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Maya didn’t want it this way. She wanted to get along. Maya doesn’t have anything that she is ashamed of. Nicole wants her to prove it. If she isn’t ashamed then she will be honest with her.

Rick sits down at his desk. Katie walks in and sees that he is hard at work. Rick always is. Katie explains that his favorite aunt has stopped by to brighten up his day. Rick laughs at that. He wonders how her honeymoon is. Katie thought it was fine. Rick guesses that Katie is breaking the Logan family tradition of having serial spouses. Katie plans to divorce Bill every five years and then remarry him. Katie explains that Brooke is the reason she is here. She went to see her a little earlier. Katie wants to know the last time Rick did that.

Wyatt walks into Quinn’s loft and notices that she is reading a bridal magazine. Quinn shows him a potential wedding dress. Wyatt guesses that it is ok. Quinn says that it is completely wrong for her. She was thinking more of a black or gray dress. Quinn wants someone to design it. Maybe Ridge. Wyatt feels that she has plenty of time. She shouldn’t rush into it. Quinn asks if he means time for the dress or time for the wedding. Quinn knows that he still has concerns about Deacon.

Deacon begs Brooke to give him the glass. They can talk it through. Brooke doesn’t want to talk. She wants to block it all out. Deacon will stay here as long as she needs him too.

Wyatt asks where Mister Trustworthy is right now. Quinn wonders if he is referring to her fiancé. Wyatt wants to take a stab at guessing where he is. He is probably out helping people. Quinn explains that he is helping a friend in need. Wyatt asks who. Quinn doesn’t think it matters. He is helping out a friend and she couldn’t be prouder of him.

Brooke doesn’t think that one drink is the end of the world. Deacon feels that it could be. One drink leads to another which leads to another. Brooke is not an alcoholic. Deacon reminds her that she felt the need to go to AA and tell her story. He begs her not to let this win.

Rick has talked on the phone with Brooke. She is not exactly happy with him. He is sure that Brooke told Katie. Katie says that his name never came up but she knows that she loves him and would defend him no matter what. Rick is giving her a cooling off period. She is not exactly thrilled that he broke up with Caroline and she has no use for Maya. Hopefully Brooke realizes though that Maya is here to stay. He mentions that her sister is living with them too.

Maya asks why she has to be honest. Nicole lied about being a student, begged for Rick’s sympathy and for what a shot at the good life. Nicole explains that is not why she came to LA. There is much more to it. Maya asks if their parents sent her. Nicole wonders if it would make a difference. Maya thinks she is right. As far as they are concerned she is not a part of their lives anymore. Nicole doesn’t want her to be out of her life. She just has to stop pushing her away. Maya asks if Nicole really thinks that she wants to push her away. She is her little sister. She was hoping that they could get closer but she can’t have her threatening and controlling her. Maya thinks that it is time for her to go. Nicole is not going anywhere until she has the truth.

Wyatt wonders if Deacon said how long he would be. Quinn says no. Quinn doesn’t keep the man on a leash, or she does but it is in the other room. Wyatt tells her to stay on topic. Quinn is happy that Deacon is making a difference in someone else’s life and that is all he needs to know.

Brooke needs the drink. Deacon thinks what she needs is to not feel so alone. Brooke is alone though. Deacon reminds her of the pact that they made. He knows that if she falls off the ladder that he will be there to catch her. He knows that Brooke is stronger than this. They can do this together.

Katie wants them to be honest. Everyone is wondering where Rick’s head is. Katie thinks that he has locked himself in his pretty little tower and is hiding behind is armor. Katie wants to know who he is talking too. Rick explains that Maya is who. Katie feels that all Maya does is reflect back whatever he wants to hear. She thinks that he should talk to his family. Katie is worried about his mother. She is lonely and loneliness is bad for Brooke.

