B&B Tuesday Update 2/17/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/17/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Justin asks Bill if everything is going well. Bill looks at his watch and tells him that everything is except Wyatt is not here yet. Wyatt walks in and says that the best man is reporting for duty. Bill says that he is late. Justin tells Wyatt that Bill is just a little excited. Wyatt jokes that they better get this over with before Katie changes her mind. Bill looks at him sternly and Wyatt drops the smile. Liam and Ivy walk in together arm and arm. Bill is glad he is here because he needs a new best man. Wyatt explains that it was only a joke. Bill reminds them all that he is set to marry the woman that he is meant to be with and he has three sons and if one of them thinks that he is a wise guy. Wyatt says that he is sorry. Bill has everything going on. Bill hugs Wyatt and Liam.

Donna holds Will and Katie is in her bathrobe saying that Will looks awesome. Katie wonders if it is time for Will to take his nap. Donna thinks that Will does look cute. Donna asks if Will told Katie she looks like a princess. Katie assumes that Bill is trying to cover all his tracks for the day. Donna likes that he finally came to his senses and realized that he belonged here with her and Will. Katie admits that she was the hold out. Donna asks if she is sure that this is what she wants.

Ridge looks in the mirror at Forrester and Caroline tells him that it is a wedding. Ridge is fixing his tie. Ridge reminds her of how Bill does not like him. Caroline explains that he is involved with a Spencer. Ridge can only imagine how happy Bill is about that. Caroline tells him that Brooke is not anymore happy than he is but they don’t run their lives. Caroline asks what is wrong. Ridge says that Brooke is the maid of honor so it is going to be a difficult day for her. Caroline hugs Ridge.

Brooke is looking through her purse at her house and her driver asks if there is anything that she needs put in the car. Brooke asks him what he means. The driver explains that it is getting sort of late. Brooke will be right there. Brooke notices the bottle and pours herself a drink. She toasts to herself and starts to drink.

Katie does her makeup and Donna walks back in. She explains that more guests have arrived down stairs. Katie is glad that they are. Donna explains that Will is ready for his nap and that when he wakes up his parents will be married again. Katie asks if Brooke is here yet. Donna is sure that she is on her way. Katie wants to know if Brooke is really happy about all of this. Donna assures her that she is. Katie asks if Donna would stand up for her. Donna is just excited for them.

Wyatt excuses himself from Allison and walks over to Carter and asks if he is really going to be marrying Bill and Katie today. Carter can launch a second career with all the weddings that he has ordained. Ivy asks Wyatt if Rick fired him. Wyatt quit. Aly asks if he is back now. Wyatt says yes and almost gives away the plan when Bill walks over and tells them that they will have no talk of business today. Liam asks if that came out of his mouth. Aly says something and Bill walks over and asks who invited her. Aly says that she read it somewhere. Bill tells her not to believe everything that she reads but then Brooke walks in and Bill excuses himself. Bill is glad that she made it. Brooke notices that they have drinks and Bill hands her one. Bill explains that they are upstairs and Donna won’t let him see Katie. Brooke is glad that they are getting married because everything is turning out the way it should be.

Aly asks Ivy how she feels about a double wedding. Ivy looks confused. Aly means that if Bill and Katie are getting married then maybe she and Liam should also get married. Ivy thinks that Liam would have to propose first. Aly wonders what she would say if Liam did propose right this second? Ivy explains that they have a new wrinkle to worry about with Steffy. Liam and her had a heart to heart and Steffy has plans with Liam.

Carter tells Justin that Brooke is a very beautiful woman. Justin says that all the Logan sisters are. Carter thinks that they have to be especially after what happened with them over the past year.

Bill confronts Brooke explaining that he told the kids no shop talk today but he has got to go over this with her. Brooke is still drinking. Bill asks if she can rain in her son at Forrester. Brooke wants to know why she would do that. Bill didn’t even want Katie to invite him here today because he was afraid that he might pull out the gun. Bill is happy that Rick is not coming. Bill looks up and notices that Ridge and Caroline have walked in. Carter grabs him to talk about some details. Brooke notices that Ridge and Caroline have walked in and frowns.

