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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/9/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam thinks that they will always care about each other. They have been through so much together. Steffy asks if he was even listening. She said that she still loves him. Liam knows and wants her to listen. Liam wants them to take time and work on that later. This plan though doesn’t have more time. Steffy says that she will not sign over her family's company just so he can play hero to his new girlfriend. They need to be in it together. Liam says that they will be, just not like that. Steffy told herself that she wouldn’t do this. Liam tells her that he is sorry. He didn’t think that it would be that hard for her. Steffy explains that it won’t be hard, because she is not going to be a part of this.

Caroline and Ridge continue to kiss. Ridge thinks that it is beautiful. Ridge painted the picture because he wanted her to see herself. Caroline asks him to show her more.

At the Forrester Mansion, Aly shows Oliver some of her shoe designs. Oliver thinks that they look great. Aly says that he is going to be the only person that will ever see them. Oliver asks her to make him a pair in a size twelve. That would be cool. Aly laughs and says maybe. Ivy walks in and says sorry. She is about to walk upstairs when Aly stops her and tells her that she does not want to do that. Rick is up there with Maya. Ivy rolls her eyes.

Rick thinks that they will chase everyone out of the house if they keep this up. Maya laughs. Rick asks if that is what Maya would like, to have the entire house to themselves. Maya does kind of wonder why Aly and Ivy are still there. Rick doesn’t think that it would be for very long if they keep this up. They kiss passionately.

Oliver asks Ivy what she is working on. Ivy explains that she is working on Maya’s dress because all the seamstresses have gone home. Oliver asks if she is seriously working on her dress. Ivy tells him that Rick asked her too. Ivy is just trying to be a team player. Aly doesn’t think that they are all playing for the same team anymore.

Rick’s phone rings while they are kissing. Maya asks if he should get that. Rick tells her that it better be important. It’s Eric. Rick asks how the teaching gig is going. Eric tells him that everything is fine. Rick tells him that everything is better. There is no reason to rush back to LA. He has the whole situation under control.

Ridge has Caroline sit back down where she was sitting, and he starts to rub her neck. Caroline touches his hand and she looks at her wedding ring. She takes it off and tells Ridge that it is time.

Liam points out that she has not forgotten and neither has he. Liam came to her because he couldn’t imagine running Forrester without her. Liam thinks that she could do and change so much as CEO. Liam thinks that she deserves this and would have control. Steffy believes that this is a mistake. This is not for her. Liam wants her to help get the company back under control. Steffy asks why sell her share to Spencer. Liam wants her to run the company, and he will be there to support her.

Maya wishes that they could stay in this bed forever. Rick thinks that they can. Maya is starving. Rick asks if she would want ice cream. Maya is getting hungrier. Rick picks up the phone. Aly picks the phone up and Rick asks if they have any ice cream in the freezer. Aly says maybe but wants to talk to him for a minute about her shoe line. Rick thinks that it is funny that she should mention that, because he actually has been considering some of her shoes for the line. Rick would actually be able to consider it more if he had some ice cream in his stomach. Aly asks what he means by that. Rick is so comfortable up here with Maya, otherwise he would go get it himself. Aly asks if he wants her to bring him ice cream. Rick thinks that would be great. He wants three scoops and two spoons. He hangs up the phone. He and Maya laugh.

Steffy looks at a photo of Liam and Steffy. Liam doesn’t think that this is just about him and Ivy. Steffy believes that it is everything. It is Rick and his father and Caroline. None of this feels right. Liam thinks that she could help him clean this up. Steffy can’t say yes. Liam wants her to be the leader of Forrester as she is the leader that it needs. Liam feels that she is tough and smart and she inspires people. Liam thinks that she is a fighter and there is nothing that she can’t do. Liam begs her to say yes. Liam thinks that she would be the most bad ass CEO that the industry has ever seen. Steffy cries.

Ridge continues to paint Caroline. Caroline walks back over and sees what else he has done. She thinks that it's beautiful. Ridge doesn’t think that it is as beautiful as the real thing. Caroline tells Ridge that she loves him. Caroline thought that when he said that he wanted to paint her. Caroline drops her sheet and Ridge starts to paint her body. He starts using his fingers and paints all over her body. He starts to kiss her passionately. They both smear paint over each other in bed on top of each other. They kiss passionately together.

Rick and Maya are still in bed when Aly knocks on the door. Rick tells her to come on in. Aly comes in with a tray and didn’t think that they would be naked. Rick tells her to bring the tray over. Aly looks uncomfortable. Maya is happy to have the ice cream. Aly interrupts them and tells Rick that she brought her sketch. Rick says thanks but that he will look at it later after he has dessert. He wouldn’t want his ice cream to melt. Aly drops the sketch on the tray. Maya thinks that he is bad. Rick wonders if he was too hard on her.

Caroline and Ridge sit on the ground wrapped under a sheet together. Caroline thinks that if this is what moving on feels like. He should have done it a lot sooner. Ridge kisses her.

Liam tells Steffy that she is ready for this. Steffy thinks that maybe she is ready for CEO but not the rest of this. Steffy has to be realistic. Things are different now. Liam thinks that they should focus on the future. Steffy feels that them having a family together was their future until that all fell apart. Steffy wants to come back here and run Forrester with him. She wants it more than anything but she can’t. Liam is shocked by this. Steffy knows his life went on, and she allowed him to think she had too. Maybe she can now.

Caroline asks if she has any paint on her. Ridge says yeah it is all over. Ridge wants to paint her in a more abstract way. Ridge wants to paint and sculpt her. All Ridge’s life he had been creating beauty. Now he wants to just admire it. Caroline is more than a muse. She is fantastical. Caroline laughs. They kiss again.

Liam will never forget what they shared. All those memories are just as important to him. We see a montage of Steffy and Liam spending time together. Liam thinks it's good to remember. Steffy knows that's not why he called though. Steffy can’t run the company with him. Her father still wants to run the company and it can still happen when Rick’s contract expires. Liam points out that is a year from now. Steffy feels that it is quicker than he thinks. It feels like it is just yesterday. Steffy is sorry that she unloaded all of this. Liam tells her not to be. Steffy decides to leave. Liam gives her a hug before that happens. They look at each other. Steffy tells him good luck. Steffy walks out. Outside Liam’s office, Steffy breaks down and cries.

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