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Brooke looks back and sees that it is Deacon who has just joined her AA meeting. Deacon gets a little shocked at seeing Brooke. He apologizes for coming in late and tells the group that he will check the meeting times and come back later tonight. The group leader explains to Deacon that anytime is the right time to join. She asks him to have a seat. The group leader asks for Brooke to continue with her story.

Quinn works on a piece of jewelry and Wyatt knocks on the door. She goes to answer it. Quinn tells him that he has a key to the house so he doesn’t have to knock. Wyatt is unsure of what he is going to walk in on with Deacon around. Quinn assures him that he is not here. She notices the papers in his hand and wonders what they are. Quinn hopes that they are not more legal papers for her. Wyatt already told her that he dropped the restraining order on her. Quinn asks what he had to tell her.

Rick wonders if he put on a good performance. Maya thinks that he was commanding. Rick asks if it was a brilliant strategy or a low blow. Maya feels it was a little bit of both but Ivy has been on them for a long time. The mentioning of Quinn should be enough to have Ivy back off. Rick thinks that he should put a desk in here for her. Things seem to work in his favor when she is around. Maya doesn’t need any incentives while he is around. Rick is glad because he is actually going to need the office to himself. Maya asks what he needs to do. Rick explains that the judge signed off on the divorce papers today.

Carter walks into Ridge’s office and says hello. Carter is wondering why he got a text from Caroline asking to sit in a meeting with Rick and his attorney. Ridge tells him that she is in New York. She just found out that her divorce settlement is going to be ratified today. Ridge knows that she is going to be ok. He can imagine that this is just one step closer to being done with Rick.

Maya asks if he is sure that he doesn’t need her for anything. Rick explains that it isn’t like any money is being handed to anyone. Maya knows that the divorce is just his business. Maya will do whatever he wants her to do. Rick just wants her to wait at home.

Nicole is sitting in the Forrester living room with headphones on while she is on her laptop and she is eating ice cream. She looks through the wireless connection. Nicole taps into the wireless connection of the house and starts to dance.

Quinn thinks that she knows what the papers Wyatt has in his hands are and she wants him to put them in a shredder. Wyatt isn’t going to put them in a shredder. Quinn is not going to make Deacon side a pre-nuptial. Deacon will not do that. Wyatt asks if he really said that he isn’t going to do that. Quinn confirms that he did. Wyatt wonders if that is not a red flag for her. Wyatt doesn’t want to talk about this. It isn’t even that. He just needs her to keep this in a safe for him.

Brooke explains that alcohol was never a problem for her. Anyone who has known her knows that about her. She only just started drinking this year. She has known alcoholics throughout her life. She doesn’t know anyone who hasn’t. Brooke never thought she would be one of those people. Brooke never thought that if she didn’t become one by a certain point in her life that she would never become one. A person sitting next to her feels that he did. Brooke is not saying that she is or she isn’t. Brooke is just feeling lost. Deacon looks sad.

Maya asks if there is anything in particular that Rick wants for dinner. Rick is shocked that she is making dinner. Maya feels that today is indeed a milestone. Rick agrees. Maya doesn’t want him to think that she is dancing on the grave of his marriage but after today she won’t be the other woman. Rick thanks her for her patient with him. Maya thanks him for being the best thing to ever happen to her. They kiss and then Maya leaves.

Nicole continues to dance. An envelope is on the mantel and it has her name on it. She notices it. Nicole walks over and opens it. Nicole reads it. It says “Please remember to pick up your clothes and put them in the dryer also make up your bed by nine AM. The housekeeper will not do it for you. Maya… PS This is all I ask.” Nicole crumbles up the note and throws it in the fire place. She turns on the fire place and then starts to dance again.

Carter wonders how it is to design alone while Caroline is away. Ridge feels that the work is well. The phone starts to ring and Carter says that it is Rick. Ridge is sure that phone call is not for him. Rick asks if Caroline is there. Carter tells him that she is out of town and asked him to stand in for her. He will be right over. Ridge asks if he is going to be ok. Carter is just looking out for Caroline. It is the least that he can do. Ridge thanks him.

Quinn wants to know if the papers are going to self-destruct in sixty seconds. Wyatt explains that she changed the combination on the safe otherwise he would put them in himself. Quinn wants to know what it is. Wyatt just wants it in the safe. He doesn’t want it around. Quinn hopes that this isn’t something that she is going to have to read in the events of his untimely demise. Wyatt asks if she can just do something without asking any questions. It is his divorce papers.

