B&B Monday Update 2/23/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/23/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy walks into Liam’s house and finds Steffy on top of Liam on the couch.

Maya and Rick smile at each other. Rick tells Maya to kiss him quick. Maya starts to kiss him and he thinks that this is all real. Maya assures him that he is indeed awake right now. Rick can’t believe that just happened. His father just gave him unconditional support. Rick never thought that he would get to see that day. Maya tells him that the era of Ridge is over. Eric trusts him and Maya is her baby. The two of them hug.

Ridge wants Eric to tell him that he is joking. Eric is not joking. He came with prior knowledge. Rick apologized. Eric accepted it and gave him full support. Ridge can’t believe that he is just going to accept this. He has impacted people who work for them. Caroline tries to explain that Eric has not been here so he doesn’t know what it has been like to work for this company. His company. Eric is willing to listen to whoever else has anything to say. Ridge is glad and opens the door. Aly, Oliver, Pam, and Wyatt all walk in. Ridge asked them to tell him how they all suffered under little Napoleon. Caroline asks if she could go first. She feels like it is weird to complain because he became this way because of her. Pam tells her not to think that way. Rick got a little taste of power and has a huge ego. Caroline has to take some of the responsibility but Pam is right she should not be taking all of it. Caroline was trying to work on their problems. Rick brought them into the office. Caroline is a good designer but Rick tried to fire him. Her confidence took a turn for the worse. Eric is sorry to hear that. Aly explains that it was bad here but in some ways it was even worse at home. Aly thinks that it is hard to get away from the pressure of work when your dictator boss and his girlfriend are prancing around the house. Aly thinks that Eric can finally send them packing. Eric tells her that is not going to be happening. Aly asks if she is sorry. Eric tells them all that Rick and Maya are going to be staying in the main house. Eric himself is going to stay in the guest house.

An employee walks into Rick office asking if he wanted to see him. Rick wants to know what information he has. The employee tells him that Eric is behind closed doors with Pam, Aly, and Oliver too. Maya looks worried. Rick thinks that it sounds interesting. Maya tells the employee that they will not forget his loyalty and he leaves. Rick can only guess that Ridge is trying to undermine him as they speak. Rick does not underestimate Ridge’s ability to influence his father. It has happened so many times before at his own expense. Rick has to do something.

Ivy slowly closes the door and hides behind a plant. Liam picks Steffy off of her and tells her that she is still trouble. Steffy reminds him that he used to love that about her. Liam still does. Steffy explains that this all can be his. Liam did miss her. Steffy says that she is right here. Liam doesn’t think that it is that simple. Steffy feels that it is up to them unless Liam is not attracted to her. Liam tells her that she knows that is not true. Steffy tells Liam to just reach out. Steffy asks if he is that committed to Ivy.

Pam asks if Eric is being serious. Ridge thinks that he has been brainwashed. Caroline asks if he is really giving up the house. Eric says that he sees no reason to make Rick and Maya leave when they are already established there. Aly doesn’t think that they deserve to be living in the house. Aly doesn’t think that it is fair that he gets to boss her and Ivy around. He made her get him ice cream. Eric asks why she would get it for him. Aly says that Rick promised to look at one of her shoe designs. She stood there and watched them feed each other. Aly can’t believe that he totally ignored her designs. Ridge tells Wyatt to explain what happened when he got back from Italy. Wyatt says that it was no secret that he was gone an extended period of time. When he got back Rick accused him of taking advantage of his generosity and he quit. Then he thought better of it and he asked for his job back. He was told to beg for it. Rick thought it was funny and a big joke. Ridge asks if that is how Eric wants the company to be handled. Eric asks if anything has happened to Oliver. Oliver just tries to keep his head down. It is easier that way. Aly says that they all try to tip toe around but he notices them. Oliver got noticed and was given a personal assignment. He had to take pictures of Maya on his own time with no compensation. Pam explains that his arrogance has been jaw dropping. She assumes that he has heard that Rick took down Stephanie’s portrait and replaced it with Maya’s portrait. Stephanie is the matriarch of the family. Caroline points out that he shot a gun off in this building. Ridge wants to know why he keeps getting rewarded for bad behavior. Ridge gets a phone call and asks what he wants. He tells Rick that he is in a meeting. Rick is aware and tells him to get everyone across the hall into his office. Maya smiles.

