B&B Tuesday Update 3/17/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/17/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick confronts Maya and Nicole. He asks if everything is ok. Rick wants to know what is going on. Maya explains that they were just talking. Nicole adds that they were talking about sister stuff. Maya doesn’t think that they need to get into it. Rick asks Maya if there is a problem. Maya looks sad.

At Brooke’s mansion Katie was shocked to catch her. Bill tells her that Katie thought that she would be gone. Katie was just surprised. Bill says that the honeymoon is over. Katie wanted to check up on Brooke and see how she is doing. Bill asks if anything happened while they were gone. Brooke looks nervous.

Maya assures Rick that there is no problem. Rick wonders if Nicole is settling in the house alright. Nicole says that she is. Rick asks if Maya is taking good care of her. Nicole confirms that she is and tells him that if Maya keeps treating her like this she might never leave. Rick has to get to his pitch meeting. Maya will see him later. Nicole quickly adds that she will too. Maya cannot believe that Nicole was putting her on the spotlight. She will not have Nicole threating her. Maya is going to go join Rick in the meeting.

Quinn and Deacon are on the couch. She feels like they should be doing something. Deacon wonders if she did not get enough something this morning. Quinn means that they should be sharing the big news. Quinn wants to tell Bill they are engaged. She cannot wait to see the look on his face. Deacon starts to kiss her.

Bill is shocked that Deacon and Quinn got engaged. Katie seems a little bit less enthusiastic than Bill. Brooke tries to talk him out of it but not everyone takes her advice like they did. Bill believes that people should take her advice because she sure knows what she is talking about. Brooke explains that is all that has happened around here. Brooke wants to know about the honeymoon. Bill wanted to go on the Sea but Katie wanted to stay closer to home. Katie says they went to Aspen. Brooke does not look happy but she nods her head and tells Katie that was a good choice.

Maya walks into Ridge’s office to find Carter. She tells him that she needs his help. Her sister is living with her and Rick. She needs him to check her out. Carter is not going to date Nicole. Maya means her background. She is a student at UCLA, she transferred from another school. Maya wants to know why she transferred and anything else that he can find. She wants to know by today. Maya isn’t asking him to do anything shady. She just wants him to make a few phone calls. He can start at UCLA. Carter wants to know why. Maya doesn’t want this coming back to her. She begs him to help as she doesn’t want Nicole in her house. Carter asks what he is expected to find. Maya doesn’t even know if he will find anything but she has to know. She has shown up and is trying to destroy everything that she has worked on. Maya starts to cry. Carter tells her to relax because he will do it. She is acting stranger than usual.

In Rick’s office Pam notes that marketing was not here long. Rick told them that they need to come back when they have an actual idea to present. He doesn’t have all day to come up with an idea for every part of the company. Pam says ok. Nicole walks in and asks if he has a minute. Pam sarcastically says that he does now and leaves. Rick has her come in. Nicole explains that he asked a question earlier if something was going on between her and Maya. Nicole feels that he deserves to know.

Brooke and Katie look at pictures. Brooke thinks that Aspen looks so beautiful and asks if those are all the pictures. Katie knows this is hard for Brooke. Brooke says that she is fine. Brooke assures her that she has been fine. Katie asks if she has gotten out and seen anyone. Brooke went out and saw some people today. Brooke is just not where she thought that she would be at this part of her life. She feels that Katie is where she wanted her to be though. Brooke is thrilled for her. Brooke is glad that Will has his family back together. Brooke loves Katie so much. She wishes both of them a successful life together. Brooke and Katie hug each other.

Carter is on the phone with UCLA and he has to spell out Nicole’s last name. He explains to them that she is a transfer student. Carter asks them if they are sure. Carter understands and thanks them. That is all he needs. He hangs up the phone and looks shocked.

