B&B Wednesday Update 2/25/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/25/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy walks into Ridge’s office. Steffy thinks that this day is just full of surprises. Ridge is glad that she got his text. The two hug. Ridge knows the last time they talked it didn’t go well Ridge explains that Liam came by and told him about his plan. Steffy doesn’t look happy.

Liam asks if Ivy is ok. Ivy is but she is just a little tense. Liam asks if she had a long day at work. Ivy has been out of the office. Liam asks if Rick has her doing things again. Ivy explains that she was asked to do something but Liam is never going to believe this.

Maya loves champagne in the middle of the day. Rick has a present for her. Maya asks what it is. Rick holds a jewelry box. It is special just like she is. Maya thinks that he has already given her so many gifts. Rick hasn’t given her one like this. Maya smiles.

Eric tells Brooke that the company is running very well as of late. Brooke is happy about that. Eric wanted to see her in case she wondered about his sudden return to LA. Brooke assumes that he has spoken to Rick. Eric has and he has his full support. He has total confidence in their son. Brooke smiles.

Ivy has worked with diamonds before but nothing like this. It is so hard to watch Rick sit back and act like this. Liam asks if that is why she is so tense. Ivy is tense because of Steffy. Ivy knows she was here today. She saw them together.

Ridge explains that Liam didn’t want to keep a secret from him. Steffy asks if he is on board. Ridge wants to know if she is on board. Steffy feels that it is tempting. Ridge points out that they would be stabbing Eric in the back. If they did something like this it would be undermining his authority and ending his career.

Eric says that Forrester is his company. Brooke asks if Rick has his backing as CEO. Eric feels it was the smartest business decision he has ever made. Brooke thought that when he came home it was for a different reason. Eric says that so did Rick. Brooke wonders if he has heard about all Rick has done. Eric did but then he saw the profits. Eric wants him to keep doing whatever he is doing.

Rick says to Maya that she has played a huge role in his life and without her he wouldn’t be where she is today. Maya opens it and is a little shocked to see that it is a necklace. Rick wanted Ivy to design something as beautiful and elegant as she is. Maya smiles. Rick wants to put it on her. Rick explains that it was Ivy’s most expensive piece she ever designed. Rick doesn’t think it shows how valuable Maya is to Rick.

Brooke is thrilled that Eric is supporting Rick but she had to be honest she had her concerns when she first got back to town. Eric did as well. Brooke is worried about all he has done. Eric was surprised too. Eric is going to stay in the guest house with Stephanie’s portrait. Brooke is shocked to hear this. Brooke asks how Eric feels about how fast Rick and Maya are moving and about Rick’s anger. Eric knows that Rick blew it and that is that and he knows he cannot keep doing it. Maya is helping him.

Rick tells Maya to not say that it is too much. Maya won’t but it is. Maya loves Rick more every day and loves to share everything with him. She is still getting used to things. This is normal for people like him. Maya has been thinking about all those other people who could be clients but aren’t because they don’t have the money. Rick has never thought about that. Rick thinks that Maya is good for him in so many ways.

Ivy saw what Steffy did. Liam assumes that she got a little worked up by it. Ivy explains that she was kissing him. Ivy is not blaming him. Liam assures her that nothing is going on between them. Ivy knows. They had a conversation after he left. She told her all about how she plans to get Liam back. Ivy explains that Steffy wants to come back and run Forrester with Liam but not as a business partner but as a couple. Liam reminds her it means a lot to him to get the company back in order and he thought that Steffy was the right choice to help him accomplish that. Ivy is not comfortable with her coming on to him. She can sell her stalks and convince her family to come on board and sit in Rick’s chair but she can’t get Liam back.

Steffy says that he can’t do it without us. They have to combine their stocks. Liam needs their help. Ridge explains that the last time she was in here she didn’t seem so concerned. Steffy doesn’t think that this is about Caroline or Ivy. They can take care of themselves. This is about them. Liam knows about how much this company means to all of them. Ivy shouldn’t even have anything to do with this. Yes they were dating but they were going to have a family together. Steffy doesn’t want to hear about how hard it was on Ivy. She is the one who lost everything. Her baby and the man she loved. Ridge knows that she still loves him. Steffy wants him back. Steffy explains that Liam knows how good they are together and together they have the energy to get what they want at Forrester. That feeling of being ready to work but it won’t happen without them. Something has to be done.

