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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/12/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam and Ivy are kissing passionately on Liam’s couch in his office. Liam thinks that, that was a nice pick me up. Ivy wonders if he is going to be working late. Liam is. He has to strategize. Ivy asks if this has anything to do with Steffy’s reappearance. Liam wants to know why she would say that. Ivy just thinks that she might have walked in on something the other day. Liam thinks that she is very perspective. Liam confirms that she did and it is a game changer.

Brooke continues to drink in her living room.

Deacon tells Quinn they should go do something. Quinn asks what her choices are. Deacon thinks they could go for a nice dinner. They could go see a movie. Quinn has no interest in any of the movies out. Deacon wonders about a new Jazz club. Quinn doesn’t like drums. Deacon asks her what exactly she wants to do. Quinn explains that anything outside the front door and they are extremely cold. Deacon asks if she wants to stay here. Quinn wants to be alone with her man. Deacon thinks that she is speaking his language.

Rick is working in his office and Pam walks in explaining that she is sorry to disturb him. Rick asks why she did then. Pam says that someone is here to see him. Rick tells her that he doesnít have any appointments so Pam is going to have to be a better gate keeper. Steffy walks in and explains that she pulled rank. Rick looks a little shocked to see her. Steffy calls him Mr. CEO.

Quinn walks out of her bedroom and asks Deacon what he is looking at. Deacon just thinks that she looks hot. Quinn thanks him. Deacon starts to open a win bottle. Quinn believes that they are soulmates. She doesn’t mean that in a romantic way. They just work well together. Deacon is not scared by her. Quinn knows that he is.

Brooke looks at photos of her and Ridge and then her and Bill and continues to drink while doing so.

Steffy asks if Rick is surprised to see her. Rick knew that she was in town. Steffy might decide to stay. Rick asks if that is a possibility. Steffy feels that anything is a possibility and to just look at him. She asks how the view is from the top. Rick thinks that it is pretty good. It suits him fine. Steffy can only bet. Steffy wonders if it was worth it though seeing he lost a lot, he does have Maya though. Rick sees that she has heard about that. Steffy says that people have been talking. Rick wonders what people have to say. Steffy has heard about all of it. Rick asks if she is going to be around for a couple of days. Steffy explains that at least a couple. Rick says great. He wants her to have lunch with Maya. Steffy looks confused. Rick says that people haven’t exactly been nice to her and she could use some friends. Rick thinks that she could score some brownie points. Steffy thinks that he is feeling so cute. She thinks that it must be the chair and she sits down in it and puts her feet up. Rick looks confused. Steffy explains that a person could get used to sitting here.

Ivy wants to know what is going on. Liam explains that Forrester is suffering and Rick’s power trip is only going to get worse. Liam thinks that the guy needs to be stopped because he isn’t going to let him keep mistreating her and Caroline. Ivy wants to know how he is supposed to do that though. He has total control for twelve months. Liam think that unless someone takes it from him. He had a plan and it involved Steffy but he is not sure that he convinced her. Ivy is intrigued and wants to hear the plan. Liam says hostile takeover of Forrester Creations. Ivy looks shocked.

Deacon makes a toast to peace of mind. Quinn doesn’t think that it is possible as long as her son is still mad at her. Quinn knows that he is lost and he is right. She wishes that she could fix it. Deacon doesn’t think that she can fix it. He will come around. Quinn asks if he has heard from Hope at all. Deacon explains no and it is starting to worry him because he has texted and emailed her and called and she doesn’t want to talk. Quinn wonders if she doesn’t want to talk until the loss is so immediate. Deacon thinks that it must be true. Quinn is going to throw back some advice to him to let her heal and when she wants to reconnect she will reach out to him. Deacon feels that advice is easier given than taken. Quinn agrees. Quinn knows that they both have no patience. They will both support each other. Deacon thinks that is a deal.

Brooke looks at more pictures. She puts down her drink and dials her phone. Pam answers the phone on the other end. Brooke thinks that he is keeping her there late. Pam says that he is in a meeting but she can let him know that she is on the line. Brooke says that it is no big deal and that he can call her when he can. Pam is happy about that because he would have yelled at her. Brooke hangs up the phone and takes another drink.

