B&B Tuesday Update 2/24/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/24/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge is going to have to stop Rick. He knows that Rick thinks that he has won but he hasn’t. Rick promises to make this right. Ridge asks if he plans to put on another performance for Eric as he is the only one who is being played. If Rick wants to make it right he has to go back to International. Rick reminds him that the numbers are up. Ridge knows that the numbers are up because him and Caroline. Eric doesn’t support him he just believes the lies. Rick thinks that this is a crock. Things need to be wrapped up here. Ridge is taking him down. Rick gets a phone call from Maya. She wants to know when he is coming home. Rick will be home soon. Maya will be waiting for him. Rick hangs up. Rick has to go home. Ridge doesn’t think that it is his home. Ridge asks if he is going to sleep well at night knowing that Eric is out in the guest house. Rick believes that it is Eric’s choice not to mention he doesn’t do a whole lot of sleeping in that bedroom. Ridge can’t wait for the day that he and Maya fall. It is going to happen.

Ivy tells Steffy that she is not welcome here anymore. Steffy reminds her that she doesn’t even live here. Ivy knows but Steffy was trying to steal her boyfriend. Steffy asks why she is so worried. Ivy is not worried. Steffy explains that she and Liam have been relating like this for years. It comes second nature. Ivy tells her that right now they shouldn’t be relating at all. Steffy believes that if she says yes to Liam about his job proposal that they will once again be together. Steffy knows that Ivy does not know their history. Ivy cannot believe that she stood up for her. She asks if she remembers her line where everyone was making a big deal and calling her a slut. She defended her but now she has to wonder.

Maya is so proud of Rick. Rick says that so is Eric and he came through for him when he needed him most. Maya thinks that he was so diplomatic and a leader in the meeting. Maya asks what happened afterwards. She thought that he was going to follow her right home. Rick tells her that Ridge had fighting words. Maya wants to know what his problem is. She wonders if he realizes that this is a losing battle. Rick feels that the battle has just begun.

Ridge walks into his office to find Liam. Ridge wants to know what he needs. Liam was just looking for him. Ridge says that he found him. Liam would just like a minute of his time. Ridge asks for what. Liam has been talking to Steffy. Ridge thinks that he is trying to drag him into Steffy’s feelings. Ridge thinks that they are going to have more drama. Liam is with Ivy now. Liam wants to tell him something about the future of Forrester Creations.

Maya tells Rick to forget about Ridge. He threw him an olive branch and he didn’t accept it. Rick points out that when Aly gave him the benefit of the doubt he knew that the battle was won. Maya knows because he is a good leader. Maya does not think that anyone can touch him. This his time. Rick tells her that it is their time. Rick is going to go get changed and asks if she wants champagne afterwards. Maya says to hurry up. Someone knocks on the door and Maya opens it. Nicole shows up. Maya looks unsure about seeing her when Nicole walks in on her own.

Steffy reminds Ivy that they are in LA by the beach. Ivy doesn’t think that it had the effect that she wanted it to have. Steffy doesn’t believe that Ivy is seeing what she wants to believe. She doesn’t want to understand. Ivy points out that she is a memory to Liam and that is all she is. A part of his past. Steffy does not want to fight her because she is a smart woman. Steffy explains that Liam can easily forget. Ivy feels that Liam is a realist. Steffy thinks that Liam came to reality when she walked through the door. Ivy asks if the mission that Liam is on if she sees the good in it. Steffy feels that he sees an opportunity just like his father would. It is genetic. Ivy says no. He is tired of seeing how Rick is treating her so Liam is changing it.

Ridge asks if Liam is writing a piece on Forrester or something. If Liam was then he would title it. A company implodes. Ridge doesn’t think he would be very far off but tells him not to quote him on that then he decides to allow him to do so. Liam assumes that Ridge is bothered by Rick just as much as he bothered by Rick. Ridge wants to know why he would be bothered by Rick at all. Ridge knows why because he is rude to his girlfriend. Liam says yes but also because he treats Caroline bad too. Liam is going to be blunt he had a little issue with him and Caroline at first but now he has changed his mind because of how Rick has been treating him. He wants to take him down. Ridge thinks that is funny because he just told him the same thing a few minutes ago. Liam has a plan. Ridge asks if he talked to Steffy before him. Liam did but he wanted to talk to her first. Ridge wants to know what the plan is. Liam points out that he, Thomas, Steffy, and Bill all have enough ownership of the company for a hostile takeover. Liam has no doubt that Steffy and Thomas are on board so long as Ridge is as well. Ridge thinks that it is clever but the answer is no. He would never partner with Bill. Liam tells him that he wouldn’t have to because he would be in charge of his shares.

