it. Wyatt thinks that she has made a lot of positive choices and won’t want to let Rick down. Rick means it. He will be watching her. One bad move and she will be gone. Quinn promises that she will be on her best behavior. Ridge walks in. Carter, Pam, and Ivy follow. Ridge wants to know what this meeting is about. Ivy notices that Quinn is in the room right away and asks why she is here. Rick smiles.

Liam is in his office and he checks his watch. He starts to walk around and continues to look at his watch. Katie and Bill walk in. Katie says hi. Liam notes that Bill is slacking. Bill thinks that he is funny and reminds him that he can unmake him president. Katie asks if they missed anything. Liam says that it has been a pretty lame day here. Interesting day for Forrester though. Katie asks what that is about. Liam explains that Ivy texted him that Rick has called a pretty big meeting. Bill wonders what that is about. Katie wonders why it is weird that Rick who is CEO is calling a meeting. Bill thinks that he is a weird guy. Bill feels that he is a greedy power hungry sadist. Katie thinks that she has used those same words to describe Bill. Liam thinks that it is completely different. The way that Rick is running Forrester. Bill wants Liam to tell her about his plan. Liam thinks that it is kind of not happening right now because it is on hold. Katie asks what plan. Liam had an idea to take over Forrester.

Carter thought that Quinn was banned from the building. Pam thought so too. Ivy asks if Rick invited her here. Rick did. Ridge wants him to get to the point. Rick explains that their last quarter was flawless. They still need an edge. Only one person could deliver this. Pam cannot believe that he is doing this. Rick would like them all to welcome back Quinn to Forrester Creations. They all look shocked.

Brooke thinks that this is about Quinn. Deacon has finally realized what kind of a woman that she is. Deacon says no. He is committed to her for a reason. He thought that it was right. Brooke thinks that he should be having second thoughts about his fiancé. Deacon feels that Quinn is good for him and he wants to marry her. They have a crazy connection. They are stronger. He doesn’t think that he could live with himself if he didn’t take a shot. Ridge is out of the picture, Bill is with Katie, and he is standing right here. Deacon asks her to give him a sign or something. Do they have any chance together?

Katie tries to get this all straight. Steffy said no relationship then no takeover. Liam explains more or less. Katie thinks that sounds like something that she would say. She also assumes that Ridge wouldn’t go behind his father’s back. Bull thinks that is ironic seeing that Eric did that to him. He has never been loyal to Ridge. Katie points out that Rick is making the company rather successful. Liam doesn’t think that it matters. It is how he is treating people. Katie knows that he can be despicable but Rick is her nephew. Bill reminds her that Caroline is his niece and she doesn’t have a father to protect her. Katie doesn’t think that Caroline needs any protecting. She is sure that Caroline appreciates it though. Liam doesn’t think that it is just about Caroline. It is about Ivy, Carter, Pam, and Charlie. They are all miserable. Katie asks what Wyatt thinks. Bill explains that he wants Rick out just as much as they do. Katie does not want Brooke to get hurt through this. Liam tells her to trust him. If Rick is still in charge then there won’t be a company to run. Katie doesn’t think that Brooke will agree with him. Bill owns half of the company. Rick is a smarmy little brat. Only one person can be like that. Him. Rick has to go. Liam is determined to get Rick out of there.

Pam doesn’t think that Rick can be serious. Rick explains that the decision has been made. Carter doesn’t advice inviting her back. Rick knows that Quinn has made bad choices repeatedly. That doesn’t change the fact that she is insanely talented. Ivy thinks that is correct. She is insane. She pushed her off a bridge. She wonders if Rick remembers that. Ridge wonders if Rick remembers what she did to his sister. Carter can’t believe that he is changing his mind. Pam asks if Wyatt thinks it is a terrible idea. Wyatt feels that this is between his mother and Rick. Rick asks everyone to calm down. He will be watching her very carefully. Some of the buyers have been having requests for Quinn’s designs. He wants to know why they can’t have both options. Rick feels that there is a demand and he is delivering it. Ridge thinks this is unbelievable and apologizes to Ivy. Quinn knows that this has taken everyone off guard and she was too when she was called. Rick thinks that it is all right. Rick will be running the company the way he wants. Quinn is here to stay though.

Brooke wonders what Quinn would do if she knew what he was saying right now. Deacon tells her that the last thing she would want to do is hurt Quinn. Brooke knows that Quinn has hurt so many people and damaged so many lives. Deacon doesn’t feel that she is a bad person. She is just doing the best that she can. Brooke wonders about their daughter. Deacon told her to stay away from Hope. Brooke didn’t think that worked because she went after her again and again. Deacon doesn’t think that she was responsible for Hope losing her baby. Brooke thinks that Hope and Wyatt would be together right now. They would be expecting a baby. Deacon doesn’t think that anyone hurts their daughter more than he does. Brooke asks if he sees what Quinn does. She eats away at people and Brooke is afraid that he will be her next victim. Brooke feels that marrying Quinn would be a huge mistake. She knows that he knows it. Deacon asks why he knows that. Brooke thinks that he wants companionship but it is not with Quinn. Deacon asks with who then. He wonders who the woman for him is. Is it her?

