B&B Wednesday Update 3/25/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/25/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Rick takes a sip of his martini. He asks Nicole if she knows what he loves about her sister, besides the obvious assets. Maya tells Rick that this is fine. Nicole would like to know. Rick feels that she is loyal and honest. She knows what she is and doesn’t care what others think about her. Maya is a confident beautiful woman. He is so attracted to her. Maya smiles. Nicole takes a bite of candy.

Ridge opens his door to find Bill. Ridge thinks that he must be hallucinating. Bill walks in. He notices the picture of Caroline. Bill asks if he really had to do that. Ridge feels that he was being artistic. Bill assumes that means he is having a midlife crisis and is going bohemian. Bill reminds him that he owns a piece of his company that he designs for. Ridge reminds him that Caroline does too. Bill knows.

Ivy walks into Liam’s house. Liam is happy to see her but he can sense that something happened. Ivy assures him that nothing did but still. Ivy just thinks that it makes it so much worse that Rick is now picking faults with her work. Liam doesn’t do that though. He feels that Rick doesn’t know what he is talking about. They both know how good her work is. Ivy knows that he is right. Liam has a special evening in store tonight. Something to help keep her mind off of Rick. Ivy asks who Rick is. The two of them kiss passionately.

Ridge thinks that Caroline is beautiful. Bill asks Ridge to tell him that this is a product of his sick imagination. Ridge says no it is the real thing. Bill thinks that this is disgusting. Bill wants to talk about why he is here. Ridge wonders if it is about Liam’s little plan. Ridge doesn’t think that it can happen without Steffy. They don’t have enough stock. Bill thinks that they can come up with something else. Ridge isn’t sure that he wants to. Bill asks if this is a daddy issue. He reminds him that daddy took away his job and gave it to Rick. Ridge feels that Eric will give him his job back after Rick’s year is over. Bill doesn’t think that their will even be a company. Ridge doesn’t necessarily want to be in bed with him. Bill tells him to keep his little fantasies to himself, besides he has Caroline already. Ridge will talk to Liam if he has any other ideas but he thinks that Liam is otherwise occupied.

Liam hands Ivy a glass of wine. She thanks him. Liam thinks that this will pass. Ivy knows. Liam tells her to spend as little time at the office as possible. Ivy asks how she is supposed to do that. Liam suggests that Ivy take on shop here. Ivy asks if he has seen the way she works. Clutter takes on a whole different meaning. Liam likes clutter. Ivy wants to know where the clutter is here. Liam cleaned it all up before she showed up. Liam feels that they will deal with Rick. Ivy asks how. Ivy wants to hear about the evening he has planned for her.

Nicole thinks that Maya really lucked out. Rick doesn’t think that it was luck. Maya is everything that she appears to be. He knows her like he has never known anyone. Maya asks how the rest of his day was. Rick had a talk with Ivy. Maya asks what about. Rick doesn’t think that her jewelry line is up to speed. Maya wonders if he doesn’t like it. Rick thinks that she is talented but she still needs work. He also doesn’t like her attitude. Especially when it comes to Maya. Nicole looks shocked by what Rick just said.

Ivy is kissing Liam and tells her that she is waiting. Liam is too. Ivy is waiting for her surprise. She asks if it is a car. Ivy wants to know what the surprise is. Liam explains that it is a little decompression thing. Ivy used to be friends with Rick and he trusted her and then he lost Caroline to Ridge. Someone knocks on the door. Liam thinks that it is surprise time.

Bill asks how much the picture is. Ridge doesn’t think that it is for sale. Bill feels that everything is for sale. Bill wants this out of here as free of Ridge as possible. Ridge thinks that Caroline is a free agent. Bill reminds him of the waiting period. People change their minds. Ridge knows that Rick lost his mind so he is out of the picture. Bill wants to know what it is with the Forrester’s and having to have pictures of them all over the place. Ridge wonders if Caroline deserves the picture. Bill thinks that she deserves to be in a healthy relationship.

