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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/11/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke is on the ground. She wakes up and tries to pick herself up. She rubs her head. Someone rings her doorbell. Brooke walks over to the door a complete mess. A man is at the door holding a box. Brooke wants to know what he wants. The man explains that she ordered a box of vodka. Brooke thinks that he must be mistaken. He reads the order form and asks if she is Brooke Logan. He asks if she is ok. Brooke says that she just woke up. She has him put the box on her front table. He then leaves. Brooke looks at the box and then goes to look at herself in the mirror. Brooke does not look like she is ok with what she sees.

Deacon looks outside the window and Quinn walks in. She notes that he has woken up early. Deacon asks how the wife to be is. Quinn says that she is doing ok. Deacon mentions that it is a big day today. Quinn asks how so. Deacon is really going to go to an AA meeting.

In Ridge’s office Aly is sitting at his desk. She asks Ivy to not say anything. Ivy wonders if she is furious. Aly is, she had to massage Maya’s feet. Ivy feels that is reason to confront Rick. Aly knows but she also doesn’t want to mess things up with her shoe line. Ridge and Carter walk in. He wants to know what is going on. Ridge can already tell that it is Rick.

Rick and Maya are kissing in his office. Maya likes that they are away from prying eyes. Rick wonders if her sister was awake this morning when they left. Maya tells him no but Aly and Ivy were. She knows that they are not the happiest of campers lately. Rick thinks that they can find another campground. Maya feels that he should probably ease up on them a little bit. Rick feels that it builds character. Maya laughs and tells him if he really says so. Rick knows the clock is ticking and his one year is going down but when it is all over everyone will know that he is the company.

Quinn wonders if Deacon is serious about this. She has seen Deacon drink before but she really has never seen him drunk. Deacon doesn’t need to go on a full blown bender. He has too much to live for right now. Quinn believes that she has figured out why Deacon has become so obsessed with Brooke and her drinking.

Brooke tries to clean herself up in her mirror. She looks at the box of vodka.

Aly wants to know why Rick is doing this to them. Ridge points out that he is doing it because he can. Eric gave him complete power for a year and he is going to use that power until his year is up. Aly is not sure that she can do this anymore. Ivy tells her that this has to stop. She is not the domestic help. Aly has already lost her bedroom and by the end of the month she might be out on the street. Ridge doesn’t think she will be out on the street. Aly has almost completely lost hope that Rick is going to go forward on her shoe line. Ivy doesn’t believe that Rick is as cruel as he really is. She thinks that he is just a little boy hiding behind his desk. Ivy is going to go see him. Ridge is going to go with her. Ivy just wants to deal with it cousin to cousin.

Maya knows that Rick has seen the latest numbers. Rick explains that they had a hell of a quarter of the best in years. Maya reminds him that they have three more to go. Rick is all about growth and expansion. He believes that by the end of the year those papers will speak for themselves. He has a knock at the door and Ivy walks in. She needs a few minutes. Rick tells her to make an appointment like everyone else. Ivy says no. They are family and they need to talk. Maya looks scared.

Quinn is beating an egg really loudly. Deacon gets that it is a touchy subject. He tells her to stop beating the egg. Deacon understands that it is a touchy subject when it comes to Brooke. He has been there. Quinn explains that Brooke is not his problem. Deacon gets that. He is doing this for himself. Quinn tells him that he should go to a meeting on the west side. He will meet a better class of people. Deacon doesn’t think it matters if you live in a dump or a mansion. They are all drunks. Deacon asks how Brooke was doing when she left her. Quinn completely ignores the question. Quinn does not want to talk about Brooke. Deacon asks if she got nasty. Quinn explains that she called her pathetic. Deacon feels for her and she is all alone. Quinn really hopes that Deacon has a big apatite because she just lost hers.

Brooke looks at the box of vodka and opens it. She holds the bottle. She opens it and starts to smell it. She cries as she looks at it. She closes the bottle and puts it down. Brooke sits down at her desk and goes on her computer. Brooke looks for an AA meeting online. Brooke does not look happy about this.

