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Written By Anthony
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Brooke is still on the ground and is in pain from Quinn slapping her moments ago. Brooke thinks that it is one thing to slap her but another thing to harm her vodka. Quinn tells her to stay away from Deacon. Brooke asks if Deacon is here. Quinn means it; she wants her to stay the hell away from him.

Deacon is eating and Wyatt is sitting on the couch of Quinn’s loft. Wyatt asks why he isn’t out looking for Quinn. Deacon has called and texted her. Wyatt explains that it is no mystery as to where she went. Deacon knows that she went to Brooke’s. Wyatt think they could go over there. Deacon doesn’t think anything is going to happen. Brooke is probably fast asleep and is to out of it to get out of bed. Wyatt asks if she was really that wasted. Deacon says yes. Deacon made the right choice in taking her home. Wyatt is ok with that so long as he didn’t make any bad decisions when he brought her home.

Ridge is in Rick’s office and Steffy walks in. She says hello. Ridge is just dropping off some sketches for Napoleon to reject in the morning. Steffy points out that it doesn’t have to be this way. Ridge knows that but he is having a tough time getting into this idea. Steffy reminds him that Liam just wants them to have the company back and run it the way that they want to. Ridge also knows that Steffy will get Liam if this deal goes through. Steffy explains that Liam is aware that the only way she is going to say yes is if she is part of the bargain.

Liam and Ivy kiss each other passionately on the ground. Ivy is shocked at how passionate he is being seeing that she isn’t even wearing a bikini. Liam doesn’t know what she is talking about. Ivy reminds him that Steffy was wearing one this morning. Liam asks if she is really bringing that up. Liam is just too caught up in his relationship with Ivy to remember. Ivy doesn’t think that he is that clueless to forget his ex-wife wearing a bikini and kissing him. Liam confirms that he is though. Steffy knew that he was committed to them but hearing it firsthand it meant a lot to her. She can only imagine that it was pretty tempting to have another shot with Steffy. Liam says that it was but not in the way she is thinking. There are a lot of what if’s when it comes to Steffy and his relationship. What if the baby had lived or the marriage had happened. He wonders what it would have been like if he didn’t have Ivy but he does have her. Ivy just wished that being with her didn’t mean no Forrester shares. She asks how he plans for this to work out if he doesn’t have Ridge and Steffy on board. Liam isn’t sure. He thinks that they will still want to be a part. Ivy hopes so. He needs to.

Ridge explains that Eric has given full support to Rick. So that means that Rick has a full year to do whatever the heck he wants to with the company. Then Liam’s proposal is not a good one either. Steffy believes that something still has to be done. Ridge agrees with that but things need to be taken into consideration. Bill cannot be involved at all and they all need to be protected. Ridge needs to talk to Carter and make sure that everything could work out with the deal. Ridge doesn’t want her to get her hopes up but he is open to it. Maybe they could make this work.

Deacon told him what happened. Wyatt knows that he drove her home but wants to know what Brooke was doing in her swim suit. Deacon tells him that Brooke wanted to take a dip. He didn’t do anything with her. Wyatt still feels that in situations like these Quinn still hears what she wants to. Deacon asks if that means that she hears that he is a decent guy who took a woman who had to many drinks a ride home. Wyatt tells him that he gave a ride home to a woman he used to sleep with. Deacon says nothing happened. Deacon remembers kissing her. Wyatt asks if he is sure about that.

Brooke is no threat to Quinn. Quinn knows that so she needs to get that through her head right now. Brooke reminds her that she and Deacon have a daughter together. Quinn points out that they have an adult daughter who lives in another country. Quinn asks if she is really going to go after the one man she has been shunning all these years because no other man will go after her. Quinn wants to know if she really thinks that she is going to take Deacon away from her. Brooke says no but obviously she does. Quinn is sorry. She did not know what got into her. Quinn tries to help her stand up but Brooke screams at her not to touch her.

Wyatt doesn’t mean to pry but he knows Deacon’s history with Brooke. He knows what could happen especially if she was knocking him back. Wyatt knows though that Quinn hasn’t loved a man like this since his father. He is not to hurt her.

Quinn shouldn’t have slapped her. Brooke knows that. Quinn is also sorry for dropping her drink. She wants to help her clean it up. Brooke wants her to just leave. Quinn wants to make right. She wonders if Brooke can understand where she is coming from. Brooke can’t because she is a psycho. Quinn explains that Brooke is just a little unbalanced in her feet. Brooke wants to know why she cares that she is drunk. Quinn doesn’t care. Quinn tells her to get drunk and pass out on her own and leave Deacon out of it. Quinn has only ever been interested in two men her entire life. Bill and Deacon. Brooke had Bill and she doesn’t even want to think about her and Deacon. Deacon is not going to be taken away. Brooke doesn’t desire Deacon but he is a good friend and if she wants to hang out with Deacon then she is going to hang out with Deacon. Brooke tells Quinn to go. She never wants her here again. Quinn tells her to enjoy her hangover tomorrow. Quinn leaves. Brooke runs to the door and quickly locks it.