Steffy says that Forrester has had a lot of changes. Rick feels that change is good. Steffy points out that no one has ever had irrevocable control around here. Rick reminds her that it is only for one year. Steffy thought that Eric gave him a time limit. Rick thinks that he doesn’t even need to prove himself because he already has. Steffy knows that and he has Maya. Rick says yes. Steffy wants to know if that is why her picture is on her grandmother’s wall. Rick explains that for the time being it is his wall. Steffy notes that he has a lot of things. Rick notes that she is aware of all that has happened. He assumes that she knows about Caroline and Ridge and asks how she feels about that. Steffy thinks that it is disgusting. Caroline is her age. It is one more thing around here that she does not approve of.

Ivy asks if he is going to take over Forrester Creations. Liam feels that with Steffy’s help he could run the company. She has twenty five percent and Thomas has five percent so with that combined with Bill’s percent that they could take over. Ivy does not think that combined that is enough. Liam knows and he is hopeful that he could get some part of Ridge’s twenty percent. Ivy asks if he really thinks that Ridge is going to be inclined to do that. Liam thinks that maybe. He might want to try to smooth things over with Steffy. Especially because of the whole Caroline situation. Liam tells her that this is between the two of them. Ivy is stunned and she does not like it. This is her Uncle Eric’s company. Liam wonders if she would rather deal with Rick for a year. Ivy says no but she does not trust Bill to run the company. Liam tells her that Bill will not be in charge of the company. It will be him and Steffy running the company. He asks if knowing that does she have his support.

Quinn asks if he is thinking about Hope. Deacon is. He listened to what she said but he is a father so it is a little hard to not be concerned. Quinn understands. Deacon needs to take off for a little while. Quinn asks where to. Deacon wants to go ask if Brooke has had any more updates. Quinn explains that if that is what he needs to do. Deacon won’t be long. Deacon leaves and Quinn looks jealous.

Rick wants to know why he gets the feeling that he is on the short list of things that she does not approve of. Steffy thinks that they are being honest with each other. Rick runs things the way that he sees fit. Steffy says he does for now. Rick wants to know what she is getting at. Steffy reminds him that he is not the only one in this family with ambition. Steffy might want to be CEO one day. Rick tells her that she will have to rip it from his cold dead hands. Steffy doesn’t mind a challenge. That is what made him CEO. Rick wants to know what she is even doing here. He assumes that because Hope is done with Liam that is why she is here. He asks if she has seen Liam. Steffy has. Rick tells her that he has a girlfriend. Rick is having a simple conversation. Steffy tells him not to get to comfortable because she kind of likes his chair.

Ivy would like to support him with whatever he does but she canít go against family. Ivy knows that Rick doesnít have the best interest at hand and Steffy is a designer and has a great line so maybe having two reasonable professionals would be a good thing. Liam is not going to force her to sign up for anything that she doesnít agree with. Ivy asks if Liam has asked Steffy. Liam has but it is complicated. Liam says that he and Steffy have had a complicated relationship. She is not entirely over him. Ivy asks if he is over her. Liam says that he is. Ivy doesn’t think that it looks like he is. Liam needs to get Steffy out of personal mode and into business mode. Ivy wonders if he can do that. Liam can try.

Brooke opens the door and looks shocked to see Deacon. Deacon wants to know if he can come in. Brooke wants to know why. Deacon needs to talk to her. Brooke really wasn’t expecting anyone but she allows him in anyway. Brooke asks if he wants a drink. Deacon notices that Brooke has a drink already.

Liam thinks about his conversation with Steffy. He remembers how she told him that she still loves him.

Ivy shows up in front of Rick’s office and asks Pam why she got a text from Madison telling her to meet Rick. Pam says that Rick is expecting people to be at his beacon call. Rick walks out and says that it is about time she got here. He will be back in ten minutes and he wants to see the revisions that he asked for.

Ivy goes into the office to find Steffy. Steffy looks shocked. Ivy thinks that this is really weird because she just saw Liam and he told her everything. She does support it. Ivy thinks that Rick abuses his power so he has to go. Ivy tells Steffy to join forces with Liam.

Quinn looks at pictures of Brooke modeling on her tablet. Quinn looks angry.

Deacon is worried about Hope. He needs her to look him in the eye and tell him why he shouldn’t go and check on her. Brooke asks if he means like how he just dropped by here. Deacon needs to talk to her because she won’t talk to him. Brooke tells him to let her be. She is going to be ok. Deacon will back off. Deacon asks if Brooke is being kept from something. Brooke feels that it is strange being back here. In Milan she was in an apartment and she would come home exhausted and then she comes back and the men that she was involved with those relationships are with other people. She is alone in a great big beautiful house. Deacon walks up to her and holds her hands.

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