Brooke walks downstairs and is dressed in a new outfit. She looks at the bottle on the table as she walks down the stairs. She walks out of her house.

Ivy reminds Rick that they are family. She looks at Maya and explains that most of them are anyway. Ivy feels that family means everything. Rick wants to know if that is what was so important she had to tell him. Ivy doesn’t think that anyone has been getting any respect. Rick wonders about the attitude that he and Maya have been getting. How is that respect. Ivy feels that it is a response on how they are all being treated. Right not they are all polishing shoes and waiting on him hand and foot. Rick is sorry that she feels that way. Rick plans to rectify the situation. Ivy wants to know how he plans to do that. Rick plans to raise his expectations of all of them. Maya reminds Ivy that Rick has more than proven himself and impressed people. Rick adds in that he impressed the man who founded this company. Ivy is not talking about the numbers that were brought in by Ridge and Caroline. Ivy just wants to be respected. Maye thinks that Rick treats everyone well. Ivy is not talking to the girlfriend but her cousin. Ivy can’t believe that he is treating Aly badly. Rick screams at Ivy. He tells her that is enough. He wants to know who she thinks that she is speaking to. He is getting lectured on respect when Ivy herself has not even earned it.

Quinn asks how long these meetings usually last. Deacon doesn’t really know. Quinn thought that he could use a little comfort when he gets back. Other than a drink. Deacon could be up for that. Quinn wishes him good luck. Quinn is here for him. Deacon leaves.

At an AA meeting a man talks about how nasty he could get when he was drinking. The leader of the meeting tells him to take his time. Brooke walks into the room wearing sunglasses. She takes them off and listens to the meeting. The leader of the meeting asks Brooke to please join them. She asks if anyone else would like to say anything before they get started. The leader is happy that she would. She asks Brooke to introduce herself but no last name. Brooke says hello and introduces herself to Brooke. They all say hello back. Brooke explains that she has been drinking a lot lately by herself and she has been concerned that she might be becoming an alcoholic.

Ridge thinks that Ivy is all fired up. Carter feels that she is not afraid to take on Rick. Ridge agrees. She is calling him out but he is concerned about how Rick is going to react.

Ivy is shocked that Rick is saying that she has not earned his respect. Ivy wants to know what the buyers have to say. Rick doesn’t care what a bunch of people on the internet have to say. Maya tells Ivy to stop this. Maya admits that he has been having a little fun with her and Aly. She tells her not to take this so seriously. Ivy walks over to a chair and sits down. She takes off her shoes and tells Maya to massage her feet. Maya doesn’t think this is funny. Ivy asks why this is so serious now. She feels that they are treating this like a sweatshop. Ivy asks if she has to call Eric. He is with her dad so she can only imagine what he will have to say. Rick tells her to call his father. He asks her to go online first and read her fan mail then she needs to go and look at the note he sent. She really needs some work on her jewelry. Rick doesn’t think that it is even near the quality that Quinn used to give them so he suggests that she fixes it.

Quinn looks at the ring and remembers Deacon proposing to her. Quinn smiles as she plays it.

The leader of the meeting asks if Brooke would like to tell them a little about her story. Brooke explains that like she said she has been drinking alone. That is just not like her at all. She passed out last night and then had a doorbell ring and a delivery man dropped off a case of vodka. She doesn’t remember ordering it. That is what brought her here. The leader feels that is blessing. Brooke hopes so. Brooke does not really know what to do. She has been surrounded by people who love her but now her kids are grown and her youngest is at boarding school and she is glad because she doesn’t want him to see her. She just hopes that she is loved. Brooke realizes that she is going on about herself. The leader thinks that that is ok. She welcomes her. Another person shows up. Deacon introduces himself as and tells them he is an alcoholic. They all say hello to him. Brooke looks at him shocked.

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