B&B Wednesday Update 2/4/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/4/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill is on the phone with someone while Liam sits in his office. Bill doesn’t care about what the board wants he just wants to know hypothetically how much he has in liquid assets. Bill hangs up the phone. Liam asks him if he knows how annoying it is when he doesn’t say goodbye on the phone. Bill confirms that they can have the takeover with Steffy’s shares this afternoon. Liam points out that it will only happen if she sells. He assumes that she went straight to Ridge to talk which is a good thing because of everything that is going on over there is a good enough reason to sell. Bill informs Liam that hanging up is goodbye. It doesn’t need a special word to confirm it. Liam smiles.

Steffy gets it Caroline is a fast decisive New Yorker. Caroline isn’t exactly sure what she means by that. Steffy is not sure about how she is supposed to take Caroline being with her father. Then she realizes that it is the exact same thing with Rick. Caroline really doesn’t seem to think Steffy knows anything about her relationship with Ridge. Steffy knows that her father could never actually take her seriously.

Brooke looks in on Ridge working. She remembers her conversation with Caroline telling her that she could have Ridge if she really wanted. She walks into his office and tells him that she knows that he is not happy with her. Ridge explains that the state of affairs would make him assume that Brooke would be off fighting Rick’s battles for him. Brooke would rather talk with him instead.

Quinn looks in her fridge and asks why they never have any food in this house. Deacon asks if she is hungry. Quinn asks why he can’t buy groceries every once in a while. She calls him Mister Take out. Deacon says that if she wants food then he will get her food. Deacon tells her though that what is bothering her he can’t get at a grocery store. Quinn sits down moping. Deacon goes to get the food and when he opens the door Wyatt is standing there. Deacon is glad to see that he is home. Wyatt says that this is not his home. Deacon just meant that he is back from Italy. Quinn gets up. Deacon asks him to come in. Wyatt asks if Deacon has somewhere he has to be. He sounds angry. Quinn tells him to leave Wyatt alone. Quinn asks if Hope came back with him. Wyatt says no and that this is the last place on earth that she would see her.

Bill reminds Liam that Steffy and his shares of the company are not enough to get controlling interest in the company. Liam knows that. Liam says that where Steffy leads others will follow. He mentions that they need to worry about damage control. He already knows that Brooke is not going to be very happy that her son is dethroned. Bill knows that with her daughters gone too it will be a tough road. He also does not want to flatter himself but it will be a struggle for her to see him as a married man. Liam is happy that he and Katie got engaged. Liam doesn’t think that it is official until he gets her a ring though. Bill asks what he thinks he got her. It isn’t like he wrapped a shoe lace around her finger. Bill doesn’t need ring buying explaining to him. Liam congratulates him.

Caroline feels that she knows Ridge in a different way than everyone else. Steffy wants to know what that is supposed to mean. Caroline knows that she knows they design together. Steffy asks if that is supposed to explain it. She is alone in a room with a man who flatters her. Caroline thinks that things happen between people that logic cannot always explain. Steffy knows exactly how Rick got himself into this mess. Steffy accuses Caroline of being exactly like Brooke.

Ridge is used to Brooke trying to undo the damage that Rick does where ever he goes. Brooke asks about him and Caroline. Ridge asks why not she is not like Brooke. Brooke remember what people used to call her when she wouldn’t let go of Ridge. Ridge knows she finally did.

Quinn gives Wyatt a bowl of soup. She says that it is hot and that he looks cold. Deacon informs him that she made that herself. Wyatt asks if Deacon has to be here. Quinn points out that he is Hope’s father and has been going through the same things that everyone else has too. Deacon explains that Hope has cut her off. Quinn asks if there is anything she can do. Wyatt says nothing. Quinn wonders if she should write a letter. Wyatt thinks that would be a bad idea. Quinn hasn’t seen her and wants her to know she is sorry. Wyatt gets angry and says that she doesn’t blame her or correction she does blame her not for losing the baby though. Wyatt asks how innocent Quinn feels about this.

Liam has two questions. He asks if Quinn knows. Bill could care less if Quinn knows. Liam reminds him that Quinn is not exactly good with surprises. Bill explains that she does have an honest to goodness criminal as her partner in crime. Liam asks if he is still living with her. Bill says probably. Bill knows she likes a man she can wipe the floor with. Liam’s second question is if Brooke knows. Bill explains that she gave him her blessing. Liam asks how that felt. Bill feels that he got an education in himself through Brooke. Liam asks what she plans to do next then. Bill thinks that is a suckers bet but assumes that she will wonder back into an all too familiar territory.

Brooke assumes that Ridge knows that Katie is engaged to Bill. Ridge thinks that is disappointing. Brooke was not over joyed at their first wedding but she has come to see that this might be just what Katie needs. Brooke explains that when she was in Italy she wants to know if RJ met Caroline. Ridge tells her that RJ already knows Caroline. Brooke means did they spend time together with RJ. Ridge says no but wonders why. Brooke doesn’t want their son to be confused. She knows one thing is for certain. Ridge and Caroline are not going to be together.

