B&B Friday Update 2/20/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/20/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick thought that the numbers were bad. Eric knows. Rick doesn’t know why he thought that. Eric knows that he thought that he could never earn the title or respect in his eyes. Eric knows that he did that to him and he is sorry.

Maya tells Ridge and Caroline that Rick will be ok no matter what happens. Ridge says that she should keep telling herself that. Maya reminds them that he has a contract. Maya asks what Eric is going to do disinherit him. Ridge thinks that Rick will be sent to international. Maya could live in Paris. Caroline says that she can’t leave the country because of her criminal record. Maya knows that Caroline thinks that she is so much better than anyone else. It must be the glue that holds the romance together. Caroline feels that Maya should have seen this day coming. Maya asks how bright her future looks. Maya reminds her that Ridge has neck ties that are older than her.

Ivy looks at some jewelry and thinks that it looks like it has green in it in sunlight. Wyatt asks who in the world is going to wear it in broad daylight. Ivy thinks that someone on the red carpet for the Oscars. Wyatt says they should do it in gold then. Wyatt thinks this sounds good. Wyatt wonders if Ivy really needs him here to help her with this. Ivy knows why he is back. Wyatt is back because he had nowhere else to go. Ivy knows about the plan to take over Forrester.

Steffy asks Liam if he thought she was going to ask permission to come here. Steffy’s cards are on the table and she is just doing what comes naturally. Steffy wonders if Liam should do the same.

Maya wonders what is taking Rick and Eric so long to talk about. Ridge bets that he is begging for his job. Maya asks if he was always a hot head or did it happen later in life. Ridge has always been this way but she has walked into his life a little late to really say anything about it. Caroline tells her to leave now because she isn’t going to be able to say anything when he is without a job and a place to live. Maya doesn’t think that he will be at all penniless. Caroline asks how she can do that. How can she always be talking about her ambitions? Caroline asks if she blames it on her deprived childhood. Maya didn’t have a deprived childhood. Maya didn’t have a trust fund or a walk in closet or a sports car but she thinks that helped her. You can’t get what you want in life without knowing how to want. Which neither of them did because they never wanted for anything. Ridge thinks that Maya has a point. Ridge knows that wealthy people have no problems. Maya knows that thinks come so effortless for them. The spoiled man and his trophy wife. It was just as easy as when the maid laid out there clothes. They really are perfect for each other unless they are not but how would they know. Ridge asks if she wants his maid to get her a motel room for the night. Maya leaves.

Eric understands that Rick has frustration and anger. Rick tells him not to make excuses. He was childish and acted out. He needs to be better. Eric agrees that he does. He thinks that it is good that Rick understands that. Eric knows that everything he thought was his. It was all taken away from him and it was given to Ridge. Ridge could turn his back on those things any time he wanted. Eric is not going to do that anymore. Rick has brought something to this company that he never had. He tells Rick to run with it.

Wyatt is shocked that Liam told Ivy. He thought that no one was supposed to know. Ivy explains that if he had not told her then he would have had to lie to her or let her jump to conclusions. Wyatt knows that Steffy can drive a hard bargain. Ivy explains that Liam is with Steffy right now.

Liam doesn’t want to say things he doesn’t want to say. Steffy knows that has always been her specialty. Liam made her a business proposition and she keeps changing the subject. Steffy feels that she has made him a simpler one. The both get what they want. Steffy thinks that is fair.

Wyatt is going to call Bill and find out what is going on. He can imagine that he has things bugged in Liam’s office. Ivy tells him that they are not at the office. They are at the house. Wyatt asks if she means the house they used to call habit. Ivy explains that she was on her way when she left. Wyatt doesn’t think this is any of his business but he wonders if it was a good deal. Ivy doesn’t think that she is going to move back in. Wyatt knows that but he thinks that Steffy has a quality in her where she doesn’t wait for an invitation. Ivy looks nervous.

Steffy knows that Liam is disappointed in her. Liam is not going to be disappointed to be loved. Steffy is saying the exact right thing. Liam asks if they are going to really play it this way. Is he not going to be able to talk about Forrester and Rick if he doesn’t agree to be with her again? Steffy doesn’t even know if they have a deal that needs to be made. Her grandfather could solve all his problems when he shows up and kicks Rick out of office. Liam knows that he always talks his way back in. Liam asks if Eric found a way to get control back he wants to know who would be put in control. Could it be Steffy? Steffy says no. It would probably be Ridge. She knows that is not what he wants to hear but he was there. Liam knows and he walked away. Steffy knows that is the same thing that he blames her for. Steffy knows that he is not going to be mean to her when he wants something. She was always better at figuring out what Liam wanted then what he did. Liam knows that he has suffered some loses and he didn’t get a vote when it came to her.

