B&B Friday Update 2/27/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/27/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Deacon is freaking out after kissing Brooke. Brooke thinks that he does need a dip in the pool. Deacon didn’t mean it. Brooke tells him to shut up. Deacon starts to kiss her passionately again.

Wyatt finds it strange that Quinn who never trusted Liam or Hope trusts Deacon now. Quinn explains that Deacon has stood by her in her darkest hour. Wyatt reminds her that Deacon is a master manipulator. Quinn doesn’t think that he knows him the way she does. Wyatt is glad about that. Quinn appreciates his concern. She really does. Quinn thinks that it is the first sign that maybe Wyatt is starting to forgive her. She has been dreaming about that. Wyatt says that she should trust him this once then. Deacon Sharpe will drag her into darkness. Wyatt doesn’t want Quinn going back to that place. Quinn won’t. Wyatt asks about Brooke. Quinn doesn’t know what he means by that. Wyatt tells her that they share a daughter together and a whole lot more than that.

Bill and Katie cuddle together in bed. Katie asks if Bill wishes he was sailing around right now. Bill thinks that it could happen. They could start the honey moon in Aspen and end it in the south of France. Katie doesn’t think so. Katie thinks that the necklace looks good on him. Bill believes that it will get some getting used to but he thanks her. Katie feels that it is one less connection to Quinn. Bill asks if this is one of her improvements. Katie doesn’t think it is hard to be an improvement upon Quinn. Katie is glad that he is giving this a chance. Katie knows how he felt when Liam switched his out. Quinn must have hated it. Bill doesn’t give a damn how Quinn feels. She has a new project. She is with Deacon. Katie doesn’t care so long as he stays away from Brooke.

Quinn has spoken to Deacon about Brooke. He has reassured her. Wyatt doesn’t think that he is very reliable. Quinn doesn’t need this. Quinn wants him to respect her choices. Wyatt understands that she doesn’t want to hear this right now but at one time Brooke was the love of Deacon’s life. Quinn knows that they made a pretty little messed up daughter together. Quinn wonders where Deacon is right now anyways. Wyatt thought she said he went out for food. Quinn knows that but thinks that he should be back by now. She sends him a text message.

Deacon wonders what the hell he is doing. Brooke tells him to relax. This isn’t the first time he has kissed her. Deacon thinks that Quinn’s food is getting cold. Deacon is going to get the hell out of there. Brooke wants him to cool down and go for a swim. Deacon asks if she sees what is going on. Brooke sees exactly what is going on. He is living with a nutcase. Deacon doesn’t think that this is funny. Deacon gets a text asking where he is. Brooke tells him to text her that he will be home soon. Brooke says that drinks are on her. Deacon looks nervous.

Bill walks back into the bedroom and he sees that Katie is on the phone. He thought they made a deal that they wouldn’t have any phones. Katie is just checking in with a few people. Bill asks how she is then. Katie asks who. Bill means Brooke. He knows that she is worried about her. Katie is worried that she is not very happy with this. She was clearly putting on a show at the wedding. Katie knows her sister very well and she knows that she is not doing very well. Brooke said very sweet things but she could feel sadness coming from her. Bill thinks that she will be fine. Bill feels that Brooke Logan will never be lonely. Katie just hopes that she is hanging around the right people.

Wyatt asks if she has heard anything from Deacon. Quinn assumes that he is just driving home. Quinn knows that Brooke was at the wedding. Wyatt is glad that she is still on her mind. She should be. Quinn knows that he said that she was hitting the bottle Wyatt says yes. Quinn asks if she was with Ridge. Wyatt says no. Ridge is with Caroline now. Quinn knows that Caroline is no Brooke. Wyatt explains that Ridge is not interested in Brooke. Quinn doubts that. Ridge is always interested in Brooke. Wyatt thinks that Brooke and Deacon have a history. They share a daughter together. Quinn shares a son with Bill but it doesn’t mean that they are passing thought. Wyatt thinks that it is different for a woman. Wyatt is not trying to upset her. The point is that Brooke is always with a man. Quinn will not let Deacon choose Brooke over her. Deacon can’t get what she gives him from Brooke.

Deacon tells Brooke to stop drinking. He cannot party with her. Brooke wants to go in the pool. Deacon doesn’t think that she is that drunk. Brooke doesn’t get drunk. She gets happy. Then she gets happier. Deacon asks if she remembers what happened before she took off for Italy. Brooke remembers that he asked her to marry him. Deacon wanted a future but he has no idea what she wanted. Then she took off for Italy. Deacon asks if she cares at all. Brooke tells him to lighten up. Brooke gives him a drink. Deacon is going to spill this out for her. He can’t be her drinking buddy. He is with Quinn. Brooke doesn’t want to hear about Quinn. Deacon is trying to be with Quinn. Brooke tells him to stop wearing his heart on his sleeve because he is no fun. Deacon leaves. Brooke keeps drinking.

Quinn hopes that Deacon didn’t get into an accident. Wyatt doesn’t think that is as bad as what he is thinking. Quinn demands that he stop being so cynical. Wyatt tells her to be with the guy. He is going to leave. Deacon walks in. He says that he is sorry he is late. He says hello to Wyatt. Quinn asks where he has been. Deacon got side tracked. Deacon ran into someone at the restaurant. Quinn asks who. Deacon explains that it was Brooke.

Bill tells Katie that she needs to stop looking at her phone. Katie is sorry. She knows that Brooke wouldn’t want her worrying about her anyways. Bill is sure that Brooke is partying it up with Donna. Katie cheers to that.

Brooke is on the phone with Donna and forgot that she was taking care of Will. She thought it would be fun to go dancing like they used to. She will see her soon. Brooke will talk to her later. Brooke looks at the bottle.

Quinn asks if he was with her all this time at the restaurant. Deacon says no she was really drunk. Quinn can’t believe she was drinking again. Wyatt asks if she was doing this by herself. Deacon had to get her out of the place. Quinn hopes that she didn’t scare him. Deacon wasn’t. He drove her home. Wyatt assumes that he didn’t just leave her on the doorstep. Deacon had to sober her up. Quinn asks what they did. Deacon had to get her to settle down. He is sorry it is late. He goes into the other room for a minute. Quinn grabs her keys. She tells Wyatt to tell Deacon she will be right back. Deacon walks out and asks where she is. Wyatt tells him that he knows where she is.

Brooke pours herself another drink and has it all over her face. She starts crying while she is drinking.

Katie explains to Bill that Brooke has always taken care of her. Bill assures her that she is partying it up with Will and Donna right now.

Wyatt tells Deacon that he has tried calling her and texting her. She isn’t going to pick up her phone. Wyatt wants him to stop dating Quinn. Deacon thinks that he is the best thing to ever happen to Quinn. Wyatt wonders if he cares about her as much as he cares about Brooke. Deacon used to care about her the same way. Deacon just tried to sober her up. Wyatt can tell that something else happened. Wyatt knows that Deacon is vulnerable to Brooke. He wants to know what happened tonight.

Brooke is lying on her couch and someone rings the doorbell. She walks over to the door and screams that she is coming. She finds Quinn on the other side. Brooke thinks she could use a drink. Quinn thinks that she has had enough for both of them. Quinn walks in and asks if she is drinking alone. Brooke intends to keep it that way. She tells her that he wants nothing to do with her. Brooke asks who she means. Ridge, Bill, or Eric. Quinn is sure that all of them have their reasons but she knows damn well who he is. Brooke thinks that she should leave. Brooke slaps Brooke and she falls to the ground. She tells her to stay away from Deacon.

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