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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/10/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya and Rick are in bed. Rick is working on his laptop and Maya is looking at a magazine. Maya mentions that Caroline could learn a lot from looking at the designer she is currently viewing. Rick thinks that she should show her. Maya doubts that Caroline would take to one of her suggestions. Rick asks if she wants him to talk to her. Maya is capable of dealing with it. Rick reminds her that she is the one with all the power. Rick can’t give her enough for all her support. Maya asks if that is the reason that he asked Nicole to stay here. Rick wonders why else he would. Rick wonders what Maya has against Nicole. Maya believes that Nicole is essentially a stranger that they are inviting into their home. Rick reminds her that she is her sister. Maya knows and she had a nice chat with Nicole and she is good now. She feels that his generosity showed her what can happen in this life so she can afford to be a little generous too. Rick feels that he is the lucky one.

Nicole walks into the kitchen with Ivy and Aly following her. She thanks both of them for helping her get situated otherwise she would have been up all night. Ivy warns her to be careful with what she uses. Maya does not like to share her towels. Aly is shocked that Maya even asked her to stay here because she doesn’t like sharing anything. Nicole explains that Rick is the one who actually extended the invitation. Nicole wonders if she can ask a question. Aly says sure. Nicole wants to know if Rick is really in love with Maya. Aly and Ivy look at each other.

Quinn is working on a piece of jewelry and Deacon walks out of the kitchen over to her desk. He notices that she hasn’t asked him where he has been. Quinn hasn’t asked him because he doesn’t like asking questions to things she doesn’t want to know the answer too. Quinn knows that Brooke lives to rat her out. Deacon asks why she keeps giving her ammunition. Quinn points out that he is the one who keeps going over there. Deacon explains that both of them are going through some pretty serious changes. He just wants to make sure that she is able to handle it all ok. Quinn asks if he really thinks she knows Brooke well. Deacon would say that he does. Quinn tells him to ask his friend who the hell she thinks she is.

Brooke pours herself another drink in her living room. Someone knocks on the door and she goes to answer it. It is Wyatt. Wyatt is sorry that he didn’t call. Brooke says that it is fine and asks him to come in. Brooke wonders if Hope is ok. Wyatt says that Hope is doing fine. She is probably doing better than she ever has. He is holding an envelope. Brooke wonders if that is a good thing. Wyatt doesn’t think it is for him. He is ending their marriage. Brooke gives him a hug.

Nicole wonders if that was inappropriate. She just knows that he is Rick Forrester gorgeous and rich. He was married to Caroline Spencer who has everything and then he decides to be with her sister. Aly asks if she doesn’t like Maya. Nicole doesn’t really know her. Maya hasn’t been home in a long time. Rick thinks that if she is around they have a chance to bond. Nicole thinks that this might work. She is just happy to be here in this big house with her big sister.

Maya wasn’t around much when Nicole was younger. Maya was out making mistakes. Rick feels that she has turned out alright. Maya is lucky. Maya thinks that Nicole has not yet found her place. Rick asks if that is what she would like. Maya would love for it to happen. Rick believes they are in the perfect position to help her. Maya just thinks though that it is all so sudden. One day she has a knock at the door and hello past. There is nothing related to Nicole that she wants to revisit. Rick asks if she misses her parents. Maya misses the idea of them. The loving unit that she wishes they were. Maya loves that about Rick’s family. They are large and working together and even when they don’t get along they are still a family. Hopefully one day they will accept her as a part of the family. Rick knows that they will. What is his is theirs and also hers. Maya just needs to keep being her and they will come around. Maya asks if she has told him how crazy she is about him lately. The two kiss passionately.

Quinn asks if Deacon knows what Brooke has the nerve to say to her. She was surprised that he didn’t break up with her the moment that she slapped Brooke in the face. Brooke demanded that she take her ring off because she is forbidding them from getting married. Quinn wants to know who would do such a thing. Deacon doesn’t care what Brooke says. They are getting married. Deacon gets what Quinn is talking about. He admits that Brooke is not the most diplomatic person around and she can’t stand her but Quinn could be the bigger person. Quinn is the bigger person. Deacon just knows that Brooke is going through some stuff right now. Quinn asks what she could possibly be going through. Did she break a perfectly manicured nail? Deacon knows that she has been drinking and that is enough to cause him concern.

Brooke is over by her wet bar and she tells Wyatt that she is sorry that it has come to this. Wyatt knows that the miscarriage is what lost them. It didn’t help that Quinn was indirectly involved but she lost Hope that very day. Wyatt didn’t even realize it. Wyatt has to move on with his life. Whatever that is. Brooke thinks that it is hard when your life becomes a drift. Wyatt feels that she really understands. Brooke welcomes him to her life.

