B&B Monday Update 2/16/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/16/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy shows Aly and Rick some jewelry that she was thinking of using and Rick tells her that it looks cheap. It looks like something that a soccer mom would wear after she couponed her way to an amazing deal. Ivy is sorry that they are not on par with the rest of the line, but she was wondering if she could loan them to Katie, because she doesn’t have anything to wear for the wedding. Rick does not want anyone lending anything out to anyone. Aly reminds him that Ivy probably only thought that it would be ok because Katie is Rick’s aunt. Maya tells her that Rick knows how he is related to Katie. Ivy says that she is sorry. Ivy asks if she can have permission to lend them to Katie. Rick decides that she can if Katie really wants to look cheap. Rick will not be at the wedding and they can tell Caroline that so that she can feel free to bring Ridge. Rick thinks that irony of two adulteress going to a wedding is hilarious.

Brooke is passed out on her couch after a night of heavy drinking at home. She wakes up to find the bottle on the couch with her. Her hair is completely messed up. She picks up the bottle and looks confused.

Bill picks up a photo of Katie and smiles. Katie walks into the living room in a robe and Bill tells her that he will never get tired of seeing her. Katie tells him that he better not. Bill reminds her that she is going to be Misses Bill Spencer tomorrow. Katie know she will be again. They kiss. Bill says that they say second time is the charm. Katie wants to know who this they is. Bill doesn’t know who they is but they are asking for them. The two of them start to kiss again. Katie would love to continue doing this right now but she has things that she has to do. Katie asks if he has spoken to Liam and Wyatt. Bill has not but he is going to do that in person. Katie has to go talk to Brooke. She is going to be her maid of honor. Bill looks at her a little unsure of that.

Wyatt walks into Liam’s office and asks if he has gotten through to Steffy. Liam is working on it. Wyatt demands that he do better than that because he just begged the prince of darkness for his job back. Liam is working on it. He needs him to trust him. Wyatt does.

Liam understands that the idea of going back and working for Rick is not easy. Wyatt feels that is an understatement seeing that Rick shot up the place. Liam wants to get him out of there. Wyatt is one of the people who have to be afraid of him. Liam points out that so is Ivy and Caroline is at danger. Wyatt wants to know if Steffy and Thomas don’t sign then they won’t have anything to stand on. Steffy has seen the place. Forrester is like a war zone. He wants to know the hold up. Liam says that it is complicated.

Aly wonders if Katie just forgot to invite Rick because the wedding happened so quickly. Rick thinks that is cute but he was indeed invited. Maya asks if she really thought that. Maya thinks that is adorable. Rick is too busy running a fashion house. Ivy wants to know if that is the only that he is not going. Rick says yes and if she thinks that it has anything to do with Caroline then she is mistaken. Rick believes that Ivy needs to step it up around here. She needs to stop trying to pawn off a charm bracelet as some work of art. Maya tells her to step it up a little bit.

Brooke opens the bottle and starts to drink from it but then someone walks into the house and it is Katie. She quickly puts the drink down and hides it. Katie explains that she has been looking for her all morning. Katie asks if she is alright. Brooke says yes. Brooke is just a little jetlagged. Katie has some news. Katie explains that she and Bill are getting married tomorrow. Brooke says that is amazing and is happy for her. They hug. Brooke does not look so happy while they are hugging.

Aly shows off her new shoes. They are black and white heals. She calls them the “Aly’s”. She tries to walk in them but her heal breaks and she trips. Ivy helps her from falling over. Rick and Maya laugh at her. Aly asks him not to hold her against this for the model breaking. Rick says of course. Rick whispers to Maya that Aly is the product of Thorne and Darla and hit every branch on the stupid tree on the way down. Maya laughs. Aly looks at them and Aly starts to smile.

