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Written By Anthony
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Brooke tells Ridge that it could be the way it was for so long. Just the two of them. Brooke asks Ridge if he has forgotten. Ridge remembers everything so that is a ridicules question. Brooke asks what he says then. Brooke wonders if he wants to go to the pool or up to the bedroom, their bedroom.

Pam gets off the phone when Donna shows up and says that she is sorry she is late. Pam tells her to get come with her and they walk into Rick’s office. Pam thinks she took one heck of a long lunch. Donna asks what she missed. She wonders if they had another gunshot. Pam explains that what she missed was a whole lot of work which she ended up doing. Pam wants to know where she was. Caroline is standing outside the door listening. Donna tells Pam that Brooke wants Ridge back. Caroline looks scared.

Deacon gets a drink from the fridge and Quinn walks in. Deacon asks her if it is break time. Quinn says yes from her nineteenth game of solitary. Deacon asks if she wants a beer. Quinn says no and tells him that she has no work not since Ivy Forrester stole her job. Quinn asks how Deacon has spent his day. Deacon has been spending it the same as usual. Quinn is shocked seeing that Brooke is back in town. Deacon thinks that Brooke is looking pretty good. Quinn wants to know why he is taunting her. Deacon is just trying to make a point. Quinn wonders what it is. Deacon can do that. Deacon only has eyes for one woman. He couldn’t give up her if he wanted to. Plus Brooke has her eyes set on Ridge. Quinn looks at him shocked.

Pam is shocked that Brooke is making a play for Ridge. Donna says that she is trying to get Caroline and Ridge apart. Pam wonders if that means that she really doesn’t love Ridge but just doesn’t want Caroline to have him. Donna doesn’t really understand the two of them. They will end up back together again. Pam agrees. Everyone in the family believes that they will get back together. Donna says everyone but… Pam turns her around and Caroline walks in. Caroline says that everyone except for her believes that. Donna says that she really isn’t part of the family. Pam points out that Rick is starting the divorce proceedings. Caroline knows that they are right but she does not believe for one second that Ridge will leave her for Brooke.

Brooke thinks that it is and always will be there bedroom. It is there home. Ridge thinks they have a lifetime of memories here. Brooke agrees and thinks that they will have many more. Ridge feels that their children will see to that. Brooke puts her arms around Ridge. Brooke tells him to tell her that he is in love. Ridge says that he is in love Brooke hugs him happy with his answer.

Quinn asks if Deacon thinks that Ridge will fall for it. Deacon reminds her that this is the guy who went off to the Middle East to stop a marriage from happening. Quinn thinks that things always fall into place for that woman. Deacon says that Brooke is a hot mess most of the time. Quinn wants to know if that is the attraction then. Is that why men love her. Deacon doesn’t think that she is anything like Brooke. Quinn looks at Brooke and yes she is two steps away from the nuthouse. Yet she can’t catch a break. Deacon assures her that she is doing fine. Quinn wonders if she really is. Wyatt refuses to talk to her and Hope hates her. The baby that was supposed to be her grandchild isn’t because of her.

Donna explains that Caroline has no idea what she has gotten herself into. Caroline knows that her and Ridge know how they feel about each other. Pam says that Caroline isn’t exactly the first young woman to fall for Ridge Forrester. Pam asks if she thinks that Ridge is in love with her. Pam looks at her expression and confirms that she does. Caroline thinks that her love for Ridge is something that none of them can ever understand. Donna asks what that is exactly. Caroline thinks that they have seen their work. It doesn’t exactly just show up. Donna does think that it is good but Ridge has that effect on young designers. Donna gets that she is obsessed with Ridge but Caroline should know that Brooke and Ridge have a history. Caroline feels that Brooke has history with a lot of men. Donna says that it always comes back to Ridge. Pam tells her that it happens every time. Donna knows that it will happen this time to and Caroline will have to be prepared for it. Donna feels that it is inevitable.

