B&B Wednesday Update 2/18/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/18/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie and Bill look at each other while they are about to get married. Brooke tells them to start and Katie laughs. Carter asks if they are ready. Brooke tells herself “Here we go.”

Deacon makes a cup of coffee for himself and Quinn walks in. Deacon hands a cup to her and tells her that if he was the jealous type he might be a little miffed. Quinn asks him why. Deacon thinks that he has been down there working on something for a while now. Quinn reminds him that one of them has to make a living. They can’t exactly live off his pretty face. Deacon tells her that if she wants to take any anger out on anyone she can do so on him. Quinn is not angry. Deacon wants to know if Quinn is thinking about Bill and Katie’s wedding at all. Quinn says no. Deacon wonders if it bothers her at all that the man that she wanted to spend her life with is marrying someone else. Quinn could care less. Deacon knows that she wanted to settle down with him. Quinn thinks she should be jealous because Deacon clearly has her confused with Brooke. Deacon finds that funny because Brooke says that she is not jealous either. Quinn knows that she isn’t lying but Brooke might. Deacon wants to know why Quinn is so sure that Brooke is lying. Deacon says that she is lonely. Quinn asks if she came on to him. Deacon wouldn’t do anything. Deacon explains that she is not herself right now. Quinn points out that she went to Italy and she let Bill and Katie get back together. She has no right to be crying now. Deacon knows that but it isn’t as Brooke has ever had to deal with being alone. He isn’t sure that she knows how to handle it.

Carter welcomes all the guests as they are there to witness Bill and Katie recommit themselves as husband and wife. Ridge smirks at the thought of what Carter just said. Caroline asks if he is ok. Carter tells everyone that weddings bring family together. It is people coming together that will have them become one again Katie smiles. Bill says that it is for good this time. Katie continues to smile.

Quinn emphasizes with Brooke. Deacon does not think that she does. Quinn knows that he wants her to feel sorry for her but she doesn’t. Deacon did not want to say this but Brooke is drinking more than he remembers. When she drinks her decision making sort of gets a little questionably. Quinn asks if she stands two stories on a ledge. Deacon just does not think that it will take a lot for Brooke to go over the ledge right now.

Carter took time to think about new beginnings. While he talked to Bill and Katie he learned something else. He knows that even though they were separated for a while they remained a team. Brooke thinks it was going with the flow. Carter says that Liam and Wyatt will be giving them two readings. Liam gets up. He tells them to clothes themselves with compassion and humility. Clothes themselves with kindness. Liam wants them to be clothed with love in kindness. Brooke says cool. Wyatt then walks over and says that he found a quote from Gandhi. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Bill and Katie was not inevitable. It was a choice and it took a lot courage to even consider it. Wyatt thanks them for showing them how to forgive. Their strength inspires them all. Bill and Katie look at each other.

Quinn knows that feeling of being outside and looking in. Deacon knows that Brooke has been in that place before but this is different for her. Quinn asks how. Deacon points out that she has always had two things in her life. Men and family. Right now she does not have either of them.

Carter asks for Bill and Katie to join hands. Carter asks if Katie takes Bill to be her husband. Katie says I do. Carter asks if Bill takes Katie to be her husband. Brooke starts talking again. Bill says I do. Carter has them exchange rings and make personal vows to one another. Brooke whispers to Katie that she does not have the rings. Carter tells her that it is ok because he has them. Brooke is happy then. They put the rings on each other. Katie gives him the ring in a symbol of love as a promise. She doesn’t want to say that she had something planned but it doesn’t matter. Katie doesn’t want to make him a promise because they are too easy to break. She is capable of making good things. She is capable of loving him and she has always loved him. They are friends and she is frustrated by him. Bill is her everything. She won’t make him a promise but she promises to show them that they are worth being together. Katie feels that they are smarter and stronger than they have ever been. Bill puts the ring on Katie’s hand and he kisses it. He gives her the ring as a symbol of his love and devotion to her. He will not make any promises to her. They are going to follow through on things. Katie is too generous and to beautiful. They will not settle for anything else. He said something when he proposed and he will say it in front of all these people. He wants her more than anything. He gave her the ring so she would never forget that. Bill tries to kiss her but Carter tells them that he has to announce them as being husband and wife. They kiss and everyone stands up and claps for them.

Quinn walks into the living room wearing a tight black leather outfit holding a whip. Deacon wants to get this straight. He tells her about Brooke and this is his punishment. Quinn says this is a reward. He reminded her to stop worrying about other people and now he needs to be reminded that he needs to stop worrying about Bill they start to kiss passionately.

Bill and Katie dance at the reception. Ridge and Caroline do as well. Caroline needs to congratulate Bill and Ridge is coming with her. Brooke tries to grab another two drinks. Katie asks if those are for them. Brooke gives Katie the one glass but Katie would rather they talk instead. Katie asks if she is ok. Brooke is happy for her and Bill. Katie asks if she is sure about that. Brooke loves Katie, Bill and Will and that is incredible. Katie couldn’t help but notice. Brooke is fine and she is celebrating. Katie asks if she has second thoughts. Brooke says no and she is free. Brooke is allowed to have a drink now and then. Katie is just hoping that she is not trying to numb herself. Brooke is really happy. She does not regret backing off. She does not regret that one bit. She is so proud. Katie cannot tell her how grateful that she is. Katie tells Brooke to stop crying and come back to the party. Bill asks to star cutting the cake. Bill and Katie feed each other cake. Liam and Ivy start to dance. Wyatt watches them. Brooke loos at everyone have a good time together. Wyatt and Liam have something to say on Will’s behalf. Today was a special day that his family got back together. They thank them for giving him the family they always wanted. Brooke wants to make a toast as well but needs another drink. Brooke toasts to her beautiful sister and to her husband who she loves more than anyone in this world. Brooke knows that this is going to be a great year for them. She could not be more proud. They all toast. Katie looks worried.

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