Wyatt asks if they have any other options if they don’t get the shares. Liam does not know. Thomas is only going to agree if Steffy does and Ridge hates Bill. Wyatt knows that he will if Steffy and Thomas do. Bill walks in and tells them wherever they were going they need to stop. He doesn’t want to hear another word about work or Rick. Liam asks what it is. Bill wants to know what they are doing tomorrow. Wyatt is banging his head at Forrester and Liam is running the company. Bill says wrong. They are both getting the day off. Liam asks what is going on. Bill explains that he is marrying Katie tomorrow and he can’t do that without his boys.

Brooke is shocked to hear about the wedding. She thinks it is really soon. Katie explains that Bill can’t wait for anything. Donna runs in and asks what is going on. Donna can’t believe that Katie didn’t respond to her text. She jumped out of the chair mid manicure and wants to know if Will is ok. Katie says that he is perfectly fine. Katie says that she is marrying Bill tomorrow. Donna thinks that this is amazing. Donna wants to do everything. Katie is getting married at the house and it will be small. Donna wants to help her get ready. Katie wants to ask Brooke something. She is grateful for everything and she really wants Brooke to be maid of honor.

Liam pours them all drink and explains that it is organic. Wyatt thinks that it smells terrible. Liam just wants to make his toast. He tells Bill that he is very proud of him. It takes a strong man to admit his mistakes and get his family back together. Bill and Wyatt drink and think it is horrible. Bill could have gone with a better scotch. He thanks Liam though even though he tried to poison him and his brother. Bill can only have one best man tomorrow. Liam looks confident that he is going to get it but Bill says that Wyatt has been going through a rough patch and has been a little lost but Bill tells him that he shouldn’t be. He has a family. He would be honored if Wyatt would be his best man. Wyatt would love to. He would be honored. They hug. Bill does not think that tomorrow can get here soon enough. They all drink again.

Brooke does not think that she should be the maid of honor. She is not even sure if she should attend. Katie feels like she has to be there. Brooke caused her a lot of pain. Katie explains that nothing in this world is simple. This wedding is about all of them moving forward and healing as a family. Katie needs her to stand up for her. Brooke decides that if she really wants her to be there then she will. Donna joins in on the hug. She can’t believe they have a wedding tomorrow. Brooke still does not look happy.

Aly and Ivy walk into the lobby and Aly thinks that Rick might really consider her shoe line. Ivy asks if she really thinks that. Aly couldn’t help but notice the way that Rick and Maya kept smiling. Ivy tells her not to get her hopes up until she gets the final word. Aly agrees but it is just so exciting. She wonders if Ivy could imagine buying a pair Aly’s by Forrester.

Maya sits on Rick’s lap at his desk. Rick asks if she saw how Aly looked when she tripped. Maya was too busy looking at how red she turned. Rick is amazed how everyone was against him at first but now everyone is hopping on one leg to get his approval. Maya thinks that Aly will do anything to get her line off the ground. Rick tells her about how Wyatt came back to grovel for his job as well. Rick love reminding people he is the boss. Maya kisses him.

Wyatt asks if Liam feels ok with all of this. As weird as it sounds Bill was his father first. Liam thinks that it is great. He really does. Bill wants him to know that he is in his coroner. Wyatt does not appreciate one thing though. He hates the taste of the scotch. Liam offers to buy him a burger.

Bill tells Katie that it is settled. Wyatt is going to be his best man. Katie is glad because she talked to Brooke and she agreed too. Bill says ok. Katie explains that Brooke felt off. She is not sure why. Bill reminds her that Brooke is a big girl. Katie knows that but she has never know Brooke to be without a man. Bill thinks that the world kept turning when she was gone. Bill does not want to spend today talking about Brooke when tomorrow they are getting married. Will calls for them. Bill is ready to do this.

Brooke pours herself a drink and Donna looks at her. Brooke wants to know what she wants. Donna thinks she is still in love with Bill. Brooke wants to know why Donna has changed her expression towards everything so quickly. Donna was trying to be nice. Brooke points out that Bill has moved on. Brooke has moved on. She can’t have the same feelings towards Bill. She can’t look at him in the same way that she did. Donna asks if the drinking his her replacement. Brooke says yes it. For the time being. She is not interested in what she has to say about it. Donna looks shocked. Brooke takes another drink.

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