B&B Thursday Update 3/5/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/5/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline wonders if Steffy is flying commercially or if she is taking the jet. Ridge doesn’t know. She doesn’t tell him anything anymore. Caroline really doesn’t want to cause a riff between Ridge and Steffy. Ridge doesn’t think that this is a riff. Caroline knows that she flew back from Paris because she heard about their relationship. Ridge doubts that is the reason she came. She showed up for a plan that didn’t work out and now they are all back where they started. Caroline asks if this was really Liam’s plan because it sounds more like Bill. Ridge says that he was being truthful not that it would be any better under her uncle. Ridge explains that Liam had a vision of Forrester without Rick but Steffy had personal demands involving Liam. Liam declined. Caroline is happy that Liam did just that. Though she admits it is not good for the two of them.

Deacon holds out the ring. He isn’t going to get down on one knee. Quinn tells him to put that thing away. Deacon asks if that is her answer. Quinn thought they just hashed out that she was clearly not fit for this. Deacon feels that they have that in common. Quinn wants to know why they should get married then. Deacon thinks the ring means that she is not going to lose him. Quinn asks if he was going to leave. Deacon knows that she needs him. Quinn knows that he just likes not having to pay rent. Deacon tells her that she wants him in her life. Deacon tells her to take the damn ring and put it on her finger.

Brooke remembers Deacon kissing her and then she hears a knock at the door. Brooke gets off her staircase and goes to answer the door. Brooke opens it to find Wyatt. Wyatt saw her car parked outside. Brooke explains that this is not a good time. Wyatt needs to talk to someone. Brooke guesses that Quinn sent him here. Wyatt says no but she is the reason why he is here. Wyatt keeps saying that he is going to wash his hands of her which only makes everything scarier for everyone involved and then he checks on her. Who else is going to do that? He is the only one who can tell the difference between all her craziness. Wyatt is worried that Quinn is off the deep end at the moment and he predicts that it has to do with Brooke.

Brooke is not going to stand here and be blamed for Quinn and her fragile state of mind. Wyatt didn’t mean it like that. Brooke says that he doesn’t even know what she had to put up with involving that woman. Wyatt knows exactly what happened and he is sorry Brooke tells him that she is lucky she didn’t call the police. Wyatt has never seen Quinn like this. Never in his whole like not even with his father. Quinn tells Deacon the truth and gets upset with him. He wonders if Quinn thinks that she is a second choice when it comes to Brooke.

Quinn knows that he wants something. Deacon wants Quinn. Quinn asks if it is because she is convenient. Deacon feels that she is the most inconvenient person ever born. Deacon thinks the question that she needs to be asking herself is what is in it for her. He has a checkered past and his future is not looking much brighter. Quinn asks even with Brooke single at last.

Caroline doesn’t understand Ridge. He never seems to want what he says he wants. She knows that he wants Rick gone and control of Forrester then she needs to fight for it. Ridge asks what he is supposed to do. Stab his father in the back? Caroline points out that Eric gave him the title and then took it away because of herself. She wants to know who really stabbed who in the back. Ridge thinks they have been friends and enemies and rivals. Ridge was always the golden boy. Stephanie always loved him best and the Eric found out that he wasn’t his biological son. Caroline feels that is ridicules. He shouldn’t be held responsible for that. Ridge explains that fathers and sons take responsibilities for things that they can’t change. He has to take responsibility for his relationship with Caroline. Caroline asks who he knows she wasn’t seducing him. Ridge wonders if that was what he was doing. Caroline says that being a woman means not knowing what they are doing until they do it.

Brooke has nothing to do with Deacon and Quinn’s relationship. Wyatt wants to know what Deacon was doing here last night. Brooke explains that he drove her home and then she invited him in to be polite. Wyatt wonders if she changes into a bathing suit for everyone to be polite. Wyatt says that Deacon tells Quinn everything. Brooke thinks that is bull. Wyatt asks her what she means. Brooke doubts that he tells her everything. Wyatt is just asking her a simple question. Should he be concerned about Deacon? Brooke asks if he has done a background check. Wyatt only is talking about her relationship with Deacon. Brooke can see that he hasn’t washed his hands of Quinn and that is a good thing because Quinn will need him when Deacon walks out on her.