Deacon is looking out the window. Quinn thinks that is a look that she has grown to intensely dislike. Quinn wants to know how Brooke has this much control over men. Deacon is just concerned about her. Quinn doesn’t want to talk about Brooke anymore. Deacon has never seen her drink like this. She is throwing back vodka. Quinn thinks that she will get over it the next time she finds another guy. It won’t be her guy though. Deacon just knows the signs. He has had his own problems with alcohol. He still has his own problems with drinking. It has a while to show up though. He is indeed an alcoholic though. Quinn didn’t realize that. Deacon is a high functioning one. He needs to be clean.

Wyatt knows that he sort of barged in on Brooke with his divorce papers. Wyatt wants to know if Brooke is alright. He knows that it is not idea but she can talk to him. He promises not to judge. Brooke pours herself another drink. She explains that she has never felt more alone in her life and would like to just leave it alone at that. Wyatt says ok. He just wants to assure her that if she ever wants to get out of the house and have some fun he is there for her. Brooke thanks him. She hands him a drink. Brooke tells him that Deacon and Quinn getting married is a mistake. That is exactly what she told them.

Aly asks Nicole if she is a student at UCLA. Nicole says yes. Ivy wonders what she is studying. Nicole is studying computer science. Ivy thinks that could come in handy around the house. Aly feels that they should take advantage of it while they can. She assumes that Nicole won’t be around for long. Nicole asks if that is what they think. Aly just assumes that she is going to want to have a real college experience. They offer to help her find an apartment. Nicole can tell that they are pretty eager to get rid of her.

Maya cannot tell Rick how his faith sustains her. She can’t help but wonder. When everyone was telling him why she was such a bad idea. Why didn’t he listen? Rick explains that they didn’t know her. They can’t speak to who she is. Her honesty and integrity. She is the only one who can show him that through her support. She is the best idea he has ever had. The two kiss each other.

Deacon has tried AA a couple of times but it never has worked. Quinn asks if he kept going back. Deacon knows that it can work if you are in the right place to make a commitment. Deacon knows that people change for two reasons. Love and fear. He knows that he loves her but he also is scared of losing her if he doesn’t get clean. If there is a way to sabotage thing then he would find a way. So tomorrow he is going to a meeting. Quinn says ok. Quinn tells him to do what he needs to do. He just needs to know that she has got him no matter how he comes.

Wyatt asks if Brooke really forbid his mother from marrying Deacon. Brooke did. Brooke would do it again. Wyatt knows that not many people would get in his mother’s face like that. Brooke cares about Deacon. He is the father of her daughter. So that is why she is isn’t going to let Quinn take a wrecking ball to him.

Ivy explains that they really are trying to help. Nicole kind of just got here and would like to get to know her sister a little bit. Aly says of course. Nicole points out that they never answered her question. Ivy remembers it. Is Rick in love with Maya? Aly knows that he says he is. Nicole wonders if they believe it. Ivy wants her to form her own opinion because she is going to be around for a little while. Nicole thanks them both for their help and decides to go to bed. She leaves. Ivy wonders what Aly thinks. Aly thinks she seems nice enough, though so did Maya.

Maya doesn’t want Rick to ever be ashamed of her. Rick could never be ashamed of her. Maya reminds him that they both know she does not come from money. He is high profile and has eyes on him. It extends to the woman that he is with. Rick explains that when she sees those eyes they are on her because of how she is beautiful. Rick tells her to look in his eyes. He has pride in them. They kiss again. Maya is going to take a shower. Rick will be right here.

Nicole walks in the hallway and hears Maya in the shower.

Brooke tells Wyatt that they are not going to talk about anymore sad things. Wyatt wants to know what she would like to talk about then. Brooke would like to laugh and dance and sing. Wyatt thinks that Brooke has had enough to drink. Brooke tells him not to be a downer. Wyatt feels that it is time for her to go to bed. Brooke thought he said he was fun. Wyatt wishes her a goodnight. He leaves. Brooke looks sad.

Nicole knocks on the door. Rick opens the door. She is sorry to interrupt. Nicole wanted to say goodnight to Maya. Rick explains that she is in the shower. Nicole would like to thank him for opening up his beautiful home to her. She has to ask. Why her sister. Rick asks what she means. Nicole wants to know why he picked his sister. Rick explains that Maya was there for him when his wife cheated on him. Nicole thanks him for the answer. Rick closes the door. Nicole stands in the hallway. She talks to herself. She knows that if she is right, Maya has a secret that he cannot even imagine.

Deacon wants to be the very best he can be for her. Quinn is ok with that. Deacon knows that drinking leads to trouble. The two hug each other.

Brooke pours herself yet another drink. She takes it all in one gulp. She attempts to walk but trips and bumps her head over her coffee table. She breaks he glass as she trembles down.

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