Maya thinks that this is a surprise. Nicole knows she can see that Maya has been busy. She tells her that they could have touched up her eyes a little more in the portrait. Maya thinks that her eyes are one of her biggest assets. Nicole wants to know when she is going to meet her future husband. Maya explains that they are not engaged yet. Nicole knows that she will make it happen. Maya would love to sit and chat but she has plans with Rick. Nicole is ok with that she just wanted to touch base. Maya would love to set a date for them to sit down and do lunch. Nicole says back home they say grab a bite. Nicole wants to apologize for being rude the last time she was here. Maya says that it is forgotten and asks if things are good at UCLA. Nicole explains that she lost her apartment and she needs a place to stay. She wants to know if she has an extra little room at hotel Forrester. Maya seems shocked. Rick walks down stairs and Maya introduces him to Nicole. Rick head that she was in town. Nicole says that she is going to school at UCLA. Rick thinks that she must be a smart girl. Rick asks how that is going. Nicole says that it was doing well until she lost her apartment. Her roommate is a freak and can’t live there anymore so now she is staying at the 24 hour library. Rick tells her that she can crash here anytime she wants. Maya tells Rick that she is fine right now. Maya will give her a call and says it was great to see her. Rick looks a little confused

Ivy gets that Steffy and Liam have a long and complicated history. Steffy tells Ivy that she read the fairytale version online. Ivy is not trying to discount what they shared. Ivy can’t imagine the pain that they had. Those things happen though and couples move on. She decided to move on without Liam and she had consequences because of that. Ivy fell in love with Liam while she was gone. Steffy feels that love is such an easy word to toss around. Ivy doesn’t think that is what she is doing. Steffy knows but explains that her love for Liam is not the same as Steffy’s. Ivy asks how so. Steffy points out that years and a couple of months are completely different. They have struggled through break ups and misunderstandings. Then one day she rode her motor cycle and she needed to go find herself after what happened. Ivy applauds her for that. Ivy doesn’t think that she can run away though. Steffy can tell that Liam is in a different place but she has been down this path before. Right now she is just a bump in the road.

Ridge respects his idea but he doesn’t trust his father. Liam just said that he wouldn’t have to deal with him. Ridge points out that Bill can’t stay out of anything. Liam doesn’t think that Ridge really knows him. Ridge just thought that he could do this all within the building. Liam tells him to if he can. Ridge can’t believe Eric has made it impossible. Liam feels that Forrester only looks good on the outside not on the inside. They are all going to be gone within a year unless they do something about it. Ridge can’t betray Eric.

Ivy asks if she is seriously going to continue to pursue Liam even after he rejected her. Steffy doesn’t call that rejection. Steffy tells her to talk to her in a couple of years when they have been together as long as they have. Ivy will see her then. Ivy tells her not to do anything while she is not here. Steffy tells her that she grew up in LA so Ivy should get her GPS before she starts pointing fingers. Ivy explains that there is something she needs to know. Liam and she have slept together. Steffy asks what that has to do with anything. Ivy tells her that it means something to her. Steffy laughs and thinks that this is Hope part two and can’t deal with it. Ivy might not stoop down to her tactics but she will fight for her man. Steffy is going to learn to respect that.

Maya asks what is wrong with Rick. Maya just wanted some alone time. Rick has no problem with her staying here. Maya points out that they have Aly and Ivy in the house and the age difference between her and Nicole means that they have never been really close. Rick wonders if this would be a good chance for them to get closer. Maya feels like they are just getting started. Maya doesn’t want any complications. Rick can’t imagine that they would be spending much time with her. Maya doesn’t want anything coming between them. Rick thinks that is impossible. Rick wants to start the celebration. Maya was shocked that it worked out for them. Maya doesn’t think that Eric had to do this. Rick is going to prove he is the best CEO the company has ever seen. Rick won’t let anyone take them under.

Liam doesn’t think that it is betraying his father but protecting his legacy. Ridge doesn’t think that bringing a Spencer is doing that. He thinks it is a sound business. Liam can’t stand by and watch Ivy and Caroline be slaves. Ridge can’t handle it either. Liam thinks it is clear that Ridge cares about her. Ridge is tired of seeing them suffer. Liam wants to purge the company of Rick Ridge feels like Ivy, Steffy, and Caroline will all leave. Liam asks if he wants to see the company go to dust. Liam thinks they can change it. Liam wants him to think about this because they need to move now.

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