Liam walks up to Caroline with Ivy and hugs her. Liam was worried that Caroline was not going to make it. Caroline had a reluctant escort. Liam can’t imagine why seeing how close he is with Bill. Caroline gives him a dirty look.

Brooke grabs another glass and smiles at Ridge. Ridge walks over and tells her that she looks lovely. She wants to know if he came alone. Ridge tells her that she knows he didn’t. Caroline walks over and asks what she has missed. Brooke’s phone goes off. Katie needs her upstairs. Brooke asks if she can leave the two of them alone unsupervised. She laughs as she walks off. Brooke grabs a giant bottle and some glasses on her way up.

Donna asks if Brooke texted her back yet. Katie says she has not so she decides to call her. She leaves a message asking if Brooke forgot what day it is. Brooke walks in with the glasses. Brooke did not forget and she brought liquor. Katie asks where she has been. Brooke was down stairs and got detained. She says that Ridge wouldn’t stop talking. Donna asks if she is ok. Brooke is and Ridge is just going through a midlife crises. This isn’t about her though. It is about their sister. Donna opens the bottle and they all cheer. Katie wonders if they should toast to Brooke being back or Donna having a new boyfriend. Brooke looks surprised and asks if she does. Donna says no. Katie says that she will and both of them will have new men in their lives. Katie will not be the only one who is happily married. Brooke thinks that she is being very sweet. She toasts to their sweet sister on her wedding day. Brooke plans to be deliriously happy. More than her. Brooke thinks that Bill is not going to be able to keep his eyes off of her. Katie agrees especially if she walks down the aisle in her robe on. Donna realizes that she is not yet in her gown. Donna can’t believe that they forgot to get her a new gown. Donna goes into the closet. Katie whispers to Brooke to please tell her to tone it down a bit. Brooke agrees. Donna finds a dress and it is wrinkled and the zipper is stuck. Brooke tells Donna to go down stairs because she has everything under control now. Donna loves Katie and runs out. Katie thanks Brooke. Brooke tells her that the zipper really is stuck. Though she feels like Bill would probably prefer to see her walk naked down the aisle. Katie really doesn’t feel like putting on a show. Brooke gets the dress open. Katie asks if Brooke is ok. She wants to know what is going on.

Donna looks over the balcony of the living room. Bill asks if that is Donna up stairs. Liam thinks that she is probably scoping things out. Bill looks at Ridge and thinks that he is a loser who is using there cousin the same way he used all the other woman. Wyatt tells him to be easy because Katie isn’t going to want to deal with this today.

Aly asks if Ivy has noticed a little chill today. Aly wonders if Bill is causing problems for her and Liam. Ivy says no. Aly thinks that Liam has never been happier and Ivy is to thank for that.

Caroline asks Bill which one of them is the groom. Bill says it would be him. Caroline hugs him. Bill tells Ridge that Katie will be happy that he is here. Ridge congratulates him. Bill tells him to take care of Caroline.

Brooke asks if she wants more to drink. Katie couldn’t she is too excited. Brooke takes out a jewelry box and shows her there mother’s locket. Katie thanks her. Brooke puts it on her neck and she starts to cry. Katie has always looked up to Brooke. She never thought anything would come between them. Katie knew that she wouldn’t let that happen. Katie is so grateful to have Brooke in her life again and that she can be happy for her. Katie got a text from their father. He wishes that he could be here and feels bad and next year he is going to get a flu shot. Brooke could really get a shot a vodka. Brooke tells Katie to tell dad that she misses him and hopes to see him soon. Katie asks what Brooke is thinking about. Brooke is thinking about making the right choices. Brooke tells her that if she waits one minute longer her groom is going to come rushing after her.

Carter begins the wedding. Donna walks down the aisle and sits down in the front row. Ivy asks where the maid of honor is. Wyatt asks if he should go get Brooke. Ridge knew that Brooke should not have agreed to do this. Brooke walks down and puts her drink down. She starts to walk down the aisle and smiles at Bill. Bill smiles back. Everyone stands up as Katie comes down the aisle smiling. Bill smiles as well. Brooke looks happy as well. Bill and Katie look at each other face to face.

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