Ivy grabs her purse. She has to get back to work. She may have to deal with Rick as her boss for another twelve months. Liam wants to make sure that she isn’t blaming herself. He doesn’t want her to feel responsible for this. It is not her fault. Ivy wishes that Steffy could rise above her feelings for him and just do what is right for the company. Ivy asks if it is really too late for her to do that. Liam kisses her. Ivy says bye. She leaves. Liam takes a deep breath.

Steffy isn’t going to get her hopes up. Ridge just thinks that it is wrong to sit here and do this. Steffy thinks that running Forrester with Ridge and Liam will be a good thing. Ridge is glad to hear that. Ridge wants this but doesn’t want her to think that he is going to make a business choice based on her life. Steffy is not asking him to do that. Ridge feels that she kind of is. Steffy is trying to make him do what is right for the company. Ridge wonders where she got that self-confidence. Ridge is going to go talk to Liam. He needs to see where his head is when it comes to this deal. Steffy thanks him. Ridge leaves.

Deacon puts his plate in the dishwasher. He remembers trying to take Brooke home at the restaurant. Quinn walks in and closes the door. Deacon asks where she has been. Quinn had some stuff to do. Deacon put her dinner in the oven and it should be done in a minute. Quinn asks if he would ever leave her for Brooke. Deacon wouldn’t leave her for anyone. Deacon loves her and respects her. That is why he told her and didn’t lie. He asks if she went to Brooke’s. He wants to know what happened.

Brooke cleans up the spill and walks back over to her bottle. She pours herself another drink. She hugs the bottle as she attempts to drink.

Steffy is one the phone with someone and tells them that she might come back to LA more often. She might even move back soon. She says goodbye. Ivy walks in and says sorry. Ivy asks if she is moving back to LA. Steffy thinks that anything is possible. Ivy feels that it would be great for the company if she did. Steffy explains that a lot would have to change in order to make that possible. Ivy thinks that Steffy is making this much bigger than it needs to be. Steffy tells her that if Liam wants her stock then being with her is part of the package.

Liam gets a knock on his door and he runs over to answer it. He thinks it is Ivy and finds Ridge. Ridge wants to know who he thinks was at the door. He tells him to be careful about how he answers that because it might affect why he is here. Liam asks if this is about his offer. Ridge thinks that this could work out great for everyone. Rick would be gone and Steffy would have her life back. She was never happier then when she was with Liam. Ridge asks why he isn’t jumping on it.

Quinn says that she did go to Brooke’s. She was awake and was not sobering up. She believes that she knocked some sense into her. Deacon thanks her for that. Quinn had to go. She has to tell her. She knows that he thinks she is over reacting but Brooke doesn’t do stuff like this for no reason. Deacon feels that she is just lonely. Quinn asks what she knows about being lonely. She is surrounded by her sister and children and people who will drive her home at night when she is tipsy. She can find any man to drive her home at night. Any man but Deacon.

Brooke looks at a photo and is sad. She sits down and starts to cry. Brooke takes another drink.

Ivy promises Steffy that Liam is not going back to her. Steffy says that is only a maybe. Ivy feels that this whole thing connected them even more. Steffy knows that she is nervous. She has so much to compare a few months to a couple of years. She explains that Ridge went to see Liam. He seems to be on board or will be very soon. If he and Liam come to an agreement tonight then her little bonding thing won’t make a difference.

Liam asks what he is saying right now. He wants to know if Ridge is ready to make a deal. Ridge is willing to it but he is also saying that the day to day work must be at the hands of him and Steffy. Liam is fine with that so long as Ivy and Caroline are not miserable. He is not going to lie he does want to be involved but he trusts Ridge and Steffy to do the right thing. Liam knows he can do this. Ridge points out that he cannot do it without Steffy. She has twenty five percent and they cannot do it without her. Liam wants to know if he is playing match maker right now. Ridge needs something that is going to benefit his daughter. If he can provide then that’s great. If he can’t then he will put his head down and deal with a year of Rick. Caroline may suffer a little bit but it is only a year. Then Eric will step in and ship Rick somewhere else. He doesn’t want to wait a year though. If Liam still wants Steffy then he has his deal. Ivy can’t be in the picture though. Ridge tells him to think about it. He leaves.

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