B&B Thursday Update 2/5/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/5/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy explains to Ridge that he and Caroline is wrong for so many reasons. Steffy knows that he might not see it but everyone else does. Ridge wants to know who everyone else is. He asks if she talked to Brooke. Steffy didn’t but is shocked that Brooke doesn’t like it any better than she does. Steffy wonders if that tells Ridge something. Ridge realizes that she is trying to help but maybe she should mind her own business. Steffy is sorry but she can’t do that. Steffy tells him that it needs to end. She wonders if everyone is taking crazy pills. She is far too young not to mention that she is his first wives niece. Plus he is her father a man that she has loved. Ridge wonders if she has stopped loving him.

Caroline looks at designs in Rick’s office. Caroline asks if Ivy should be here. Rick tells her that if he wanted Ivy here he would have asked her. Caroline says fine. Caroline just assumed that she would be here when he requested updates on the latest designs. Rick asks if she is afraid to be alone with him now. Rick asks if Caroline wants to frisk him. He assumes that Ridge wouldn’t approve. Wyatt walks in and is about to ask Caroline something when he notices that Rick is also in the room. Rick asks if knows him. Wyatt tells him to come on it hasn’t been that long. Caroline welcomes him back and asks how long he has been back. Wyatt explains that he made a stop at Quinn’s then he came back here. Rick gets up and tells him that was his first mistake. He should have gone straight from the airport to Forrester. His second mistake was assuming that he still has a job.

Liam gets off the phone with someone. Liam thinks that one of the perks of being President of Spencer is having absolute power. Bill tells him to be careful because he is starting to sound like Rick. Liam gets a text and Bill asks if it is from Steffy. Liam says that she hasn’t gotten back to him yet. Bill believes that once she gets a look at the carnage going on at Forrester. Liam thinks that with her and Thomas’s stock that would really help. Bill points out once again that it would not give them majority vote. Bill tells him that a takeover like this takes planning. Steffy better know that even one slip to Ridge could hurt it. Liam doesn’t think they have to worry about that. Steffy is not thrilled with Ridge’s choices right now. Bill asks what daughter would be the dress maker is a pig and going after his niece. The only thing worse is Rick being rude to her on a daily bases. This is why Liam wants to take over the company. Katie walks in and asks what is going on. Katie think that it sounds like they were talking about Forrester. She wants to know what the two are up to. Katie thinks that they are talking about Rick and his position. Liam doesn’t think that the new VP doesn’t miss much. Katie doesn’t think that the new President is answering his question. Liam asks how much she knows. Katie knows what is going on and knows that Rick is being a jerk to everyone but Maya. Bill says that Caroline is taking most of the heat. Katie knows that but reminds them that they can’t do anything until his yearlong contract is up. Liam says who knows what is going to happen next.

Wyatt says that it is not what he wanted but it is what Hope needed so he is back and is ready to throw himself into his work. Rick tells him not so fast. Rick asks Caroline to excuse them as he has something to deal with. Caroline leaves. Wyatt wonders why he feels like he is being thrown into a fire. Rick says that he has been gone and shrugged off his responsibilities at the company. If he hadn’t been married to his sister and now that he isn’t.

Ridge knows that she is upset and it might not look like it but his kids are the most important things in his life. If he ever unknowingly embarrassed her. Steffy tells him to talk to Caroline and tell her to wake up from her fantasies. She claims to have feelings for him and says that he feels the same. Steffy realizes that he actually does.

Aly thinks that by this time next year maybe her shoe line will be as big as Ivy’s jewel line. It all depends on a certain person though. Aly asks if Caroline is ok. She wonders if something has happened. Caroline says that Steffy is back in town. Aly does not look happy.

Steffy cannot believe this. Ridge says that they are not rushing into things. Steffy asks what he means by not rushing things. She asks if he knows that this is wrong or if he just wants to do this right. Steffy asks which it is. Ridge wants to finish. Ridge lost his ability to draw and he then realizes that was what made him a person. Caroline was there for him and she was just there. Steffy doesn’t think that it just happened. He was not responsible for this. He is robbing the cradle and is responsible for ripping apart a company that he claims he loves. Ridge doesn’t think that this is fair. Steffy knows that it is not fair but he is doing it whether she likes it or not.