Maya feels that this is getting them nowhere. Nicole just wants to know about the truth. Maya asks what she knows about the truth. She has been lying since she showed up on her doorstep. Nicole doesn’t think it was like that. Nicole is just as determined as Maya to make something of herself. She studied hard but computer science is not just some chump major. She got behind but finally she had no choice but to drop out. Maya asks if that is why she showed up here. Nicole reminds her that they are family and you turn to family. Maya wouldn’t know. She has been an outcast from hers, her entire life. Maya thinks that Nicole should have told them the truth. Nicole knows that Maya is only acting like this because she knows that Nicole knows but Maya doesn’t know what she is going to do about it. It scares her. Maya does not have anything to be ashamed of. Nicole doesn’t have room to judge but Rick thinks that she has been honest with him. Rick hung that photo because he is so proud of the woman she claims to be. Nicole can’t help but wonder if Rick will feel the same way. Nicole knows that Maya wonders it too.

Katie suggests that if Rick wants someone here at Forrester that he can count on it should be Brooke. Rick points out that Brooke ordered him to stay married to Caroline. Katie thinks that she was trying to save his marriage. She knows that the divorce is final minus the waiting period. Rick says that it is going good. They have closure. Rick finds it funny that Caroline doesn’t understand that once the trust is gone it doesn’t come back.

Maya explains that there is a lot about her and Rick that Nicole doesn’t know about. People think that she set her sights on Rick because he was rich and well connected but that isn’t how it was. When she first met Rick she thought he was a waiter. Nicole doubts that is the truth. Maya was sitting at a coffee shop and Rick didn’t let on as to who he was. She finally found out and it was too late. She had fallen for him so she ran away. Nicole asks why. Didn’t she think that Rick would accept her? Maya didn’t know. She didn’t even accept herself. Nicole doesn’t want to cause problems for her and Rick but she can’t let her kick her out. Maya is not going to have her blabbing anything to Rick. Maya demands to hear this secret that she has or she can get out. Maya means it. No more games

Wyatt really should be going. Wyatt is still curious though. This friend that he is rescuing. He would like to know more. Wouldn’t she?

Brooke tells Deacon that Katie and Bill stopped by right after getting back from their honeymoon. Brooke is glad that Katie is so happy. Deacon knows that it is because of her. She stood aside and gave Katie and Bill a second chance. She should be proud about that. Brooke knows that for once in her life she did something selfless. Deacon asks her what Katie would do if she knew this. Brooke needs him not to tell anyone about this. Deacon wouldn’t tell anyone but they have to get the liquor out of here because it is too much of a temptation.

Quinn appreciates Wyatt’s concern but she has complete faith in her fiancé. Whoever Deacon’s friend is they are lucky to have him on their side.

Deacon brings in a trash can and tells her that this all has to go. He starts throwing out the bottles. Brooke looks distressed as he pours out the bottles. He throws out a ton of them. He asks where else. Brooke explains that there is a lot. He asks if she has anything else. Brooke says no. She thanks him. Deacon tells her it will be ok.

Katie explains to Rick that they actually have more in common then he thinks. The truth is very important to both of them. Rick can honestly say that he would rather be alone then be loved by a liar. Katie thinks that he might get his wish because people are not perfect. They get afraid and make mistakes. People lie. Rick knows that her philosophy might work for her but he doesn’t think that the truth is part of the Spencer coat of Arms. He doesn’t have to compromise because what Maya tells him he believes.

Maya wants to know what this big secret is. She wants to know. Nicole would rather hear it from her. Maya suspected that she was lying. Nicole asks her to please stop. She is not the one who did this. Maya doesn’t think that they are friends. She was playing her and for what? A modeling gig? Nicole just wants someone to be honest with her for once in their family. Maya asks what she is talking about. Nicole means the sister that she is supposed to be. They never spoke about her. She would ask about her and they would just ignore her. Even those few times she would come over for her birthday but they would not look at her. Nicole wants to know why they would ask why they would pretend she didn’t exist. Nicole wrote her letters. Maya wasn’t wanted at home. Nicole doesn’t care. She knows they hurt her but not she is doing that to her. Nicole was her little sister and she needed and wanted her but she wasn’t there for her. She wondered why but now she thinks that she might know. She stumbled across what might be the reason for this. The reason that she hasn’t heard from her since she left home. Nicole has done research. Their parents have kept it a secret. Maya asks what secret. Nicole says that she is not her sister at all. You’re Myron. You are my brother.

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