Nicole explains to Rick that he was right. There has been tension between her and Maya. Rick knows that they have been apart for a long time. Nicole says that Maya thinks they do not know each other at all. Nicole agrees that in some ways that is true. In other ways she does know Maya better than anyone. Rick knows that nobody pushes buttons like family. Rick asks if there is anything else. Nicole doesn’t want to make a big deal out of anything. Rick doesn’t think that she has. He would like to help out though. Maya doesn’t keep any secrets from him. He trusts her more than any other woman that he has dated. Especially his ex-wife. He wouldn’t be with Maya if he didn’t trust her. Maya walks in and thought that Nicole had left. Rick was just telling Nicole how honesty is a big part of their relationship. Caroline kept secrets from him. Maya has never done that. Maya looks worried. Rick tells Maya that Nicole says that there has been friction between the two of them. Maya doesn’t want Rick bothered by this. He has so much more to deal with. Rick feels that Maya does too. She already has to deal with his family. He wants her to get along with her own family. He feels that this is an excellent bonding opportunity. Rick thinks that it will be great to see them all around the house. Rick gets a phone call and has to go check on something. Apparently both Ridge and Caroline have disappeared. Rick explains that whatever is going on between the two of them they will work it out. Maya knows that Nicole planned that. Nicole explains that he just wanted him to know everything was alright. Maya doesn’t want her to hold her breath. Maya doesn’t think that this is the way to get help from her. Pam is listening at the door. Nicole doesn’t want help. She wants in. Nicole wants her to be honest. Maya has been. Nicole knows they all have secrets. Nicole will discuss this later. She will see her at home. Pam waves goodbye to her at her desk. She watches as she goes away. Pam then snoops back over to watch Maya. Maya gets a text message from someone.

Broke closes her door and wrests her head on it as she does. Brooke walks over to her bar. She picks up the bottle but then puts it down. Brooke then goes and sits on her coffee table. She takes a lot of deep breaths. She dials her phone. Brooke explains to Deacon that she needs him. She really wants a drink. Deacon tells her not to reach for the bottle and that he will be right over.

Quinn asks if that was someone from his meeting. Deacon explains that it was someone that he said he would help if they got into a jam. Deacon wants to tell Quinn something about this person. Quinn thought that it was supposed to be anonymous. She knows that he fiancé is someone that likes to help others and that is all she wants or needs to know. They kiss each other and hug. Quinn says that he should go before he does something that he will regret.

Pam walks into Rick’s office and thinks that those two are funny. Rick wonders who she is talking about. Pam means Maya and Nicole. They are sisters but don’t seem very close.

Carter is one the phone and Maya walks in. Carter says that he will have to call them back. Maya wants to know what Carter has found out about Nicole. Carter asks if she goes to UCLA. Maya confirms this but doesn’t think that she has gone their long. Cater doesn’t think that she has gone there long at all. Maya wonders what he means. Carter explains that she quit. She was only taking extension classes. Maya cannot believe she lied to her but it doesn’t matter. Nicole has enjoyed her last night at the Forrester estate.

Deacon walks in. He explains that he got here as soon as he could. He notices the bottle and a glass. Brooke looks sad. Deacon tells her that whatever happened that is not going to help. He wants to know what is going on. Brooke over reacted. Brooke doesn’t want to talk about that. Brooke grabs the glass and wants one little glass. She wants to feel better. She doesn’t want to feel like this anymore. Deacon asks her not to do this to herself. Whatever this is she doesn’t have to face it alone. Brooke looks angry.

Rick says that Maya and Nicole have not seen each other for a long time. Pam guesses that, that could explain it. The way that they were looking at each other was like they were sizing each other up. Rick asks if Pam and Stephanie always got along. Pam admits that they acted like that at one point. She reminds him that when she first arrived her Stephanie was not exactly happy with Pam. Rick thinks that is a good thing then. It will be the same thing for Maya and Nicole. Rick understands what resentment is. This could open things up. They could actually learn how to be sisters.

Nicole is on the couch listening to music. She notices Maya and turns off the music. Maya wanted to talk in private. Nicole just made a sandwich and wonders if she wants one. Maya says no. Maya explains that this is not the way that she wanted things to go. She was thrilled when she first got here. She felt bad that they were not in touch. Nicole did too. Maya was excited that her little sister was here and going to college. Studying computer science. She thought this was a chance for them to get close. Then she started to feel manipulated by her. Nicole asks if this is her way of telling her that she won’t be modeling for Forrester. Maya knows the truth. Nicole thinks that she has that backwards. Maya doesn’t think that there is any reason for her to be here. She doesn’t go to UCLA. She was never in the science department and took extension classes until she dropped out. Nicole asks if she knows how hard it is to get into that program. Maya feels that she was lied to. Rick was tricked. Maya knows that she came to LA with an agenda. Nicole came to LA to be with her sister. To relate to her and a little love. Mom and Dad were hard on both of them. She can’t believe that Maya built herself a whole new life. If Nicole told Maya’s secret than this would all come crumbling down. Maya asks if she really thinks that she has something on her. She doesn’t. There is nothing that she hasn’t told Rick. Nicole can take it all away with one word.

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