B&B Thursday Update 2/26/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/26/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Aspen Bill and Katie kiss passionately in bed. Bill wishes her a happy honey moon. Katie is the happiest. She likes being here with him. She enjoys the cold. It makes her want to stay nice and warm all day. Bill thinks that sounds good with him.

In Rick’s office Brooke makes a toast with Eric to their brilliant son Rick. Eric wonders where he gets his brilliance from. Brooke thinks that it is rather obvious. Eric agrees. At the same time they both say they get it from them. They laugh. Brooke thinks especially her. Brooke giggles. Eric asks if he will ever get tired of her giggle. Brooke hopes that he doesn’t. Brooke takes another drink and asks if she can have another glass. She starts pouring before Eric can say anything. This toast is not to Rick but to his parents Brooke explains. Brooke smiles.

Deacon slams his hand on the kitchen counter as Quinn’s house as he tries to stand up. He is not wearing any clothes and is holding a whisk in his right hand. He is out of breath. Quinn has been saving that. Deacon asks if she has any other goodies up her sleeve. Quinn thinks that he will learn in good time. Deacon cannot wait. Quinn is hungry. Deacon thinks she means sexually. Quinn corrects him. Deacon asks if she wants to get a bite. Quinn doesn’t want to have to go out. Deacon can go to get take out. Quinn asks if he would really do that for her. Deacon would do anything for her. They both drop to the ground again.

Katie looks outside and Bill walks into the room shirtless. He thinks that she is a beautiful sight. Katie says hi. Katie keeps forgetting to give him something. Bill asks what it is. Katie explains that it is his wedding present. She took a bit of a risk in getting it. She asks him to open it. Bill takes off the ribbon. Bill finds a new sword necklace. Katie says that it is something new.

Deacon is going to get some chicken and salad. Quinn wants that as well. Deacon can see that she is hungry. They kiss. Quinn doesn’t want him to be long. Deacon asks if he is going to be punished. Quinn will do that either way. She smacks his behind as he leaves. Quinn smiles.

Brooke offers to pour Eric another glass of liquor. Eric says no more for him. Brooke tries to insist on another glass. Eric doesn’t think that his day is over. Brooke wonders if he wants to grab a bite then. Eric too busy right now. Brooke will go alone then. Eric hopes that she is not driving. Brooke will get a car. She thanks him for caring. Eric says always. He asks if she is going to be alright. Brooke says of course. She thinks that now that Rick is in control things are stabilizing. Eric leaves and Brooke sits back down. Brooke finishes her drink.

Katie comes back out with hot chocolate. She thinks that it is mountain food. Bill thanks her. Katie knows that he has warn that necklace for a very long time. Bill explains that it might sound a bit silly but he feels like it is a part of him. Katie doesn’t think that it is silly. It is a symbol of his power. Bill thinks that it is a symbol of who he is. It has been with him throughout his entire adult life. Its origin is not significant to him. Katie knows that he has had many obstacles in life. She is not naive to that. She understands that he has to fight for everything that he has. The fight isn’t over because that is just life. Katie explains though that the necklace is his past. The new necklace is his future where he is going. For the first time ever the Spencer family is united. They are a single unit. Him, his sons, and his wife. She believes that means something new. She understands that it doesn’t have the same significance but it will. He is still powerful and better than ever before. He is not asking him to forget his past but she wants him to embrace his future. Katie asks him to give it a chance. The two of them kiss passionately.

Quinn has a knock at the door and finds Wyatt at the door. Wyatt asks if she is alone. Quinn says yes and tells him to come in. Wyatt gestures her to move the cutting knife she has in her hand away. Quinn says sorry and he walks in. Quinn explains that she is struggling but she is not asking for work. Wyatt wonders where her pet is. Quinn says that he is out getting food. Wyatt asks how that is going. Quinn is shocked that he is concerned about his mother. Wyatt tells her that he might be concerned about Deacon. Quinn assures her that he treats her well. Wyatt points out that he didn’t on Valentine’s Day. Quinn explains that they were discussing their wayward daughter. Wyatt asks if he brought her any chocolate or candy. Quinn says that as a matter of fact she can tell that he is worried about his mother. Wyatt knows that she can react badly to rejection. Quinn assures him that he has nothing to worry about. Deacon treats her very well. Quinn wants to know how Bill’s wedding went. Wyatt says that it was entertaining he supposes. Quinn wonders if they had any drama. Wyatt doesn’t think that much. Quinn knows that it was a house filled with Logan women. Something had to have happened. Wyatt explains that Brooke did provide a distraction by getting tipsy. Quinn knows that Deacon told her that Brooke was hitting the bottle. Quinn wants to know what that is all about.

