B&B Monday Update 3/16/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/16/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


Nicole informs Maya that she knows her secret. Maya doesn’t think that she knows anything. Nicole threatens that she needs to get a better attitude or she will go straight to Rick. Maya is not scared. Nicole has no power over her. If this is how she treats family then Maya does not want her in her life. Nicole doesn’t want her to pretend to reach out to her with open arms. Maya gave Nicole a place to stay. Nicole corrects her and explains that Rick gave her a place to stay. If it was up to her she would probably be living on a park bench. Nicole apparently is getting in Maya’s way. Maya wants Nicole out. Nicole asks if Rick will wonder why she is getting kicked out. Maya feels that she has some nerve coming into her home threatening her with accusations. Nicole wants to know if they are not true then what is the problem.

At a photoshoot outside Oliver takes photos of the models. Rick stands behind him and seems to be pleased with what is going on. Carter is standing next to him. Oliver thanks the model that he is currently photographing. Aly informs Rick that they are ready for the next setup but Maya is not even here. Rick doesn’t think it is like Maya to be late. She is probably going to show up with her makeup already partially done. Rick texted her twice. He is sure that she will be here soon. Everyone else looks nervous.

Katie walks into Ridge’s new apartment. She is impressed with how big it is. Katie knew that Ridge always wanted the wall space. Ridge explains that he gets more done and less distractions. Katie knows that means no Rick and Maya. Katie asks how Caroline is. Ridge explains that she is grateful that the divorce is almost over. Katie guesses that it is always bittersweet to end a relationship with someone that you used to love. Ridge asks how her honeymoon was. Katie says it was good. Ridge wonders where she went. Katie tells him Aspen. Katie wanted to stay closer to home for Will. Katie lifts a cloth that is covering Caroline’s portrait. Katie is shocked and asks what it is. Katie guesses that Ridge’s muse is getting to be a part of something other than fashion. Katie can imagine that Caroline enjoys all the support. Ridge feels that if anyone knows something about divorce it is him. He didn’t know about this six month waiting period though. Katie is sure that Caroline only plans to get divorced once though. Ridge doesn’t think she planned on doing it at all. Katie guesses ultimately everything was out of her hands. Katie is here though because of Brooke. She is worried about her.

Oliver continues to film the girls. Rick tells Oliver that they have had enough of that look. Oliver says ok but that they can’t because Maya is not here. Rick tells them all to relax. They will just have to improvise a little bit. Carter asks how. Aly feels that they are already stalling. Maya runs outside and says that she is sorry that she is late. Aly asks if she is ok. Maya informs Rick that she had something she had to deal with.

Nicole is still at the mansion and is on her phone. She calls for a driver to take her to Forrester Creations. Nicole walks outside to wait for her driver.

Katie thinks that this might have been a bad idea. Ridge asks why. Katie just thinks that she should have an etiquette about this. She doesn’t want to show up when Caroline could be here. Ridge knows that they know each other pretty well. Katie knows but they are redefining each other. Katie is back with Bill and he is treating her well for now. Katie likes the way that she is being treated for right now. Ridge find Aspen an interesting destination for her honeymoon. Katie knows. Bill wanted to take her somewhere exotic. Ridge wants to know why she went to Aspen. Katie just wanted to reclaim that place. They are trying to move on and Aspen was such a big part of Brooke and Bill that she had to create new memories. Katie can hear the word Aspen and smile without twitching. They had fun. Ridge hopes that she is happy. Katie is. Ridge feels that she deserves that. Katie is happy that he has a place of himself. Katie thinks that it is some place that she can share with her muse. Ridge is happy for her.

Nicole shows up at Forrester in the lobby. She walks up to the security desk and introduces herself. The security guard doesn’t have her on the list and asks for her ID. Nicole hands it to him and explains that she is Maya’s sister. The security guard is sorry as he hasn’t met her before. He tells her that they are all in the sky lounge. He gives her directions. Nicole thanks him.

Maya has makeup put on her. Rick thanks the other models and calls it a day for them. They thank him. Rick tells Maya that she looks beautiful. Rick reminds her that she never told him why she was late. Aly asks Oliver if they are ready. Oliver tells all of them that the light is perfect right now. Maya wants to get to work. Maya starts to pose and Oliver takes his pictures. Rick smiles at her. Aly seems to think that it is going well. Maya poses in many different ways. Then Maya notices that Nicole is here and she starts to frown. Oliver asks if she is alright. Rick wants to take five. Rick notices that Nicole is here and is glad that she came. Carter introduces himself and Oliver. Nicole says hello to Aly. Rick didn’t know that she was coming. Nicole wanted to surprise her and see her sister in action. Nicole tells Maya that it is so glamourous. Maya doesn’t think that it is that big but thinks that she should come back another day when they have a big fashion show. Nicole has never been to a big fashion shoot before. Maya thinks that she has got here a little late. Rick tells her to stick around. Maya has something going on. Oliver needs to get rolling again. Maya tries to pose but it is hard for her with Nicole watching her. Oliver tries to take pictures. Maya smiles. Oliver asks her what is wrong. Rick asks why they are stopping. Maya asks if they can be done for today. Rick tells everyone that this is a wrap. Maya looks sad.

Katie knows that Ridge saw Brooke at the wedding. Ridge thinks that they all saw Brooke at the wedding. Katie explains that she is trying to be a good sister to her and they are all trying to put the past behind them. Ridge thinks that that was a lot to ask. Katie knows and knows that probably wasn’t a good idea. Ridge asks what Donna has said. Katie didn’t get much out of her. She heard little bits and pieces though. Katie explains that Brooke visited Donna but she just seems so aloof. Katie doesn’t like to think of Brooke being alone. Katie asks if Ridge has talked to her. Ridge has not really seen her.

Rick asks if Maya is alright. Carter, Aly, Oliver, and Nicole all look at the photos. Aly really likes one of the pictures. Carter thinks that Ridge and Caroline will be pleased. Nicole doesn’t think that Maya can take a bad picture. Nicole hopes that she didn’t get in any ones way. Rick allows her to come anytime as she is family. Oliver is going to go upload the pictures to the server. Maya reminds Rick that he has a phone interview. Rick thanks her and he leaves. Maya tells Nicole that she shouldn’t have come here. Nicole wants to know what the big deal is. Maya feels that this is her life. Nicole feels that this is a prestigious job. She wants to be a model. Nicole knows that Maya has pull around here and wants her to talk to Rick and make it happen. Maya looks shocked.

Ridge asks if Katie is headed to Brooke’s now then. Katie is going to swing by Spencer first though and pick up Bill. Ridge asks if that is a good idea. Katie doesn’t know but she doesn’t want it to look like it is just her little sister checking up on her. Katie explains that for most of her life it was Brooke who was there for her and she wants to return the favor. Brooke does not do well by herself. Ridge thinks that Brooke is lucky to have her. Katie thinks that Caroline is lucky to have him. Ridge walks her out. He looks at the Caroline picture.

Oliver asks if anyone picked up a vibe with Maya and Nicole. Aly could see it. For some reason the two of them just do not like each other. Aly gets the feeling that it might be more than a little thing. Maya changed a lot when Nicole showed up. Aly thinks that Nicole is changing things. Carter doesn’t think it should be an issue.

Maya can’t believe that she wants a job here. Nicole doesn’t think that it would be to hard to convince anyone here. After all she has the same genes. Maya reminds her that she has school. Nicole can model if Maya can. Maya doesn’t want her working here or at her house. Nicole thinks that she is a little tense. Nicole is not leaving. Maya asks what kind of sister does this. Rick asks what is going on. Maya looks conflicted.

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