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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/6/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Wyatt can’t believe that Liam is serious about taking over Forrester Creations. Liam is. Wyatt asks if this has anything to do with Steffy. Liam explains that she has shares and Liam plans to use them. Liam is calling her. Wyatt asks why she is calling her now asking what time it is in Paris. Liam tells him that she is not in Paris but LA and probably at Forrester so she can see just how big of a mess it is.

Steffy answers her phone. Liam asks how it has been going. Steffy says that it is pretty bad over here maybe worse. She does believe that something has to be done. Liam thinks that he is the one to do it. He wants her to come by his office so that they can talk about her options.

Ridge is in an apartment and gets a knock on the door. Caroline is at the door and explains that she found him. She asks why he texted her a weird address. Ridge doesn’t think that it is weird he has had this place for a couple of weeks and wanted to show it off to her. Caroline asks if this is really his place. Ridge says yes and explains that he even painted the artwork on the walls. Caroline is surprised that he painted them. Ridge thinks that Caroline inspired them.

Deacon opens the door for Brooke and is surprised. Brooke says that she is glad that Quinn is not here. Deacon asks how she knows that. Brooke thinks that if Deacon were to have flirted with her when Quinn was around he would have a sword in him. Deacon explains that Quinn knows that he can’t help but flirt. Brooke really doesn’t see the two of them as a couple Deacon feels that jealousy is a powerful emotion. Brooke is not jealous. Deacon wonders if she has heard from Hope. Brooke is not here about Hope but because of Rick. She needed someone to talk to about it and somehow she ended up here.

Maya makes martinis in Eric’s bedroom and asks if it was Stephanie’s gun. Rick says yes it was in the night stand. Rick never planned on hurting them. Maya knows. Rick thought that maybe a couple shots above their heads would get Ridge off of Caroline. Maya knows that all it was. She wonders though if it was because he was enraged that she was with someone else. Rick asks if it looks like he wants to be with someone else.

Deacon gives Brooke a drink and asks if she would not prefer something a little harder. Brooke is going to stick to water. Deacon asks what is going on with Rick. Brooke explains that his marriage appears to be over. Deacon confesses that the Spencer Chick was probably a bit of a handful. Brooke says that he has moved on to someone else who is equally as difficult. She is a Forrester model and doesn’t apologize for enjoying the good life. Deacon thinks that is the reason they call it the good life. Deacon assumes that Caroline’s heart is broken. Brooke says no. She latched on to someone else immediately. Ridge. Brooke explains that if that little girl thinks that she can mess with her son then Brooke is going to put her in his place.

Caroline thinks that this is a little surprising. Ridge asks what she means by that. Caroline thinks that the painting and the loft are a bit different. Ridge tells her that a man needs a place to call his own. Caroline think that this is a lot different than the Forrester estate. Ridge wanted something different and less complicated. Ridge thinks that this makes him happy. Painting and drawing and spending time with her. He wants to do something. Caroline asks what. Ridge tells her to sit for him. Caroline smiles. Ridge wants to pain his inspiration.

Wyatt asks what happens if Steffy joins them. Liam says that if Steffy joins them it is the first step to get control of Forrester. Liam tells him that he can’t quit. He knows that Wyatt doesn’t want to do it but Wyatt needs to make nice with Rick. Wyatt thinks he is going to be a Spencer double agent. Liam thinks that is exactly what he will be. Rick is abusing his power and hurting Caroline so they are going to take him down. Allison walks in the room and says that Steffy is here to see him. Steffy walks in and Allison leaves. Steffy says hello to Wyatt. Wyatt says it is nice to see her. Steffy explains her company is being ran by an egotistical maniac but the worst part is that she actually sympathizes with the bastard because if she walked in to find her dad with a woman half her age she would shoot too. Steffy asks how Wyatt is doing. Wyatt smiles.

Rick says that he thought he knew loyalty until he met Maya. No one has ever stood by him or been there for him like Maya has. Rick is so tired of the lies. Caroline and Amber. Maya asks if Amber was his first wife. Rick nods yes. Maya wants to know about her. Rick really doesn’t know what to say. She is the polar opposite of Caroline but she was exactly the same. Maya asks how. Rick says that it is because of the lies. Caroline and Ridge the artist. Just like Amber and Raymond the musician. Maya asks if he means Raymond and starts to laugh. Rick assumes that he is not calling Amber back these days since he has made it so big. Maya tells him to get really comfortable because Maya wants to hear all about this.

