B&B Friday Update 3/13/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/13/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya explains to Nicole that she has no idea what she is talking about. Maya does know that she has a photo shoot to get ready for. She only stopped by so that she could plan a romantic dinner for two. That is why she stopped by. Maya has a lot to celebrate with Rick. When she gets back from she expects Nicole to be gone. Nicole guesses that their parents were right. Maya asks what she means. Nicole tells her that they didn’t talk about Maya a lot. When they did though she always assumed that they were wrong and that she should defend her. Then she sees the way that she treats people. Maya wants to know what is so wrong with her wanting to spend a night alone with her boyfriend. She wants Nicole to go out with her friends. Then tomorrow they will go apartment hunting. This living situation is not an option. Nicole threatens that she better make it an option. She is starting to like it here. Nicole is not going anywhere.

Rick guesses that is it. His marriage to Caroline is over. Carter reminds him that he still has some time to wait before it is official. He will text Caroline to let her know that it is official. Rick finds this funny. It takes to simple words to end a marriage but it take a lot of paper work to end it. Carter has to ask. He wants to know if Rick really wants to do this.

Pam hands Aly and Ivy some papers. Eric tells them all to look at the numbers for Rick's first quarter as CEO. Ridge has already seen the numbers. Eric asks them to change the page. Ridge reminds Eric that that they all were a part of the reason that Rick did so well. Eric reminds Ridge that Rick is the one who is going to get credit as he is CEO. He is the one who makes the choices around her. He feels that it is important for them all to remember that. Ridge is not thrilled with Eric’s answer. Ivy agrees with Eric that Rick’s numbers are impressive. She just wishes that Rick’s bedside manor was better. Eric understands that relationships might not be great right now but it wasn’t them same in the beginning. When Eric started this company he had to establish good relationships. Rick will do that. Pam agrees that Rick is sort of giving an effort. Aly also agrees that he is entertaining the idea of her shoe line. Eric knows that he is. Eric feels that the report is great as CEO. His partnership with Maya is wonderful. With the two at the helm of the company he can see things just getting better.

Carter offers to talk with Rick about this. Rick is fine. Carter asks if he really is. Rick needs him to do his job. They have a big show coming up. He needs everyone to pitch in. Rick also is in need of a few contracts. He has to review some things. Carter gets that this is a big deal for him. It is not unusual that he is baring himself in work. He can only imagine what it is like end a marriage.

Maya feels that it was kind of Rick open up his home to Nicole, she knew it was only temporary though. Nicole doesn’t think that it going to happen. Maya is trying to help her little sister. Nicole wants to know why she is getting kicked out then. Maya thinks that if she is in college that she should be on campus hanging out with her friends. Maya wonders why she should wait. They can look online right now for a house. Nicole doesn’t think that this is a bad commute. It is ten minutes away. Maya doubts that Nicole will want to deal with Maya setting rules for her if she lived here. Nicole wants to know why she would have too. Maya knows that Nicole moved all the way out here for a reason. She wanted freedom. She assumes that she wanted away from their parents. She understands that. Nicole likes it here. It is starting to feel like home. She is not leaving.

Eric asks if Oliver has a photo shoot that he has to get too. Oliver does but he is actually supposed to get a text from Maya. He hasn’t heard anything though. Oliver asks Pam if she heard anything about her being late. Pam hasn’t. Eric wonders if she is just giving Rick a little privacy. Aly asks why she would do that. Eric reminds them all that Rick and Caroline were officially divorced today. Eric gets a phone call from John. Eric asks to give him one second. Eric asks them all to give some respect today. He didn’t want this for his son but he thinks that things are going over well. Eric leaves. Ivy asks if anyone else feels like gagging.

