B&B Wednesday Update 3/4/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/4/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke looks in the mirror and remembers Quinn slapping her the night before. Someone knocks on the door and she walks over and opens it. Deacon is at the door and Brooke is shocked to see that he is back. Deacon needs to talk about what happened.

Quinn thanks Wyatt for coming over to talk. Quinn is really wired. Wyatt wants to know what she did now.

Liam wakes up in bed next to Ivy who is still asleep. He starts to kiss her and she wakes up and smiles. The two start to kiss. Ivy can never get tired of kissing him. Liam loves to watch her sleep. Ivy thinks that is kind of creepy. Liam explains to her that she drools. Ivy denies it. Liam starts to laugh and tells her that she is beautiful awake or asleep. They kiss each other again. Ivy has never been the sort of person who can just lie in bed all day but she could do it with Liam. Liam says they could try and see if anyone will miss them. Ivy wishes. Liam feels they have a little while. Ivy will take it. Liam thinks that it is funny how things have a way of working out. Ivy is never going to take him for granted. Ivy knows other women want him and he could have had them. Liam only wants her though.

Ridge asks why Steffy is going back to Paris. She just got here. Steffy feels that it was like a lifetime. Ridge asks if this is all over Liam. Steffy explains that he knows why she left Liam. Ridge understands she needed time to heal. Steffy agrees but the world doesn’t stop because she needs a time out. Steffy isn’t going to do the takeover so she has no reason to be here. Ridge hugs her.

Wyatt wants to hear about what Quinn has done. Quinn explains that she had to set Brooke straight. Wyatt again tells Quinn to tell him what she did. Quinn admits to slapping Brooke.

Brooke wonders if Deacon wants some coffee. Deacon says no thanks. Brooke doesn’t know why she made such a big pot. Deacon asks why she is talking about coffee. Brooke says that they could talk about the finer tastes of wine. Deacon is sure that she could and wants to know if she remembers what happened. Brooke doesn’t black out when she drinks. Deacon asks if she remembers them kissing. Brooke remembers Deacon kissing her.

Ivy wants to know if the Forrester takeover is over now. Liam wouldn’t say that. Ivy reminds him that Steffy won’t give her stock in the company unless she is with him. Ivy can’t believe she is doing this. Liam feels that it is classic Steffy. Liam understands how Steffy works. She has some regrets and insecurities. She is self-aware. Once Steffy adjusts to the new reality she always gives in. The takeover is happening just not now. Ivy starts to kiss him again.

Steffy isn’t going to torture herself watching Liam fall in love with Ivy. She sat front row with Hope and she won’t do it again. Ridge gets it. Steffy likes the vibe of his new apartment. She looks at the painting of Caroline nude. Ridge feels that she is tastefully draped. Steffy asks what they are dealing with. Is it a midlife crisis situation? Ridge feels that it is much more than that.

Wyatt tries to get what Quinn is saying to him is that she went to Brooke’s home and slapped her. Quinn was upset. Deacon told her what happened and she knows that Brooke is a man predator. Wyatt asks if she was protecting Deacon then. Quinn was protecting her relationship. Brooke already stole Bill away from him and she doesn’t need to hear it. The slap went a bit to far. She is worried what will happen when Deacon finds out. Wyatt knows that Brooke will be happy to tell him for her.

Deacon will admit to starting the kiss but she needs to admit that she didn’t stop it. Deacon thinks that they remember it a little differently. Brooke wants to know why he wants to talk about the kiss. Deacon feels that Brooke dazzles him but he can’t find the woman that he loved once. She will always have a piece of her heart. Brooke assumes that Deacon wants her to understand that he is with Quinn. Brooke tells him that he should be having this conversation with Quinn. Brooke thinks that she is feeling a little insecure right now. Deacon asks what she means. Brooke explains that Quinn came over her and she slapped her.

Wyatt asks where Deacon is right now. Quinn doesn’t know but asks if Deacon could have stopped at Brooke’s. Wyatt isn’t sure but thinks that it is possible they could run into each other. That is how this whole mess started in the first place. Quinn already said she was sorry. Wyatt reminds her that Brooke already doesn’t like her so she has every reason to blow up any sort of conflict involving her. Quinn gets it. She tells him to stop yelling at her. She is working on this. It was one incident. Wyatt hopes that Deacon sees it that way. He leaves.

Deacon is shocked that Quinn slapped her. Brooke explains what happened. Brooke fell right to the floor. Deacon can’t believe this. Brooke says that Quinn ended up saying sorry instead of hitting her again. It just made the whole situation even creepier. Brooke knows that he is a romantic at heart. She wants him to be careful. He doesn’t know the amount of her craziness. He needs to understand her before he is in to deep and can’t get out. Deacon leaves.

Ridge knows that Steffy doesn’t approve of his relationship with Caroline. Steffy finds it inappropriate. Ridge isn’t sure of what she means. Steffy reminds him that she is her age. Ridge thinks that she is a grown woman and makes her own choices. Steffy is sorry but it still is wrong. Ridge isn’t sure of what to do about it. Caroline walks in. Caroline can come back. Steffy doesn’t want her to on her account. Ridge tells her to come in.

Deacon walks in and asks what the hell is wrong with Quinn.

Liam walks back into his bedroom with a tray of food. He starts to feed Ivy a strawberry. He says that it is a big one. They start to laugh.

Caroline realizes that Steffy has a problem with them being together. She doesn’t think this is a casual thing though. Steffy reminds her that not too long ago she was with Rick. Caroline points out that he ended their marriage. Ridge isn’t going to defend this relationship what happened has happened. Steffy asks if her opinion even matters. Ridge wants to know if he is allowed to be happy. Steffy says ok. She wants him to be happy. She tells that him she is going to leave. Steffy is not happy with this in her tone. Caroline thinks that went well. Ridge says that they will see.

Brooke starts to think about Deacon kissing her. She looks at the bottle.

Quinn can’t believe that Brooke told him she knocked her out. Deacon cannot believe that she went over to her house and hit her. Quinn feels that is an exaggeration. Deacon wants to know what happened to make her crazy. Deacon wants her to realize that she can’t go around punching people. Quinn needed Brooke to know that Deacon is off limits. Deacon doesn’t want this to be this way. She is beautiful and talented and Deacon is here every single night. She doesn’t have to go around hitting people. Hope and Brooke are important to him. They do not deserve to have her doing this to her. Quinn knows she screwed up and tells Deacon that he should just leave if he can’t handle it. She screams for him to just go. She turns around and then asks why he is still here. Deacon shows her a ring. Deacon says that she is nuts but he wants to marry her. Quinn looks shocked.

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