Liam walks out of his room now dressed up and explains that he hates to do this to her but he has to get to work. Steffy points out that he doesn’t even know Ivy very well. Liam feels that he knows her well enough. Steffy knows that he likes her but he can’t compare her with her. Liam thinks that it is two different relationships. Steffy is trying to say that. They had a deep profound history. Steffy thinks that losing their baby was the hardest thing. Steffy needed time to get herself together. Liam knows that she did. Steffy is ready to take on the world again but she wants to be together. They can take over Forrester and it would be a hell of a ride. They have to be lovers though or it is nothing. It is his call.

Everyone walks into Rick’s office. Ridge wants to know what is going on. They were in the middle of something. Rick explains that this won’t take very long. He just wanted to inform them all that there will be some changes around here effective immediately. Ridge thinks the more out rages the better. Rick gets up from behind his desk and tells Aly that he is greenlighting her shoe line. Aly asks if she has heard him right. Rick feels that she is coming into herself as a designer. He instructs Oliver to help her in any way that he can. Oliver would be happy to. He also apologizes for taking advantage of his time and talent. He is sorry. Rick extends that to everyone in this room. He has abused his authority. This team is better than that. So that is what they are going to get from here on out. Ridge smiles.

Liam knows that she doesn’t want to hear this but he really is committed to Ivy. He is not going to cheat on her because they are a couple now. Liam thinks that he and Steffy can work together as friends. He thinks that they always will be friends. Steffy is grateful but it just isn’t enough right now. Liam is sorry. Steffy just wishes that her timing was better. Steffy better go grab her bag as she left it on the beach. Steffy will think about his plan. Ivy goes out of hiding when Liam leaves. Steffy has walked outside to get her bag.

Rick points out that not only was he inappropriate at the office. He was out of line. He knew he was going to Italy and he knew why he was going to Italy. It was wrong to put him through all of that just because he felt like it. He is an important member of this team. Wyatt says that he appreciates that. He tells Pam that he is sorry that he took down Stephanie’s portrait without telling her why. He knows that was disrespectful. Pam asks if saying he is sorry is all he is going to do. Rick thinks that it is all he can do. Rick then explains that no one has felt the brunt of his tangents like Ridge and Caroline. It ends now. They are an amazing design team and he is lucky to have them Caroline feels that this whole turnaround is a little strange. Rick knows that it will take them awhile. He has no problem with that. Eric is proud of him. Ridge asks what is wrong with Eric. He coned him before and now Eric has not learned anything from this.

Steffy walks back into the house and looks around the room. Ivy walks out from Liam’s bedroom. Steffy says hi and that she was just heading out. Ivy tells her how she dare come on to her boyfriend.

Ridge asks if Eric is really buying this. Ridge asks if any of them see that he is conning them all. He has bought Aly out for a shoe line and threw Oliver a bone and asks how Wyatt and Pam can be ok. He took down Stephanie’s portrait. Rick is sorry if Maya’s portrait offends him but he can decorate his house anyway that he sees fit. Ridge tells him that it is not his house. Ridge asks if he understands this and knows that he is right. Aly is still not happy with the way that they have been treated but maybe they should give Rick the benefit of the doubt if it is what Eric wants. Eric does. His support stands. Rick thanks him. Eric tells them all to get back to work. They all leave. Maya is going to follow up with Aly and Oliver She thinks this is a smart time to follow up on her. Rick thinks that is a good idea. Maya is so proud of him. Maya leaves.

Steffy asks how long she has been here. Ivy has been here long enough to get a pretty interesting insight. Her in a bikini trying to get with Liam. Ivy asks what kind of a person does this. Steffy tells her to dial it back. Ivy does not think she should because Liam is her boyfriend. Steffy tells her to stop being territorial. They have only been together for a couple of months. Ivy doesn’t think that it matters. She can’t believe she was actually excited to have her in town. She thought that she was going to have a friend in town. If she can’t control herself then she needs to go back to Paris. At the very least she needs to stay away from Liam. Steffy explains to her that she might be dating Liam but she was married to Liam. They were living together. Ivy has zero right to tell her what she can and can’t do. Ivy says that they had a history so it happened in the past so Steffy needs to respect her. Ivy thinks this is a fair warning. She needs to back off and back off now.

Ridge walks into Rick office and tells him that this is unbelievable. He can see right through it. Rick is sorry that he feels that way but hoes one day he will believe him. Ridge realizes that he is a con. They don’t need him representing the company. Ridge sees him exactly for who he is. He is going to take him down.

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