B&B Friday Update 3/6/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/6/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

It's night time now and Deacon is back at Brooke’s house. She wants to know what has brought him by. The last time he was here he left rather quickly. Brooke is making herself another drink. At the moment, she is still sober. Deacon turns her down on the offer of a drink. Brooke says suit himself. Deacon explains that he is really sorry about what happened with Quinn. She had absolutely no right to get physical with her. Brooke feels that Quinn is lucky that she isn’t in jail. Deacon agrees. Brooke assumes that Quinn must have been hard to read the riot act to. Deacon knows that she was surprised. Brooke knows that he can do so much better. She offers Deacon the guest house if he needs a place to stay for a while. Deacon tells her that he didn’t break up with Quinn. He proposed to her.

Quinn opens the door to find Wyatt. He says hello. Quinn gives him a hug and he looks confused. She runs away from the door. Wyatt wants to know what is going on with her Quinn asks him what he means. Wyatt notices that she has a twinkle in her eye. He wants to know if she has actual happiness in her. Quinn is not sure. She starts to nonchalantly play with her left hand where she is wearing her engagement ring. Wyatt finally notices and asks what the hell it is. Quinn explains that it is exactly what it looks like. Quinn says that she is marrying Deacon. Wyatt is perplexed.

Aly and Ivy walk in laughing at the Forrester mansion and stop themselves when they see Rick and Maya by the fire place drinking. Aly excuses them both and explains that if they need them they will be upstairs. Maya tells them to have a nice night. Rick asks if before they go upstairs if they would make them a snack. As he and Maya are hungry. Ivy is about to blow up when Aly stops her and says that she will make them a snack. Aly asks what he would like. Rick wants to be surprised. Aly has Ivy go with her to the kitchen. When they leave Maya asks if he really had to do that. Rick is just trying to keep them on their toes. Maya feels that he has been doing a lot of that lately. Rick admits that it is fun to be good but it is a lot more fun to be bad. Maya smiles and they toast to that.

Aly and Ivy walk into the kitchen. Ivy wonders if Rick thinks that they are his servants. Aly turns to her and explains that if this means getting her shoe line off the ground then she will suck it up and do it. Ivy wants to know if Rick makes her do this stuff all the time. Aly had to make breakfast in bed the other day and make him drinks and then massage Maya’s feet. Ivy doesn’t think that Rick has any right to make her go anywhere near Maya’s feet. Aly points out that Rick is in control and if she doesn’t do what he wants she can kiss her career goodbye.

Rick tells Maya that he didn’t have everything handed to him. Maya thinks that it wouldn’t kill him to give Aly and Ivy a little slack. Rick is trying to teach them the value of work. If they don’t like it then they can leave. Maya feels that the foot rub was a bit much. Rick thinks that you have to show off your power otherwise you will be stabbed in the back every single time. That might be the reason that he has been stepped on one to many times. Maya knows that he has rose above it though. Rick understands that but he points out how Thorne has gotten know where from being a nice guy. Someone knocks on the front door. Maya asks if he was expecting someone. Rick wasn’t. Maya says that she will get it. She opens the door to find Nicole. Nicole says hello.

Wyatt wants to know if it is real. Quinn says that of course it is. She already tested it. The clarity isn’t that great though. Wyatt isn’t talking about the ring. He wants to know if the engagement itself is for real. Quinn confirms it. Deacon will be her husband. Wyatt is shocked. Wyatt thought that he was going to break up with her after what she did. Quinn did to but apparently they are both forgiving people. Quinn tells him that he should be happy for her. She will be married to a man that knows her better than anyone.

Brooke stands up and is shocked that he proposed to Quinn. Brooke wants to know if he has lost his mind after what she did to Hope and to her. Deacon knows that there is no excuse for that kind of behavior. Brooke thinks that he is darn right. Quinn smacked her to the ground. Deacon knows and that is why he told her that nothing like that can happen again.

Wyatt wants to be happy for her but he doesn’t understand why it has to be Deacon. Quinn feels that he just has to get know him a little better. Wyatt already knows what kind of a guy he is and doesn’t trust him. Wyatt wants to know if he brought up his jail time, or the womanizing, or how he abandoned Hope. Quinn tells him that he needs to give his father in law and future step father a chance. Wyatt didn’t even think about that. Wyatt asks if they will have a wedding. Quinn says of course. Wyatt doesn’t want to rain on her parade but he thinks that Deacon is still in love with Brooke. Quinn thinks that is ridicules. Wyatt reminds her that Deacon drove her home. Quinn points out that she was drunk. Wyatt knows they were alone together and they don’t know what they did together. Quinn doubts that anything is going to happen. She explains that Deacon is over there right now to tell her the good news. Quinn is going to be joining him in a few minutes. Brooke needs to see them together.

Aly gets angry when Ivy puts cilantro in the salad they are making. She knows that Rick doesn’t like it. Ivy is aware of that too. Ivy says fine then she won’t. Aly is sure that Rick will think they have done a good job. Ivy wants her to take a stand against Rick. The next thing they know he will be kicking them out of their own house.

