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Rick is working in his office when Wyatt knocks on the door. He asks if he can have a minute. Rick wonders if he is lost and needs to call his mommy. Wyatt really needs to speak with him. Rick says no. He does not work with the company anymore. Wyatt needs to speak to him about that. Rick yells at him and says no. He is busy. Rick will call security. Wyatt just needs a minute of his time. Rick does not have time for quitters.

Ridge wakes up in bed to find that Caroline is no longer in it with him. Caroline then walks over wearing one of Ridge’s shirts. Caroline is holding two cups of coffee and says good morning. Ridge tells her that it is a good morning now. He smiles. He kisses her and Caroline smiles while she takes a sip of her coffee.

At Brooke’s house Donna tries to tell her something. Brooke explains that she has lived in this house for many years. Donna knows that but reminds her that with Hope gone and Brooke being single, it is strange for her to be all alone in this big place. Brooke thinks that it is only a matter of time before Ridge moves back in. Donna asks what she means. She thought that Ridge was with Caroline. Brooke is going to get him back today. Donna is shocked.

Bill looks through a file in Liam’s office and tells Liam that this is a big job and that they still have a lot of hoops to go through. Liam knows that but Wyatt still has to get his job back at Forrester because it is crucial that they have someone at the company. Bill agrees. Liam says that they are going to get rid of Rick. They are going to get control of the company somehow and some way. Bill just hopes that Wyatt can convince Rick to get his job back. Liam thinks that Wyatt is going to have to pull off the performance of a lifetime then.

Bill explains that even if Wyatt comes through Eric and Ridge are shareholders. Liam understands that. Liam thinks that with Steffy on their side they can get Thomas’s support as well and they can get the rest later. Bill asks if Steffy is on board. Liam tells him not quite yet. Bill figured that. She isn’t going to betray her family. Liam thinks that Steffy not liking Rick is enough. Bill asks about Ridge. Steffy is not going to go behind her father’s back. Liam doesn’t think that she is thrilled with him right now. Bill still thinks that Steffy will remain loyal to her father.

Wyatt tells Rick that he said some things that he regrets. He really needs to be here right now. He really needs his job. Rick says that he should have thought about that before he stormed out of here. Wyatt knows that. He should have thought about how important it is. He knows now though. He is coming here to ask for another chance. Rick asks how bad he wants this job. Rick tells him to prove it. He tells Wyatt to get on his knees and beg. Wyatt looks confused.

Donna asks if Brooke wants Ridge back. Brooke has loved Ridge forever. Donna thought that she was over him. Brooke asks if anyone really gets over Ridge Forrester. Donna wonders if this has anything to do with his relationship with Caroline. Brooke wouldn’t call it a relationship. She would call it a fling. Donna assumes that Brooke is about to put an end to it. Brooke does want to teach Caroline a lesson.

Ridge asks what Caroline thinks of the painting. Caroline doesn’t think that it looks bad. Ridge could have done better but his subject kept moving around. Caroline starts to laugh. Ridge remembers everything about last night. He can see that Caroline still has pain on her. The two start to kiss passionately in bed.

Brooke walks down stairs in a seductive outfit. Donna assumes that she is not going to go to work dressed like that. Brooke has something that she needs to take care of. Donna asks if it is something tall dark and handsome. Brooke feels that she knows her so well. Brooke gets out her phone and dials Ridge. Ridge picks up his phone while Caroline gets dressed in the background. Ridge does not looked thrilled to get this called. Brooke is eager. Brooke really needs to see him Ridge explains that it is a really busy day. Brooke knows that but she still needs to see him. It is nothing important though. Ridge asks if she wants to see him right now. Brooke says yes. Ridge agrees and will meet her at her house.

Ridge hangs up the phone and tells Caroline that was Brooke and she wants to see him at her house. Caroline looks confused. Ridge says that everything is fine but she wants to talk to him about something. It shouldn’t take long and he will call her after. Caroline kisses Ridge.

Bill doesn’t think that Liam has done a lot of sales. He wonders how Liam pitched it to Steffy. Liam says it is not like he was selling her a car. It is her legacy and family business. He can’t pressure her into doing this. Bill asks if he told her that if she sells it to them she will be CEO of Forrester and running the show. Liam confirms that he did but Steffy is not ready to go into business with him. Bill does not think that there will be a business if Rick drives it off a cliff. Which is exactly what is going to happen. This whole situation is just pissing him off. Bill asks what Caroline was thinking. Getting all hot and heavy over Forrester. Liam says that he will be thrilled to know that it is not slowing down anytime soon. Caroline apparently is even more into Ridge. Bill feels that it is bad enough that Katie got suckered in but his niece. Liam knows that it is weird but he is more concerned about Rick right now. Bill can’t believe that he shot a gun at his niece. Bill doesn’t give a damn if it was a warning shot. Nobody does that to a Spencer woman. Liam says Ivy too. Liam can only imagine what Rick is doing to Wyatt right now.