Eric wasn’t very positive at first but he is starting to see some good thing with Rick and Maya. Brooke asks if he is concerned about anything. She reminds him about the gun. Eric knows what drove him to it. He remembers the feeling. A long time ago Ridge took the woman he loved to. Brooke smiles.

Maya still cannot believe that Eric didn’t make Rick take down the picture. Rick explains that he understands what it represents. Maya wants to know what that is. Rick says that she represents all the happiness that she has brought to his life. Just like the necklace. This is his way of saying thank you. Maya doesn’t think that is fair. A person can’t say thank you with a thank you gift. Rick asks why you can’t. Rick wonders when they follow the rules because they make their own rules. Maya is going to go take a bubble bath and she wants him to meet her up stairs.

Ivy doesn’t want Liam to think that she is being crazy jealous or anything but this is what is important to her. Liam won’t let this be a problem. Ivy doesn’t think that Steffy will understand. People like Steffy think that the past is more important than the future. She gets that they have a history but that doesn’t make what she did right. Liam doesn’t want her to worry about this. Ivy is not worrying but she does want her to get back on a plane but it is not a threat to them. She knows how much he loves her and after today she has no doubt about it.

Ridge agrees with everything she is saying. Steffy thinks that they know what choice they need to make. Ridge reminds her that they will have to deal with the consequences. Steffy thinks that it is simple if it means she can be with Liam. She knows it can happen. Ivy might think that she can replace her in Liam’s life but she is wrong. She won’t let it happen again. Ridge says ok. Ridge wonders about Eric. He built this company from the ground up. Steffy tells him that he is allowing Rick to destroy it. Ridge knows that but he is his dad. He didn’t have to be. He is another man’s kid and he was loyal to him. Steffy feels his loyalty is now with Rick.

Maya remembers the first time they did this. Rick remembers in her apartment. They did it on the sly and no one knew about it. Rick tells her to look at the now. It is all just like he promised. The two start kissing in the bathtub. Maya is going to savor every single moment together. Rick feels that this house is going to be celebration central. All his life Ridge has been dominating this house but now he is not. Now he is the number one son. Maya knew that Rick would win him over. Rick looks into her eyes and he feels like he is invincible. He feels like he can do anything.

Liam claims that he didn’t know that Steffy still had feelings like this. Ivy thinks that she has to get over them. Ivy knows that she is beautiful. Liam points out that is her type. Ivy points out that he could have everything with her. He picked them now. Liam is still going after Forrester. Ivy thinks that Steffy might still help. She just needs to know that getting Liam back is not part of the plan. Liam kisses Ivy. Ivy smiles.

Brooke looks at the numbers and she thinks that Rick has this company moving in the right direction. Eric agrees. They are pulling this company in the right direction. Brooke asks if Rick has found the secret bottle of scotch. Eric doubts it. Brooke goes and gets it. Eric says that this is only for a special occasion. Brooke knows that. Eric thinks that celebrating his son’s success with his beautiful mother. Eric thanks her and the toast. Brooke and Eric drink.

Rick guesses that shouldn’t be surprised. He did a lot to prove himself to his father. Rick notes that then Maya came into his life. Then everything fell into place.

Steffy thinks that Rick and Maya are going to run the business to the ground. Ridge explains that he trusts them. Steffy doesn’t want to do this but she thinks they have to. Ridge asks if she remembers how long it took to get the company back from Spencer. Steffy thinks that Liam is different. Liam assured that he would be the only one in charge. Steffy will make up an agreement with the lawyers and make it so that Spencer is only a profit participant but everything else goes to them. Ridge doubts that Bill will agree to that. Steffy feels that Liam will. Ridge thinks that they are just protecting interests. Steffy thinks they need to as well. They have done this before and they have to do it again. They deserve this. Ridge asks what Steffy deserves. Steffy wants another shot with Liam but they should be running the company. Not Maya and Rick.

A voice over of Steffy telling Ridge that Maya and Rick is shown while Maya and Rick are still in the tub. They need to join forces with Liam. Then Rick and Maya are gone.

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