Nicole still can’t get over the photo of Maya. It is a lot. Rick thinks it is one of his favorite pictures of Maya. Nicole does think it is beautiful. Maya thanks her and wants to know if she is stopping by for dinner. Nicole just wanted to stop by. She will be out of their hair. Rick asked what happened with her living situation. Nicole explains nothing much. She is crashing on her friends couch in her dorm. It is not idea. Rick doesn’t think that she should be sleeping on some ones couch. Nicole says it is not that bad. Rick thinks they have plenty of room here. He would love to have her. Rick asks Maya if she would too. Maya quickly turns her frown into a smile.

Brooke can’t believe he is being serious. Crazy Quinn. That is who he wants as his wife. Deacon explains that originally she wanted him to leave her and that all that would happen is her hurting him. Brooke thinks that for once she was right. Deacon doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. He has changed because of Quinn. Brooke asks if he is kidding her. Deacon loves her. He wants to be with her. Brooke thinks that he can do so much better in his life. Brooke feels that Quinn is dangerous and violent. Quinn is listening from outside the entire time. Deacon understands that she is upset but he hopes in time that she can accept the relationship. Brooke will never accept his marriage to Quinn. Deacon walks out. Quinn pops out from behind the bushes. Quinn looks at Brooke from inside.

Maya doesn’t know if Nicole would be into moving in here. Nicole feels that it is a really sweet offer. Rick tells her to accept it then. Maya doesn’t want him to do this. They can help Nicole find a place. Rick wants them to get to know each other better. Nicole will do it if he really doesn’t mind. Nicole thanks him. Aly and Ivy walk out and Rick thinks it is the perfect timing. He hopes that there is enough for all of them. Aly thinks that there should be. Maya introduces the two of them to her sister. Ivy remembers meeting her before. Rick explains that Nicole is moving in.

Wyatt is on the phone with Pam. He says thank you but he doesn’t want to be hooked up with someone from her crochet club. He is sure that she is a very nice girl but he is calling about the delivery. He asks for it to be put on his desk. He hangs up the phone. Deacon walks in. Deacon explains that when you know you know. Wyatt thinks that is the thing though. He is not sure that he is convinced that he does. All his life it has just been him and Quinn and as much as she drives him up a wall he still wants to protect her. Deacon asks if he means from himself. Wyatt has some issues. Deacon would like to talk about them. Wyatt is most concerned about his feelings for Brooke.

Quinn walks into Brooke’s house. Brooke is drinking. Quinn slams the door behind her and Brooke jumps up and looks around. She wants to know what Quinn is doing here. Quinn needs to talk to her. Brooke screams to get out. Quinn tells her to never talk about her that way again. Quinn threatens that she will have more than a slap across the face to worry about.

Ivy asks Nicole if she is moving in with them. Nicole says only if it is ok with them. Ivy does not look happy. Aly reluctantly says ok. Rick says that Nicole has been going to UCLA and because of some roommate issues she has been couch surfing but he is going to put an end to that. Ivy is fine with it. She does want to know what Eric would think about it though. Rick reminds her that this is his and Maya’s house and he is sure that Eric would be glad that they are opening up their home to Nicole. Rick wants both of them to feel at home. Aly welcomes her to Forrester Manor. Nicole says thanks. Nicole hopes that she is not going to be a burden. Rick doesn’t think so at all. Aly shouldn’t mind giving up her room to their guest. They all (Maya included) look shocked by this gesture.

Deacon wants to know why Wyatt thinks that he is hung up on Brooke. Wyatt is getting a vibe. Deacon thinks that he is wrong. Wyatt wonders if he really is. Deacon wouldn’t have asked Quinn to marry him otherwise. Wyatt knows that he has a daughter with Brooke. Wyatt remembers that he wanted Brooke back a while ago. Deacon remembers that and then he met his mother. Wyatt really hopes that he means that because Quinn really likes that. Deacon asks where Quinn is. Wyatt thought that he saw her at Brooke’s. She said that she was going to meet him there.

Brooke asks how long she has been here. Quinn was here long enough to hear every word she said about her. Brooke doesn’t think that it isn’t anything she hasn’t said before and nothing that she wouldn’t say to her face. Quinn explains that Deacon had the decency to tell Brooke and instead of congratulating him she was bad mouthing him. Brooke was just trying to warn him from making a mistake. Quinn can’t believe how she tries so desperately to keep men. That won’t happen this time. Brooke is not afraid of her. Quinn feels that is her first mistake. Quinn is happy and she is not going to let her ruin it. Brooke thinks she will do that on herself. Quinn is trying to be a good person and learn by her mistakes. Brooke is going to stand by Deacon because he is clearly making bad judgments. Quinn calls her a lonely washed up drunk. Brooke tells her not to pass judgment on her. Quinn tells her that if she insists on doing something she will have a bigger problem than drinking. Brooke is not going to allow her to marry Deacon. She needs to take that engagement ring off because she is not getting married. Quinn looks furious.

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