Wyatt asks if he really wants him to get on his knees and beg for his job back. Rick thinks that it is the only way he will know that Wyatt is loyal. Wyatt is flabbergasted. Rick starts to laugh and says that he is messing with him. He really wasn’t going to make him beg. Wyatt wonders if he can have his job back then. Rick isn’t going to give him it back that easy. Wyatt knows that he was right. Everything that he said was true. He deserved it and he neglected his work. Rick had every right to call him out on it. Wyatt knows that he lost his cool. He is sorry. Wyatt asks to be given another chance. He gives him his word. Wyatt just wants another shot.

Brooke answers the door and says hello. Ridge says that it is nice to see her. Brooke says it is nice to see him. Brooke has him come in. Brooke hopes that he did not have any pressing plans today. Brooke thinks that he is going to have so much fun here that Ridge is never going to leave.

Rick wants to know what is in it for him if he gives Wyatt his job back. What does he get out of it? Wyatt feels that he has proven himself excluding the last few weeks. He is great at PR. He has contacts all over the world. He also thinks that he is the best fit for the company. Wyatt will do whatever Rick wants right now. He will be a janitor or work in shipping. Rick asks him if it makes him look like a pushover if he gives him his job back. Wyatt says no. Rick wonders even after he disrespected him. Wyatt says never again. Wyatt will never do it again. Rick decides that as long as he is clear about that he is hired. Rick threatens that if he ever fights with him again then he will be cleaning bathrooms.

Caroline walks into Liam’s office. Liam asks what she is doing here. Caroline is sorry knowing that she should have called first. Liam thinks that she is crazy. Her name is on the door. Caroline just needed to get away from work. Liam asks how things are over at Forrester. Caroline says that Rick is still on a power strike and she believes that he shrank her parking spot because she could just barely get into it this morning. She is avoiding him at all costs. Liam tells her to look at the bright side that she will be divorced soon enough. Caroline doesn’t think that can happen soon enough. Liam asks what is up with her and Ridge. Caroline says that they are very good. Liam asks if it is serious. Caroline can confidently say that they are officially a couple.

Brooke is still trying to process everything that happened while she was away. Ridge asks why she wanted to see him. Brooke doesn’t understand the attraction and crush that Caroline has for Ridge. Brooke really wants there to be peace between Ridge and Rick. Ridge doesn’t think that is going to happen with the way that he is acting. Ridge thinks that she should talk to him. Brooke will do that. Ridge says good luck with that. Brooke thinks that they all need to function as a team. Ridge never thought that the two of them had a problem. Brooke really wants something more. This thing with Caroline is just an infatuation. Ridge asks her if it really is. Brooke knows that it will never last. Brooke knows that they will always find their way back to each other. Brooke wants to take him down to the pool and relax. It is beautiful outside. Brooke asks what he thinks about that.

Liam asks if Caroline is sure that this is a good thing. Caroline wonders if he means her and Ridge. Liam reminds her that he was married to her mother in law. Caroline points out that it is her future ex mother in law. Liam also points out that he was married to her aunt and had a committed relationship with Katie. Liam asks if she is engaged. Caroline says that she isn’t. Liam explains that Ridge comes with baggage and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Caroline does not need anyone to worry about her. Not one bit. Liam asks if she is sure about that. Caroline is not worried about that. Caroline is curious though. Brooke did call Ridge and Ridge is over at her house.

Ridge asks what she is doing this for. Brooke doesn’t think that this is not too much of a surprise. Ridge guesses not and that she is just not a fan of his relationship with Caroline. Brooke doesn’t see the relationship that way. Brooke feels that they have been through so much together. They have memories and a beautiful son. Ridge feels that they have both moved on. Brooke doesn’t think that they have. Ridge feels that Brooke being with Bill is moving on. Brooke tells him that Bill is back with Katie and they are very happy. Ridge thought that Katie was smarter than that. Brooke thinks that if they can reunite then anyone can. Brooke asks if really does not have any feelings for her at all. Ridge tells her not to even say that. She should know how he feels about her. Brooke will not say anything but she wants him to spend the day with her. She is ready to move on with her life with Ridge.

Caroline asks if she should be worried. Wyatt walks in and is shocked to find Caroline. Caroline asks him if he jogged here. Wyatt asks why. Caroline thinks that he looks intense and sweaty. Liam just remembered that he had a meeting with Wyatt. Caroline thinks that it is far from her to interrupt all there boy stuff. Caroline starts to leave. Liam asks if she is cool. Caroline says yes. Wyatt tells Liam that he got his job back. Liam is happy. Wyatt doesn’t know where to start. He wanted to knock the sense out of Rick. They had a lot of groveling but he is allowed to come back as long as he behaves. Liam is happy

Rick puts his feet on his desk and smiles.

Wyatt can’t wait to see his face when they finally take Rick down. Liam thinks that they are just one step closer to taking down Forrester Creations.

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