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Katie looks at the ring in Bill’s hand and continues to cry. Bill tells Katie that he is waiting. Bill asks if she will marry him. Katie jokes and tells him god forbid she keeps the great Bill Spencer waiting. Katie says yes she will. Bill starts to kiss her passionately. Katie smiles. Bill puts the ring on her finger and they both smile. The two of them hug.

Brooke snaps her fingers and says it is just like that. That is how fast she could have Ridge back. Caroline doesn’t know about that. Caroline tells Brooke not to under estimate her. Brooke continues to snap her fingers and say it is just like that. Caroline understands that they have a child together and a past and it is a legendary one at that but Caroline isn’t so sure that is true though. Brooke is still snapping her fingers and Caroline tells her to stop it.

Ivy asks Steffy what she is doing here. Steffy starts to laugh and gets up to hug her. She wonders how long it has been since they have seen each other. Steffy thinks it is good to see her. Liam looks like he has done nothing wrong and has a smile on his face. Ivy looks a little shocked but not in a good way. Steffy continues to hug her. Steffy thinks it must be since they were kids that they have seen each other. Ivy knows that. Steffy thinks that she looks great. Ivy thanks her. Steffy wonders how John is doing. Ivy explains that he is with Eric. Ivy asks how long she has been in town. Steffy tells her just a few days. Ivy wants to know if Liam knew. Liam tells her that he just found out. Ivy asks what she has in her hands. Ivy went grocery shopping. Ivy tells her to stay around and have dinner with them. They both have a lot to fill her in on because of Forrester and Rick. Steffy looks a little insecure with this offer seeing Liam with a different woman. Liam thinks it sounds like a good idea to him. Liam and Ivy go off to the kitchen and Steffy starts to frown.

Katie looks at her ring. Bill thinks that she is with the right man this time. Bill will not let her down this time. He needs her and he loves her. Katie and Bill hug and kiss again.

Caroline reminds Brooke that Rick pulled a gun on her. Brooke agrees that he shouldn’t have done that. She knows that Rick felt angry and betrayed though. Caroline thinks that there is a lot of that going around. Brooke points out the huge age difference between Caroline and Ridge. She wonders if Caroline realizes that. Caroline thinks that is pretty normal. Brooke wonders if she wants to have children. She did want them when she was with Rick. Caroline is not thinking about that right now. Brooke reminds her that Ridge has children that are practically the same age as her. That is creepy and wonders if Caroline agrees. Caroline isn’t going to let Brooke tell her that she can’t be with Ridge. Brooke thinks that the way Caroline is talking maybe Rick should be with Maya. Caroline thinks that Rick seems to think so. Brooke knows that it was because Caroline hurt him. She wants to know how she could do that to him. She wants to know how she could do that to her son.

Bill wants to know what made Katie say yes. Katie doesn’t know. Bill wonders if it has anything to do with the size of the ring. Katie says that has nothing to do with it. Bill thinks that it might have been when she was made vice president. Katie explains that he is getting warmer as it had to do with an act of trust. Bill wonders what else it could be. Katie thinks that Bill knows her very well. Bill thinks that he does more than anyone. Katie knows that he knew that she needed to go back to work. Bill has always encouraged her and he showed her that. Bill is a tough nut to crack. He always had to do things a certain way. That is why he needs her She opens him up and allows him to be the man that he should be. A good husband, a good father, and a hell of a lover. The two of them start to kiss again.

Steffy whispers to Liam that she can’t stay. She is going to leave. Liam says ok but asks if she will think about his proposal. Steffy thinks that he has really become his father’s son. Liam thinks that it is out of control and something needs to be done. Ivy skips in (literally) and wonders if Steffy would like a drink or something. Steffy says no. She is going to pass on the meal and head out. She has things to do. Steffy would like to hear her take on the Rick situation before she leaves though. Ivy thinks that he is incredibly full of himself. She thinks that he is making irrational choices and she is fearful of the company. Steffy is shocked that Ridge isn’t leading a rebellion. Ivy reminds her that Rick conned Eric into giving him the company for twelve months. Ivy can’t believe that she doesn’t know this already and that Liam hasn’t told her. Liam starts to smile like he is somehow brilliant.

Brooke tells Caroline that it is not going to work. She does understand the fascination that she has with Ridge though. Caroline doesn’t think that is the case at all. Brooke doesn’t think that it will last. Caroline asks her if she would seriously ruin her relationship. Brooke insists that she stop calling it a relationship. Caroline is shocked that she really doesn’t want her with Ridge. She wonders if Brooke is over Bill now. Brooke doesn’t think that they are talking about her and Bill. From what Caroline understands she is never without a man. Caroline thinks that this is the point. Caroline asks if Brooke broke things off with her uncle to be with Ridge. Brooke reminds her that Bill is with Katie. Caroline asks if she is still in love with him. Katie walks in and asks if she interrupting anything. Caroline says that she sure is and storms out. Katie asks what that was about and then realizes Ridge and Caroline. Brooke tells her that there is not going to be a Ridge and Caroline. Katie explains that there will be a wedding at some point. Brooke looks confused. Katie shows her the ring.