Rick is not the one who ended things. Carter reminds him that neither did Caroline. Rick would rather not go ten rounds for a change. She couldn’t even show her face. Carter points out that she was in New York and didn’t even know that the court would sign off on this today. Carter suggests that he call her. Rick has a better idea and pours himself a drink. He hands one to Carter. Rick feels that they should propose a toast. Caroline and he toasted his marriage but they might as well book it now. He wishes happiness to Caroline and him. He hopes they find more happiness apart than together. He doesn’t regret their marriage. Carter asks how they got to this place. Carter knows this is a stupid question. Rick feels that they both made mistakes.

Maya states that this is her house. She decides who lives her and not. Nicole reminds her that this is Rick’s house and she is his guest. Maya knows that Rick will not let her stay here against her wishes. Nicole would like to see that for herself. He clearly wants them to be closer. Maya wants that to. It just won’t happen with each other at their throats. Nicole tells her to give them a chance then. Maya wants her to look at this from her perspective. She just moved in here with Rick. She doesn’t want complications right now. Nicole reminds her that even if she wasn’t here that Aly and Ivy would. Maya is making arrangements for them to stay somewhere else too. Plus Aly and Ivy have boyfriends. They will move out eventually. Nicole wants to be like Maya. She wants to become established. Maya is a big time model and socialite of the manor. Maya does not like to think of her previous life. Nicole tells her to get used to the past. She is here to stay.

Pam knows that Eric really made his position clear. Ivy knows that he certainly did. In his defense though the numbers are good. Oliver knows that they all want the company to do well but he cannot be the only one to be skeptical going forward. Ivy doesn’t want this to be forever. Pam thinks that it is should be Ridge in charge. Ridge appreciates their vote in confidence but it is Eric’s choice. Ridge knows Eric trusts Rick more.

Rick has to wait for the remaining wait period. He is sure that they will find a way to work together. Carter saw them get married. He wonders if he is ready to throw it all away. Rick didn’t expect anyone to get divorced. Rick still feels that marriage is possible with the right person. He obviously wasn’t the right person for Caroline otherwise she wouldn’t have betrayed him. Rick learned about relationships through his childhood. Brooke tried to find love time and time again. With Maya though he just knows.

Maya is not trying to run from her past. People grow and they become the person that they were supposed to be. She never thought she would have any of this. Maya is so grateful for Rick and what he has given her. Maya is trying and doing her best. Maya is willing to help Nicole settle somewhere else. Nicole just thinks that Maya could be a little nicer. Nicole feels that she is getting hostile. Nicole understands that Maya will say something to her. Maya doesn’t think that there is nothing to keep quiet about, Maya doesn’t think anything else happened. Nicole knows her secret. One that she is praying that Rick never finds out. Maya looks scared.

Oliver decides to start setting up the photo shoot and leaves. Pam can’t believe that he is doing that. Ivy assumes that Maya will waltz in and list her demands and want foot massages. Aly tells her not to bring it up. Aly cannot believe that Nicole is here now. Ivy can’t believe they can’t say anything because Rick will go nuts. Ridge knows that Maya is untouchable and nothing will change any time soon.

Rick sits alone in his office. He is sad. He remembers the first time that he saw Caroline and all the times that they spent together. When they got married. Their first night together. Rick looks at the divorce papers.

Maya doesn’t think that she has a secret. Nicole wonders if she has told him everything about her past. Maya has not lies to him. Nicole wonders if lies of admission count. Maya wonders if she is supposed to tell him every detail of her past. Maya doesn’t know a lot about Rick either. Just because she doesn’t expect to know everything. Nicole knows something that Rick wouldn’t think to bring up. Maya feels that they are done here. Maya tells Nicole she needs to leave before she says something they will both regret. Nicole thinks that she has Maya down. She has a rich boyfriend and a big house. Maya doesn’t want her talking about it like she doesn’t deserve this. Maya doesn’t want her talking like she did not earn this. Nicole is aware of how much Maya has done for herself. Nicole tells her to not to throw it all away because of something that Nicole knows. Maya tells her stop pretending that she knows something. Maya knows that Rick loves her. Nicole doesn’t think that Rick knows her. Maya tells her to never tell her secret. She asks if she understands.

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