Rick is serious. If they don’t like the way that he is operating things then no one is forcing them to stay. He is going to do everything in his power to make this company succeed. That is the only reason. Ridge wonders if everything is always so clear cut with him. Quinn understands that everyone has reservations about her. She has done things in the past that she deeply regrets. They are never going to happen again. Carter says yeah right. Ivy has heard all that before. Quinn thinks they should ask Wyatt. She is a changed woman. Wyatt says that she has been trying and really making an effort. Quinn has been working on her designs more than ever and she is engaged to Deacon. Ridge wonders how being engaged to Deacon is supposed to make any of them feel better. Pam doesn’t think that is exactly a great selling point. Ridge tells them all to get over it. He brought Quinn back. End of story. He wonders if anyone else has any issues.

Katie tells Bill that over throwing Rick is a bold move. Katie thinks that it could have tremendous circumstances. She doesn’t want Brooke getting hurt. Especially right now. Bill doesn’t think that it will be right now. Liam asks if something is going on with Brooke. He asks if this has anything to do with the wedding. Katie explains that she drank a little too much at the wedding. Liam sort of laughed it off. Bill thinks that it might be a little more than that. Liam asks if Katie has reached out. Katie has but she has not accepted it. Bill tells him how Katie has invited her over she claims to be busy. Katie just hopes that she is getting the support that she needs.

Deacon has never been able to get a read on Brooke. Brooke thinks that Deacon knows her very well. Deacon has asked Brooke this before but she has always said she doesn’t have feelings for him. Deacon thought that the belief that Brooke didn’t love him in that way was enough to convince him to go for Quinn. Brooke doesn’t think that it took Quinn much persuading. Deacon had to beg her and he meant everything that she said. This is real with Quinn. He proposed to her when she was out of the picture. What is he supposed to do now? Brooke is the mother of his daughter. The woman that he should have held on to and loved. He gets a call from Quinn. She needs to see him right away. He asks what is up. Quinn is at Forrester Creations right now. Deacon wonders what she is doing there. Quinn tells him to get over here. She will see him soon. Brooke guesses that was Quinn. Deacon says that she wants to see him. Brooke thinks that is too bad. Deacon asks what they are doing here. He wants to know where he stands with her.

Liam looks at the magazine. Ivy walks in. Liam says hello to her. Ivy asks if this is a good time. Liam thinks that he will make time for her. Liam asks how she is doing. Ivy is sort of speechless. Liam asks what happened. Liam knows that it is Rick. He knew it would be Rick. He wants to know what he would do now. Ivy explains that she was supposed to have a meeting with him yesterday. Then he canceled it at the very last minute. Liam asks why. Ivy says that he decided to call everyone into his office for a big meeting. Everyone was there. Ridge, Carter, Wyatt who was there to start with. Liam asks if he fired Wyatt again. Ivy says no. Ivy explains that Rick has rehired Wyatt’s mother. Quinn is working back at Forrester.

Quinn hugs Wyatt. She is back. Wyatt jokes that she isn’t happy about this. Quinn feels that this is the third happiest day of her life. The first obviously being the day he was born, the second when Deacon proposed. Wyatt doesn’t think that three are bad. Quinn is so grateful to be given this second chance. Wyatt feels that this is more like her fourth or fifth chance. Quinn feels that Rick still believe in her. Wyatt knows but everyone else is pissed. Quinn thinks they will come around. Wyatt doesn’t know about that but he is proud of her. Quinn thinks that is all that matters. Her son is proud of her. This job is just a lovely cherry on top. Her big return to Forrester, her entire life is falling right into place.

Deacon is not leaving until he hears how she feels. Brooke can’t do this. Ridge wants to hear her say it. Deacon told her where he stands and now it is her turn. Brooke feels that the way that he has treated her it means the world to her. He has been so kind to her. So helpful and supportive for this time in her life. She doesn’t know what he would have done without him. Deacon feels that she helped him too. Brooke was lost but he did help her to remind her that she could be great. Brooke can’t help but think about the time they were together how passionate they were. Brooke does think that this could be their time but… Deacon asks what is standing in their way. Brooke thinks so many things. Quinn being engaged to him as number one. Deacon asks if not, would they be together. Brooke thinks it could be their chance otherwise. Deacon looks at Brooke. He looks unsure.

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