Nicole asks if Maya doesn’t like Ivy. Maya doesn’t like the way that she treats Rick. Rick doesn’t like the way that Ivy treats her either. Nicole wonders if Ivy has an interest in him. Rick explains that Ivy is his cousin. Nicole wants to know what the problem is then. Maya doesn’t think that Ivy has a problem she is just difficult. Nicole doesn’t know her very well but she seemed fine to her. Rick explains that Ivy thinks that Maya is a gold digger trying to be something that she is not. She has had a problem with him ever since he broke things off with Caroline. Nicole assumes that means that Ivy is a Caroline supporter. Maya asks if they must talk about this. Rick tells her that Ridge and Caroline are together now. The irony is that it was Caroline keeping secrets. Nicole knows that Maya is real upfront. Nicole is wondering if she should talk to Ivy. Rick thinks that would be great. Nicole can tell her about how Maya would never take advantage of him, how she would never life. Maya would prefer that she didn’t. Maya doesn’t want to make their personal life an issue. If Ivy isn’t doing her job then fire her. Nicole shouldn’t have to say anything. Maya would like some time with Rick if that is ok with Nicole. Nicole says ok. Maya explains to Rick that there is something she needs to tell him.

Liam asks if Ivy is hungry. Ivy is now. She thinks that this looks amazing. Liam kisses her. Ivy wants to toast to the end of a dreadful day. To Liam.

Ridge wants Bill to relax. They are just getting to know each other. Bill asks what Ridge and Caroline have in common. Ridge says that all they have is sketching. The rest is hard to explain. Bill points out that the two of them are totally different. Bill knows that Ridge has romanticized this in his head and he is dragging Caroline right along. Bill thinks that the bottom line is that if Rick didn’t go off the deep end they would be simply better suited. Ridge notices that he is still on Rick even though he is with Maya. Bill doesn’t want to get started on Maya. She has too much influence over Rick and the company. Ridge asks what he cares. Bill thinks that they both know that the bubble is about to burst at Forrester and Maya has a lot to do with it. There is more to that woman then meets the eye. Now she has a sister in the mix.

Nicole looks at a magazine and notices a picture of Maya. She looks sad.

Rick hands Maya a drink and thanks him. Rick can see that something is going on with Nicole and it seems pretty serious. Maya confirms that it is. Rick wants her to tell him. He has been there for him he wants to be there for the two of them. Maya is not perfect. Rick thinks that they have all done things they regret. Maya is not saying that she regrets anything she has done. Rick wonders if it was a good thing then. Maya feels it was good for her. Rick asks if she is talking about something specific. Maya explains that everything that she is, the woman that he sees sitting in front of her, she doesn’t regret anything that she has done to become this woman. Rick wouldn’t either. He wouldn’t want her any other way than the way that she is. Rick can guarantee that whatever is going on with her sister isn’t as heavy as she thinks it is. Maya doesn’t think it should be but for a lot of reasons it is. Rick assumes that means that Nicole is making those reasons an issue. Rick thinks that she can tell him whatever it is. She has always been upfront with him and always been honest. He wants to know what it is.

Ridge looks at his Caroline picture. He smiles. He remembers working with her and touching her hand. Smelling her hair and kissing her. Painting her. Making love to her.

Ivy thinks that Liam is a very good cook. Liam thinks that he is good on the phone. Ivy feels that he knows how to turn her day around. Liam felt that was the idea. Ivy is hoping that her day is as bad tomorrow so it can end like this. They laugh. Ivy has a feeling that she has a few more days like this. Liam suggests that she could always kiss up to Maya. Ivy wonders if Rick and Maya have nights like this. Liam asks if she means with Aly serving them in bed. Ivy wonders if that is the only reason they have them around. Liam thinks it is sick. He does wonder though if Ivy thinks they are in love like them. Ivy doesn’t think anyone is like them. Ivy does think they are committed to each other. Ivy thinks that they are stuck together like glue. Maya has everything where she wants it. Liam asks about the sister. Ivy can’t work them out though.

Rick understands what it is like to have a sibling that you cannot stand. Maya doesn’t think that she can’t stand Nicole. Rick doesn’t think that she has been around her long enough for that. Rick wants to know where the angst is coming from then. Maya feels that it is so personal. Rick wants them to bond. Maya loves that he does. Maya thinks that it is complicated. Rick has his answer. He wanted her here but she has to appreciate her. That picture is who she is now. If she can’t see that then maybe they should get her a nice place over by UCLA. Rick asks if that is what she would like. Nicole tells Maya that Rick asked her a question. He respects and trusts her. Nicole asks if she wants her to leave.

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