Maya asks Rick if he is ok. Rick does not know yet. Maya rushes over and sits down next to her. Maya asks how bad it was. Rick tells her that he has a lot to repair. Maya knows that his father loves him. Rick knows that he does. Maya feels it can be repaired in time. Rick wants to know the truth. He wants to know how bad he has been. Maya asks what he means. Rick knows that he has been mean to Caroline and everyone at the office. Maya doesn’t want to be asked to judge him. She is no better than him. When he hurts she hurts. She also knows that everything is going to be ok. She will get a truck and a couple of shipping guys. People will still think they are in charge. Maya asks where they stored Stephanie’s painting. Rick says that he is. Maya means that they need to put Stephanie’s painting back. Rick means that he is still in charge. Rick might not be proud of him but Eric is. Maya hugs him and smiles.

Eric walks into Ridge’s office. Ridge is happy to see him and welcomes him home. He has missed him. Caroline welcomes him home as well. Eric thanks her. Ridge was not expecting him home right now. Eric is determined to be unpredictable. Ridge asks if his prediction that there were going to be some changes around here if he would be wrong. Eric asks if Ridge has seen the latest quarterlies. Ridge asks why he cares about those. He doesn’t care about them. Ridge is talking about Rick and wants to know if he has spoken to him. Eric has. Ridge wonders if he has admitted to going crazy. Eric explains that Rick admits to his behavior. Ridge tells him that he has been trying to get the line done with Caroline. Eric asks Caroline what they have been doing in this office and wants to know if they have been working. Caroline says yes. Eric wonders if they are always together now. Ridge wants to discuss one thing at a time. Ridge asked Carter to hold a shareholders meeting. That way they can hold a vote against Rick. Ridge thinks it is worth it to get them out of the office and out of his bed. Ridge asks if he knows about Rick moving into his room.

Maya asks if he still has his job. Maya tells him that he can tell her and it would be ok. Rick asks if she was really going to move them. Maya asks if they can stay. Rick tells her that it was always Ridge’s home and never his. Maya wants to know where Eric will live. Rick says that he will be living in the guest house. He insisted upon it. Rick says that he is staking the picture of Stephanie with him. It is there home now. This is his office and he is going to be a better man for her. Maya doesn’t want him to be any different. Rick is though because of him.

Ivy asks if Wyatt really thinks that she should mistrust his brother. Wyatt never said that. Ivy feels that he is applying that she should. Wyatt is just explaining that he knows that Steffy can be aggressive. Wyatt knows that she has an MO. Ivy feels that she literally lives with Liam right now. Ivy actually imagines that Liam is lying to her. That is what she thinks that Wyatt is saying. Wyatt is just trying to say that Liam has a weakness for Steffy. Ivy understands that love can be complicated but it can be less complicated when people don’t lie to one another. Ivy thinks that they are done with this.

Steffy wants to know if Liam remembers how good they were. Liam remembers. Steffy asks if he thinks they could be again. Liam tells her that she broke his heart. Steffy thought that she was doing what was best for him. Liam points out that she is not his mother or doctor she does not need to protect or improve him. Steffy just needs to love him and stay. Steffy can do both those things this time. Liam thinks that it is too late. He is in love with someone else.

Eric tells Ridge that Rick is his son and his namesake he is welcome to sleep in his bed. Caroline asks if Maya is as well. Eric wants to know what sleeping arrangements the two of them have made. Ridge asks what he means. Eric points out that their relationship has clearly blossomed. Ridge does not feel that his behavior is not the problem. Eric knows that is just his opinion. Caroline says that she is over with Rick. Eric asks how it might feel for Rick to have to be reminded of that every hour of the day with the two of them laying around this office. Eric doesn’t want to talk about bad behavior until they all examine their own. Rick has Eric’s full support. His old job as well.

Maya is happy for Rick. This is his dream. Rick explains that it is not just about the job. Maya knows that. Eric forgave what needed to be forgiven and Eric took his side. That is what matters. Maya listens. Rick has something that he never thought he would have. Maya. Maya believes that you don’t love someone because they are good but because they just do. It is not a reward. Rick has never had a safe place before. Maya wishes that she was more polished or cultured. Maya knows that the one thing that she can be for him is a safe place. Rick hopes that she knows he loves her. Maya knows. Rick feels they are going to have a great life together and he is going to make all her dreams come true. Maya tells him that he has already done that. They hug. Maya smiles so does Rick.

Liam asks if she is ok. Steffy says that she is not that easy to hurt. Steffy wonders where her little cousin is anyways. Liam is not going to be persuaded. Steffy knows that but she thinks that he is settling. She does not think that what he currently has is what he had with her. Liam likes to think that he has learned some things since then. He knows his own mind. Steffy is a force and any man would fall for her in a minute. Steffy wonders if he thinks that she will bale again. Steffy won’t Steffy is saying yes if Liam decides to be lovers with her. Steffy can’t do it any other way. Steffy kisses Liam. She can tell that is what Liam wants. Liam thinks that he kisses are still sweet but he is not as easily led. Steffy pushes him back on the couch. Ivy walks in and sees Steffy on top of him and she frowns.

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