Deacon asks if she honestly thinks that he would propose to her if he didn’t mean it. Quinn tells him not to answer a question with the question she just asked him. Deacon explains that he has accepted the fact that he will never be with Brooke. Quinn assumes that means that he is settling for her. She will not be with someone living in his car while he gets turned down by the same woman every week for the rest of his life. Deacon tells her that Brooke was the idea fantasy for him. He feels that time has proven that it was an unreal fantasy for him. They shared one moment in time together and he has not been able to get that moment back. It no longer exists. He has seen the light and is in reality. Quinn thinks that it feels the same with her and Bill. They didn’t have a moment except in bed. That was ok though for him because there were no expectations. She doesn’t think that he ever cared. Deacon asks if she realizes that is screwed up. Quinn knows that but she isn’t even sure if she believes in marriage. Deacon says that is ok. It isn’t like it is religion. Quinn asks if they have to sign anything beforehand. Deacon says no. Quinn kisses him. She wants to see the ring. Deacon will not give her the ring now until he gets something.

Caroline puts paint on a tray. Ridge thinks that she has done this before. Caroline confirms that she has. The schools that she went to girls were expected to paint, think, and walk like certain people. Ridge asks what they are working on then. Caroline says they are working on him. She starts paining on him. Ridge asks if the school she went to they had gym class. Caroline says yes. Ridge is glad and tells her she better start running. They start to paint on each other and play around. Caroline giggles. Ridge kisses her.

Wyatt wants to know if Deacon said something about walking out on Quinn. Brooke is just saying. He should have seen his face when she told him about what Quinn did. Not to mention that she did attack her daughter in her backyard. Wyatt explains that Deacon does not hold that against her. Quinn doesn’t see it that way. Wyatt knows that he cares about her. Brooke is sure he is grateful. She gives him free room and board. Brooke knows Deacon Sharpe. He likes the easy life.

Deacon wants one more promise. She can’t be crazy anymore. Quinn doesn’t know if she is good at promises. Deacon can settle for no more outside crazy. He can settle for the crazy that happens within the house. No more murder attempts and no more smacking Brooke. Quinn wouldn’t need to smack Brooke if she was married. She could hold it over Brooke every chance she got. Deacon asks if that means she is saying yes. Quinn is better when she has someone to take care of. Deacon has noticed. Quinn would buy him better clothes. She wants him to be a part of the business and he would help out. Quinn wants to buy him a French maid outfit. Quinn asks if she is doing this. Deacon says that they still have one thing to work out. Quinn is not going to change her name. Deacon agrees she shouldn’t. Quinn Sharpe and people would think that she was into swords or something. Quinn tells him that he could never divorce her because he would wake up with a pillow over his head. Deacon likes where her head is at. Quinn holds out her hand. Deacon puts the ring on her. Quinn smiles. It is a little loose but she can fix that. Deacon knows that the stone isn’t the best. Quinn has never worn a diamond on her finger. Quinn tells him he can talk to her about love. Deacon asks if she loves him. She starts to kiss him.

Caroline and Ridge are in bed together. They have paint all over each other’s bodies. Caroline never was good at making straight lines with a paintbrush. She thinks that lines are important. Ridge feels that lines are what brought them together. Deacon feels that Caroline made him realize that he shouldn’t do bad things anymore. He can’t believe his luck sometimes. Ridge wants to make a deal. He wants them to stop thinking negatively Caroline agrees. Caroline is just getting started though.

Brooke is alone now and once again thinks about Deacon kissing her. She remembers the first time she hooked up with Deacon and he asked her if she could change anything at all about this moment. She that she wouldn’t want to change anything at all.

Deacon and Quinn are both naked on the ground. Deacon tells her that he ring really isn’t that loose. Quinn explains to him that sex makes her fingers swell. Deacon is going to have to keep it that way. Quinn feels the ring looks much better up close. Deacon has had the ring for a while. Quinn asks if he bought the ring for someone else. Deacon is offended. Quinn asks if he was with someone with large fingers. Quinn wants the truth and hits him playfully. Quinn says that he better not cheat on her. Deacon won’t. Quinn has not reason to hurt him. He is the only man in her life not to run away. She always thought if this ever happened she would be in her 70’s with no fire left in her. Quinn asks if he really wants to do this. She is not a good person and all she can do is pretend to be. Deacon thinks that is fine. She doesn’t fake being ok with things. Quinn doesn’t know what to call what he feels for him. Deacon will explain it sometime. They kiss each other.

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