The group leader asks if anyone would like to share who hasn’t had a chance. She urges Deacon too. Deacon explains that this is his first time at this meeting but not his first time. He tells the group that the lady who blacked out last night (Brooke), he feels that he has blacked out for much longer. There is a lot that he wishes he could remember. He was not a very nice drunk. He did a lot of stupid stuff that he is to embarrassed to tell anyone about. He has a daughter who he adored but he couldn’t be around her. He didn’t get sober in these rooms. The funny thing is that he found good through it though it though. He ended up in relationship with a woman who is much more desperate than he is. The amazing thing is that he was actually able to help her and now he is getting married. He does not want to screw this up by drinking. He will end up poisoning everything.

Carter walks into Rick’s officer. Rick asks if Carter remembers Chris. Chris says that it is good to see him again. They all sit down. Chris explains that he knows it is thick but this is everything from the first filing. They can take a look at the new pages that are tabbed.

Maya walks into the mansion and says hello. Maya asks for Nicole to turn it off. Nicole is shocked to find her home early. Maya explains that it is a special day. She wants to know why the fire place is one. Nicole tells her that she was cold. Nicole asks why it is so special today. Maya says that Rick’s divorce came through. She is planning to make a special evening for the two of them. Maya hints that this would also be a great evening for Nicole to reconnect with her UCLA friends at school. Nicole looks a little annoyed.

Quinn asks if Wyatt thought that he couldn’t tell her. Wyatt intended to throw it around in her face and say look what all her craziness has led too. Quinn asks if Hope just had some lawyer drop this on him. That is rather cowardly. Wyatt explains that it was his idea. He had to stop kidding himself. He walked up to her door and he decided that he is going to stop blaming her and making her feel bad. Quinn thinks that he has every right to blame her. Wyatt tells her to stop talking Wyatt knows that she is off centered. He gets that she will do any say just about anything but the one thing he has not admitted to himself is that he is her. He couldn’t understand why the world hasn’t given him the one thing that he wanted so he chased after Hope. He got her Hope to love her but it wasn’t the same way. She didn’t stay for him but he didn’t care because it was close. Then he understood that he is his mother son.

The leader of the group thanks them all for coming. She explains that by agreeing to come to this meeting they have all agreed to not talk about or say anything that has happened in this meeting. She wishes them all a good day. Brooke walks to the front of the room and looks at the papers that are up. Deacon waits for everyone to leave.

Chris explains that because nothing has been contested the only thing that needs any say is Caroline’s attorney. Neither side needs spousal support. They thinks they are both good. Chris tells them both that they will have a six month waiting period but otherwise they are done. Rick feels it is what they want it to be.

Maya is sure that Nicole understands. It is a big moment in their relationship. Nicole understands. Maya just would like some time to celebrate. Nicole thinks that this is such a big house that they could have a family of five that they would never see. Nicole can stay out of their way. Maya asks if she is really going to fight her on this. Maya wants her to go to the movies. Nicole points out that Rick likes her. Maya tells her that Rick treats everyone with kindness and respect. Maya does not want her there. Maya explains that she is telling her. Nicole is not going to be swept under the rug just because she is ashamed of her.

Quinn will of course put the papers in a safe for Wyatt. Wyatt thanks her. Quinn asks if Hope has responded. She wonders if he is going to tell Liam. Wyatt doesn’t think it matters because it will be public record. Quinn wonders if Liam reads anything other than fashion magazines and tofu time. Wyatt thinks that he will probably hear it from Brooke. He thought it was important that she hear it from him. Which was probably a mistake. Wyatt explains that Brooke was really lonely and it was kind of sad.

Deacon walks up to Brooke and is shocked that she is at this meeting. He thinks this is crazy. Brooke doesn’t even know the chances. Deacon is glad that she came. Deacon is glad that she isn’t trying to let her life go bad. Brooke is at least showing some interests. Brooke will take this one day at a time. Deacon wants her to call if she feels like drinking. Brooke wonders if she can just throw away her wine opener. Deacon doesn’t think that will work. If she feels like she is going to do it then they will both call each other up.

Rick tells Carter that it wasn’t so bad. Carter asks if he has any regrets. Rick is sorry that he hurt her so bad. Carter explains that nobody died and Caroline swept up the pieces. Rick loved her and it broke his heart to lose her but this is for the best.

Maya asks why she would be ashamed of Nicole. She hardly knows her. Plus Nicole is beautiful and educated. Nicole thinks they should agree that she has every right to be here then. Maya says no. Maya lives here and this is her home. She is a guest until she finds another place to stay. Maya feels that she has taken advantage of Rick long enough. They will go apartment hunting tomorrow. Maya will forward her the money. Nicole is not moving out. Maya wishes that she knew how to stand up for herself when she was younger. Nicole is not leaving and she knows why. Maya looks shocked and confused.

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