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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/3/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy explains to Ivy that Ridge is talking to Liam right now. Ivy is glad. Steffy tells her that this is good for the company, it will get Rick out. It won’t be good for Ivy though. If Ridge agrees to this deal it means that Liam understands that they are going to be a couple. She isn’t going to give up her stock otherwise. Forrester has always been its best with a husband and wife team at the forefront. Steffy gets a call from Liam. Liam had an interesting talk and wants to meet up with Steffy. Steffy is on her way. She smiles.

Maya looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. Rick walks down stairs and tells her that he knew it would look great on her. Maya starts to laugh. Maya can’t believe what a day they had. The necklace is beautiful and Rick has support from his father. Rick feels that the best part is that his love cost more. Rick believes that this is one of the best days of his life. Maya was really impressed today. She feels that he really was impressed with how he took charge in that meeting. Rick hopes that he was convincing. Maya asks if he meant what he said in there. Rick meant every word. Saying it in front of his father might have been slightly calculated but he was glad to smooth things over with his employees. Maya thinks that is why he is CEO. Rick plans to stay CEO. Aly walks in with a bunch of bags in her hands. Rick asks what those are. Aly thought that he was going to take her shoe line seriously. Rick remembers himself saying that but it would be a lot easier if he had a drink in his hand. Rick orders Aly to make drinks for him and Maya.

Wyatt asks if Rick approved the opal bracelet. Ivy is thinking off in space and asks what he said. Wyatt wants to know if Rick approved the bracelet. Ivy explains he was critical of it but he did say yes to it. Wyatt asks if she is ok. Ivy is totally fine but decides that they should probably do this in the morning. She might go to Liam’s in a little bit. Wyatt wants to know what is going on. Ivy tells him that Liam is with Steffy and she is a little afraid of what she might walk in on.

Liam opens his front door and tells Steffy thanks for coming. Steffy wants to know if her father is gone. Liam says he is. Steffy knows that Ridge is interested in the proposition but also knows that she won’t agree unless they make a go at it. Steffy asks if that is why he called her. She wants to know if he is ready to take over Forrester creations.

Aly hands them both drinks and Maya thanks her. Aly gets out one of her shoes and is ready to show it off when Rick stops her. He wants to know how many times she shook the bottle. Aly doesn’t know maybe fifteen. Rick asks if no one ever taught her. More than ten it is two watered down and less than ten it is not cold enough. Aly says that she is sorry. Aly asks if they can look at the shoes now. Maya says yes they should see the shoes.

Wyatt can’t believe that Steffy has been after Liam this entire time. Wyatt doesn’t think that she can do this. Ivy explains that Steffy seems to think differently about all of this. The only way she is going to give Liam what he wants is if she gets Liam. Wyatt is shocked that the only way they are going to do this takeover is if… Ivy confirms that it will only happen if Liam leaves her for Steffy. Liam has a big choice to make. He can either have her or he can have Steffy and the company.

Steffy tells him that they know they can do it. She reminds him of the legacy that they would be creating. Spencer Publications and Forrester Creations under the same team. Liam knows that but only if they are together. Steffy says to him that it is the way it is supposed to be. She wants him to remember all the times they had spent together. The first time they were in the bathtub together she knew. She has no question that he is her future. Liam remembers that she left. Steffy left for him. She was scared. She didn’t know what she was going to do and she couldn’t handle it. She told herself that they would be better off but it wasn’t. Hope couldn’t even appreciate him. She put him through all those things with Wyatt. Steffy thought that Hope would come to her senses. Liam explains that it is complicated. Steffy knows that this isn’t entirely Hope’s fault but she handed him to her and she left him. She wants to be honest. If he was married to Hope right now and was happy then she wouldn’t be fighting for him. Liam being with Ivy though for a few seconds is not enough time. This is why she is going after him. She still considers this home. Liam wants her to still consider this home because there is a lot of memories here. Liam also points out that she is right he has not known Ivy long but his commitment is not meaningless. Steffy wants what they had back. They should pick up where they left off. She tells him to stop. Forrester is theirs if they do this together. It would be totally and completely theirs.

Wyatt does not see Liam picking Steffy. Ivy does not either but she has to be realistic. Liam and Steffy do have a history together. Wyatt knows that but Liam looks into the future. He reminds her of why he started this little passion play in the first place. It was to protect her and Caroline. The Spencer women and that is how he referred to her. Ivy is going to go see Liam. She asks him to wish her luck. He doesn’t think she needs it.

Liam would love to kick Rick to the curve. Steffy tells him to just say yes. Liam thinks that it would be amazing to run the company with the woman that he loved. He asks if she knows how grateful he is to her. She is one of the smartest people that he has ever met. Then to live with her on top of that and be her husband. It would be really good and he thinks they could make it work this time. Steffy knows that Ivy is still in the way. Liam is really committed to her. Steffy tells him that she better appreciate what she has. Liam does love Steffy. Steffy does not blame him for giving this a shot. Liam asks what happens now. Steffy goes back to Paris and watches from a far. What Rick is doing at the company and what he is doing with Ivy. She will watch and wait. The two of them hug. Steffy tells Liam to be happy. Liam says yes to that. Steffy looks back once before leaving. She stands outside.

Aly takes out a shoe that has a rainbow look to it. Rick stops her again and tells her that the shoes have a very discount look to them. He just doesn’t know. Maya wants to see the shoes in action and asks her to put them on. Aly doesn’t want to put them on she wants Maya too. She is the lead model after all. Maya says no. Her feet are tired and she should model them. Rick doesn’t know. He thinks that he needs to see them on the lead model. He tells Aly to give Maya a massage. Maya doesn’t think that is necessary. Rick thinks it is the least Aly could do. Aly does it but Maya does not look happy with Rick.

Liam opens the door again and finds Ivy. He notes that she is back. Ivy asks if that is alright. Ivy wasn’t sure if he had company or not. Liam promises her that Steffy is not going to walk out in a bikini but she was here. Ivy was with her when he called. Ivy wants to know what happened. Liam really wants to take over Forrester Creations but it is not going to happen right now. Using Steffy’s shares is not going to happen. Especially if it means giving up on them. Ivy and Liam hug.

Maya tells Aly that is great and she is ready to try on those shoes. Rick reminds her that was only the right one. She still needs to rub the left one. Maya looks at him annoyed. Aly says that is ok and starts rubbing it. Maya says that feels fine. Rick can’t wait to see how the shoes look on Maya.

Steffy walks into Rick’s office to find Wyatt. She tells him that she is sorry and didn’t mean to walk in. Wyatt tells her it is fine. He was just packing up and hoping that Rick will be fine with his sales report on Ivy’s line. Steffy is sure that he will be. Wyatt asks if Liam is staying with Ivy. He works close with Ivy and she talked to him about it. Steffy confirms that he is for now.

Ivy is not going to lie. She is relieved. Liam talked about this. Ivy wasn’t worried but Steffy was very confident. She can’t believe how immature Steffy was being. Ivy asks if that is how she always was. Liam says that she is confident. Ivy thought she was starting to make sense. They do have a big history and then Ridge came to visit and the she thought this was it. It is not like going back with Steffy is a sacrifice. Liam is in love with someone else. He has discovered that he prefers his beauty with an accent. He wants control of the company bad but having it all doesn’t happen if he doesn’t have Ivy. The two kiss passionately. They look at each other and smile.

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