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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/24/15


Written By Anthony
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Nicole asks if Maya really wants her to forgive her. Maya wants her to understand. Nicole wonders if she means for her not being there. Maya says yes. Nicole reminds her that she was here in California. Maya knows that it is hard for her to understand. She was doing what she had to do though.

Rick looks at a design and Ridge walks in with Carter. He says that he is sorry they are late. Rick knows how hard things can be in the middle of a work day. Rick explains that he had some company with his ex. Ridge looks at him confused. Rick decides to narrow it down for him and says that it was Katie. She apparently had a fairy tale honeymoon. Ridge is sure that it was all champagne and fairy dust. Carter proposes that they wait until Caroline gets back from New York. Rick doesn’t want to wait for that. Caroline is off taking spring time selfies. He tells Ridge to take notes for her. Rick calls for Pam to get Ivy in here. Rick goes over the first design. He thinks that it is fashionable and sleek but it is still too in line with the Forrester traditions. There is however one issue that he is seeing.

Liam kisses Ivy and Ivy smiles. Ivy explains that she can’t leave work yet. Liam can’t believe that she is really trying to make Rick happy. Ivy doesn’t believe that it is a matter of making Rick happy because they know that it can’t be done. Ivy explains that the notes Rick gives her don’t make any sense. Liam thinks that someone needs to yank the Rick out of Forrester and by someone he means him. Pam walks in. She explains that Rick wants to see her. Ivy asks what it was about. Pam doesn’t know but her hunch is that it isn’t exactly going to be a joyful occasion. Liam smiles annoyingly. Liam is going to come with her. Ivy asks why he would put himself through that. Liam isn’t going to let Rick trample her. Pam informs him that he is going to trample her whether he is there or not. Liam is going to come with her then just to annoy Rick then. Pam thinks that is a good enough reason. Ivy agrees and hopes that he can annoy Maya at the same time. Pam explains that Maya is not here.

Ridge asks Rick why they would change the dress. Silk doesn’t work the same way. Rick isn’t going to attest to it. They have a contract. Ivy walks in and Rick notices Liam. He tells Liam that this is a team meeting. Liam reminds him that Spencer owns a piece of this company. Rick asks if he stole that line from his daddy. That is what he always said. Liam thinks that it is a shame that Rick didn’t inherit his own father’s personality. Rick doesn’t care if he stays so long as he doesn’t shove him again. It is so easy to forget that he is in the room. Ivy knows that he wanted to see her. Rick knows that she has a problem with him and he is heartbroken but he thinks that she is adorbs as Caroline might post. Her jewelry on the other hand is not the same. Liam has a question. He would like to know what Rick knows about women’s jewelry. Rick explains that a women brought this problem to him. Ivy can already guess which one.

Nicole has one thing she doesn’t get. She wants to know about Maya’s daughter. Maya explains that she was her boyfriend’s child. He got into a lot of trouble and she became guardian and raised her like her own. She died in a car accident. It was such a painful time but her life has changed so much now. She lives here and is in love with Rick. She is living a life she never dreamed of living. Maya doesn’t want to lose him. She really believes that she and Rick are going to work out.

Rick would like Carter to refresh his memory on the contractual agreement they have with Ivy. Liam wants to know what the point of this exercise is. Carter reads her contract and it states that she is providing jewelry for a fee, in other words she is not an employee. Rick asks if that means that she can be terminated. Carter explains that there would be nothing to terminate. Liam wants to know if this is supposed to humiliate her or cheer her up. Rick is just reminding her of the obligation she has to the company. Ivy thinks that she apparently doesn’t have any obligations. Rick thinks that Ivy is good but he needs more from her. She is going for an understated elegance. Something that is small and derivative. Liam asks if this is how he gives employee feedback. Rick reminds him that she is not an employee. Ivy agrees, Rick is right. Ivy asks if he is saying that he wants to see something more glamorous. Rick says yes. Something like Quinn used to dream up. Ivy can do that. She just thought she was giving him what he wanted. Rick feels that the entire design team should think about Maya when they design. The way a necklace should fit perfectly on her. Rick knows they are all rolling their eyes at him but Maya is the lead model. She has to look a certain way in the clothing. If they can’t do that than they are neglecting their duties. Rick asks if they have any questions.