Deacon pours himself another drink. He asks if she is really going to get back at Caroline. Brooke says yes. Deacon likes this side of Brooke. He asks what the plan is. Brooke tells him that she told Caroline that she could have Ridge back just like that and snaps her fingers again. Brooke feels that Caroline better enjoy this little romance as long as she can because now that she knows where she is needed her and Ridge will be getting back together.

Liam admits that the whole thing with Caroline and Ridge is a little bit strange. Steffy thinks it is disgusting. Wyatt asks if it really is that serious. When he left for Europe she was still fighting for her husband. Liam feels that it was before she realized that Rick was such a monster. Steffy thinks that she can leave Rick but that doesn’t mean that she can just go to her father. She would assume that growing up with two mothers would mean that she wouldn’t have daddy issues. Steffy knows that her father can’t give up on a beautiful blonde with problems. It makes her sick. Steffy can’t believe that she is still the aftermath of her father. She thought that things would be different in Paris. She would be alone with Thomas and Ridge and they would be away from the drama. Ridge never wants to be around her for very long. Steffy wasn’t that surprised though because Ridge can’t stay away from Brooke for very long. This though a woman that is pulling him away that is her age is something that she will not accept.

Caroline giggles at the thought of posing for Ridge. Ridge says that she is the reason that he can draw again and now he wants to show what he can really do with all of this. Caroline doesn’t think that she can say no to that.

Rick says that Raymond was a friend of Amber’s from high school and he was working on his world tour. Amber was of course all over that. Rick remembers when Raymond dedicated a song to Amber calling her a special person to him. Amber was smiling and then they ended up hugging on stage. Maya asks if they just sang a song together and then they were all over each other. Rick says that they were friendly and they were talkative when he wasn’t around. A flashback is shown to Amber and Raymond toasting to themselves and kissing passionately on a bed. Maya understands better now why what Caroline did was so painful. He had already been cheated on and lied to and then he finally decides to get married again only to find out that it was just more of the same. Rick tells her yes. Maya hopes that he knows that is not her. She would never hurt him like that. Rick knows.

Brooke is going after Ridge. Brooke feels that what they have is just a ridicules flirtation with no substance. What she has with Ridge is years of history so there is no contest. Deacon has to think that she has the ability to get any man that she wants. Quinn walks in as he is saying this.

Ridge starts to mix pains and Caroline walks down the stairs wearing nothing but a sheet. Caroline asks where he wants her. Ridge puts her on a stool next to the fire place. He starts to take the sheet off of her and pose her properly. Ridge starts to kiss her. Caroline poses. Ridge sits down and starts to paint.

Wyatt tells Steffy that it was good to see her again. Steffy says the same. Wyatt leaves. Steffy thinks that now that he is gone he is going to start the hard sell. Liam doesn’t think that he has to seeing that she is so ticked off at Ridge. Steffy is upset. This is her families company and she is a Forrester and she doesn’t know if she can just give up her company to Spencer Publications. Liam is asking to take her company back. Liam thinks that she should be in charge. He wants her to run Forrester Creations.

Quinn says hello to them. Deacon says hey and was hoping that she would be home soon. Quinn starts to laugh. Deacon kisses her. Quinn says hello to Brooke and asks if she is joining them for dinner or drinks. Brooke says that she has to go actually. Quinn asks for a drink. Quinn tells Brooke to stay away from Deacon. Brooke says that she is and she won’t have her ruining it.

Ridge starts to paint Caroline and the two smile at each other. Ridge paints as Caroline sits there smiling at him from her back. She starts to bite her lip and Ridge starts to look at her sexually. Caroline gets up and walks over to Ridge. She looks at his picture and hugs him. She turns him around in his stool and starts to kiss him passionately.

Steffy asks if he really thinks that she should be running Forrester Creations. Liam wonders if she can think of a better candidate than Stephanie Forrester. Steffy smiles. Liam wants her to be CEO. He wants her to imagine. Steffy does think it is tempting. Liam wants this to happen. He needs to make the place better for Ivy. Steffy forgot that this was about Ivy. Liam thinks that this is better for everyone. Steffy can’t do this. Steffy can’t watch him protect another woman. Steffy knows that she was the one. She can’t. She moved half way across the world for one reason because it was difficult to see him. She will never forget losing their child. Liam thinks that they can still work together. Steffy can’t do that if he is with Ivy. Steffy asks if he is dense because she still loves him.

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