Caroline wants to correct her if she is wrong but believes that Steffy is trying to insult her by calling her a New Yorker and that she is like Brooke. Steffy doesn’t think that her being from New York is an insult. Her being like Brooke on the other hand. She wants to know if there is something that she doesn’t know about. Something that is so fascinating to be with a woman that is her age. That is what her father needs. Caroline tells Steffy to be careful. Steffy tells Caroline to be careful. Steffy wonders if that is a threat. She doesn’t think that the apple falls that far from the dollar Bill tree. Caroline wants to know just how well she does know her uncle. Caroline has no desire to threaten her but she just wanted to let her know that Caroline knows more about her then Steffy probably wants her to think she does. So taking a moral high ground with her is probably not the best idea. Caroline hopes that Steffy has the decency not to jerk her cousin around while she is here. Steffy asks her what she means. Caroline explains that Liam is just now recovering and the last thing that he needs is to be played around by the ex-wife who left him with no explanation. Steffy doesn’t think that she knows anything about that. Caroline asks if she has seen Liam since she has been here. Steffy points out that Liam is the one who called her. They are friends. Friends are people that don’t try to trap and keep them. It is what she could be to her father. Anything else is nauseating and his reputation could never recover.

Ridge asks if this meeting had a purpose as he lost track. Brooke thinks that against her best efforts she has not been able to get Caroline and Rick to reconcile yet. Ridge asks if she really thinks that there is anything between them still. Brooke doesn’t know but knows that Maya is not enough of a challenge for him. She believes that Caroline his wife would be more appropriate. Ridge asks her what she thinks would be more appropriate in her view. Ridge explains that they aren’t even together and she is still trying to fix things between everyone. Brooke feels that she gets along with everyone. Ridge starts to laugh. Ridge thinks that his mother would roll over in her grave right now. Brooke says possibly but possibly not. Brooke asks if they could go to dinner sometime soon. She feels that they should change some things and it would be nice for RJ to see them together. Ridge thinks that is a good idea. Brooke explains that she is going to plan dinner for him and RJ. Ridge would like that. Brooke leaves.

Quinn says that she feels scared to say anything to make him angrier than he already is. Quinn feels like she should have listened to him and stay away from Hope. Quinn feels that maybe Wyatt put to high of value on her and maybe she put to high of value on him. Quinn hurts for him because he lost a child. Quinn knows that he also lost a wife because Hope has turned her back on him. Wyatt says that she blames him. It is his fault that he miscarried. Quinn thinks that he did everything that he could. Deacon tries to say something but Wyatt really doesn’t want to listen to his opinion. Deacon feels that they all feel guilty and Hope did want Quinn to stay away but that doesn’t have anything to do with Hope falling. Awful things happen but they need to learn to forgive each other or they are not going to be able to move on.

Liam knows that Bill’s preferred way of dealing with Ridge is ejecting him from an aircraft but they need something more strategic than that. Bill is ok with punching his lights out. Liam says that Ridge and this whole situation at Caroline is hard to deal with. They have to be careful and they can’t let Steffy think that they are going to sideline her father.

Ridge and Steffy reunite and hug each other.

Wyatt thinks that they all tried to make something work that was never meant to be in the first place. They are warned that what may happen when you actually get it. Quinn doesn’t think that he should have any regrets. Wyatt points out that if she wanted to be with him than she would be. Hope stayed with him for the baby not him. Deacon can’t let them both be so hard on themselves. Deacon explains that Hope tried to do the right thing but in the end turned out to be the wrong thing. Wyatt thinks that they should all be a little more selfish. He thinks that selfish is great and honest. It seems to have worked out for Deacon. Quinn doesn’t feel that Deacon has anything to do with this. Quinn explains that if it weren’t for Deacon she wouldn’t have been able to get through things. Wyatt feels like he has been chewed up and out by the Forrester family. He doesn’t need anyone to like him. He will just do his job and support Ivy’s line and he doesn’t even need anyone to like him. He thanks her for the soup and leaves.

Liam asks if he can’t say anything to anyone with the last name Forrester. Bill says not a word to them. Liam asks if that includes Ivy. Bill says even Ivy. Liam asks about Steffy. Bill tells him not to romanticize anything with anyone right now. Right now Steffy is his job. Liam asks about the Logan woman. Bill doesn’t think that those woman can keep a secret to save their life. Liam wonders if it is a good idea to keep a secret from Katie right now. Bill explains that some people don’t believe that they need to keep secrets in a marriage but he is not one of them. Bill will worry about Katie. Bill wonders if the sudden desire to take over Forrester has to do with Hope. He lost the girl but he can keep the line that bears her name.

Caroline looks at designs. She thinks about the time that she has spent with Ridge and when they kissed. Caroline smiles. Caroline tells herself that Steffy can think what she wants.

Ridge asks when Steffy got here and if she is moving back. Ridge knows that she comes into town sometimes and doesn’t tell him. Steffy asks why she would do a thing like that. Ridge doesn’t know but she and her brother clearly are mad at him. He wants to know what he did. Steffy says Katie Logan. Steffy knows that Bill dropped him on his head so they understand. Steffy wants to know if he is aware that women fall for him all the time. Ridge asks if they are changing the subject. Steffy says him and Caroline. Steffy tells him to tell her that this can’t go forward. Rick and Caroline have the emotional maturity of eight year olds. They will be back together in six weeks. Ridge doesn’t see that. Steffy explains that Ridge was married to her aunt before she was even born. It isn’t technically incest but it is enough to make a stomach turn. It needs to end now.

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