B&B Thursday Update 3/26/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/26/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick asks Nicole if she was listening to their conversation. Nicole was trying to get her ear buds but yes she was listening. Nicole asks Maya where she stands. They have a rare opportunity here. She asks if Maya wants her to go just as they are finally starting to get to know each other.

Brooke is in her living room and takes food out of a bad. She tells Katie that it is nice to have Bill back home. Katie brings over two glasses and doesn’t think that they have to talk about that. Brooke is just asking. Katie thinks that it is hard to explain. After Bill left and it was just her and Will in the house all by themselves she forgot how much Bill brings to each room. She had to forget or she would have seemed too lonely. Brooke thinks that she seemed ok on her own. Brooke looks freaked out as Katie pours them both glasses of wine. Katie guesses that sometimes you just don’t have any choice. Brooke looks scared as Katie puts the glass in front of her. Brooke couldn’t be happier for the two of them. Katie is grateful for a lot of things.

Quinn looks at her engagement ring. Deacon tells her that she probably shouldn’t look at that to closely. Quinn loves it. Quinn wouldn’t be able to handle a big diamond on her finger. Quinn might change a few things design wise though. Deacon suggests that she redesign it. Quinn doesn’t want to do that as he picked it out for her. Quinn tells Deacon she will be right back and goes into her bedroom. Deacon smiles.

Katie asks if Brooke has not been involved with Forrester even with all the changes over there. Brooke is still looking at the wine. Brooke explains that Rick is in charge and he is doing a wonderful job. She doesn’t want to mess with that. Katie assumes that it is a big change after being so busy in Italy. Brooke confirms that it was. Brooke agrees that it was. Katie asks if she misses it. Brooke watches as Katie drinks her wine. Brooke says yes. It feels like the world passed her by. She has been trying to figure out what she plans to do with herself. Katie asks if she has any ideas. Brooke has a few but would like to keep them to herself for right now though. Katie wants Brooke to come visit Will because he misses her. Brooke asks when. Katie says soon.

Quinn walks out holding a whip. She calls Deacon sexy and says hello Deacon Thinks that she looks scary hot. Quinn feels that he should be scared. Quinn whispers for him to come over. Quinn tells him to turn around. Quinn blindfolds Deacon. Quinn has the power and is under control. She tells Deacon to turn around. Quinn demands that he get down on his knees.

Rick asked Nicole to move in so that she and Maya could get closer. He didn’t think about it a lot though beforehand. Rick can see that there is a lot of tension here. Nicole is not feeling any. Rick doesn’t care because Maya clearly is. Rick is not kicking her out. She is family. They will get her a little place somewhere close. Nicole is a little confused. She and Maya don’t even know each other very well. They will have a better chance at getting to know each other if they are living under the same roof. Nicole asks Maya if this is what she wants. She wants to know if Maya wants her only sister out of the house.

Deacon is out of breath and laughing. Deacon asks how it is possible that Quinn knows exactly what to do. Quinn pays attention and more importantly she knows what feels good to her. Deacon has never met a woman like her before. Quinn wonders if she can get that in writing. Deacon explains that she will the day they get married. Deacon tells her that Brooke will not stop them. He is like a train off the tracks going who knows where. Quinn is along for the ride. Quinn thinks that she is one hell of a ride.

Brooke doesn’t want Katie to worry about her. She is fine. Brooke just wants her to focus on her newly found family. Brooke is fine. She is just adjusting. She is not used to being alone. Katie doesn’t think that she has had any practice. Katie was not able to do it very well. She thought the house was going to swallow her whole. Then she realized that was not going to work very well for her. She needed to focus on the future and her son. Katie thought that having a job really helped her every day. Katie thinks that she should go back to work. Brooke wants Rick to have the company for himself. Katie suggests that she volunteer or train for something. Brooke laughs and says that maybe she will. Katie just wants her to know that if Katie ever needs anything that Brooke can call her. She will be there for her.

Maya tells Rick that he is such a wonderful man. He is so kind and considerate. Rick is just looking out for her. Maya explains that his first instinct was right. Maya has lost so much time and they will never make it back. Tension is to be expected. She is not exactly easy. She is guarded and protected. She has had to be. Circumstances has kept them apart but Nicole is here now. Maya wants them to be sisters. Maya wants to be a woman that she can respect and look up to. Maya explains that if it is possible then she would like Nicole to stay. Nicole smiles.

Deacon gives Quinn a glass of wine. Quinn thinks that water is fine. Deacon tells Quinn that he has to be ok with her drinking wine while he can’t. Quinn asks what happens if she is drinking wine and they kiss and he tastes it. Deacon is not sure. Quinn is not going to do anything to make things difficult for him. Quinn asks if he wants to talk about the wedding. Quinn was thinking about making it huge. Then she was thinking who is going to come. She can get Wyatt. Quinn wonders if Hope will come. Deacon doesn’t know. Quinn says that if she did come then some of the Forrester’s and Logan’s could come too. She was thinking Eric, Bill, and Katie. Deacon questions her about Bill. Quinn says maybe not. Quinn thinks that it will just be Wyatt. Quinn asks why they don’t have no friends. Quinn wonders if Deacon wants to invite his friend from AA.

Brooke adores Katie. She needs to do this on her own though. Brooke needs to find herself. She was defined by whatever relationship she was in and now it is time to be her own person. Brooke needs to be Brooke Logan single and independent. Brooke doesn’t know how she will figure that out though. Katie thinks that she won’t have to find herself on her own. She has people and they love her. The two hug.

Nicole doesn’t want to force herself in a situation where she is not wanted. If Maya really wants her to stay though. Maya does. Rick thinks that this is excellent. Rick thinks that they can get through anything. Rick goes up stairs and allows them to get some time to know each other. Maya meant what she said. She wants to get to know her sister. Nicole has always wanted this. Nicole means it. She didn’t come here to pressure her or blackmail her. She is proud of her and all she has accomplished. She is her big sister and she wants them to be close but Nicole has expectations.

Brooke starts to clean up. She notices the glass again. She picks it up and she smells it. Brooke cries. Brooke puts her hand over her mouth. She looks at the bottle and takes it. She goes outside. Brooke pours the glass of wine into her bushes. She then pours the wine out and cries. Brooke sits down on her porch. She puts her hands on her head and sighs.

Quinn asks if his friend from AA would like to come to the meeting. Deacon feels that would defeat the purpose. Quinn thinks that guests are over rated then. Quinn shows Deacon a picture of a wedding dress. Deacon thinks it is different but sexy. Quinn would also like to do the ceremony at night with candles. Deacon cannot believe he got her. Quinn pulls his hair back and explains that no one catches her. They start to kiss.

Maya asks what she means by expectations. Nicole wants to be treated like her sister. She doesn’t want to be treated like some package that landed on her door. She needs to look out for her and care about her. Maya does care. Nicole wants her to share the wealth as she has plenty of it. Nicole informs her of everything she has. Nicole doesn’t think share is the right word. She needs a car. Maya doesn’t have any power of the Forrester vehicles. Nicole thinks that she could ask Rick or not. That is just an example. Nicole just wants to be treated like family. Maya knows that she wasn’t very welcoming but she was surprised. She needs to treat her like family. Maya needs her to allow her to deal with her past as she feels fit though. Maya needs her to promise her that she will allow her that. Rick cannot find out that she is transgender. Unless or until he proposes. She cannot tell. Not anyone. Nicole explains that if she takes care of her then she will take care of her as well.

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