Nicole notes that Maya was born male. Maya has known this her entire life. Nicole asks how she can believe an idea in her head over what her own body was. Maya wants to know about the people who are born with deformities. People don’t give up on them and say tough luck. She realizes that they are talking about something that Nicole has no experience in. One day though she is going to have a situation where she will have to say to people that she is not the person that you are telling her to be. Nicole already did and that is why she left home. Maya says that is the same reason she did. Maya asks if she can imagine what it would be like to be back home going into a party, saying to someone that she is transgender or even just trans. She asks what she thinks would happen. Maya says that people would ask if her breast are padded, what is her real name, what did you have removed down there, what is down there now, you know hormone pills cause cancer, so your gay. She doesn’t owe anyone that information. People look at her now and see a women. Whether people want to agree or not that is who she is. It is the end of the story. Nicole reminds her that she is a woman, who wants to marry a guy when she knows that she can never have children.

Carter hates being cast as the evil lawyer. Ridge doesn’t think that anyone blames him. Carter feels that this meeting was insane. Ridge has to say that he was completely wrong about Ivy. Maybe that is the method to his madness. Ridge knows that he has been doing it since he was a little boy. Pam comes in and tells Carter that he has a phone call. Pam asks Ridge how the meeting went. Ridge thinks it was a good meeting. Pam wonders if it has changed a little bit though. Sort of like it is just one rainy afternoon. Pam wants to ask Ridge something. He knows that he isn’t exactly nice himself. Ridge laughs. Pam doesn’t think it is a bad thing. Pam has been thinking. Stephanie was like that too. None of that ever mattered to her though. Stephanie might have acted mean to her but she was always on her side. So she wonders if Ridge could be a good big brother to Rick. It would make everyone’s life easier. Ridge knows it would but they aren’t brothers in any meaningful sense of the word. Pam asks what they are then.

Liam thought that Bill’s executive style was appalling. Ivy thinks that it was just direction. Liam doesn’t think that at all. It looked like a full blown hit on her self-esteem. Ivy has a bullet proof vest now thanks to him. Liam thinks that is a nice thing to say. Ivy likes that at work they eventually know what Rick means but at home they never know what he means. Liam hopes that she know that she doesn’t have to stay. Ivy has to be there for Aly. Liam tries to give her a key and says that she can come with or without Aly is she wants. Ivy thanks him.

Maya gets that she thinks that she has something over her. Nicole knows something that Rick doesn’t. Maya doesn’t think she should go there. Nicole feels that Maya left her. She doesn’t know what it was like to grow up there. It was like someone that she had never known had died. Their parents were sad. Nicole had nothing. Maya is sorry. Nicole understands that she had to get out but now Maya is going to help her. Maya knows that Nicole may be right. If she tells Rick he may throw him out but she hopes not because she will tell him before she does it. Nicole points out that might be what she is saying yet she hasn’t done it. Maya demands for Nicole to let her live her life. Maya doesn’t even know if Rick wants to get married again. If so then she will be his woman for as long as he wants her to be. Maya can do what she can for her. If Rick ever does propose then she guesses they will find out what Rick feels about having a wife who can’t have a child on her own. She will tell him why. Maya knows that Nicole seems convinced that this will be the end of her and Rick. Maybe she is right. Maybe he will call her a freak like she did. Nicole is sorry that she said that. Maya is asking her to allow her relationship to run its natural course. Nicole knows that she has told herself this story so much that she truly believes that she is not lying to anyone. Maya explains at first you are so afraid of yourself that you lie but then acceptance comes and you realize that the person you were before was the life. This is the truth and she is done being ashamed. She is all done. Rick walks in and asks Nicole how school was. Rick gives Maya a hug. Maya looks worried.

Liam asks if Ivy is coming by after work. Possibly try out those keys. Ivy asks what she will get if she does. Liam can give her alcohol. Ivy says ok. He thinks that Australians are so easy. Ivy tells him not to even think of insulting her national honor. Liam kisses her. Ivy thinks that is much better.

Ridge doesn’t care about anything and is going to be done for the day. Pam asks where he can be reached then. Ridge says Kentucky. Pam and Carter laugh. Carter tells Pam that she shouldn’t be spreading ideas about secrets. Carter thinks that Nicole is just a bratty little girl. He has his suspicions about Maya like everyone but they all know she was in jail when he daughter died. It seems like all her secrets have been told.

Maya must have lost track of time. The martinis are not done. Rick jokes and says that she is so out of the house now. Rick asks if everything is ok. Maya was just talking to her. She never realized that things were so hard for her after she left. Rick feels that now she is making up for it. Maya asks how work was. Rick had a really good day. Maya asks if Rick told them that he was pleased. Rick will write a memo. Not everyone can be as happy as he is. He has found a woman like no other. Rick can respect that they are working out issues but Maya has greater strength than anyone he knows. He could be having the most miserable day but thinking about her makes it all work wild. She is her beautiful lady. Rick wants to get to the drinks. Nicole looks sad and Maya looks frightened.

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