Deacon shows up at the restaurant and asks about his take out. The waitress goes to check on it. Deacon notices Brooke and walks over. Brooke says hello to him. Deacon wants to know what she is doing here. Brooke is celebrating. Deacon asks if she is alone. Brooke tells him she isn’t now and makes him take a seat. She has a glass of wine. Brooke explains that her son finally has full support of his father. Deacon has heard the rumors about Rick. Brooke doesn’t care about the rumors. They go away. Then they come again and then they go away forever. Brooke hates drinking alone so she tries to get Deacon a drink. Deacon is just picking up some take out. Brooke really wants to have a drink with him so that she doesn’t star a rumor. Brooke calls Deacon sexy and young. Deacon goes for the more mature stuff. Deacon asks how much she has had. Brooke started to drink with Eric in his office. She has some very well aged liquor. She was driven over here. Deacon gets gives the waitress enough money to pay for both his meal and Brooke. He tells her that it is time to go and she doesn’t want to go. Deacon isn’t going to trust a drive to take her home. Brooke starts yelling at everyone and makes a huge scene. Deacon apologizes to everyone.

Katie thinks that the conditions are amazing outside. Bill agrees that they are incredible. Katie says that when they were kids their mother used to work extra hours so they could have a day at big bear. She remembers how much fun they had racing with her sisters and Storm down the hill. Brooke always won generally but she can remember how fun it was to go faster and faster trying to catch up. Bill asks if Katie ever won. She did once but she thinks that Brooke might have let her. Katie is worried about her and hopes that she isn’t making bad choices because she is lonely.

Quinn is touched that Wyatt is concerned about her love life. Wyatt doesn’t want her to get all melodramatic. He just wants to protect his inheritance. Quinn feels that she has turned Wyatt into such a cynical person. Wyatt believes that Bill is to thank for that. Quinn doesn’t want him worrying about her. Wyatt doubts that he is gentleman because she would have zero interest in him if that was the case. Quinn explains that when he lost his child Quinn became depressed. She was extremely depressed and he has been there for her ever since. She trusts Deacon.

Deacon attempts to get Brooke into her house. Brooke explains to him that most drivers don’t come in with her. Deacon is going to get her right over to the couch. Brooke doesn’t want to sit but she wants to dance. Brooke decides she wants some more to drink. Deacon tells her it is time for some rest. He needs to get back to Quinn. Brooke says fine and starts walking up the stairs. Deacon wants to know where she is going. Brooke is going to sober up and Deacon is going to help him. Deacon says to be careful. Brooke is good. Deacon looks worried.

Bill walks into the room and says that everything is ready. He then forgot what he was going to say as Katie is wearing her underwear by the fire. Katie asks if she is going to need a coat. Bill takes off his shirt. The two of them start to kiss each other. Bill loves her. He loves her fight and determination. He is so grateful that they found their way back to each other. They will be together forever. They start to kiss passionately.

Quinn is a part of Deacon’s life. Wyatt wants her to be happy but he doubts that Deacon is going to deliver that. Quinn points out that he has so far. Wyatt feels that she is going to be disappointed. Quinn asks who he is talking to. She tells him that just because things didn’t work out with him and Hope doesn’t mean that they won’t with her and Deacon. Wyatt wants her to keep an eye open. Quinn wants him to be assured that Deacon won’t betray him. Wyatt knows that if he does then he is going to wake up one morning with a key part of his body missing and he doesn’t want her going down that path. Quinn tells him that Deacon won’t disappoint her.

Deacon looks at a picture of Brooke and Hope. She remembers back when they slept together and she gave birth to Hope. Brooke walks down stairs in her bathing suit and she is swinging around a boy’s bathing suit. She tells him they should go swimming and then they can drink. Brooke asks if he remembers when they used to have fun swimming. Deacon remembers. He is committed to Quinn though. Quinn asks what that has to do with anything. What she gets is that she needs another drink. Brooke and Deacon kiss each other and Deacon looks shocked.

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