Ivy says that they are all tip toeing around trying to avoid him. Liam thinks they don’t want to deal with him. Steffy can understand that Rick is upset with Caroline. Ivy thinks that Rick brought that on to himself. No one is a loud to be creative or expressive. Liam says that Rick is not allowed to be wrong. Ivy says that Rick likes to flaunt his personal life around for them. It is like being in an asylum. Ivy asks if she has any suggestions. Steffy will talk with her father about it. Until then she should probably be heading out. Ivy didn’t mean to keep her longer than she needed to be here it has just been hard to deal with around Forrester lately. Ivy thinks that it is so nice to see her again. Steffy thinks so too. Liam offers to walk her out. Liam is not making this stuff up. Steffy thinks that it sounds pretty bad. Steffy isn’t sure if she could this to her family though. Liam thinks that she doesn’t have to be against her dad. Steffy doubts that Ridge and Bill would have work together willingly. Liam just wants her to think about it. Steffy will. She thinks that it was good to see him and she is happy for him. Liam thanks her. They hug and Steffy quickly breaks away awkwardly. Steffy leaves. Liam looks sad.

Brooke thinks that the ring looks beautiful. Brooke can only imagine how happy she is. Katie was a bit surprised. Brooke wonders why. Brooke knows that Bill loves her and her family. Brooke knows that is where she belongs and she knows it. Katie is not worried about Bill. Brooke knows that she is worried about her. Katie knows that she loved him and she did push them together. Katie knows that Brooke leads with her heart Katie knows that she can’t be some one that she is not. Brooke believes that she has finally grown up. Katie wants to ask Brooke a question. Katie wants to know that if Brooke has any feelings for Bill. She needs to know if there is any doubt or uncertainty. Brooke wants Bill and Katie to be happy and have a good marriage. She is never going to do this again. She intends to keep it.

Caroline looks at a design in Rick’s office. Someone walks in and Caroline looks shocked. It’s Steffy. Steffy says hello but doesn’t say it in a welcoming way. Caroline asks how Europe is. Steffy says it is lovely. That is until she started hearing about rumblings back here. Steffy wants to know what is going on with Caroline and her father.

Katie wants to know if Brooke is sure. She knows that they had been through a lot. Brooke believes that people move on. Katie agrees with her but Brooke has had a lot of men in her life and she is not sure any of them has moved on. She isn’t sure that Brooke has either. Katie has often heard from people that to know her big sister is to love her. She believes it is true because she loves her and even after all that has happened she loves her more than she ever has. Bill and her rediscovered each other and she needs to know if Brooke is looking back and wondering what could have been. Brooke explains that before she left there was a time she wondered but she couldn’t be happy with Bill because of what she did to Katie. She finally tried to find the good in herself while in Europe. She does not want Bill. She wants Katie though. She wants her sister back most of all. She will not interfere in her happiness ever again. Katie knows that she has been there for her, her entire life. They love each other and hug each other.

Ivy asks what Steffy’s take on the Rick thing is. Liam says that she likes him about as much as he does. Liam thinks that they could do better than talk about business. Bill comes storming into the room. Liam can’t believe that all he has to do is kiss someone and Bill will come walking through his door. Bill offers for him to kiss him as there is nothing wrong with kissing your dad. Bill needs him for a minute. Ivy decides to leave. Bill asks if he got through to Steffy. Liam says that she is thinking about it. Bill asks what there is to think about. Liam thinks that she is stuck. Liam thinks they have one option. That is Ridge. Liam explains that Steffy is at Forrester right now and if she sees what is going on things will start to change really quickly.

Caroline asks what she has heard. Steffy has heard a lot. Caroline wonders if she has heard about Rick and Maya. Steffy knows about the picture. Steffy knows that will change when her grandfather is back. Steffy wants to know if she is over with Rick. Caroline signed the divorce papers. Steffy believes that was quick. Caroline believes it was Rick’s idea. Steffy asks if that means she wants him back. Caroline did but not anymore. Steffy wonders if that is because she wants her father. Steffy wonders what is wrong. Caroline has fallen for her father. Steffy thinks that is disgusting. She wonders if Caroline realizes that they are the same age. She is his father and she is not going to let that happen. Steffy looks disgusted and Caroline looks unhappy with her response.

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