Ridge will always be here for Brooke. Brooke knows that the last few years have been bad but they got through it. They can start a new life. Ridge agrees. Ridge reminds her that she got back from Italy and she looks different. She looks great. Ridge changed too. Brooke doesn’t think that he has changed that much. Ridge is not in love with Brooke. He is in love with Caroline. Brooke says no. Caroline is half his age. Ridge knows that but he didn’t mean for it to happen. She knows that he has been under a lot of stress at work. Ridge doesn’t think that it is stress at all. He feels that things are different with her. Brooke thinks that the relationship has just taken place at an easel. Ridge feels that it works and he can’t deny it anymore. Ridge never wants to hurt Brooke but he is committed to Caroline. Brooke feels that Ridge is making a big mistake. Brooke asks if Ridge is still upset over Bill. Ridge thinks that for once this has nothing to do with Bill Spencer. Brooke knows that this is payback because Caroline is his niece. Ridge doesn’t think that is what led him to Caroline. Brooke reminds him that they have spent so much time together. They know each other. It is true. Brooke thinks that this is a midlife crisis. Ridge thinks that the biggest low of his life was trying to save Brooke and getting dumped out of a chopper by Bill. Ridge tried so hard to get his life back together and if it was not for Caroline he wouldn’t have been able to get it back. Brooke asks if he thinks that he owes her. Ridge feels that he does. Brooke sees. Brooke does not think that this is love but dependency. Ridge asks what happened to them. He thinks that the magic is gone now and he is moving on now and she should do the same. Brooke has tried to do that but Ridge is the only man she can count on. Ridge assures her that she can always count on him as a friend. Brooke thinks that sounds distant. Ridge does not think they will be distant. They have a son together. Ridge will always love her but he just wants to start a new chapter in his life. Ridge is going to do that with Caroline. Ridge leaves and Brooke sits down and cries.

Donna knows that it is disappointing. Caroline doesn’t think that it is inevitable. Pam knows that nothing is sure in life but Ridge and Brooke come darn close. Brooke reminds them both that they haven’t even been together for a year. Brooke was chasing after her uncle. Donna understands that but that is all done now. Donna thinks that they will get back together just like always. Caroline and Ridge know what they have. Donna suggests that she keep her work relationship because that is what she has. Donna wonders if things could possibly work out with Rick. Caroline doesn’t want Rick and he sure as hell doesn’t want her. Donna tells Caroline to go home and get some rest because she will feel better in the morning. Caroline gets a phone call from Ridge. Ridge asks her to meet him at the loft. Caroline asks if everything is ok. Ridge says yes jut to get there as soon as she can. Caroline hangs up and looks scared.

Deacon hands Quinn a beer. Quinn never used to drink beer. Quinn asks if he is going out tonight. Deacon might have a card game. Deacon wonders if she had something planned for them. Quinn says no. Deacon asks if she would want company. Quinn says no she has gone years without having company. Deacon tells her that those days are over. Quinn asks if they really are. Quinn is worried about her. She is on a bit of a losing streak. Deacon says that she has her. Quinn supposes she does. Quinn tells him to go and win a lot of money. Quinn doesn’t need a babysitter. Deacon knows that but he thinks that she needs her man so he is going to stay in tonight.

Brooke goes over to her bar and pours herself a drink. She starts to take a sip of it and enjoys the taste of it.

Quinn plays a game of cards with herself. Deacon asks what she wants to do. Quinn says whatever. Deacon tells her that they are not going to do that. Quinn is not in a funk but she wants to get things back with Wyatt and Hope and have her business be back on track. Quinn thinks that someone like her should have more to show for her life at this point. Deacon asks if she thinks she has nothing. Deacon feels that she has a guy who is going to stick around. Quinn asks what is in it for him. He brings a lot to the table. They start to kiss.

Caroline walks in and tells Ridge that the real thing is right here. Ridge went to see Brooke. Caroline asks how that went. Ridge is not going back to her. He made a commitment to someone else. Caroline thinks that it can be broken. Ridge can’t do that. Not now. Not ever. The two of them kiss passionately. They smile at each other.

Brooke pours herself another drink and is crying. She has changed clothes and sits down next to the fire place. She thinks about Bill and all the time they spent together. She then thinks about Ridge coming back for her. Brooke toasts to all the men who have left her and left her. This drink is to them. She takes a drink and sits back in her chair. She starts to cry harder.

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