Liam looks at Katie’s ring and asks how many people know about this. Katie says just Brooke. Liam asks how that went. Katie tells them both fine she did pick up a strange vibe though. It wasn’t from the engagement as she was happy about that but when she walked in she was with Caroline and she was a bit tense. Liam assumes that it has to do with Ridge and Caroline. Katie explains that according to Brooke there will be no Ridge and Caroline. Katie doesn’t know what she meant by that. Bill thinks that she should get a hit man on the man. Liam believes that she should focus on her son He asks if she heard about him pulling a gun. He shot up his old office. Liam thinks that something has to be done.

Wyatt reminds Rick that he cleared his time off before he left to be with his wife and Rick’s sister. Rick says that is true. Rick just didn’t expect him to take advantage of his hospitality. Rick tells him that his sister being gone is excusable but he being gone is not. Wyatt asks why. Wyatt is it being she is a Forrester and he is not. Though that is not exactly true as Hope isn’t a Forrester but her CEO Brother is. Rick tells him he would watch it if he was him. Wyatt says that he should watch it. He has been through hell. He isn’t going to stand here and let him pile it in. This is his job and he happens to love it very much. Forrester Creations doesn’t own him and the sooner he figures that out the better off they will be. Rick asks if he feels better now. Wyatt says yes. Rick is glad because that is the last time he will ever speak that way. Rick knows that he may not own him but when he works for him and now Forrester Creations has been left in the lurch because of him. Wyatt didn’t do anything. Rick says that things are going to be a little different around here. Wyatt isn’t going to do anything different. He is the one who brought the diamond to the company and got the photo shoots in Paris done. Wyatt tells him to respect him. He decides that the Forrester’s are not even worth it. He quits. Wyatt walks out. Rick looks a little confused.

Ridge tells Steffy she just got here and he knows that he made some tough choices when she was younger Steffy asks if he thought that she would be able to accept his ridicules choices now that she is older. When she just explained all the things that make her can’t. Ridge doesn’t think that this makes sense. Steffy is not ok with this. Rick moved himself and his mistress into her grandparents’ home. Maya is where her namesake should be. When he is not firing guns he is going crazy and Forrester is suffering and it is all because of Ridge and Caroline.

Aly wonders if Steffy just needs time. She is just finding out about her dad and her. Rick walks out here and asks if either of them have seen Wyatt. Caroline tells him that he was with him. Rick tells her that they had words.

Bill wants to know the moment that Liam hears from Steffy. Liam thought that he was in charge of this. Bill says that he is. Bill says that he is still the head coach though. Wyatt walks in and says that Allison said they both would be in here. Bill asks when he got in. Wyatt tells him earlier. Wyatt had to make a couple stops first. Liam asks if Hope is with her. Wyatt says that she is staying in Italy. Bill wonders if it is for good. Wyatt tells him that his marriage is over to Hope. He lost his wife and child and now his job. He went over to see Rick and he quit. Liam says that he can’t quit his job they need him at Forrester Creations.

Ridge knows how this looks. Steffy thinks it is getting worse. Steffy wonders if she has been in Paris to long and wonders if she should be running this company. She owns part of this company and has an investment to protect. So if Ridge won’t give up and Rick won’t change his ways then she has to do something while there is still time

Aly asks if Rick can cut Wyatt some slack. Caroline tells him that he just got back from Italy and his marriage is over. Rick isn’t shocked that they are over. He was giving him an attitude. Rick has given him too many chances.

Wyatt asks why they want him back at Forrester. Liam needs him there especially if he wants it to work out the way he is hoping that it does. Wyatt heard that Liam is president. Wyatt asks if this has to do with keeping Wyatt away from Spencer. Bill says no but right now he needs to be at Forrester. Liam explains that things are getting terrible at Forrester. Rick pulled a gun on Caroline. Bill understands that he doesn’t want to work there. Liam needs an inside person. Bill explains that Rick is not the only problem. Ridge seduced Caroline. Liam wants to have a hostile takeover at the company and they can pull off something. Wyatt asks if he would be a double agent. Liam tells him that he needs his job back. Wyatt needs to beg. Liam needs inside information. Rick and Ridge cannot get it where it hurts him. Liam believes that if they get rid of Ridge and Rick then they will no longer be able to hurt the woman in their lives.

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